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HOODIE ALLEN lyrics - Leap Year

Soul On Fire

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro / Chorus] Bless your soul Uh! Hand's up put them high to the sky, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. Not, not, we not tryin' to fight, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. We live fast ain't time for wakin' up I make time, then we be breakin' up. So ask God, give me one more try, Let me set your soul on fire. [Verse 1] She said it's her time, I asked whens mine I said boy I'm tryin' to windle your money like Ben Stein So I just circle back, I built 'em the Venn Die You know they figure, the figures every man lies. And every girl cheats, so let up of both us And then try to cover up and you would try to pull LeAnn Rhymn. So fuck it, I bailed, Yup, let me leave for the night though. Room full of nice suits, American Pyscho Aight though, let me say a toast, Pull the glasses out. Now pour the gasoline, put the fucking matches out. I asked her, "Where to sleep?" She pointed "that's the couch" I heard it on the street, and I ain't have to ask around. 'Cause news travels real fast 'round these parts, So if you jump the gun, you never get it to restart. You say love is fun, you must have been a retard. We only looking for somewhere to be part, until we on fire. [Chorus] Hand's up put them high to the sky, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. Not, not, we not tryin' to fight, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. We live fast ain't time for wakin' up I make time, then we be breakin' up. So ask God, give me one more try, Let me set your soul on fire. [Verse 2] Rollin' out of my bed, taking longer then I'm s'pposed tah With so many girls they actin' like they already home, so You ever see a model in the morning? Get your hopes up. She went from Heidi Klum into having close-ups. And now that I assume, everybody takin' posters and glamour shots We turnin' fake the second they turn the camera on. Waitress' waitin' for their break like Cameron Diaz, We spaz on drugs Tiama on, We bad, like Mike, I am the king of the Camelot. We grab every chance, somehow now man LeBron Feed that, uh, there is to much heat in the Amazon. Read that like as I may be coming back, like I never was, Trophies as a kid, there ain't no room to make my shelf fit. Just because I want it all, doesn't mean I'm selphish. Never really listened 'til my eardrums melted. Uh, Van Gogh, Van Kicks, Van pelt that fire! [Chorus] Hand's up put them high to the sky, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. Not, not, we not tryin' to fight, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. We live fast ain't time for wakin' up I make time, then we be breakin' up. So ask God, give me one more try, Let me set your soul on fire. [Outro] Hands up, put them, hands up put them, Hands up put them high to the sky. Hands up, put them, hands up put them, Hands up put them high to the sky. Hands up, put them, hands up put them, Hands up put them high to the sky. Hands up, put them, hands up put them, Hands up put them high to the sky. I will set your soul, I will set your soul.


GRITS "Dichomtomy A"
Let the fire burn Let the fire roar Bouncin back and fourth the beat Gettin angel wings to soar High Let the fire burn Let the fire roar Bouncin back and fourth the beat Gettin angel wings to soar High I gotta hit it and submit it to it Let the flame consume me Control me that i would listen to it Glisten while its christen the rhymes to break precision through it Lines paintin vision through it Lives resurected through it Game real respected for it And thats why we so true with it And aint gon' never be through wit it Why we so hot but cool wit it So fresh so clean so new wit it So let the fire burn Let the fire roar Fill your body baby trust me you'll be comin back for more Black for no more Thirst for no thing A hurt for no pain A lust for no man or woman not yours And thats the truth man Hundred-Fifty proof man Swig some and get dumb so you can get high, so high See ya favor whats your big behavior Flash across the screen It inflict the flavor, cherish and embrace every moments labor Consiencly our conquest Aimlessly they goin and soakin on their bong says This foolishness and nonsense We barely scratch the surface wit no purpose About a thousand times surround with countless minds And path they lives is worthless We poke our noses with them boys close We curious to see whats goin down with doors closed Figure out they morse code They box up they emotions cause commotions beyond They act like big fish in a pond But really rocks in the ocean Voted I show the score in '94 and we clear the floor More as we soar Angel wings till we reach the core where fires burn

