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I Hate Myself lyrics - I Hate Myself

Urban Barbie

Original and similar lyrics
you've got your roots in the streets - stretch almost four weeks deep. straight out of mayberry to claim these city streets. you've got your nike's, your new-found families. do what the fuck you please. rock the spot with your g's with moneys from mommy's and daddy's. you're blowing up the spot, and you've shot up my heart. you make alleys pop. you make bodies drop. please stop. i've been got. emergency.


Black Thought: I woke up in the darkness at shots and sirenes Look out the window, peep the high beams Now they searchin, the cops lookin for the person... That pulled the trigga Medical figures is nursin the kid that got shot Some innocent ak that would front To flip the rock on them at King Street block I tried to tell him to stop cuz yo, it's ghetto red hot Similar to the blood now floodin his top I take a step out the spot, to the point of attack And see the shorty wop heart blast out his back Damn, I'm thinkin it don't cease, it's no more peace Police level increase, but what the fuck... It's still crime on the streets I can't breathe, now what's goin on? One minute you alive, the next, you're gone Illadel-P-H-I-A Hell Bust off into the heavens for the nigga who fell And hit the L, for the niggaz who fell When that could have been prevented In front of the flat your moms rented And no one expect that from you, cuz you was timid Fuckin with them cats from outside city limits Funny how this whole thing changed, an off minute Yo, dig it, Panic!!!!! None of this is ever granted Drownin in a nightmare, stranded

Sweet Little Sixteen

JOHN LENNON "Rock 'N' Roll"
They're really rocking in Boston In Philadelphia PA Deep in the heart of Texas On down the Frisco Bay All over Saint Louis And down in New Orleans All the cats want to dance with Sweet little sixteen Sweet little sixteen She's just got to have About half a million Framed autopraphs Her wall is filled with pictures She gets them one by one Becomes so excited Oh watch her at the run boy Oh mommy mommy Please may I go You know it's such a sight to see Somebody steal the show Oh daddy daddy I beg of you Please say it to mommy It's alright with you Sweet little sixteen She's got the grown up blues Tight dresses and lipstick She's sporting in high heeled boots Oh but tomorrow morning She'll have to change her trend Become sweet sixteen And back in class again They're really rocking in Boston In Philadelphia PA Deep in the heart of Texas And down the Frisco Bay All over Saint Louis On down in New Orleans All the cats want to dance with sweet little sixteen

Strong Arm Of The Law

His mother begged him to be a cattleman But he chose to wear the star his daddy wore God blessed him with a sharp eye and a quick hand Quicker than the man who shot his daddy to the floor Still she prayed and she pleaded But ranch work lacked the vengeance he needed He was cursed on his daddy's dying day When a shot to the back laid him in six feet in a grave [Chorus:] And he wears a star on his vest The only thing between a bullet and the heart in his chest He'll be a ranger till he takes his last draw He was born with the strong arm of the law He wore a colt 45 on his hip One notch short on the ivory grip Searching for the outlaw that broke his momma's heart Riding through the badlands from daylight to dark In a dirty back water border town Where the outlaw thought he could not be found He looked like he'd seen a ghost when he saw the ranger's face A legacy to the lawman he sent to his resting-place [Chorus] The outlaw had no place to run So he turned to the trigger on his gun As the smoke cleared blood stained the dusty street The outlaw lay dying at the ranger's feet He sat in the saddle and shook his head His gun still hot and his father still dead As the sun set on the day he'd waited so long for He saw justice belongs to the law but vengeance is the lord's

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