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I MOTHER EARTH lyrics - Dig


Original and similar lyrics
Feel Heavy Once Felt it... Hard Question an answer For a thousand days Give birth to the Earth Then let it drift away Open and flow Just swinging forever Making love to the ground Because it just feels better It ain't easy Drink it in Think a while... Spit There's both shining and darkness Yet they share a day Was there a man on a cross Or was it just a fake Even in shame You can't hide your growth Though the butterfly flies He's sinking like a stone The killing sun It hurts my eyes And comes hard Onto my skin And as I find shade From tree to tree I live to learn To dig down deep I feel the pain And love the hurt I don't complain Trancing in the grass Suck it off the world When you're full of itv Shrug, feel fortunate Then go where levitation lives Where agrivation grows Where sleeping's too hard On the thinking bone Intensity is what I need To suffer for the pleasure Its heat, hard, life and death Living all together In a small room Full of me and my friends Trying to find the means To justify the end

04-07-03 The Other Guy

Verse 1 I know I'll never have him But I'm there when you're not over his friend I listen when you come to me But cuz of who he is you don't have the time to see I really feel the way you feel Just cuz it's him don't mean it's not real Your always sayin' your love's true I listen but I can't say the same for you BRIDGE What I offer's unreturned You don't have time to see me burn You've so far failed to see How much you're affecting me CHORUS When you think of him I'm thinkin' of the other guy I'm in love to He's constantly on my mind If you weren't shared by blood Then would you have the time I don't get to choose Who I dream of at night You tell me how you feel I feel the same way with the other guy So bad its not real You can't make me cover it up, you know I really try You can see by my skin I shiver and shake and I follow him with my eyes I'm nervous and I know it's a sin But seein' him drives me wild inside If it was another Maybe not your brother Would it be OK to let him drive me wild? But then lookin' back You've always turned your back Would it be OK to listen to my smile? Your convinced He's so unperfect But I'm convinced That it's worth it I listen to you goin on and on Bout how you and that boy got it on You don't have time to listen to me I'm in love but you can't see I don't have opinions you just talk But with me you tell me I'm stupid to feel what I feel I can't run away you only let me walk Come on now girl, you ain't bein' real I love him just as much As you love the other guy's touch But you won't listen to me You've made it clear for me to see Bein' your brother is just an excuse It's pointless, I've seen through so now there's realy no use You could talk about this guy for hours Describe his every move But Ican't so my feeling's are trapped inside Because of you


Arcwelder "Xerxes"
(music arcwelder/words w. graber s. macdonald) Take down And now take along What you can't now And sorens eyes Good for value prize Where's your head now 40 times Maybe 50 times Where's your heart now Compromise If you can find the time Where's your pride now When I walk out the door it'll be a sunny day And the breeze floating by blowing worries away From my mind I feel fine Come around All of the fear and the paranoia Maybe half a pound All of the stress is unhealthy for ya Where's the sky now All of the pain and the aggravation All of the grind and the desperation Cut it down til you feel proud If you want heat you should start a fire Where's your thoughts now If you want hope you should fuel desire If you want help you should try to find it Hit it and quit Forget the pride that you leave behind it While we still can And we'll end pound Hit it and quit it While we still can And we'll end pound

A Gentleman Caller

Your gentleman caller well, he's been calling another he loves his forbidden fruit. and it dribbles down his chin he cries, Baby, I've been drinking with some friends! Now how 'bout a little kiss... Bad boy! Rub his nose in it! What a mess and he's playing dumb doo do doo... I'm not looking for a lover, all those lovers are liars I'd never lie to you You say you want to get even? Yeah, you want to get your bad man good? Well, are you in the mood? You bad girl! Does it feel good being bad? And getting worse? Doo do doo... But in the morning on the sober dawn of Sunday you're not sure what you have done who told you love was fleeting? sometimes men can be so misleading to take what they need from you whatever you need to make you feel like you've been the one behind the wheel the sunrise is just over that hill the worst is over Whatever I said to make you think that love's the religion of the weak this morning we love like weaklings the worst is over.

Love Or Lust

INTRO: I feel there's something wrong between us I have no real reason You say you love me But you have one way to show me And I need more So listen to me VERSE 1: Another night alone with you Another game you put me through Another tear, another lie Another see-through alibi How can you say I want you, dear ? You know the words I want to hear But every time that you say that line Can't help but wonder what's really on your mind CHORUS: Is it love or is it lust? Are you someone I can trust? Would you take it to the limit for me? Is it truth or is it dare? Tell me if you really care Baby, I don't mean to make a fuss Is it love or is it lust? Is it love or is it lust? So tell me VERSE 2: The finest jewels may hypnotize But I don't need what your money buys (oh no) I'm searching for a heart that's true (You know) The kind of love I give to you I can't deny you satisfy I'm not so sure of what you feel inside You don't express your love unless You feel the warmth of my caress CHORUS BRIDGE: Just talk to me, can't read your mind I hope you're not the selfish kind I could be wrong, I could be right So you tell me Just stay tonight INSTRUMENTAL BREAK Is it love or is it lust? CHORUS I don't mean to make a fuss Tell me is it love or lust? Tell me Baby, is it truth or dare? Tell me darlin' do you care? Is it love or is it lust? Another tear, another lie Just tell me dear 'cause I wonder why I'm searching for a heart so true You always said I could trust you Now I feel that something's wrong I thought we had a bond so strong I can't deny you satisfy I want more Let's try

I Can't Take It.

Eugene Wilde
intro: Verse I If I asked could I Touch You? Would it bring back.. Memories.... Of yesterday's.. When our Love was hot... Back when you begged me...not to stop. But, since then I've got so much more... So much I'm trying to give you.... It was just a little .. Misunderstanding So darling... Please listen to what I'm trying to say.. Chorus: Cause, I can't take it (no, no,no,no,no) I can't take it in... without you.... (I can't take it, take it). I can't take it (no,no, no, no more) I can't take it in...without you.... Verse II If I had a chance to love you.. I'll make you melt Right before my eyes... I'll lay you down You'll think how good it's used to be... You'll admit how long you've been waiting.. For me and you to get it together... Cause No one else can treat you like I do.... I'll make you feel the way.. A woman wants to feel... Because Lovin you..... Is still a thrill! (repeat chorus) Vamp: Remember the way I use to touch you. Do you remember the things we use to do all night.. I use to Hold you You use to begg me not to let go.. and I can' t take it in without you.... I can't take it... No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no more.. I wanna hug, squeeze,kiss, you darlin Get you in the mood.. Can't you see I'm a man Of flesh and Blood.. I'm Human. And I can't take it in, take it, take it .....Without you.......... (Feel it till, fade-out)

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