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HOODIE ALLEN lyrics - Crew Cuts

Heart To Heart

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] How we end up in the same place? Every night, I'm looking at you with my game face What is that, well thats my baby blues And I act like I'm a movie star to make up for my moves. See I'm P Rock, I'm CL, but I ain't very smooth Got another ultimatum, you could stay or you could cruise You could crush me when you leave, you could trust me, you could lose. Said I'm in to heavy drinking, but I ain't into abuse Like I'm Gary Busey, my life is loosly based off the news Gotta sad story, every single day we play the blues. I think today is just the day that I can make it through Because I gave an ultimatum, and you waited what you choose. So tell me anything, anything at all Tell me what you learn in class, and what you bought at the mall Sorry that I'm an ass, no I'm not sorry at all Because these motherfuckers only want to hate you when you fall [Hook:] And I just feel like its over, the money comes piling in. Don't get sober, lets rewind it and do it again. I wanna stay until we pass out together because it don't get much better. I'm closer than I've ever been. [Verse 2] Yeah, tell me what you think about me, like in a sense. As a sexual partner, you can get into bed with I'm always thinking, but never using my head I mean I'm always thinking about you giving me head So all we need is a double entendre When your whole team is like a double Madonna. Cut the whole scene with my double katana You voguing like a virgin but I know that you wanna. Bad individual to get into your rituals Lets not be over critical, lets head to Bahamas And if I can't afford it, then lets head to your mama's I can keep you up and keep it down, a promise. I'm a make bank roll, get you thankful Never second guessing your descions of having you think over Your saying that we do everything sober, I think we got a good thing going So baby take it over [Hook] [Verse 3: Jared Evan] Fuck the accolades and everybodys ego I'm a keep it real wherever that we go Pouring out my soul, you could dissect it with a needle So lets just come together like the Beatles Now we looking up At a sky full of diamonds Trying to survive this bright light that be shining. And its love. Even back when we went to college So many things I wanted to say but couldn't be honest Mano y Mano and Heart 2 Heart Where do we start? We could talk about the things that we draw Like art So tell me, tell me what your game is If you like staying home or you wanna become famous. Couch potato, I ain't saying that I made chips Dumb and young and we do it till we ageless I had a vision of me living on the A-List So it don't really matter who you came with [Hook]


Del The Funky Homosapien "Both Sides Of The Brain"
Verse 1: Mack Del impetuous Tepetuous Bust flows ? Under fire like appestos All MCs grip my testicles Let them go No I spread your flow like metal pull Utensils such as scalpels Over your Adam's Apple To make you alto Doggin' MCs and feed 'em Alpo Your plan backfires to my satires Got your flow sittin' on flat tires My rogues rhymes rip through your lip when you bite Like a lightenin' bolt for a volt of molten mite Hazardiest to the average Volt and death strike To your neck right On target Bull's eye Then deflected off your neck with such velocity It's sets the hip hop hostage free In the terminal burnin' all MC's brains Excellerated agents got you walkin' on canes I'll be brief like Hanes Mundane MCs get caned to retain my title The vital organ donor To cut through the bonona My escapes let you wave through the masquerade Rain with disaster man out in your play book Cause they took The funk merged with hate And then regurgitate This concludes part of what causes murder rates to bubble Meanwhile I take the shuttle to this girls crib so we can cuddle And listen to my subtle rebuttal the butthole Hook: Words and phrases I prefer to play with When occurs when I made it It's never outdated Help me out (x2) Verse 2: I stifle your mic hold your grips slips don't let all your chips Throwin' away all your tips for thinkin' That's dangerous Leave that to the big boys Sicker than Sig Freud Peep, you wanna live forever but take too many chances You with many can get a piece of eastside Oakland folks When provokin' spoken dialects of broken English that distinguish us from y'all we Cause raps and own spots on the globe And disrobe your bony mediocrity like Socrates My Egyptian inscription shiftin' Brain cells with sick inflections Suckas must be simpin' Hop like Lipton You'll get the microphone when I'm though if then I form a rap court with my siblings The sort of thing that keep the crew tight Even in it's new life You think you're able to label the Hiero sound? You still haven't found a comparable variable I aim my flows they close in like smart bombs Bury ya restricted areas Me and my playmates we talented hip hop palatines Patteling' to Sharlintons Knownin' what we are to them Makes us try hard to win We attend the track promptly Rappers wanna chomp me They empty I'm mega morph with mega force don't fort deceit the beat i I's a treat Compete at the war on the weak Hook Verse 3: Del carelessly convorting Over more things than tracks Your skull perhaps Spinal taps vinyl laps over each other you'll discover oon enough how tough it is to scruff them bids At accsions I'm lost in madness Lacadazical but coming back to fade you ALL I don't make music for the teeny boppers the coppers and proper booshy Y'all can lose me Or find me but keep in mind we Underground when you get offended As you often do when you new comers Check the rap scene for a few summers Then when it change you shift lanes But first you mergin' First you was a virgin splurgin' money on P.E. Then with N.W.A. But too much trouble to play Mom on your ass turn that trash down Your little brother getting' bright ideas in the background He use to war Hush Puppies Now he and his homies is dust junkies sellin' crack cross country Use to be a momma's boy Now you a grown man with no plan All alone in the land of the free and the home of the brave Free to be your own mental slave Del has to have a word with you Because you deserve to do what you want to But mistakes come back to haunt you Hook (x2) Microphones settin' off (x2)

