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ICE CUBE lyrics - War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc


Original and similar lyrics
'Attention all nigga rows and nigga hoes We've decided to rob this motherfucker the legal way Nobs injecting ourselves to become property on the stock In the penal system. In the justice system' Penitentiary, I hear you calling me [x4] [Verse 1] As the world turns, it burns while it's spinning Coming to a fucked-up ending I can't wait till the day everything in the hood is straight And I can hit the purty gates Until then, the pen is unfair Slave ships in the middle of nowhere (ma) I lets my goddamn hair grow (ma) Bellin' in court, lookin' like a scarecrow On Capital Hill, they them passed a bill Coming at me with a fucked-up deal (nah) The judge gave me a 'L' But y'all can't tell I wait and cry in my cell Convicted negro, superhero Speaker at our house Takin' lyrics in my mouth Bitches in the south showin' ass (mm) Mix a lot, got hoes puttin titties on the glass We blast in the west for example And rap about this shit over funkadelic samples Yo' babies see me kill a fool on TV (Wilson!) And straight call me a G [Chorus] Penitentiary, I hear you calling me Penitentiary, I hear you calling me Thinkin' of illegal ways to get paid But it ain't shit, got to be legit [Bridge] South-central L.A. You can buy your game from the C.I.A., hey-hey And South-central L.A. You can buy your game from the C.I.A. baby [Verse 2] When the evil outweighs the good And you only give a fuck about rucks The Earth will self-destruct (Bitch) Fuck the ozone layer, bitch I'm a playa (Bitch) Plus we got a black mayor I get sex when I shows flex (Booom!) Porbey Rolex (Booom!) Which hoe is next (Booom!) Would you like a piece of me Not a mate Calling you a hoe 'cos I'm fucking on the first day (uh) My world is a one-mile radius I swear every other hood is the shadiest (uh) Could the crips and bloods be all rotten When the trilateral commission is plottin' What you gonna do when the Earth erupts Some niggaz gettin' nuts outa carafel cups (punk) Fool you on master's woe But won't even think about, sucking Bob Doe (punk) Asshole from the Senate How can you relate to a project tennant Motherfuck you and not the courtman, no corrections Tryina' get a section of this west-side connection [Chorus (x2)] [Bridge] Just because you gotta stay You ain't gotta rot away We gon' come and get you one day [repeat until fade]

What's Up With That?

Juvenile: Look... Uh.. Cash Money nigga, Juvenile nigga, Put a limit to the bullshit and give me some space. Nigga recognize a G in me when I'm in a place. I get mad and delibrately spit in yo' face. I ain't no pretty boy, nigga, I'm a felony case. My daddy was slangin' iron back in seventy eight. Is you listenin' to a nigga? Am I settin' it straight? The next one of you nigga's that come at me sideways, Will be entertained with four or five K's. Prolly might get killed in four or five ways. Prolly won't be found for four or five days. You read it in the paper in bout four or five days. You hid in the hood, about four or five flames. Better not tell me shit when I'm upsetted. Cause I'll catch a flashback and all ya'll get wetted. Around the way they call me Snap and Pop Cause I snap a clip up in the Mac and let it pop. Baby (of Big Tymers): Look, nlaya. If you pull that bitch, you better shoot that bitch. Reppin' for them ho's will get your wig split quick. You abusin' that shit? You prolly shootin' that shit. I'm Mr. Bling Bling , nigga, fuck that shit. You can find me in my Rover gettin' head from a bitch. You can catch me on a block, breakin' bread with the clique. You can fine me on the lot, buyin' a matchin' six. Lorenzo kit with buttons on that bitch. I'll hit a pawn shop and buy gats for the clique. Nigga, ask the Ruff Ryders if we real with it, slick. I took em to the mansion that I laid out slick. With them Hummers, Bentley, and Jag in this bitch. I'm the number one, whodi, I don't talk no shit. Look at all this ice and how I poppin' that shit. Nigga, grease me up, I'll stick you up. Nigga put your hands up before a fuck you up. [CHORUS] (2x): Lil' Wayne: (Ay, ay, ay) Now whussup with that? Cause you know us don't play, We bust the gats... And we got ice all over, With dubs that match... Then catch us on ya block late, Dressed up in black... Now whussup with that? (Look).. Mannie Fresh (of Big Tymers): Like rough, rugged, raw. Fuckin' on the interstate in a brand new car. For my niggas, I'm rough, rugged, wild... Strawberry Kool-Aid... Mixed with Cris-tow.. W-W-W dot Fresh dot COM.. You play with me lil' daddy, I guarantee ya that I'm... Gon' put yo ass on the front and back of a white tee. Double-X L, choke a neck, playboy, a V.. (You shouldn'ta played with me..) Lil' Wayne: Look.. Nah.. I be creepin' in the back with the chrome plated. Semi-auto Tec, let's get it on, baby.. Nah they had seen me in a C-L Mercedes. With your wife in the car with your babies. I be a hot fya boy and I'm gonna Let 'Em Burn Straight from the 17th, point of no return. And I squirm through traffic in a Porsche on factories. Hennessy done tackled me, now I'm feelin' accurate. Ice blingin' hard, suddenly the light captured it. Don't try me, or ya mommy die from a freak accident. Oh no! Couldn't stop but I got this one big ol' 4-4... PrrrrrPOP! And I'ma chop.. this whole key into a lotta lumps. Next time you see me, I'll have money like Donald Trump. I'm off the heezy. It could be night, day, I'm still creepin. In a light gray Lamborghini, it's Lil' Wheezy. What?? Ziggy (aka Ziggly Wiggly): What's up with that?!? Pop a disc in MY mouth! Run a vacuum cleaner over MY back! Put some Armor-All on MY feet! Why I can't shine?!? You need to put some bumpers on me. Put some candy on my shoulder. When I come through, make sho' I shine!! [CHORUS] (4x) (Turntable scratching to fade...)


