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Ian Campbell lyrics

Apprentice Song

Original and similar lyrics
APPRENTICE SONG by Ian Campbell Come on lad and bring your tool bag Keep your eyes peeled, use your head Fetch your footprints, spanners, chisels From now on they'll earn your bread Keep your eyes on the older fitters They're the boys who know their stuff One day you will do their job If you're smart and keen enough Come on boy and take your place Among the men who serve the trade Scalers, cokers, valvesmen, stokers This is where the gas is made Keep your eye on old Fairweather Mind your gauge, you're on the town Turn her out bang on four fifty Or else you'll let the housewife down Wake up, son, and mind your setting B-range is the one to watch Number three is due for scaling See she don't get too much ash Mind your eye with that red hot poker Read your heat and see she's right Leave your range in decent order For the lads on shift tonight recorded by Ian Campbell Folk Group

Where Am I Going

Gino Vannelli "Storm at Sunup"
Where am I going Have I gone to far Have I lost my mind Where are my eyes Oh have I seen to much Have I lost my touch Losing directions from growing infections Poisoned desires of reaping life so young What will I be like When my head is bear And my legs are weak Will I be strong or barely keep alive When I'm thirty-five Reaching dimentions that shatter conventions Leads me to fear that I'm growing old too soon With every step and every breath It's farther from youth and closer to death And that things I've realized Now beckon me to shut my eyes And I will grow to the age of maybe eighty years In such little time With this venturous mind What am I saying Don't I know myself from experience I'll never change Nor cease to sail the sky Till the day I die I'll come to conclusion with fear or illusion I'll live how I feel Cause no matter how fast or how slow Youth will go


Cave-In "Jupiter"
the metronome was wrong again my heart has surely gone and skipped a beat now the rhythm is all right and i can understand your point of view jupiter this city is so bright the kind of light that spots your eyes with white jupiter your beauty doesn't mind to be the center of my universe jupiter you're seemingly so right for me your blood is sweet like wine and until i run out of vine i'll keep my seat on the edge of your mind dead in the vine of love well, visit me in my dreams tonight i keep my seat on the edge

Bombs On You

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Dirty History"
Tell me what the fuck's goin' on ya'll?? We're droppin' bombs up in this bitch!! Tell me what's goin' on!? Ya'll better recognize Psychopathic DROPPIN' BOMBS!!! I will always keep my shit, underneath the surface Because the way I flow, the mainstream don't deserve this I'm set out to break backs on tracks, and scratch on all records that you spin on wax I'm a crazy motherfucker with pride And I got enough wisdom to keep my soul alive So grab a mic and lemme see if it shine Cause it's time to make this whole world mine, all mine Everytime I see these people They always just stop and stare Like I don't belong in this place So they say that it's not fair I can't understand this drama That the earth brings down on me So let me take you through my mind Look in my eyes, follow me [Chorus 2x] Tell me What's going on and drop these bombs on you I'm gonna tell you why I'm droppin' bombs Because I'm sick and fuckin' tired of seeing fire alarms Little explosions, marshmallows roasting Soft motherfuckers standing on the stage boasting Now don't expect me to just walk away Because I've been told ya'll that I'm here to stay I'ma still keep flowing, from coast to coast And I'ma still keep smoking weed with juggalos I'ma still bust caps, at all these hoes And I'mma drop me a bomb off, at every show That's how it is, so just grab your bow Because it's time to represent and watch these warriors grow I can't understand this drama That the Earth brings down on me So let me take you through my mind Look in my eyes, follow me [Chorus 2x] Tell me What's going on and drop these bombs on you

Yesterday's Feelings

THE USED "In Love And Death"
Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind The worries are washed out to sea See the changes, people's faces blurred out Like sunspots or raindrops (Chorus) Now all those feelings, Those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time But today I've wasted away for today is on my mind Left the only worries I had in my hands Away from the light in my eyes Holding tight and try not to hide how i feel Cuz Feelings mean nothing (Chorus) Yea today is on my mind. I can't get a worry Im feeling so lonely Breaking apart all this love in my heart Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind Where feelings mean nothing (Chorus x3) I can't get a worry I'm feeling so lonely Breaking apart all this love in my heart

Every Which Way But Loose

Eddie Rabbit
I've always been the kind of man Who doesn't believe in strings Long term obligations are just unnecessary things But girl, ya got me thinkin While I'm drinkin one more beer If I'm headed for a heartache Then why the hell am I still here I'm testin my resistance And it's wearin mighty thin I've got the feelin I should leave Before the roof caves in My mind tells me to move along But my body begs me stay And now I feel the need to hold you close And love the night away While you're turnin me Chorus: Every which way but loose You turn me Every which way but loose Inside the fire's burnin me In my mind you just keep turnin me Every which but loose Baby there's no excuse To turn me every which way but loose When the sun comes up in the mornin It should find me some place new But right this minute all I want Is to lay here next to you Those memories still keep callin me From somewhere in my past Better hurry if they want me 'Cause I can feel me fadin fast While you're turnin me Repeat Chorus

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