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Angie Baby

Original and similar lyrics
You live your life in the songs you here on the rock and roll radio and when a young girl doesn't have any friends thats a really nice place to go folks hoping you'd turn out cool but they had to take you out of school you're a little touched you know angie baby lovers appear in your room each night and they whirl you across the floor but they always seem to fade away when your daddy taps on your door angie girl are you alright? tell the radio goodnight all alone once more angie baby Chorus angie baby you're a special lady living in a world of make believe well maybe stopping at her house is a neighbour boy with evil on his mind cos he's been peeking in angies room at the night through her window blind I see your folks have gone away would you dance with me today I'll show you how to have a good time angie baby ( angie baby ) (angie baby ) when he walks in the room he feels confused like he walked into a play and the music's so loud it spins him around till his soul has lost it's way and as she turns the volume down he's getting smaller with the sound it seems to pull him off the ground toward the radio he's bound never to be found the headlines read that a boy disapeared and everyone thinks he died except a crazy girl with a secret lover who keeps her satisfied it's so nice to be insane no one asked you to explain radio by your side angie baby Chorus angie baby you're a special lady living in a world of make believe well maybe well maybe well maybe well maybe

The Love Scene

JOE "All That I Am"
Yeah Ooh...hoo...ooh... Well, well, well, well, well, baby Mmm...hmm...mmm...mmm... Listen, baby [Take one] Baby lyin' on the bed Exotic fantasies goin' through her head [Take two] I jump into my SL6 I gotta make my way to the crib mad quick [Take three] I see my baby as I step inside She's staring at me with those bedroom eyes [Take four] Honey sippin' on some Chardonnay The sex is even better when she's feeling that way All I want to do right now is love her down (Ooh) I don't give a damn about who hears the sound (Ooh...) We'll be in the groove until the sun comes up (Yeah) Together we'll get lost inside the love Let's make a love scene, steamy and blue Erotic memories for an audience of two And we'll make a love scene, let the foreplay begin And replay each moment again and again and again [Take five] The Jacuzzi's just ¡®bout ready for us We step into the water and you tremble at my touch [Take six] I see you gettin' steamin' hot Girl, it ain't just the bubbles that's been hittin' the spot Take it off, take it off, take it off till you get enough (Whoa...whoa...whoa...whoa...) Anyway that you like, it's okay, come and get my love (Whoa...oh...ho...ho...yea...) All I want to do right now is love her down (Love her down) I don't give a damn about who hears the sound (Hears a sound) We'll be in the groove until the sun comes up (Ooh...ooh...) Together we'll get lost inside the love (Oh, yeah) Let's make a love scene (Make a love scene), steamy and blue (Ooh) Erotic memories for an audience of two And we'll make a love scene (We'll make a love scene), let the foreplay begin (Oh...ho...) And replay each moment (Mmm) again and again and again Ooh, I'm gonna keep lovin', I'm gonna keep lovin' you, baby [When the curtain drops] Oh We won't stop (We won't stop), we won't stop ( Let's make a love scene (Let's make a love scene), steamy and blue (See, I got what you want) Erotic memories (You got what I need) for an audience of two (Of two) And we'll make a love scene (We'll make a love scene), let the foreplay begin (Ooh, baby) And replay (Yeah) each moment (Oh, oh...) again and again and again Girl, I'm down to take a sip from your cup (No, no, no, no, no, no, no) If you drink from my fountain of love (Oh, ho) Girl I'm down to take a sip from your cup (From your cup) If you drink from my fountain of love (Ooh...ooh...oh...ho...) ¡®69 was a very good year (Do you remember, girl) If you know what I mean, my dear (Ooh, baby) ¡®69 was a very good year (I could remember) If you know what I mean, my dear (Let's do it over and over again) Let's make a love scene (Let's make a love scene) Steamy and blue (Let's do it on the floor) Erotic memories for an audience of two (Anyway you like it, girl, alright) And we'll make a love scene (Alright)