Anything Box "Hope"
(Claude S.) Listening to the airwaves, I can hear your loneliness Moving ever faster Although thousand miles away... Can you hear me calling you? Am I getting through to you? Watchin' as the rain falls, I can almost see your face I can feel the color of Your eyes as they turn grey... Can you hear me calling you? Am I getting through to you? Moving in the darkness, I can almost feel you breath I detect emotions that I know you can conceive... Will you recognize me when you See me on the stairs? As we are ascending High above the summer air? We'll be happy We'll be happy Let's go

Small Time

SCARFACE "My Homies"
(feat. Ghetto Twiinz) [Chorus] I started small time, dope game, cocaine Pushin' rocks on the block, I'm never broke main Sportin' jewelry and the shit they came wit rollin' hard You try to serve me you'll get served, wit no regard [2x] [Twin 1] I gotta do what I gotta do in this game I started small time, dope game, cocaine I went from quarters to ounces to slangin' ki's bitch I went from rags to riches and I'm stackin' G's quick Now the popo's wanna come and get a nigga I'm gonna knock 'em on they ass 'cuz my shit is bigga I got my block sewed up, got them rocks swole up Keep my shit on cock in case they roll up Niggas wanna stick me for my G's and ki's But believe I'm gone make dem bitches bleed indeed You can bring it bring it bring it but you can't stop this Bulletproof in case you bitches try to pop this Can't stop what I'm ishin' out I'm thugged out Final real Cormega shit, a drughouse Get the razorblade and a test tube and a cocaine Niggas swell in this dope game Check me out [Chorus] [Scarface] I'm on a all night flight Swingin' these others, got these cluckers all on me Steady sweatin' me for credit, tryin' to act like they know me Show me the money, it ain't funny Want a twenty or a dime See I'm a hustla on the grind Can't do nothin' for five Get out my face This ain't the place To run game on me homie That five dollars that you shakin' Can't change nothin' here homie I saw some misses 'bout the riches Double cross me, swim wit the fishes I'm inchin' wit one-way tickets To them bitches who didn't get it, get it Twist it, paper chasin' On this bacon I'm makin' All that plottin' and that fakin' Got you dancin' wit Satan See you hatin' on a playa Way too major for bustas Bring the ruckus muthafuckas If you think you can touch us Get on the prime co's Load the black rhinos, in the 5-4 Villain, killin' children barricadin' my millions While I'm small time dealin' I'm just smugglin' chickens Get my G's in position I'm cookin' ki's in the kitchen Small time [Chorus] [Twin 2] I got a pocket full of stones Where the fiends at Got them big ol' boulders That's where the G's at Can't fuck wit rattin' ass hoes A bitch don't need dat And for you jackin' ass niggas I'll have that heat yeah I'm takin' 'em down I'm beatin' that ass I'm puttin that thang all in dey face Comin' for my G's, nigga please Bitch it's steady straight Makin' 'em, gettin' dividend Got it hot yeah in-between If them popo's come and get me Let me out, I'm doin' again We low, kilo, everythang I worked fo' Have my girl workin' that corner Don't come up in this short, hoe Never seen, you know what I mean All about that crispy green Have it sewed up from H-town back to New Orleans Murder murder if you play me short Takin' heads clean off this bitch and bustin' hard Fiends have my block on fire and have me workin' it And my boys on the corner out there twirkin' it They twirkin' it [Chorus & Fade out]

