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HOODIE ALLEN lyrics - Pep Rally

Swimming With Sharks

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah! Yo, you know we had to come from overseas on this one It's Hoodie Allen On this beat beat-down Say what up to VV Brown Y'all let's get loud R.J. drop it Yeah, I gotta shorten up my words cause I speak fast Girls got me caught up like a recap She's always high scorin', nobody can beat that But talk's cheap, so consider this my free rap A free app, but nothing is free really There's a shark in the water, I'm ready to free Willy Why so serious? Better we be silly 'Less she turn a cold shoulder, I'm ready to be chilly Damn, let's work it out girl, this is gym class Let me tell you 'bout the game like Jim Nantz Cuz there's a whole lotta fishes that I swim past But I can't wait to drop, Slim Fast Thin glass between us I did my best to break I was so convinced that I let the rest debate I known a lot of girls, always said it best to wait I never been a Snoop, dog, don't investigate [Hook:] [VV Brown:] When I'm in doubt I open my mouth And words come out Words come out like [Hoodie Allen:] We good, we get it We love where we headed So we live to regret it We don't ever care, we We don't ever care We met in Vegas, so that explains it, I rolled the dice Saw the writings on the wall like I'm notified We sayin' no to fights, always acting so polite But now you're cursin' me out, okay, that's poltergeist Okay, it's no surprise, name change, pronto Just cuz I'm a rapper that don't mean I'm in Toronto '96 Honda with a drive like Rondo If I'm racin' for your heart I'll never tie like kwon-do Yeah, you get Mad Men, so that's advertised But who's the illest, 'that's me," like Amanda Bynes So if you gold diggin', don't worry I handle mines I let you paint the picture vivid you've been vandalized Cuz I'm a male, I'm a man, I be Karl Malone I done some good deeds, I'm leavin' the karma 'lone So if you would, please, don't leave this bar alone We got far to go but we never far from home Oh [Hook]

Smithzonian Institute Of Rhyme

gab: yeah yeah (2x) lateef: blackalicious lateef the truth speaker gab: a little somethin Together: now if you want some you best come with a gun you cant fuck with the tongue or the way the song is sung by lateef and blackalicious we keep it fat, delicious complete and grant your wishes so peep the rap and listen you cant be idle you best come trifle but even with a rifle your stylell get stifled lateef: quick gab: lateef and blackalicious we coming for that dough to get the lyrics that we wrote again are sounding rather vicous beyond scientific I'll snap like a doberman I'm unable to hold it in I really hope you feel it, check it out droppin the topic and me apocaplypse hip hop metroplis we stalkin mcs dont stop this marvelous three partners this bottomless beat has opened wideness invitin us inside of its deep rhythmic enviroment a labryinth its violent beings just won't be silent and higher, and higher means to a world (?) where all I need is prez and that is my rent just by fatting the rest who wont admire it wont rule as a tyrant dont condone viloence till the next man trys it dont tax no pirate just watch as I begin to shape your world all mcs in the land spanked and baked and broiled charred and seasoned in a pan - damn awakened world stagnant even though they always been there laggin about exposing it to the hearing impaired establishment raw energy they cant be compared tag em then we drag them then we finshed - yeah together: Now if you want some you best come with a gun you cant fuck with the tongue or the way the song is sung by lateef and blackalicious we keep it fat; delicious complete and grant your wishes so peep the rap and listen you cant be idle you best come trifle but even with a rilfe your stylell get stifled lateef: quick let it hit them the suffocation begins your soul it gets engulfed in the sound like its emotion it works just like a potion it hurts just like thats only motion gotta think about some rules see it cant just all be coastin get to get the spectrum of the wave whenever you know its flowin got a notion and its deep keep it growing like the ocean dont get salty its just me get a dose thats instantaneous essential constantly fits like a constellation glowing natrually in facts you see the past the future marches on triumphantly defiantly relentlessly if it aint one thing its somethin something else the instrumental that contributes to your mental health as for most mcs we moving like a ninja that is killin ya stealthily handle your bizness candidly fool we gigantic globally locally and organically aint nothing you gonna do thats gonna damage me in this currency its tragedy we value beyond champion originality is this shit thats happen we trigger an emotional response causes you to react violently yeah we trigger an emotional response causes you to react violently together: Now if you want some you best come with a gun you cant fuck with the tongue or the way the song is sung by lateef and blackalicious we keep it fat; delicious complete and grant your wishes so peep the rap and listen you cant be idle you best come trifle but even with a rifle your stylell get stifled lateef: quick together: lateef and blackalicious is coming for that dough to get the lyrics that we wrote again are sounding rather vicious Now if you want some you better come with a gun you cant fuck with the tongue or your ass'll get stung by lateef and blackalicious we keep it fat, delicious complete and grant your wishes we move just like eclipses you cant be idle cause even with a title and even with a rifle your styell get stifled - yeah sample: The king is going home to get his throne from the root to the flute that's where everything started at... ...(echo)