JADEN SMITH "Cool Tape Vol. 2"
Man I met her on Monday Went on Twitter, had her number by Tuesday That's how I get it usually Batman, black man on this Bruce Wayne Please don't confuse me You chilling on Wednesday Come with me I don't care what your friends say I'm running on empty No worries, we goin' hop up on the Bentley I rub your thigh gently X-Man he resenting me You wanna meet my mom on Friday I said sorry that's my day Kick it on the sly or the highway And I bring us to the next thing And you trynna check me Telling I ain't text her Communication, homie trust me I'm an expert [Hook - Willow Smith:] Electric love [x8] It's that electricity Don't care about your ethnicity Girl let's get busy Girl let's get busy I haven't seen you in some months My friends tell me that you're spun off of summer Cause you're having fun But girl tell me when it's done Cause I know imma get it when it comes Well baby girl you can't run Cause you know I pay attention when it rung It was only three times little mommy I ain't stupid, I ain't dumb Imma wait until you come to pappy Make you fall in love Lady you can't stop me You wanted other guys Sorry, they can't top me Cause I'm still a movie star Even if they flop, see I'm not cocky, I'm confident And I don't see anything wrong with it Well all your friends here girl they non-legit I'm non-offensive Let's get on with this It's all electric [Hook] Had to stop in the middle of the hook Cause baby girl you got me hooked Know you sexy I ain't even got to look Cause girl I read you like a book Now please girl tell me what you took Put a red, bottom of your foot And you chilling like a model in the cut J, do you pop bottles in the club? No, I don't like the party and the owner of the club No, I don't really listen to it unless it's a Love song, now she trynna fight Jaden put your gloves on What a waste of water We already had the tub going Little better than the last fight Little harder than the first one Zone out when the hook here Go crazy when the verse come Gone when the worst come Instagraming when your shirts come And she said she Norwegian Been a minute since I've been up in that region And girl stop teasing Camouflage and I ain't really do cheesing And a joker straight steezing Come to see you I don't need to have a reason And wear all black Feeling like a seasoning And if you give me butt I'm gonna squeeze it And I'm out [Hook]

I Like It

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
[Intro:] I like it Ooooh I like it Ooooh I like it I like this right there Yea you know it [Hook - K. Roosevelt:] When I'm plotting in my ride And you giving me the eye Girl it's alright baby you ain't gotta hide now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it We can fall in love But only for tonight Anything goes you ain't gotta think twice now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it [Verse 1 - Pricetag:] Banging E-40 riding with my shorty Got 7 rings on I feel like Robert Horry I'm 22 my bank account look like I'm 40 Cause that paper mandatory Play with that, that's another story My ex is hater but she real cool with my people though I told her cherish this cause they don't make em' like me no more And girl you know what I came for Legs in the air Liu Kang flow Call that pussy the finish line Tonight I'm gon' be Usain Bolt Now told her load the TEC for the boy so I know it's real Hit the set with the boy so I know it's real Get it wet for the boy so I know it's real I put it on you like no other girl you know the deal [Hook] [Verse 2 - Oktane:] Alright, tell me how you like it Get it how you want it baby The way u moving that body I hit it til' the morning baby I lay back if u got it Arch it up and I'm a make u say When I'm up inside it- bounce Give it til' she can't take no more Then tell her she can't stay no more She ain't on my team, don't know my team No jersey baby and I ain't no coach You girl you're the 1 And I think I like you 2 And I'm leaving here by like 3 So if you all 4 it then cool We'll go 5 rounds, bust 6 times And by 7 AM I rest You gon' love the way that I 8 that And 9 time out of 10 it's the best Just know I told u so when I kill it It's our turn, the realest Just don't catch that one STD called feelings Cause you know that when I'm... [Hook] [Outro:] You know what I'm talking about This shit feel like 1990 all over again So listen It's really just me and the homies Come thru the house and hit Bring your homegirl Grab that cup Pour that drink Smoke something We're gonna have a good time Yeah It's like that So you can run the streets with your bucks I was waiting for you To come and put it down like you do 'Cause ooh I like it Yea Oooh I like it Oooh

In My Room

2:45 and the bell went off, Thank God, Many people think im odd But i talk with no one, And i walk alone,and i avoid sunlight with a chalky tone I get home and dont say hi, It aint no onw there, I dont care I walk in and go right up the stairs To my room Get in bed and just wait for dark cause thats when the real show starts (tap tap) 'tap tap' on the glass go the piece of ass' So young and pretty its too bad she past But she comes to my room and we talk at night,she's demonic and bloody,but she holds me tight In my bedroom,with her im never alone,and i kiss her cold lips until morning comes Then she gone, I can still hear her voice loom. But she only exists in the dark of my room [chorus: x2] Love... (i cant ignore you) In my room (do anything for you) Love... (i do adore you) In My Room... You and I I try to smile alot,but im always frontin,but i do love a ghost and atleast thats something. She dont talk much, When she do it get cold, Usually we just lay there and we hold each other, we're lovers we dont need others, One of my mother's cats jumped up on the covers And it scared my baby guess she dont like pets so i twisted its fuckin head off at the neck Look baby, Its gone its doomed please come back to the room i do anything for thy, dont ignore me this is more than a sick love story W/o you id bring a shotgun to school and i will if you want me to for any reason I hate that u leave when the lights come on and if i had it my way the fuckin sun would be gone! [chorus x2] Sometimes i kiss her and i start shakin,she slips me the tongue and it taste like bacon. Uh oh somethings wrong baby's upset She told me she was spotted by the neigbors kid She cant come back now cause they know our secret Uless i can make thenm keep it. If i do she may come to life now in their yard with a shotgun and knife Cut the screen Went in and found the kid Blew a bowl of spaghetti in the side of his head,the daddy was nextrunnin down the hall,i shredded his throat and he was Quick to fall,tossed themossberg and gripped the knife,started stabin the shit out of his wife, Went home a bloody mess with a job well done. Wash up and wait for my baby to come [chorus x2]

