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Leave Me Alone Ruby Red Dress

Original and similar lyrics
KEEP ON SINGING Helen Reddy (Keep on singing don't stop singing) (You're gonna be a star some day) (You're gonna make a lot of people happy) (When they come to hear you play) I don't remember mama She died when I was born We lived in a one room shanty But daddy tried to make it a home When I was only six years old I started singing in the streets People would throw me pennies So I could daddy make ends meet They said CHORUS: Keep on singing Don't stop singing You're gonna be a star someday You're gonna make a lot of people happy When they come to hear you play They said keep on singin Keep the bells a ringin Spread the music from town to town There's not enough song in this old world So spread your song around By the time I was 10 years old I had a rock n roll band Daddy's eyes were growing dim But I didn't understand He said he would be so proud of me Each time he'd hear us play At night he'd pull me to his side And daddy would always say CHORUS He didn't have much money But things didn't seem so bad I felt just like the queen of the world When I was with my dad Then one rainy April night Daddy called me to his side He held me with his tremblin hands Right before he died CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS FADE

Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists

AGAINST ME! "Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy"
Sleep on pillows made in Singapore Wrapped in comforters Sweating through sheets Drinking coffee in the morning Floating on Airplanes across the vast seas And your house is made of wood Central air, central heat You got your furniture of particle board Your doors are locked for, for safety And you walk in leather shoes Pants of denim, a black cotton sweatshirt And you do what you do because doing can start to form a habit And you drink all night long And you sleep through the morning And if something doesn't break I'm just gonna go, go fucking insane And you sweep up the floor when it's dirty You do the dishes, when the sink's full And when the refrigerator's empty well it's time, it's time, it's time, it's time to go the store You put your books on a shelf Clothes arranged in the closet You hang the things on the wall that you don't wanna be so easily forgotten I hate these songs I hate the words That the singer is singing to me I hate this melody I hate this stupid fucking drum beat But I'm not gonna tell anyone What I'm really thinking about Keep them conversations on the surface Just keep on smiling Just keep on saying Everything's gonna be alright It's gonna be alright [x2] Alright [x11]

How Can I Keep From Singing?

My life flows on in endless song Above earth's lamentation. I hear the real, thought far off hymn That hails the new creation Above the tumult and the strife, I hear the music ringing; It sounds an echo in my soul How can I keep from singing? What through the tempest loudly roars, I hear the truth, it live'th. What through the darkness round me close, Songs in the night it give'th. No storm can shake my inmost calm While to that rock I'm clinging. Since love is lord of Heaven and earth How can I keep from singing? When tyrants tremble, sick with fear, And hear their death-knell ringing, When friends rejoice both far and near, How can I keep from singing? In prison cell and dungeon vile Our thoughts to them are winging. When friends by shame are undefiled, How can I keep from singing?

Daddy's Little Baby

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
It's my heart Pray Daddy's little baby, must learn this world is shady And the color of your skin don't make you less of a lady Degrade yourself, never cuz I'm teaching you better Life ain't all about cheddar diamonds and leather Understand you a black sister, in this white man's World, don't let it get ya, down girl It's essential that you grow amongst your group So you don't grow too fast and be doin lord knows who Cuz daddy loves you, don't let nobody tell you different What I, do for a living is a talent I'm given And I'ma raise you too black too strong beautiful Tell the truth let you know what women go through Lies and deceit, the nigga you love he gone cheat So be careful in the heat baby girl wit cold feet Keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you daddy's little baby ha [Chorus] I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you You're my baby now and ever Yo Ja's imagery is somewhat like God and his chemistry Blasphemy, I tell my baby girl proudly Put her over my knee and let her know this world is yours Men are dogs take it from daddy and hold yours Head high lady, love is bout lies and deception Will always be seen through the eyes In my demise don't cry just, hold on Stay headstrong and live to learn that life goes on The day you was born God answered my cry for help I look at you a female replica of myself I was conceived 2/29 you 9/22 God' whats the science in this sign you threw I wanna know just so I can spread the jewel to my youth So she don't have to come up like I did runnin loots Keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you're daddy's little baby For real [Chorus] When I look in yo eyes I see stars It's me and you against the world Baby it's in the signs And anything you want you can get it daddy's getting it done You the reason why I keep the hundreds under the ones And go through rain sleet and snow to kiss the sun Though my travel through the storm has just begun Swear to god when my sister died, I was only five Didn't even cry, couldn't know the value of a life Know I realize why Brittney's so rare to me She came at the time when nobody cared for me This world's tough, I'ma guide you through it carefully Learn the game and remember nothing in life's free My little lady, can't quite understand me now But baby, in time I'll break it down So keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you're daddy's little baby For real [Chorus]