125 Part 2 (Fresh Air)

JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Yooo-wah! It's the boy Joell Ortiz Yo man, we at a half a brick now! Y'all know the work is fire HE COPIED IT from me! [Joell Ortiz:] Wake up wake up, the verse is here Mailman hurry up, ain't no food up in here We live check to check, the projects steps is wet with piss Elevator broke, come fix this shit Mischievous kids steal chips outta the corner store Find stick, walk through the hood, with a 4-by-4 Eviction letters on your door when your rent late You riffin like your welfare was supposed to have set cake We turn the johnny pump up until the wrench break It ain't safe, you walk by and get a drenched face Every other month you sobbin at a friend's wake Lightin candies in front of the buildin with Henn' straight Chinese food is a gourmet meal That General Tso's chicken is always real Elders call the cops cause the hallways filled With weed smoke, so when we see Deebo we peel Deep throat is I'll from a true bird So like two-thirds of the time we climb up to the roof, word Devil beat's still alive You can't park your car anywhere, for them rims they'll steal your ride Your whole vehicle gone by the time you realize Somebody flossin quite often at the other side of Brooklyn Raise your hand if you spend a night in the book and Bet you I see more arms than Saddam and his Muslims It's cocaine cookin in the pot; smell the fumes? The finished product got the tenants sellin living rooms Every time they cop, they singing a different tune The crack got their brain boiling like a chicken stew Take a hit or two And watch you go from heavy-set with a job to out of work and invisible That's a pitiful visual but this shit is true To be honest some of my fam on a mission too We play lotto and hope that we hit our way out I stopped chasin that dream, my leg gave out Don't be mad, UPS is hirin Tried that, after the first check came retirement Back hurtin, my situation ain't that urgent Felt like I got ran over by a black 'burban Scenarios like that make me the rap Earvin Magic Johnson, I'm Barry Bonds when his bat workin Hit maker, mixtape of the year Can everybody just take a deep breath? Yes! I'm fresh air, let's hear all the nonsense He's kind of heavy, he's gonna be hard to market (what else?) Plus he's Latin, it's that or he's gonna target So I'm big, so is Big, so is Big Pun And you know like I know that you know that they both get dumb So just stop it, know my target is everyone 5-foot Mexicans, Africans that's 7'1" I can even cater to all the Native Americans They can dance around my fire until the rain come I knew it from day one It took y'all 2, 555 days to say I'm a great one? Seven years I've been proven and sheddin tears like I'm through with it Heard a track, went back and ruined it This music shit made my first baby moms jet We was broke, I was workin hard on my project I tried to tell her this is our way out the project If I don't go 100% it won't be no progress She looked at me like, "Yeah right, you job-less Tryin to rap, my bags is packed, see you in August" I had to eat that, she right, we ain't had money But the Pampers was there and my son had a fat tummy All I ask was a little smile support What I get? Letters in the mail for child support But it's cool, success is near, I can taste it Now you know all the times we argued was time wasted I took the hip-hop exam and I aced it Matter of fact, the board of rap didn't know how to grade it I'm so left with it, effortlessly Y'all'll be left on the shelf if it was left up to me Left y'all a while ago, made a left in the V.O. The BQE feel in the water and was left in the sea Yeah, my flow liquid; too much H2O in it My system, I ain't drown, I became a wave and rolled with it I make it hard for y'all to swim on the track After I rap, I'm the current that be pushin you back Givin me dap's like, puttin your hand up in a hot pot Did you not know that I'm fire like a pot spot? If this was hopscotch, you would hop to the next box I hop to the next park and try to block shots On the ball court, I'm not of this element Went to the zoo when I was 3, not for the elephants Just for the smell of it - I'm a different breed They should've built a cage with a stage and had a Joell in it My attitude is not celibate, fuck you! I'll violate your whole album with a one-two When I was one, two I used to take on one, two, three niggaz in battles and won too About one, two, three years ago I had a 1-2 inch single on Rawkus that won two I'm the kind of dude you compare no one to Your engineer's a boxer, he gotta punch you I'm one take with it, they did it, not me They's the industry, it's how they got me Pissed off, like a case of beer to the face Great taste, less fillin, I ain't feeling y'all taste Dude your praise is weak; seven days a week Same joint on the radio, course they gon' say it's heat Y'all use hypnotism, play the same beat Same rhymes all the time got they brain on repeat Y'all can hear me once and know that I am him The second comin of nice, I terrorize the pen Analyze the gems, disregard the ice movement I'm talkin to jewels that I use when I write, stupid When I do it, they gon' stay hatin Cause I'm a be on top of the game, both feet on my PlayStation You could try to find a safe haven But it's nowhere to run and hide from this undeniable vacation (nah) Get out the car, I'm in the driver's seat The gas tank is full and the ride is sweet The kind of rank you pull is the kind I eat The only stripes you'll earn will remain on your stomach As the weight loss begins when your income plummets Send in the news coverage, I will make dudes public Extra extra, read all about it! Another artist missin, last seen in an outfit Had to be desgined by some big name stylist Any info please don't be afraid to dial this 718 - y'all motherfuckers ain't fuckin with me I'm a violate, I'll +Violate+ with the likes of 50 You's a enemy homie if you ain't ridin with me Friend or foe, answer the question or I'll decide it quickly Feast your eyes on the rookie of the year The uniform I wear will fit none of my peers Jump ball is near - GET READY!

