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ICE-T lyrics - The Seventh Deadly Sin


Original and similar lyrics
The seventh baby... [Chorus:] I represent from LA All the way to (NY NY) And when I get down I get down here in LA All the way to (NY NY) And when I parley I parley here in LA All the way to (NY NY) Touched the Iceberg baby I'll send you under like the Titanic Gun fight romantic Gigantic on the pages Of the hustler trade World reknown for my realness Only the real will feel this Stainless steel is The straps that I'm copulating Touch'em a lady () Blow your hand off African stand-off The general Ice the hardest mineral Feel me, a gem correct One thing that I got you'll never get's respect I stick the pits on ya I represent California Home of the shooters The looters The drug movers Girl barracuda Set you up for the kill Where you're really not ballin unless you got 10 mill I shine so bright I blind ya Cross my crew, we'll find ya It's a motherfuckin shame My dominance to this game I live for gun smoke aroma Mack yo' bitch into a coma Two hoes like Noah of every type Bitches I kick to curbs, you would make your wife Twice hit by the gun spit, kid still breathing While half you busters in this damn game are still teething Believe it if you say it enough that you'll be it You never lived none of your raps, or even seen it I mean it, every word a brother say Everyday a brother play, kid I politic and parley The fact is I practice Camoflauge to this R & B androgynous Get the most play So I get fly Do a movie - quadruple my cash You just went double platinum Let's see if you last Every word that I say is documented and repeated The truth is, I dropped the raw game, boy believe it I've succeeded, in turning dirty dough legal Bounced to the Bentley from the prime-it-up Regal Like Biggie says, It's unbelieveable My street pull You even play like step in my way You'll meet my people [Chorus] I've been round the world ballin, did it all, what's next While most of y'all busters on your first rolex Been deep in the life kid, since 76 Touched the water, the crack game, the jewelry licks Fix yourself if you're broke fool, that ain't my fault The game must be taught and comprehended, then implemented Moves done illegally, carried out strategically Or else incarceration is felt, the hand is dealt You lose it's frightening Hit with 10 indictments Kiss your baby and your wife You're riding kites for life Alot of y'all won't feel me, but some of y'all do I'll move at least a half a mill of this before I'm through That ain't the most, but I've done this longer than you Plus it ain't my only gig, I'm still connected With the boys that can flip a thou to a ticket Wicked My stature when you're in my rapture Meet me on the street I'm the nicest brother you meet Confusing sometimes, the way I bust a rough rhyme You might think I'm lying, cool I like that I smile in your face, squeeze off the case, rock the glock back In your stomach, then I'll smile again Don't want to be your enemy, I'd rather be your friend Only the real win in the game, but what's the prize Every man goes through mad drama, and every man dies Look in my eyes, touch my soul, I ain't like you The evil I've done, I've got lots of retribution to do That's an impossible task, 'cause every night the gats blast So I look to the sky and ask I've been blessed by God to rock this mic hard, so I do it You got a problem, work through it I love New York night, bright lights and action I love bailin with my Bronx niggas, party crashin I love switch hittin with my niggas on the shaw You might see me in New Orleans at Mardi Gras Or Miami at the Lex, in the Oaktown live Or in Chi-town at the Players Ball, true P.I. Pimp or Die, Ice baby, it's a well known fact That true players play the whole map. And we play all the way to (NY NY) [Chorus]