In The Raven Haunted Forests Of Darkenhold

Bal Sagoth
The Words of the Forest-King on the Eve of the Nexus: I am the immortal King of the Deep Woods, Servitor of the Old Gods of the Forest... I hear the whispered words of the trees... Such ancient secrets they sing... Swaying serpents ring my oak-hewn throne, Night and shadow are my hunting dogs... Ravenous, they howl to be unshackled, That their maws may be glutted with the blood of my foes. Raven's claw... tooth of the wolf Ancient trees my brooding sentinels, Gnarled branches clawing the nighted heavens. Spirits who dwell in shadow, unfurl thy darkling wings... Awaken, o' elder creatures of this sylvan realm, Stalk once more this ebon-cloaked eve. I hear the whispered words of the trees, Such ancient secrets they sing... I stand now at the anvil, Adamantine hammer in my hand, In thunder-song the steel I smite, A clarion heard throughout this land. (Yawning wide beneath me...) the jaws of the worm... (hearken, the spell is woven...) the call of the worm... Raven's claw... tooth of the wolf Ablaze upon the Altar of Stone, The Sigil of An-rayuth, the summoning! Folk of the Mist, Dwellers in Shadow, The thrice-blessed wand of the Wood-Gods is beckoning! At the aeon-swathed Shrine of the Oak I kneel, O' Oracle of the Great Forest, hear me this night... The Sylvan Oracle Speaks: The gods of the earth and sky are watching, the circle is nigh on complete... the nexus is at hand. But hearken... for a new enemy approaches from the east... an enemy who hide their poisoned blades behind words of falsehood sweetened with the ichors of carrion, to bind men's minds with fetters of deceit. Speak now, o' Liege of the Deep Woods, Master of Darkenhold, and the enemy shall hear you... The Forest-King: Yes... I behold now the face of the encroaching foe... Hear my oath! You, clad in gleaming robes of sparkling saffron, engorged with the mindless adoration of countless thralls who bend the knee in flaccid obeisance... 'neath thine vestments hides the rank stench of leprous corruption! Bring not thine cursed icons into my ancient realm... your words of untruth shall not be heard here! My steel is honed and thirsting for your life-ichors... aye, and with my dying breath I'll spit defiance in your face! Upon my great throne hewn of ancient oak I brood... My mantle, the leaves stirred by the whispering of the winds. The elder gods of the Deep Woods gaze grimly down upon me... My blood courses through the trees and the earth... And I watch in silence, ebon-eyed and raven-winged. From every bough of my kingdom... The Lament of the Trees: Can you not remember? Have you forgotten the magic? Sing to us your spells once more, and the ancient forest shall dance to your words... The Forest-King: I stand now at the anvil, Adamantine hammer in my hand, In thunder-song the steel I smite, A clarion heard throughout this land. Can you not see the coils of the worm all about you? Can you not hear the writhing of the worm beneath you? Can you not scent the breath of the worm riding the wind? Can you not touch the skin of the worm in all that surrounds you? Can you not taste the ichors of the worm upon your tongue? Do dreams of the worm not haunt your slumber? The Forest-King: I hear the whispered words of the trees, Such ancient secrets they sing... Lyrics: Byron Music: Jonny and Chris Maudling

