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Hinda Hicks lyrics - Love And Basketball

Our Destiny

Original and similar lyrics
I've been hoping the new dawning May bring with it Some peace within our lives Because there's too many Little babies crying Too many soldiers on front lines That's why I say If now and then We looked over our shoulders Maybe we'll find Our way ahead is so much clearer We'll know to leave behind All of the things that Hold us back from Being all we can How free we'd be to go On in life and fulfil our destiny Grudges we bear Only get us nowhere Much better to release And free your mind well it's not too late To right the wrongs that we've made The future's tomorrow The limit's the sky When it all seems so crazy We wage war after war Seem we'll fight till We're no more Chorus Just as long as We pull together I know we can make it through Chorus (x 3)


JOSS STONE "Mind, Body & Soul"
A loss that would have thrown A hole through anybody's soul And you were human after all So hold back the tears, my dear Release them so your eyes can clear I know that you will rise again But you gotta let them fall I wish that i could snap my fingers Erase the past, but no You cannot rewind reality Once the tape's unrolled Chorus If your spirit's broken and you can't bear the pain I will help you put the pieces back A little more each day And if your heart is locked and you can't find the key Lay your head upon my shoulder I'll set you free I'll be your security A moment of despair That forces you say that life's unfair It makes you scared of what tomorrow may bring But don't go giving into fear Stop hiding all alone in there The show keeps going on and on But you'll miss the whole damn thing I wish i had crystal ball to see what the future holds But we don't how the story ends 'til it's all been told (Chorus) On any clock upon the wall The time is always now So, baby kiss the past goodbye Don't let the future blow your mind Just sit back and chill Take things as they come You can't be afraid To live for today I will be with you each step of the way (Chorus)

Trouble Man (Sign Of The Times)

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Inspectah Deck] Check out the avenue, New York, New York the Rotten Apple We grapple in the streets to stack loot and slip the shackles I'm currently, servin twenty-nine to life Duckin the searchlight, no sleep for like the third night The big life is trife, got the young kids hyped Cops shoot on sight, heat pipe be blowin through the night The land where you ain't fam, there's no pity Similar to Chocolate City, ten times gritty Hittin hard, liquor's God, niggaz plottin on the come off and come off, quicker than the clothes on the stripper and slide like she doin up and down the railing Bitch tailing in the Range with Golden Arms smooth sailin The clock's tickin, somebody's on the block snitchin The plot thickens, phones are tapped, cops listen Too hot for prison, plus too cold to hold my girl cause I married this life and she's my whole world Chorus: {unknown singer} It's just a sign of the times Calmly listen - to these lines.. I'm goin out of my mind Livin - the street life.. [Inspectah Deck] Aiyyo, aiyyo Make me wanna holla way they do my life My life, is like a carousel one endless night Where most die for pies, some holdin their chrome A large percent die for causes not even their own When the Inspectah Deck be long dead and gone long live the INS clone they workin on Til then, I hold a section, I stand alone no co-defendant Showin the weapon, this saga had no story endin It's ghetto heaven, and at the same time hell - shots propel The one that missed me got Chanel In the future ruled by computer, I self tutor The music is the simulator, facin the user I do it for those who walk the same road And no regrets do I hold for the path I chose No sleep since the intro, patrol the windows I reminisce, with the chalice and my eyes half closed If I could do it again, I'd probably do it the same Thought I was through with the game, I'm goin through it again The hood life, I'm in it to the limit Couldn't quit it for a digit, die for it cause I live it Chorus [Inspectah Deck] Yo, been around the world but just can't seem to leave the state of mind that causes tangled web I weave Made my home in the heart of it Move like Seagal, Hard Target Most want no part of it, it's logic Cutthroat party in the Shark Pit Cold blooded souls carry bulldogs and oxes, knowledge this Maintain and remain sane In the cold world where the rules ain't changed Still Rebel to society, government be eyein me They probably watchin me right now as I'm speakin But all I'm guilty of is teachin you the truth They got proof, so you know I'll be home before the weekend The hood life, I'm in it to the limit In it from the scrimmage, livin it, lovin every minute and every hour, til the powers that be eventually stress me to the death

POW 369

DARRYL WORLEY "I Miss My Friend"
POW 369 (Stephen Dale Jones) I was flying down the highway Weaving in and out of traffic I was racing time An old man pulled out in front of me And I went crazy as can be I lost my mind I blew my horn till I got close enough to see And what was on his car-tag sure convicted me chorus: POW 369 I should salute you from this heart of mine And thank you for placing your life on the line For me, I'm free I pray that the rest of your journey is a peaceful one And may you take your own sweet time Mr. POW 369 The things we take for granted In this life we lead are tragic We should be ashamed He left his home and family And cast his fate across the sea Would we do the same Well I sure bet he's got some stories he could tell Ain't that many ever made it back from hell chorus Let me thank you one more time Mr. POW 369

Reason To Believe

Crowned King
Look above, The world rests on your shoulders. With all its love, And all the hearts it breaks Don't lose your grip, Next time around you might be king, And we must look from all the big mistakes. Chorus: Only we can find a cure for our disease, And only we can fight so others can be free. We can rise above, bring power to its knees Only we can find a reason to believe. Now close your eyes and picture times are perfect. Now look around, its not too out ot sight To pay the way for future generations So for peace they'll never have to fight. Chorus We'll find a reason to believe! A reason to believe (3x)

Sometimes I Feel Like

there's a spectre in the corner of an illustrated page and a lonesome muted stripling with a rapt remedial gaze the poverty of his language and the wealth of his emotion bring him endless murky musings and unexpected frustration angst and madness weave the fabric of his life tomorrow might be better but right now it feels like # %# @$#! (* %%75838769%( %56( 5965 65 $ %423!(060_* 7534# there's a panther wild and proud behind the doors of a redolent cage and an undeveloped intellect filled with impotent and static rage and don't think you're exempt if you earn a good weekly wage 'cause your neighbor's going crazy and insanity's contagious! I know there's so much you want to say but your tongue gets in the way and sometimes it feels like ) *() $%#68%3*(48 % I know there's so much you want to say and the tumbrel of your mind gets in the way it's the same for everybody to degrees we all get that foggy freeze and sometimes it feels like % $#*%( ) $%@*%)* %(65( $8%$# 3( 5( %)9%9 $868

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