Nickatina Says

ANDRE NICKATINA "Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2"
[Chorus: Andre Nickatina] Nickatina says cast ya votes Tell all the freaks, yeah grab ya coats Tell all the nerds, yeah take some notes And R&B niggas, ya'll clear your throats Nickatina been at since 11 Got me a spot up in gang bang heaven My mother use ta say that I was like a little reverend That's why they call me God # 7 I like birds cause I'm a hawk Try to clown me hoe and I'ma walk Rockin ya party is my favorite part Did it for an hour and I didn't even talk (bitch) Nickatina is like simon says Dips in his whip like simon says Make some chips like simon says Smoke a lil weed in the back with the dreads (yo) I take pride in smellin fly Baby ain't no tellin why I blaze I sport Chuck Taylor's twice a week Gotta keep an ear out on the streets Man I'm kinda high You said, who got beef ? Do niggas take advice from these nasty freaks (yeah) Did you see the cold steel ? Homey that shit'll make you cold for real Even though it's hot when its bout to hit Hot enough to make a bastard do a flip What you know about geto cheese ? All she heard on the phone was "nigga please" (click) I'm like an ice cream truck Veins get cold when I cut this blunt Nothin but fire tiga in my path And nah man you can't have no autograph [Chorus] Nickatina says bust back first And by any means necessary don't get hurt The five millimeter go good with the nina Just like raps go good with Nickatina Nickatina says lace ya boots Real drug style Armani suits Check this out baby, I'm tell the truth You'se a freak and not that cute, hoe I kick back like expensive wine and spit paragraphs all the test of time It's just like ya found a treasure chest with mines Repeat, (then) nigga Andre is like the moon Come out after six tiga ready to boom (move) It aint no thang to me Easy as pie, can you hang with me (I'm fast) I mix up like Ron Barcardi Talk and walk and smoke weed at the party Gamble on yourself for about two g''s Im eatin water melon way juicy, fuck it Check it out I get blunted on top livin like an anvil ready to drop (playa) [Chorus]

Y'all Gone Miss Me

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Last Meal"
(feat. KoKane) [fades in] .. {y'all gone miss me} Yeah y'all gone miss me [harmonizing] Never miss what you had 'til it's gone Yeah, y'all gone miss me (y'all gone miss me) Yeah, y'all gone miss me [Snoop Dogg] Hmm, who that nigga that brought you that gangsta shit befo' you motherfuckers was even ready for it Showed you how to tie a flag on your head and represent your motherfuckin set 'til you're dead Bust on the cops while I cuss the Feds Roll a joint, in the bathtub gettin head Put the G in the P, flipped the G to a ki Put the West coast back on the map bay-bee Check my styles, check my files I've been gangbangin since I was a juvenile They cut me loose in nine-deuce I swore to tell the whole truth Keep it gangbang 100 proof E'rybody say, 'Ay Snoop' - did Death Row pay me Look here young loc, shit it's all to the gravy I really can't trip off the past, on the real I had a blast Tupac, rest in peace and God bless all my enemies [Chorus: KoKane] Rain-drops, falling on my head Fuckin with them haters, messin with my bread Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head Fuckin with them haters, sleepin in my bed [Snoop Dogg] Ain't No Limit to this shit, ain't no gimmick Master P good lookin out homeboy, salute my Lieutenant (at ease) I'm in it knee deep and can't creep no more I had to move down South on the low-low, fo' sho' doe Dippin through the woods with Fiend, Magic, Pokey Mystikal, V-90, C, Boz and P (ya heard me) Windows on tint, ridin like the President It's evident, shit I'm doin good (yeah) I moved out the hood like I should (say what) And then they had the nerve to call me Hollywood (nigga what) But I don't give a fuck, if I'm misunderstood 20 Crip don't slip, yeah it's all to the good Yeah the homies got twist too, whatchu say Oh the homies might get me They'll get you Listen here, don't try it, and don't deny it And don't pay 'em no mind Dogg, man I'm tryin [Chorus w/ variations] [Snoop Dogg] Just when you thought I was gone, I'm back on Knick-knack-paddy-wack give the Dogg a home with a gang of pitbulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers Bonafied killers The illest, cap peelers, that you ever wanna meet Straight up out the ghetto where they pack the heavy metal I got my hand on the wheel, my foot on the gas pedal I'm drivin DoggHouse to the next level (woof) and buckin two shots at the devil Run up on his ass, and blast, like a rebel Turn up the treble cause I hit you with the bass Remember my name and remember my face Remember these words, and remember the taste And remember, we all gotta leave this place I'm tryin to stay focused, I'm the loc'est in the game The Rap Prime Minister, 'Mr. G Thang' [Chorus Two: KoKane] Rain-drops, fallin on my head Fuckin with the wrong folks, messin with my spread Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head Messin with my ba-by, who's sleepin in my bed [harmonizing to fade with interjections of 'y'all gone miss me']