Fuck Faces

SCARFACE "My Homies"
[Scarface] Man I met this chick so fine So bad She made me sick some time I just had to fuck this bitch one time I met her in the galleria shopping, buying Gifts for some guy that she dating, still shot Second anniversary and I'm congratulating that But man she had an ass so fat You couldn't palm it with Shaquille hands It seems to me she had the whole world in her pants Walked behind her whispering love songs She started smiling so I handed her this bathing suit And told her try it Replied, while with these light brown eyes I'm shopping for a lady friend about your size She put it on so I paid for Then I told her she could keep it And then I walked out the store, it's our secret But peep it Made it down the hall, she came running Bags about to bust, blouse wrinkled, but still stunning I don it Made a mack move and girl chased me And shortly thereafter, exchanged our fuck faces It's tasteless But honey must of missed being treated Like something more than niggas just tumbling and dudes beating Her ass behind the silly shit And I can see it in her eyes she was sick of this Let's see the sights, its me tonight Let's leave him stuck home pacing Blowing up your pager, exchanging fuck faces [Chorus:] You must be used to all the finer thangs Infatuated by what money brangs It seems to me you hoes will never change So all that's left is for us to exchange [Too $hort] I called her up on the phone said I'll be there in a Minute Cause all them faces she be making when I'm in it They make a nigga feel like he doing something The pussy so good have you through with money But you ain't knowing she's a tramp and a slut and all That shit Every chance you get you trying to call that bitch Quite a few niggas got the pussy But everytime I see her got to stop and look Cause she so damn fine bitch I want to make you mine bitch I want to fuck one time bitch Short Dogg's on your mind bitch I give a fuck about any nigga you fuck with Stuck with, I love the way she suck dick It make me bust this It's hard to hold back when it's this good You said she wouldn't I knew the bitch would Cause I'm a veteran, twist them in the game so fast With this pimping, bitch, you ain't go last I got to get 'em, let 'em know I'm pimping really Unless I'm getting paid, the shit is temporary Exchanging fuck faces, making hella noise Getting freaky as fuck and go and tell my boys Cause It's like that, that's how we do this shit, Bitch [Repeat Chorus:] [Devin] Let me holla at 'cha B, Short check this Just got through fuckin this bitch, who swallowed my Cum and drank my piss I stuck my fist up in her cock, she didn't budge or Move it Sucking and Fucking, man she loved to do it I bust 4, 5, 6 nuts in her mouth, when she come to my house I know thats my bitch And she don't tell nobody shit She keeps it cool, she said that pussy's mine And because the way I rhyme, she let me fuch her all The time I'm thinking about keeping this bitch by my sidee Girl so fine niggas dreamed they fucked her and lied But I'm numero uno, the one and onlly Bitch be all on me chewing my nuts like bologna Then picked, she licked on my dick like plop The nut skeeted out like thick white snot She saw it was still hard and said look what I got Then rubbed it, hugged, it and shoved it in her cock Tried to tell her to stop, but the bitch wouldn't listen I guess a dick that's hard as rock, is what these hoes Be missing And in return she used her stolen credit cards to by Me casing And later on she got this bone and gives me fuck Faces [Repeat Chorus:] [Tela] I got a call from Laquesha and some of her neices Saying its about six or seven dime pieces We can hook up with no chains and no leashes Tied to this fucking affair and slow leases See what we go do is fall through with crushed ice Man these hoes been talking bout fuckin for three Nights Whole damn grill so slick it's kind of nice Not too expensive, but comfortable and its quiet The rimmy that she gimme, a phillie and its tranquilized Thinking to myself at this time and realized She ain't got on panties so damn it, its in the signs Somebody's getting fucked tonight to my suprise Enter the room with the cat ass eyes Rochelle's who do nails with them thick ass thighs See I love these kind cause they ain't with that Bullshit Get a nigga off in the room and pull shit Girl stop licking right there you killing me Go ahead and touch it right there and fell the P This some cold blooded shit with a bitch you let me Sit through Damn hoe I must admit, that's whit it hit me So I dips into the world of forgotten fuck faces You getting buck places, drinking, love, and sex Chases [Devin:] You know what I'm saying baby It's either now or never Too $hort, Tela, Devin Scarface in style [Repeat Chorus]

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