Let Me In Now

NELLY "Intro"
(Nelly - talking) Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot more, drop it like over herr baby girl, uh (Chorus - Nelly) Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom Let me in now, there it go I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom (Ali) Let me in ma', so I can hit it Make you wanna leave wit' it, take you home and sleep wit' it Tell your friends that we did it in the back of the Coupe With your back on the sunroof holla'in out whoop-de-whoop You be like girl, he put in work, hit it all night He rocked my world, came out that skirt, soon as I hit that door He thorough, while you twerk, so much Mo' and Cris' I urled all on my skirt We still kicked it, (let me in know) You ain't heard, that playa bad St. Louis nigga to the end, with a fo'-fo' mag And 'til them 'tic niggas kick in, let a fire bag The party just would not begin, 'til you shake that ass, now shake that ass I'm like, uh, whoa hossie and that ass ain't playin I'm a teach it to go varsity in a passin Ram Marry me and, divorce me and get my cash advance Your best bet's to deep throat me as fast as you can, I'm like (Chorus) (Murphy Lee) Ay yo, I'm Murphy Lee the ashtray, I touch butts all day Treat me like a toilet, you can sit on me And let your knees touch your nostrils Show me that big ol' brown booty hole, let me record it like a studio You can go and get your crew, girl, like Freddy Huh, you Raw like Eddie, call me Murphy if you ready Ready for whatever, Strictly Business like Halle Berry When I'm with you like Tony Terry, say my name more times than Bloody Mary Kinda scary gettin more head for stones than cemetaries ?? ??? done ran through more halls than Barry At school, in the Hall gettin busy like Arsenio I'm a rat trap like club Casino (Keyjuan) Ay yo, it's on fo' sho', low-cut Capris so her thongs could sho' She probably got a man, but I've been wrong befo' All I know is that she make her knees touch her elbows just to get in a show I'm startin to think, this how it's supposed to go Get blowed before we go where we supposed to go Workin since ninety-fo', I'm supposed to blow Blow on the dice, before I roll a ten-to-fo' Rollin Mo-Mos, Optimos, they burn slow Rollin fo'-do's, sippin Mo' with fo' hoes I'm a two-triple-0, U-City, gigalo Duece Duece Bigalow, love a man, Joe Blow And you should pay me, I'm Super like Nintendo Make your hands touch the flo', your knees don't bend tho' In the Benzo, tinted windows, if the bounce is right, the ounce is right Meet me at my house tonight (Chorus) (Nelly) Now baby girl got a rump on 'er, fo'-do' and a trunk on 'er Low miles, no dents, title readin one owner Some are wanna-be baller, baby daddies that don't want 'er He ain't trippin 'til he see another nigga get on her But she a good girl, actin bad when she need be I wish you would girl, hit me so often she beep me On some Nelly, come meet me, it's the first lady My president is out the country I need the VP I'm in the White House, butt-naked and iced out Turn the lights out, and I'm turnin your wife out Same chick you jumped the broom with, throwin the rice out Same cat shoppin with rats, throwin the mice out I like 'em clumsy mo', just let everything hit the flo' Not once, not twice, three times, but fo' Each time, makin her knees touchin her elbows I said, each time, lookin at me, yellin she want mo' I'm like, ohh! (Chorus) (Nelly - talking) Baby girl like to shake a lot, huh, baby girl like to shake a lot Huh, baby girl like to, uh, uh, uh, uh Do your thizzle Moet, hah, hah, and do your thizzle Moet Hah, hah, shake it like that for, hah, yeah Three-one-four fo' sho', S-T-L and I connect the do'

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