Can You Jam

5IVE "Kingsize"
[Chorus] Can you jam with all the freaks tonight Can you jam Just rock your body right, Can you jam Cos I just got to know, Can you jam Can you jam Jam! [X2] If you wanna party, Here comes the funk, Five's got da flava, So just give it up, I can keep it coming, If you got time, I can keep it swinging, But you gotta make up your mind! If you're a freak, If you got the vibe, If you wanna rock tonight! [Chorus] Baby gotta check it the funk that I got now, Make you wanna drop when I hit the right spot now, Put 'em all up, Throw your hands in the air, You know you wanna get down, So move it over there! Level with whack drop phatness on a track, So gotta move your body if you wanna party, Gotta get raw the rugged beats that we slam, Baby, Baby, Baby, Now I know you can jam! If I'm getting freaky, It's cos you look fine, And baby if you wanna, We can spend some time, I can dig deeper, Down to the bone, I can sing a sweet love, But girl I've got to know! [Bridge and Chorus] Ah, Rewind, Rewind, Got the funk for your mind, Now there's no contest, Because we're one of a kind, Keep kicking the fab flows cos we gotta, Try to make you hotter, Make you move a lotta, Five! Live in your town, You gots to boogie down, Let your legs snap, Gotta move it all around, Make you move feets, Gotta clear seats, You need beats, Cos it's a night for the freaks, When wanna keep bringing flows that you feeling, Make you wanna jump up to the ceiling, Kick back, You gotta let your head bump, We'll take you on a ride with the rugged raw funk now. Jam! [X2] [Chorus Until Fade]