Why should I care, why should I care? Girls of fifteen Sexually knowing The ushers are sniffing Eau-de-cologning The seats are seductive Celibate sitting Pretty girls digging Prettier women. Magically bored On a quiet street corner Free frustration In our minds and our toes Quiet stormwater M-m-my generation Uppers and downers Either way blood flows. Inside outside. Leave me alone. Inside outside. Nowhere is home. Inside outside, Where have I been? Out of my brain on the five fifteen. On a raft in the quarry Slowly sinking. On the back of a lorry Holy hitching. Dreadfully sorry Apple scrumping. Born in the war Birthday punching. He man drag In the glittering ballroom Gravely outrageous In my high heel shoes Tightly undone They know what they're showing Sadly ecstatic That their heroes are news. Why should I care?

Man Don't Care

JME "Integrity>"
[Verse 1 - Jme:] I've got a black ski mask, but I don't ski But I snowboard, dash an MC off-piste If one of you try and violate me You get a punch in the face with my front door key Punch in the neck with my back door key Box in the mout with my X6 key Box in the eye with the fob I use to log into my HSBC Talk about banks, kill em with Ps Run up in your girl's house with two of my Gs Get the money out, put the money in his mout Then suffocate man with about two Gs Suffocate man with about four Gs Suffocate man, then I might just breeze I'll bury man two foot shallow Ain't got time to dig six feet deep These MCs and rappers wanna chat 'bout their syllables And their multis and their similes And all that shit, then I come through with my ABC Girls and man are like "Jme's deep" (fam!) Bare pictures when they see me on street (fam!) Old school rudeboy like Crazy T All you man don't want it with me I'm a bad rudeboy, badboy MC Say my name, Jme Nostradamus couldn't see me Expelliarmus couldn't stop me How could a man with a uni degree Be bussing up mic and chatting his greaze? Cause the music originated And will always remain in the streets [Hook - Jme & Giggs:] What about? Man don't care 'bout all that You got it now? Man don't care 'bout all that Who's not allowed? Man don't care 'bout all that Knock him out Man don't care 'bout all that What about? Man don't care about all that Just drop him out Man don't care about all that I'll just crop him out Man don't care about all that He's forgotten 'bout Cause man don't care about all that [Verse 2 - Giggs:] Cause, I'm the most immediate, he's just an old school idiot Ain't doing local things but we be them local geezers Just look at my list of friends as he holds em up with tweezers Yeah, man used to move that white, yeah, we be them old school dealers She's lighting up some sensis, he's lighting up amnesias I'm 'bout to get it started, I'm 'bout to get amnesia'd Man might have to move up Velma, might have to touch Louise's Cause at the top it's just us, yeah, man had to quote Lil Reese's Like Batman, da-na-da-na-da-na Hardest, just let me confirm it Loafers just have to be Herm├Ęs Burners, went back and hit Bernard Furnace, I'm back with big burners That's my spot, I'm back with that permit Pulled that pistol back and then burn it Friday shit, I'm back and big worm it Excuse me? What? Pardon? I had to just ask em Iron Man, the MAC'll just Stark em Man's like Buu, I'm back with that margin Like Adam and Eve, I'm back in that garden Wah da bloodclart, I'm back, the don gorgon Started off light, I think, and then darkened Hollowman, Jme, I'm done talking Kill em A-D, kill an MC Digestives, cinnamon tea Ain't no filling them shoes, cause they still on his feet Man's down south hustling with no gold grill in his teeth [Hook - Jme & Giggs]

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