Dear Marshall-eminem's Mom

[ma opinion] doin dis cuz im bored (ehhh.. dis song is disin Eminem awww :( o ye n he aint gay ya stupid f*g...he don like u!!!aha dats hurten! [announcer] Written and produced at sound break dot com... [sum lady] will the real scott thompson please stand up.. please stand up oooohhh dear.. I think we're gona have a problem here.. [some gay f*g who thinks eminem likes ye keep dreamin hun!!] [first letter] Dear eminem..i still havent heard back from you but thats ok i undertand you..cause i do it too im always on the road like tom jones i expect i'll be hearing from you pretty soon though.. cause i included a self-addressed envelope, along with some stamps.. and just incase, i also put in my adress: (aha wut a loser!!) i still think your da bomb still with vince ooh thats right! you havent met him! If we ever adopt a special needs mix-raced child.. were gona name him eminem!!! so...wassssup!? i hear youre divorcing Kim good! i always thought you looked better with him! dre completes you.. in the middle is where he meets you I bet he had you ..and yo! dude!.. its so rare to have a black man stick around.. believe me,i know! (what a total f*g eh?) hang onto him Marshal! Everyone says im a dope for loving you like i do(o scott u have no idea!) They say youre homo-fobic but.. i say your not!!(ehhh dats enuf budi nomore wit da eminem dises!) Sincerly yours,Your Biggest Gay Fan,Scott [chorus:]aaahhha dis chorus is pure jokes!! your so angry all the timeee i just dont see the point even when i see your photos.. you've always gota scow even if i could be as close as dre would you ever smile at all? this concerns me.. are you straight or gay? straight or gaay (um.. ye hes straight so back off ur scarin me) [second verse] Dear mr. ive gotten a little too big for my riches.. well here it month later and still no letter (k wut is dis guy..does he got pms or somethin?jeese..) its not really me its more my mother.. she thinks we look good together(eh r u sure ur mom aint a gay f*g 2?) i think you look good in leather thats just me though.. Hey! remember that night you didn't play at madison square? my mom and i were there! thanks! (im sure its his pleasure) my mom got a cold after that ( i hope you get fat! i love you marshal.. but i hate you slim vince is so jealous of you.. he doesnt understand that its true.. that rap-ers can be gay(srri but dis one aint gay) well..not gay like gay-gay but gay like.. dude that shirt is so gay!(dats my defenition of gay..) sometimes i think to myself.. what if you were ugly? would i still be in love with you like i am? or am i that shallow? damn! anyway.. let me just rap-up another letter that you wont return of course.. by saying that im voting for britteny at the mtv awards(thats iight cuz im votin em!) Love,Scott Oh! P.S tell nursy dre that elton and george send there love Mwah! [chorus:]haha its still jokes! your so angry all the timeee i just dont see the point even when i see your photos.. you've always gota scow even if i could be as close as dre would you ever smile at all? this concerns me.. are you straight or gay? straight or gaay (STRAIGHT!!) [Verse 3:] Dear mr.. Im so hardcore to come outa the closet cause.. i dont wana loose my street fame with the homies: but inside im just a n'sync loving sweet little giirll(naw dats nuff outa u) i can no-longer continue with this one-sided relationship anymore Marshal and i have decided this is the last you'll ever hear from me.. nnooo im not gona kill myself you idiot!!(damn!) i killed my boyfriend vince i did! (um hm BS!!) i guess i just got so sick and tired of defending your fat (skiny) ass! and so i-i-i beat him to death with the juicer (lmao s-t-t-u-d-d-er) [vince:] hey pumpkin im home i uh.. [gay fag scott] vince! shh! would you please get outa here im pouting (aww babes dont pout haha) dinner's in the oven just put it in the microwave ok? [vince:] aight [pouter] ok! hes not dead but he could be! im not angry! i just drank a fifth of carrot juice dare me to drive!!!(ohh please no we dont want u 2 try n pik up fags!) well i would.. but i cant drive stick mmother tells me that i should just walk away you know like that song by the vangels? walk like an egyption? but without the egyption part.. (da gay fag cries) let me tell you something.. mr.matthers youd better watch it b.. cause you could easily get fat. oo..oooo.oo your skinny now! cause your young (ewww its a pedafile!watch out marshal!!) but you'll get fat oo trust me and i cant wait for that day.. i cant wait to see your duet with pebo.. or s-s-s-ee you in one of those casinos..slim shady yeah!! more like fat shady!!( dont embaress urself scott) i hate you fattyy you are so fat!! (oo careful now dont cry dere scott) i-i hate you! llllove you!! (dats more like it) i hate you i love you i hate you i love you i hate you i love you i hate you.. (da fag continues to embaress himself) Vince? ok listen up dere budi no one cares about whar your saying about em ya and for all you peoples who dont care what i have to say.. then go hook up with scott over here if he can make up his mind whether or not he hates eminem but ye thanks for reading my opinions and stuff... iight peace!..(o ye i didnt double check it so there might be some mistakes if u see sum send one at ma email above cya!)