Put Your Money

LUDACRIS "Red Light District"
[dice rolling] [DMX] Grrrrrrrr.. [Chorus 2X: Ludacris] + (DMX) Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK) Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is) Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK) Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is) [Ludacris] Let it rush through your veins, cause I'ma be the one to step up and put a hundred thousand dollars on the game Got a pocket full of change and they C-note stacks Bustin dominoes, spades, cee-lo, craps We shootin pool at the Luda-plex; I slap a hundred on the table just to see if any fools wanna do it next I got games galore, I got game for sure And when I win I spit game to whores (yep) Or double it back, I'll double the stacks Throw a dub, a big face or double the stack (boy) And we can 'bout anything that you wanna do But come up short and OH THE THANGS that the gun'll do Throw in the towel cause I'm makin 'em sweat Or put your house on the line and I can cover the bet So hurry up and come get some, if you want some You know the phrase - scared money don't make none! [Chorus] [Ludacris] Throw some money on the books, cause I know how to call 'em Somebody tell my fam I got a gamblin problem I don't know when to STOP, maybe when somebody's drug away by the COPS, or when I'm blowin steam Countin green in the DROP, because whether legal or illegal all my people bring the strength to the block Yessir, I thought you knew it, we loco We'll bet on anything, just to see if anybody's gon' do it It's people livin they LIFE comin up off change And hustlers payin they bills comin up off games Whether it's Madden or it's Live, tell 'em pick up the sticks They call me Mr. Put-Down-Two-And-Pick-Up-Six Then walk away with a clean slate; catch me out in A.C. Callin yo' bluff with Puff eatin cheesecake So all my ramblers, runners and money scramblers Put your drinks up to all compulsive gamblers [Chorus] [Ludacris] I'm up in Vegas with a stack of black chips Breakin the whole casino and doin backflips, man Cameras eyein us, sidebetters tryin us The more chips we stack, the more drinks they buyin us Tryin to get me off my grind, but it won't work Cause I can drink a fifth of gin and it don't hurt I'm still breakin 'em, and dice still shakin 'em I'll step in any place, just ask X what I say to 'em [Chorus - 2X]


Colourblind Colourblind Risking your life A brush stroke And a rooftop dive Eccentric hero in a hookers bed A dog without a leash A sirloin fed Breakable heart I believe you said If life's a shadow Gimme a shot in the head Colourblind Slightly cock-eyed The world at your feet In the city tonight Burning like a flame instead Of hanging like a puppet from a Spiders' web Unbeatable heart I think you said If life is a dream Gimme a shot in the head Welcome home baby The skies are red The clouds are blue And the streets are wet Welcome home baby The drinks are free Your face is green In the neon-light Welcome home baby Farewell goodbye... Colourblind Before the paint dries Saturday night one more time...


[Rap verse 1] Hey girl remember me I met you backing 93 Even then, I liked your style And you got a little thicker now See my name is montelly-yo From the Westside of cally-yo But you can call me big daddy though Now peep game as I start to flow [Verse 1] Baby girl let me talk to you That's all that I wanna do I can tell your jeans are new Just right And I like What you do to me Everything that my body needs So holla back, cause I feel the need To turn you on tonight [Chorus] You got what I need I can see you in them right blue jeans I been known to make a honey wanna scream if you feel me, come holler @ me aight you got what I need I see you looking so fresh, so clean I been known to make a nigga wanna fiend If you feel me, come holla @me Aigh [Repeat 2X] [Rap verse 2] What you know about the dirty south Late nights at the waffle house Bad girls that like to bounce Atl, yeah That's what I am talking about Bankhead and krispy kremes Cadillac's on 23's Iced-grill that'll make you freeze Damn, you know what I mean [Verse 2] Let me kick this one more time Look straight into my eyes When you touch me I cant deny I get so excited So, what's it gonna be You wanna burn some calories We'll hit the Swiss on Peachtree You re gonna wake up next to me [Repeat chorus] [Rap verse 3 (Bonz Rap)] M.J lets ride on this one Doin 105 up 85 What you talking about The dirty south, and you just entered the prise' You gotta special way of making me rise They playing your song you are turning me on Showing the thong, dance wrong When we are up in the club I gotta dub and I am ready to cut From S.C. to cali Keep turning it up (it aint no game) what She love the dubs on my truck, uh, uhmmm Let me clear my throat Keeping it country like chicken and dumpling Rather have you humping on top of me Helping Mr. Jordan keep the party jumping And y'all know, I cant stop till be bottle empty So turn it all around From the back girl break it down Your looking scrumptious now Gotta hit it get it wow [Repeat chorus 2x]

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