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Original and similar lyrics
Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady Helen Reddy (H. Schock) -Peaking at #8 in 1975, this was Helen's 6th, and last top 10 hit. I guess it was yourself you were involved with I would have sworn it was me I might have found out sooner if You'd only let me close enough to see Chorus: That ain't no way to treat a lady No way to treat your baby Your woman your friend That ain't no way to treat a lady, no way But maybe it's a way for us to end I was only bein' a picture With all the colors I know While you were busy looking into Wide blue mirrors and lovin' the show (Chorus) There's a funny kind of consolation Keepin' me sane And I'd really like to share it Crawl on deep in my brain You see the time you never felt me Lovin' you or needin' you So leavin' you now You still won't know how to feel the pain I was lookin' out for my happiness While you were looking within And before you know your own reflection Always starts to tire you, it's happened again (Chorus X 2 and fade)

Murder Murder

EMINEM "Slim Shady EP"
CHORUS All I see is murder murder, my mind state - [2Pac] Makes it too late for cops in tryin' to stop the crime rate - [Swift] All I see is murder murder, my mind state Murder, murder, murder, and kill, kill, kill! (2x) Left the keys in the van, with a gat in each hand Went up in Eastland and shot a policeman Fuck a peace plan of citizen bystands But shit is in my hands, here's your life span For what your life's worth this money is twice than Grab a couple grand and live a nice land See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan I'm thirsty for this green so bad I'm dehydratin' Hurry up with the cash bitch, I got a ride waitin' Shot a man twice in the back when he tried escapin' I want the whole plot, I won't be denied nathan Maybe I need my head inside straightened Brain contemplatin', clean out the register Dip before somebody catches ya Or gets ya description an' sketches ya The connection was the prime suspect But I ain't set to flee the scene of the crime just yet Cuz I got a daughter to feed And $200 ain't enough to water the seed The best thing would be for me to leave Taco Bell an' hit up Chess King And have the lady at the desk bring Money from the safe in the back, stepped in wavin' the Mac Cooperate and we can operate and save an attack This bitch tried escapin' the jack Grabbed her by the throat, it's murder she wrote You barely heard a word as she choked It wasn't nuttin' for her to be smoked But I slammed her on her back 'til her vertebrae broke Just then the pigs bust in yellin' 'Freeze!' But I'm already wanted for sellin' keys And bunch of other felonies from A to Z like spellin' bees So before I dropped to the ground and fell on knees I bust shots, they bust back Hit the square in the chest, he wasn't wearin' a vest CHORUS 2x Left the house, pullin' out the drive backin' out Need a backin' out this lady's Jag started blackin' out Pulled the Mac-10 out, stuck it in her face Shut ya yackin' mouth before I blow the brain from out the back ya scalp Drug her by her hair, smacked her up Thinkin' fuck it, mug her while you're there, jacked her up Stole her car, made a profit Grabbed the tape from out the deck and offed it out the window Like the girl on Set It Off did Jetted off kid, stole the whip, now I'm a criminal Drove in thru somebody's yard, dove into they swimmin' pool Climbed out and collapsed on the patio I made it out alive but I'm injured badly though Parents screamin': 'Son, go in and call the police Tell 'em there's a crazy man disturbing all of the peace!' Tried to stall him at least long enough to let me leap up Run in they crib and at least leave with some little cheap stuff Actin' like they never seen nobody hit a nick before Smashed the window, grabbed the Nintendo 64 When they sell out in stores the price triples I ran up the block jumpin' kids on tricycles And colliding with an 80-year old lady with groceries There goes the cheese, eggs, milk and Post Toasties Stood up and started to see stars Too many siren sounds, it seemed like a thousand police cars Barely escaped, must-a been some dumb luck Jumped up and climbed the back of a movin' dump truck But I think somebody seen me maybe Plus I lost the damn Nintendo and I must-a dropped the Beanie Baby Fuck it I give up, I'm surrounded in blue suits Came out with a white flag hollerin' 'TRUCE TRUCE!' Surrendered my weapon to cops Wasn't me! It was the gangsta rap and the peppermint Schnopps CHORUS 2x CHORUS scratches to fade out


Beborn Beton
every killing is a treat hemoglobin x2 over the years, ive slain by gallons everyday and soon the time has come that every victim tasted just the same i used to think that every killing is a treat but i was wrong, for i was young i'd let them suffer, let them bleed chorus: bloodstain, hemoglobin swallowing your energy bloodstain, hemoglobin suck you dry and lick you clean i keep counting centuries like moments passing by with my own eyes i have seen ages come and leave the mortal stage you know ive drained about a million men or more but there was nothing like the first two hundred times i died before chorus repeats

Studla Sami (My Big Lady)

Johnny Clegg Savuka "Crocodile Love / Ya Vuka Inkunzi"
She's round like the moon, loves like a big monsoon And she keeps me crazy Like a great gondola on a midnight lake She floats in my heart big and lazy She says, I'm your studla (big lady) I'm your cream cake I'm your lucky packet I'm your falling planet I'll make your night sky dance for the sun. Chorus Studla sami sihle (My big lady is beautiful) Sizwana namatonkomane (and she loves peanuts) Studla sami uma sigida Kunyakaza wonke umhlaba (my big lady, when she dances the whole world shakes) Across her latitudes Shapes of coloured moods Magic geometry An appetite for words She talks the sun to sleep And invites the moon to touch her sea She says, I'm your studla (big lady) I'm your rushing ocean I will never end I am your true friend You only conquered me Because I let you Chorus

Bag It Up

GERI HALLIWELL "Schizophonic"
I like chocolate and controversy He likes Fridays and bad company I like midnight, it's when I'm in the mood He likes the morning, that's when he's rude Just a bad case of opposite sex Have to look to the stars All we need is a little respect Cos Men are from Venus and Girls are from Mars Bag It Up Don't drop the baby Boot him out No buts or maybe Wind him up And make him crazy Take him back Don't drop the baby Spin him out No buts or maybe Do your thing Come on lady I don't take sugar on my colour TV But he likes it loaded with Eye Candy I need some space and he needs a room But then he keeps me waiting by leaving too soon Treat him like a lady Treat him like a lady Tease him, please me, chase me yeah You know what to do Now you're in control Who's wearing the trousers now..


CELINE DION "Let's Talk About Love"
All the girl could want was alittle attention From a man who's strong and notto mention Kiss and caressing her all night long But all that boy wants is to hit and run off Heand his friends - they sit andthey laugh Going around talking 'bout the girlsthey used in the past You're gonna get what's coming to you For all the bad bad things you do to your Lady, treat her like a lady U'll make a good girl crazy If you don't treat her like a lady She stopped going to church, she don't wanna go to school She left with anger when he took her for a fool Even though her friends tell her to just keep cool Didn't tell her from the start just what he had planned Right in her face with another woman Now she's in jail for attacking her man You're gonna get what's coming to you For allthe bad bad things you do to your Lady, treat her like a lady U'll make a good girl crazyIf you don't treat her like a lady Tell it to her straight, she can takethe truth Don't lead her on and leaveher confused Anyone would rather be alone than be used Don't sit and think you'll hurt her feelings She only wants to know just what thedeal is Next time beware of whose heartyou're breaking (or stealing)

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