Shooken to Casper. Illustrate beautiful disaster. Flight of the mothership lift to badger the male-factor. Marionette vs. the threat of wire cutter function. Stereotypical grinch bashing your pumpkins. Plug. Try to count up your warrior hatchling batch before gestation segment ended and head a platoon of embryonic remnants to the game board. Release Japanese beetle swarm to counter the spread of bitch crops, demolish the harvest and herd colony out immediate. One massive attack. Hunted, confronted and gutted. Most pungent component cloned in outrageous bunches. From the grimacing faces to the knots in my shoelaces, I'm a show you all the phases of a fuck up. Plucking the petals but every rose had its thorn. Consider that first warning, second will be good times, laughs and epitaphs. As a matter of basic principle next I set my boat a sail. I won't always be there for your tugging on my coat tails. Family stuck. Voyage of the S.S. Martyr. Who you think put that unseen iceberg in the water? Manufacture flotsam and jetsam from out your charter. We got the once pushovers pushing back a little harder now, blink. I think I can. I got grips. Muckraker major spin circles 'round sunken ships. Walk an invisible city of lost clans and he's jealous cuz my silhouette had more dimensions than his game plans. Fascination. Fascination. And everything I do I'm fascinated with, That's why I pass the hated wasteland with a grin, cuz in the end I got my passions while you splash in a puddle of trying to pick apart the puzzle. Fascination. Fascination. And everything I do I'm fascinated with. That's why I pass the jaded grips of competitors who initiate disturance with a smirk, cuz I feel I got direction in my work. And everything I touch magnificent. Picking apart a drunken township. Sitting in the rain rusting the nails my crown's bound with. If I had an anchor I would lay it in the dirt and mark today the day the earth stood still while I complete my search. You honor delusions and falsified life comfort systems as boy in the bubble huddled up to simple simon subtle. Born tomahawk. Shock the peanut gallery loopy. Debate the cutesy, groupie, cupie doll community. And I'm hung in a virtual skin and bones emaciated ringworm circus freak bloodthirsty intern trainee urchin feast with a delectable style compiled of that which stands to buff a child's yellow brick vision of slick living. I observe the stories from my fire escape observatory. First I herd the glory, then desert the herbs that word it poorly, understood? Well, maybe a pat on the back for the lucky losers who truly felt they were born to touch the music. I catalog cats as welcome mats, and for the ones insisting on dimming the stars I wipe my snearkers extra hard. I wish upon a penny toss that every servant will betray his gatekeeper and leap to reap the freedom fighter mad galaxy. Huff the war gas vapors and cram hard for tomorrow. Brother, I own twice my wiehgt in patience. Be it padded cubicle or beautiful tomb, I'll be listening 'til you whistling that more suitable tune.

The Game Don't Stop

AZ "Undeniable"
[Verse 1:] I'm a 80's baby "Mercedes" made me Crack money and "Moet" made me crazy Strapped hungry with' no vest they named me "AZ" Amongst the militant, too insane to raise me Was "Swayze" Some old school pimps embraced me And built real between daffodils and daisies amazed me The cars changed, switched attire Broads came, partied like "Richard Pryor" [?] frames, no lens to protect my pupils Thou' their hearts changed, love amongst my men was neutral Beau'ful We puffed, there was dough to spread With' enough bread to [?] I fled Instead I had a mouth to feed 19 my queen claimed she handled my seed Do the right thing is wise, that's what "Spike Lee" said So disguised as a mic fiend, my ties was dead [Chorus:] The game don't stop 'Til the player gets knocked Or the shit flip-flop And you sittin' on top [Verse 2:] My kid here, career in the bloom I don't live there no more, I done moved to the moon Whips is like spaceships that zoom on fumes Flooded bracelets they lit like an eclipse in june No cartoon I symbolize the coldest itself Once told he who hold don't expose his weatlh But what else When one life's faced with' crisis And you see hate replace the holy faith of the righteous I just Handcuffed and jailed myself Jammed up and bailed myself With' no help Made my own V.I.s and mailed myself It's all B.I. I had to tell myself I'm on lock The game don't stop 'Til the player gets knocked Or the shit flip-flop And you sittin' on top Flashin' my wrist watch Like go get cops Bitch I'm legit got rich off Hip Hop [Chorus] [Verse 3:] I'm one man but so many monsters in me With' one gram had plans on conquering cities So on one hand could've signed and launched with' "Diddy" But I ran with my other man, the response was pretty A few grams, a few nigga's fiances with' me New sedans, was feelin' like "Fonzworth Bentley" Who the man? My homies at the concerts with' me I was back on my deen Then the jacket with' the jeans Then the hatin' and slackin' with' the team Now I know what it means Things ain't always what it seems It's the ones that smoke blunts with' cha Rap with' cha But really want your black ass out the picture Bet the God won't slip I'm indie with' the semi on the "Remy" loaded talents in the clips Rubber grip Got the silence on the tip So call it what you want I'm on my New York shit! [Chorus]