Distant Water

David Wilcox "Home Again"
from Home Again .............................................. It's like you pass to me this bitter cup So I can take a sip And I know that it's likely gonna burn But never mind the taste of it I take what I can get It sure is a hard way to learn I mean look at how I sip your cup of nasty Like I'm lucky for a taste to quench my thirst When love creates an optical illusion I'm gonna see it just the way it was rehearsed Chorus If I was dying in the desert I would see shining on the sand True love, like distant water On dry land I liked everything about you, except the way you treated me But that didn't seem to matter much at first I longed for you to fill me Like a wino loves his drink But every time you filled me with a thirst Chorus 'Cause I was looking for a goddess who could save me So I played the worshipping fool The colder your kindness The more it convinced me You're just that cool Now just look at how I sip your cup of nasty Like I'm lucky for a taste to quench my thirst When love creates an optical illusion I'm gonna see it just the way it was rehearsed Chorus True love like distant water On dry land .............................................. Â David Wilcox, all rights reserved

King Of Da Hill

[INTRO: Kardinal Offishall] Murderer, yeah Kardinal Offishall, yeah FOS crew, yeah The Circle, yeah Capitol Hill, yeah yeah This is how it go, on and on To the like break of wha what! Yeah yeah, check it out [Kardinal Offishall] See me in MC reality spoken Some provoken the Kardinal to speak on sights unheard As my word is bond, so is mental put into a picture Twist the vocal like a taste of lime, into the drink of life The rythmn is my wife I impregnate her the apex to flex a new son Entitled a composition, taught him how to rock Now the sex don't stop, my wifey can't get enough Of the hardcore, make you want more type of stuff That I bust all over her insides, sometime on the outside Add a beat light to make sure the Immaculate Conception Is wicked from start to finish I kick it, mix it into the witch's brew Add a backup vocal to the stew Now they be, surfing me at Play De Track, rocking soul and others Down to Sam Goodie what, peace to goodie goodie Rubbing a piece of y'all talk and yo! That's all she wrote That's all I said, as I take my wifey to the bed And rock [CHORUS: Kardinal & Tara Chase] On and on and on and on We gonna keep it on to like the break of wha! On and on and on and on We gonna keep it on to like the break of wha! On and on and on and on We gonna keep it on to like the break of wha! On and on and on and on We gonna keep it on to like the break of wha! [Kardinal Offishall] We gonna bring it to ya face like (ewww!) Shout and mash up the jump ‘till them sound like (ewww) Kardinal wicked (what), wicked like a (ewww) Every crew know, that's why the crowd like (ahhh) Picture your menace to your society, soul to your propriety Lyricist of the year, and also the cause of you anxiety A little nigga chilling on my shoulder told me to rock ya like a boulder Now I'm back, big up my chest like Jully Black Ex-poets, make a nigga see about he heard If I didn't tell you so, there's no truth to the word We sing, stop talking a man's business I bless the mic with freshness, the Dr. Kay-bee handles the rest Shout out to the one-tree, niggas from the J-C, Rexdale to eastside To the Eastside to meet up with Ill B My nigga KC bring him to the uptown U to the P inside the E-W, scoop up gone for raps Give the dreads a couple of daps, bust a couple raps Inside the place niggas know my face, girlies know the rest of the long physique ‘Cause when I rock, the session goes [CHORUS] [Tara Chase (Kardinal Offishall)] (Capital Hill in this, with the one little Miss) (TC for your mind brain, yo check it, yo) Prepare for your departure from these stolen planes Rays emitting from the vocals liquefied your brain (What's your name yo?) Miss Tara Chase if you're nasty Pulling Capital Queen of the Hill if you ask me You can't fuck this Mickey, Mallory combination Surround the world with our sound like global domination (How you feel?) Distortion to static is how you look Re-arrange your whole physical anatomy shook [Kardinal Offishall] For all them niggas we got what you need Kardinal Offishall, Tara Chases Capitol Hill, get upon the mic and do what you will The Circle y'all, check it out [CHORUS]

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