Don't Forget

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Summer #9"
It was still dark when Mark arrived Maybe 6:45 in the morning time In the tenth grade, we was tight friends But neither of us had a driver's license His mom was a flight attendant And she'd leave town with a Cadillac unattended So we used to get tempted, That intense tendency to tend to what we wasn't meant to We would skip out on class and shit To go visit other schools, just tryin to act cool And looking back I have to laugh at it Cause all we did was burn up gas and flunk math fool But still it was super ill, I mean two teenagers in a new Seville With 1987 in the tapedeck That was a part of my life that I'll never forget It went... [Chorus 2X] The soundtrack still runs through my head I gotta keep every single step As old as we get, we don't forget We won't forget We don't forget And you can't tell me nothing about frontin We wasn't even sixteen yet, come on jump in Cruise control until we lose control Max the low end out to let it bruise my soul And god knows I should have been studying So maybe I could grow up and be somebody But I loved the looks that the girls shot at me from the bus stop When we pulled up in that caddy Good thing back then I had bad game Otherwise there probably be a few with my last name Better that my true love was rap Now let it out on reverse, until the bad dub snaps Felt so right, forgot we was wrong Sittin at a stop light, singin along When I look in my rearview now, what would I see If I didn't have the music in my history, now give it to me [Chorus 2X] And we was just a couple of kids It was right around the same time that nobody was beatin the biz Had that, and I know you got soul On a tape that I made, recorded em off a (?) show I was addicted to the radio Make my request, and wait for it Holdin my finger on the pause button, like "now go" I guess that was the original download Rap videos and girls digits A fifteen pack of blank cassettes for Christmas Used to steal mom's change if it's easy to We used to make up names for our graffiti crew Used to talk about makin it big And if we ever got rich, the way we would live Hey Mark, we ain't there yet but If you can hear my voice then turn your stereo up, like what... [Chorus 2X]

Insanitys Crescendo

Dark Tranquility
Gently hold our heads gently hold our heads on high Aimless time in fear new hide overthrow the plan confusion lies in all my words mad is the soul We barricade ourselves in holes of temperament this is the dawning of a new age A heart that beats the wrong way insanity's crescendo Windcolour - second sight a touch of silence and the violence of dark Illusion span - the aroma of time shadowlife and the scent of nothingness Infinite fall of instinct order of one spells deceit Infinite lack of trust order of one obsolete Oh escaping time is all we lost ahead? When it's found, can judgement make amends? From force-fed impressions let us mortify the mind each soul to violate each instinct to be rendered false Torn asunder be the conventional forms and frames now for the blood of heaven Unlearn and the cleansing comes Felt a tremor in the pillars of the senses Cursed victim of a distance near The first dream - the clearest vision Aimlessly steer towards our night we belong to thee Og dearest bliss, unnerving silence entangled within Dimly begotten in clarity found virgin-like tears for impurity bound Beseech he who darken the stars and the sky to greet this vision an emerald dawn Empty the sun - carve out the wind Insanity's crescendo tear out the blinded eye Lament of thunder - take comfort in fear lightning veins in crude exterior Voice the oppression - voice the hypocrisy lay down the law that made instinct fall Escape now and revert this cleansing rebirth torn asunder be Affect me not; darkened vision insanity's crescendo Grimly tread the footsteps torn rebellious stand the seeker tall The thorn of insanity's hand take this darkened vision from my sight Nailed to image of ignorance Each soul to violate for the blood of heaven

Mr. Vegas Diss

hah.. vegas dont worry can thank me latah...ooooooiiwweee... Hands high PITBULL gon kill em wit da flow... (everybody now) Hands high PITBULL gon kill em wit da flow... (everybody now)Hands high PITBULL gon kill em wit da flow... (everybody now)Hands high PITBULL gon kill em wit da flow... (everybody now) <<< I DUNT KNOW THE SPANISH PARTT>>>> Here comes the boom.. here comes the boom.... here comes the boomm <<>> eeeeeeooooooowwuuuwwww.... here comes the boom, Pits gon rep to clear up these rumors..i didnt wanna do it but i feel that i have tuh..hopefully afta yuh tears come laftah..Vegas common pulls ups just a hot line.. but culo booii that thang is a hot song..worst thing is that i was at springfest and yo own people show no love wassuppp??..??...lyin to the people tellin them that Pit robbed you man wassupp??..??...lying to ozone tellin em that u hollaed at me and jahh now wasssuppp???...???? it dont take a genius to figure out why yor song aint playin... as a matter of fact its quite simple..cuz no one understands wat the FUCK yah sayiin... therefore::: << i dunt know spanish ppl .. sorry.... but it goes::: Menti rea ma curr a tel y for somethng'... culloo..>> At the end of the day it looks like you need sean paul..and to top it all off i heard u got a glass jaw.. here comes the boommma.... youd be striaght if u cud only make records like they broke your jaw.. oh my bad.. you only make records cuz they broke yahh jaww...(hahhaa).... we tried to be gentle men but now its time we brake you off... ive seen your contract ... they pulled your skirt up and broke you off.. they pulled your skirt up and broke you off... winney winnneeyy waannyyy wannyy culloooo..... <> hands high Pitbull gon kill dem wit da flow... m I A M I M .... money is a major issue..fool get it rightt.. ooooooweeeee....:D:D:D

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