24 Hrs

Freddie Foxxx "Industry Shakedown"
Intro: It is no longer 1999... And I live in a world of one track minds... Where the industry feeds us fashion design... That creates MCs that cannot rhyme... For ten years I waited to make my move... Now we'll see who'll win, and who'll lose... And if I had to state my word... Say this'll probably be the realest shit you ever heard... I been watching, from afar... I know where you live, I know who you are... Redemption is my only scar... And so my heart bleeds dark, like tar... So I treat my friends today like they'll be enemies tomorrow... So when they die, I'll have no sorrow... Just remember those you decide to cross... Cuz if your door gets knocked on you get knocked off Verse: Who's that six foot bald nigga from New York With the gangsta walk, the gangsta talk Thrillin to find 'em and kill 'em I'm wildin', I'm illin I don't give a fuck about you, and that's my feelin I'm in a brand new house nigga chillin With shoeboxes of hundred dollar bills nigga spillin Trainin the baddest bitch, givin her the drillin While you hangin in The Tunnel know you pussy ice grillin Man bein a bitch must really be fufillin Cuz alotta niggas happy bein soft just chillin Scenario, gun in your mouth run the platinum watch with the cuban link Bracelet and the matching necklace And I'm too shiny V Vs glowin in your ear New gun, new jewels, new album new year Niggas think they bigger than the game I got news for you *Willy*, let's take it back to Philly So you can find your roots, fuck braggin on your loot Nigga you aint that hard And a nigga can't spend no money layin in the graveyard Omigod, it really shocks you This can't be the same motherfucker Freddie Foxxx who I really feel his lyrics, I love all his rhymes I thought that we was cool, you think he's hard to find I rip in dark posin alleys As a kid got knowledge from the gods at the rally I slip on the game like Ballies And show ten hoes how to stack it up, get money, New York to Cali Where a nigga tried to play me like a sally So I shot him in his new DeNali and drove him to the valley I pushed him out the car and let him scally Fuck that nigga, tryin to play me like he bigger In Japan I'm worth ten figures American, open the door and let Derek in I break my silence, after ten years of supressing my violence You was my man I gave you benjamins Every time I pulled up and get you in the Benz again We can never be friends again You brought me tears when you took my right hand off for seven long years Now he's back and corrupt Driving new GS 400s, new Jags, and new trucks You should see the bad bitches that he fuck While your girl look skinny like a smoked out Daffy Duck Niggas are real this aint N B HIGH You niggas aint got no balls and won't die I'm a certified killer, with *Stock in the Game* Burn marks on my hands from the glocks with the flame Bumpy is my rap name, when I write rhymes I hydroplane And think about my nigga Kane Alotta label motherfuckers'll be dead You fuckin with my money is like fuckin with my head Tryin to take my buttered bread Niggas aint shit, so I'm down with you Kane Any time realness, you ready feel this I don't forget nothing, nothing at all So Mr. Steve Rifkind, expect my call Niggas owe me for my rhymes, I come to collect Over fifteen dollars, I'll snap your fuckin neck And don't pay me in no fuckin check If you don't want me to teach the meaning of disrespect When I'm finished in this game, I'll be swimming in my yard Not at the radio station, looking for a job Too many niggas feel me spittin on a record To be broke and homeless, and outside naked I represent the real grimy masses Of thugged out gun slinging criminal asses That shoot up your party and chill at mine Cuz they know I got love for real niggas, nine to nine there's the mind Just remember why you frontin like you more that 24 Hrs ahead In 24 Hrs you'll be DEAD You'll be DEAD

Take Me Away

JANET JACKSON "Unbreakable"
Once upon a time was a dream that sounded crazy baby If fairytales are mine, you would be the one that saved me oh baby Any time I visualize you, I'm in paradise It's you and me, thought you don't even know it So even with a million miles distance between us I know you'll be there to help me escape Take me away from here To somewhere the air is clear Take me away from here To somewhere that love has no fear Go! You'll always be that spy that was sent to save me From intimate danger The world's playin' my mind When I'm 'bout to lose it Boy you're the game changer Oh this silly heart of mine lost to a cutie pie He so turns me on, it keeps getting stronger Ooh I get a natural high just looking in his eyes So just hold me close, I'm waiting for you Take me away from here To somewhere the air is clear Take me away from here To somewhere that love has no fear Go!

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