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HELLOWEEN lyrics - The Dark Ride

The Dark Ride

Original and similar lyrics
All board step right this way The dark ride is leaving soon Just sign your name on the dotted line All I want is just your soul Tighten your belt and lets go Standing in line to get to the fairground Heading to the wicked side One way ticket, there is no returning Leave your soul at the gates Out of doubt, no hope Satan feeds our madness Insanity confirms where we stand Spit the red vile breath and Wrath is our gift that Leads direct to armageddon Take a place - on the dark ride Slowly creeping up - quickly coming down Take a spin on the dark ride May too far from the other side Step inside and take this final journey Your fantasies will come true Inclination without liberation Lifes carousel is catching you Even through the darkest phase Be it thick or thin Im your pain when you cant feel Druven to our final fate Jump out of this game Can we ever stop this ride to hell Is there any wonder Why we came about Was it for love Or to let sin abound Isnt it a wonder, awake from blood thick dreams Remove all the stones from our hearts, we must all believe Ohhh, will we find a way to the other side, heading for a light Ooh who is holding the key, why cant we see - the dark ride I force the engine of your deadly sins Even through the darkest phase, be it thick or thin Im your pain when you cant feel I know too well you'll follow me, follow me down

The Rape And Ruin Of Angels

Hosannas in Extremis Invading tempestuous skies When Inanna rose, bringing angels repose And Narcissus' fate as their prize Blinded by Diana's mirror Wherein coffined truth struggles, forlorn And covetous stars out their eyes to deceive The horrors performed on Her shores As jewelled Ishtar, in darker Aeons Trespassed Ereshkigal's grasp Her ravening twin, wreathed in whispers and wind Now inspires Catharsis to dance Through the weave of white vaults Where the shadows revolt At the incest of spiritual love Castrata choirs, bereft of such lusts Spatter virginal breasts with their blood The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve (Thirst-ridden) Wolves serenade a moon Who seems no mistress of Herself And heavens pour forth vast casualties Thy host given up for me Thou which wert once and then ceased to be Art now ensconced to chapters Of a lengthening tragedy Whilst we scream free Deep forests impale the sinister mist Their sorcery taught to the clouds Who muster like mountains, a fountainous wish To vex the sweet dead from silk odious shrouds Storm-woken sisters of Judas unfurl As Psyche to Sapphic lament Wrapt in thy tresses and taloned caresses Whisper me secrets beheld beyond Death Desires I was loath to lose To the virgin-bloodied priests Whose lord fantasied on Magdalene And sought to savour Her as beast Her aching sex A rose undone As mine in tears and spasms wrung Ebon Nemesis, slain Jericho's stone Has built thee a marbled stair By candlelight to Eden and a Serpentine throne Where ravens rape the tenanting angels there Hurry, else Death may spy us here And quicken the pulse of dawn Embering flames writhe to life again The starry brow threshed with poisonous thorn Huntress, draw back the silvered bow Thy dogs set upon the manger The enemy in throes... Whilst drifting fogs devour All Hallows witching hour On this long, dark seance for the soul Through malevolent Scylla, Charybdis graves Our conquesting spirits pour forth, unassuaged Occultnesses watch us and Seraph, afraid Like fireflies plunge to Her maw, midst crashing black waves Remember with pride what thou art Lest we forget in awe of our terrible past When Dark royalties drank of despair Idols hewed down 'neath a desert god's stare In thrall to revenges sworn there What dreams could we father, when farther we fell To nightmare. .? Well versed in misery We have lain naked in darkest ravines Now the sun has set in slumber. We delight Like serpents in arousal Coiled to strike at the light Now abyssed Lucifers master the earth Uncloister jaded harlots once served Enthralled by cruel raptures, rehearsed Kiss slumbered beauty and weapon our thousand year curse The laughter of Khaos Gatekeepers flee the onslaught A World enslaved to flame Bondage in Phallustine Pleasure temples for my bride Nubian grace swiftly seize Thieves blood-divine Empires thrive on sacrifice


JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Lemme two-twelve wit' you for second True story [Jim Jones] Cold sweats (sweaty sheets) From bad dreams (nightmares) I hope the Feds don't grab the team Cause we been labeled as the trouble makers (DipSet) We sell whole pies so you ain't got to cut the cake up Tell no lies, so the Lord come and take us (solemnly swear) Praise to Allah, hope the Lord He forsake us (pray for me) And outlaws is what it made us We live the fast life, and so we ball out major (ballin') Until I see a ribbon in the sky Cop plush cars put ribbons on the ride (full speed ahead) Due to my political ties I can't roll around without the drip in the ride (East Side) And if my gun boys ain't hear of ya You're lightweight I get the young boys to murder ya You're looking at a cracker's worst nightmare Young, black, rich and with a fresh pair Nikes Boy you talk about my life here Fuck wit OGs that put dice in the mirror And they tell me that life's but a gamble The media will turn your whole life into a scandal [Chorus] Put my emotions aside (why?) Cause they can never take my alive (no) I'm a ride (I'm a ride) And don't cry (don't cry) Cause Momma raised hell of a thug (I'm a thug) And if I'm standing in front of the judge Guess what? He can never take me alive (no) I'm a ride (I'm a ride) And don't cry (don't cry) [Juelz Santana] Poured off Bentley Looking like steroids Jetson car, I'm looking like Elroy Maserati lookin' like a shark on land Neiman Marcus edition, contraband Neiman Marcus I'm in it, shopping and Five thousand spent on pants, man (man) Bitches love it, niggas want it So bad they wanna take it, but I kill 'em for it (huh) Believe me, I'm like a bear that ain't get his porridge You better stay out the forest, warning It's Santana he fucks, Money man, make you do a handstand for the bucks I see you clear, my antennas is up And that hand-scale is still in my pocket What you want? (What you want?) Dough boys in the trap, where ya at? (where ya at?) Coke dealer's in the hood, what's good? (what's good?) Boy getting them bricks with the stamp on the shit Well come meet the man that's stamping them bricks (us) Fly wit' the Byrds, or lie wit' the dirt Your corpse, flies will emerge [Chorus] [Jim Jones] They say your enemies is close, your friends even closer Listening to 'Pac up ten in the roaster (speeding) Now, do you wanna ride or die? Blowin' smoke in the air, getting high as the sky (that purple) I'm drunk staring B I need therapy The paranoia got me thinking conspiracy Paper on the brain, the brain on the yayo I make it off the plane I'm a land to a payroll My right hand to God, put my right hand in the jar (that mixture) And it all come back, like grams of the hard You heard of us, the murders, the most shady (DipSet) Been on the low lately, the Feds hate me (Jones) They try to put cuffs on me and my assailants When I push fees through the streets, they be tailing (speeding) They try to catch me out of bounds They know I got pistols if you catch me outta town (loaded) A thug changes, and love changes And since 9/11, the price of the drugs changes [Chorus]

From Hank To Hendrix

From Hank to Hendrix I walked these streets with you Here I am with this old guitar Doin' what I do. I always expected That you should see me through I never believed in much But I believed in you. Can we get it together Can we still stand side by side Can we make it last Like a musical ride From Marilyn to Madonna I always loved your smile Now we're headed for the big divorce California-style. I found myself singin' Like a long-lost friend The same thing that makes you live Can kill you in the end. Can we get it together Can we still stand side by side Can we make it last Like a musical ride Sometime it's distorted Not clear to you Sometimes the beauty of love Just comes ringin' through. New glass in the window New leaf on the tree New distance between us You and me. Can we get it together Can we still walk side by side Can we make it last Like a musical ride

