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HOLE lyrics

Bible Belt

Original and similar lyrics
Music: Love, Erlandson, Auf Der Maur Lyrics: Love Oh the boys on the radio They crash and burn They fold and fade so slow In your endless summer night I'll be on the other side When you're beautiful and dying All the world that you've denied When the water is too deep You can close your eyes and really sleep Tonight Your beauty blinds If I let you in, under my skin And risen every angel slain I know what you are running to Please come back, oh, come back again I hear the truth It's coming from you Oh come back, won't come back again In your endless summer night I'll be on the other side When the water is too deep I will ease your suffering When the glitter fades in morning Turn away and you will find my empty eyes Your beauty blinds I know that you are rotten to the core I know that you don't love me anymore I know that you are rotten to the core

London You're A Lady

THE POGUES "Peace And Love"
(Shane MacGowan) Ah London you're a lady Laid out before my eyes Your heart of gold it pulses Between your scarred up thighs Your eyes are full of sadness Red busses skirt your hem Your head-dress is a ring of lights But I would not follow them Your architects were madmen Your builders sane but drunk Among your faded jewels Shine acid house and punk You are a scarlet lady Your streets run red with blood Oh my darling they have used you And covered you with mud It was deep down in your womb my love I drank my quart of sin While chinamen played cards and draughts And knocked back mickey finns Your piss is like a river Its scent is beer and gin Your hell is in the summer And you blossom in the spring September is your purgatory Christmas is your heaven And when the stinking streets of summer Are washed away by rain At the dark end of a lonely street That's where you lose your pain 'Tis then your eyes light up my love And sparkle once again

Love The Way You Do So

ERASURE "Erasure"
On on on, here's the break of dawn coming through the window heart pull yourself a chair up love On on on, quiver like a reed let yourself a go go old man honour me a solo young one Careful not to give yourself away There is still tomorrow a heart felt meaning When you get that feeling you will recall A night of love in motion We shall lie Warm inside Quite at ease Watch me glide Love the way you do so We shall lie Side by side Here now Talk in turn Love the way you do so Time is rolling on, blending with the mind Love the way you tease me heart Tear another layer off love Listen to the stillness of the day Drawing ever closer like your heart is beating And when I hear it beating I will recall A night of love in motion

The Dancer Under A Summer Sky

The Dancer And then, with a glistening beam of vivid light spring was gone and summer drew near, pervading our minds and our eyes were blinded with delight. For a short moment we joined in the dance of life and time disappeared, leaving us behind in our embrace... UNDER A SUMMER SKY The air - massive like lead Too sultry to give, to give a sigh Sheer unbearable she lies on me Your love to me feels so dry To beat - unable to move Every attempt just a rude glide The sweat runs on bare skin Comes and goes like your love shine Under a summer sky of love I see your soul above Under a summer sky of love Your name in my heart I'll carve No sleep - a total repose The warmness pervades my blood No wind that breathes life A existence without you would be like being blind You're gone - like the summer will leave One day it will... be over The time slings yet slowly Like your love from my shoulder

Carol Masters

ALPHAVILLE "Afternoons In Utopia"
she sits by the window, stares into the night just waiting for a foreign sound from outside far beyond the atmospheres, she is listening for a call to take her homewards to herself oh, i love you so he who's master of the icy shots won't harm you in the morning she knows that the pavement's hard, there between the stars to travel on to martian homesick city she is weeping silently but there's not a tear just raindrops falling from the painted ceiling the dance of the foraging bee will number all the things she has been longing for all of her life i will not pass this night in vain, she says i'll stand this kind of rain i know the way, i'll find the path yes, carol wants to go to mars, back where the red-cold sun is sinking to the channels of a'daar day breaks through the grating someone moves a chair and sunlight blisters dazzling on a glass take a pill and greet the day for sedative holidays why aren't you sleeping in the night oh, i love you so he who's master of the icy shots won't harm you till the evening we shall meet tomorrow night and i'll kiss you just as tenderly as cygnus kissed the deserts

Journey To Arcadia

AVANTASIA "Angel Of Babylon"
A lonely boy, a handful of dreams Cold wind blows through a heart wired-in Open skies he would explore No there ain't no mastery Of a passion and a deep blue love Yearn to see far away places One day he'd feel two hearts collide In his eyes tears and desire But he prays and he swears every night One day scales will fall from her eyes Just with a dream Just with a dream and with a song On my own I may stumble and fall It don't matter at all when you're blessed with Just what's yet to come, what's yet to come When dogs run barking And I don't hear no sound And the sky is as blue As eyes have never seen it Then I remember What I'd have been dying for Faith rescue my dream From a role that I've been put in On their screen Your eyes, and as I'll look into your eyes We're at the crack of dawn Life will stop telling lies And destiny will know It's just you and I Burning feet on the ground Got my head in the clouds Journey to Arcadia And I know I will stand What I can't comprehend Journey to Arcadia The more we see we understand That there's a lot that we don't know As you awake on padded ground The final curtain of the show Far from the eye but close to heart No matter how we try Can't repel the counterpart Our common bond we can't defy I've seen them standing at the crossroads When they were waiting for a sign And they unlearned to face the silence As they unlearned to turn inside You're turning to the sky And you're dying for an angel If you want it bad enough, see those eyes That's where two glances collide Learn to breathe, learn to crawl Learn to stand, walk and fall Learn to lose and to love, to believe, to rise above Love is more than to love Burning feet on the ground Got your head in the clouds You're out to find Arcadia And you know you will stand What you can't comprehend Journey to Arcadia The more I've seen I understand That there ain't nothing that I know now As I awake on padded ground The final curtain of the show

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