Dark Riders

[Buc Fifty: repeat 2X] Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire [Verse 1: Mad Child] Order the launch, blow the fuck out the insubordinate() Blow the court at the plan can't change the coordinates On course threatened by force, passed the limit Mutilate the meak, terrorize the timid Murder in a minute then its mission accomplished Corner the confused then stomp with my accomplice Figurisly we, disfigure at random And still remain the most vain in this chain of commandments Branded its the beast this is mad child unleashed God bless the masterpiece one sinner within the peace Release the hound, sound with a demented twist Bent but the insentive is inventiveness Pay dues, man come on I spent the went on this Made the whirlwind of the experimentalists No time for gentleness, Ive got moves to make Have fun ridin the same bus that I used to take Chemical weapons specialist is here to diffuse That shit you call the bomb because thats yesterdays news Word Up [Hook - Buc Fifty: repeat 2X] Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire [Verse 2: Prevail] The superficial, metamorphin their bodies to pixel Tryna lose me cuz they know I go for gristle This will eventually run its natural course And the weasels who ram-skin in the house of the lords Us, the cannon-ball crushin misguided angel Bent on performence in the symbol of our label It's simple, the cradle to the grave and so fourth You've heard other speaches by those breaching the default Sea-Salt, Eye of Newt, Horn of Bison I've sworn allegiance to the league of striking lightning We fall when we choose and confuse you with patterns The legend of the two who induced you like Dragons We strike like swooping Gargoyles of Saint Catherine Im taking parts of hard earned parts unimagined It happens, when lacking a variety of guidance The good ones die young and dive in to the silence [Hook - Buc Fifty: repeat 2X] Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire [Verse 3: Prevail & Mad Child] [Prevail] The torment, of getting caught up in the moment And having to be on the recieving end of my orbit This axis, acts as light and dark passage And guides me passed the sticks, river floating caskets Promoting collasping lungs and charcoal tablets The howling wolfpack who dwells in outgoing maddness Cage driven in rage livin in vains of access Engage the driven and incisions are the process [Mad Child] Check the flipside of the coin, Dark Riders preform Words rip right through ya skull tucked inside the storm Its hard to hide if your warm, blooded, we sense heat Predators that feed off flesh to make ends meat Here's a garuntee, Death is instantaneous Mercilously, me maim the miscelanous Conquer all my challenges by reaching within Then mad child leaves with the screech of the wind [Hook - Buc Fifty: repeat 2X] Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire

Drop Drop

[Intro] Uh huh, yeah Uh huh, yeah Oh no (louder) oh no (louder) Uh huh, uh huh [Chorus] (Drop drop) - my homies that ride chromies let it (Pop pop) - at the bar Budden them bottles and them (Shots shots) - my ladies it's all gravy if you (Hot hot) then come back to the (spot spot) and maybe we can (Bone bone) - know that we chilling, she something shaking in her (Thong thong) - gangsta gangsta, paper paper (Long long) - and for my riders all over Now you know we wanna hit it hit it Don't stop, get it get it [Verse] Sick wit it, I keep paper around me So I know that everybody got the vapors around me See me in a big truck thin rubber riding 2 Way and a broad, and got 10 others squatting Cause I know Cal broads act up man So 'cha man man gotta keep a back up plan Not a dance floor nucka [nigga] I'm take em home get em to drop they pants And gross nucka till the (drip drip) No you not my wife no you can't handle my (kid kid) I'm just trying to put in your (rib rib) Through Cheetah, we in the four door Beem Not like the two door like the kid only got a few divas Drive wit my knees, seat recline While she leaned over giving me a piece of her mind I be sizing em up from they thighs and above Holla at me if you wanna come and ride wit a thug, yeah! [Chorus] [Bridge] All my ladies if you riding! Then you know to skip the shotgun and bag the one driving All my nuckas if you riding! Don't trip plenty cash if she stingy wit ass [Verse] Yo boy got a street chick Rocks Chanelle she focused ('focused man') Stay wit a bag of fine and no elder rolling (uh) She just one of my dames, gotta stay cool Everything I got is under her name, it's on! (top top) And I'm the same dude came up from the (block block) I'm doing it baby I can't (stop stop) In my rear view I'm getting tailed by the (cops cops) Clean but kit got me looking like I'm (hot hot) I ain't on the (streets streets) dawg Just trying to (eat eat) So fall back jerk, cop I ain't (beat beat) Can't miss me, I'm the guy in the V-Tweezy And that dime you was hollering at, she's wit me in the [Chorus] [Verse] Chicks wit nice bodies, whip be wide body Backseat emtpy, clips can ride shotty, We gon' (ride ride) See yo boy getting a million We ain't merking it, Nathan had they missing a ceiling And, could catch me spendning time at the bar You like your water frozen, dawg I like mine in a jar We get it (crunk crunk) y'all hear the system out in the (trunk trunk) Thump thump Budden be giving you what you want now [Chorus]

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