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Hans York lyrics - Inside Out

Empty Tin

Original and similar lyrics
An empty tin for gasoline Makes a desperate sound when it's struck In the thoughts of a child in these decaying streets In the swirling of the dust The boy ignores it all and plays With a branch on the rusty metal Dust resting itself on his shoulders and shoes When in truth it will never settle She lifted her heart above all other things Destroyed all her lovers with trust In shanties where thoughts caught the wind in the heat With the desperate discomfort of lust She tried to reverse the decay of the world Pulling back on its rusty metal Dust resting itself on her shoulders and shoes When in truth it would never settle I've given up trying to sleep It seems they'll never switch the light off that sign The buildings, they ache and moan with the heat The drunks blend their sorrows with wine This city's a filter for genius I've seen the rest of us keep passing through May you cast off the burden of destiny, love May its weight never settle on you May you cast off the burden of destiny, love May its weight never settle on you


Fatima Mansions
Greyhair fool / Shoes undone / The fields ahead / Leaves black as coal Landmark-free / No walls, No trees to greet him on this night of his return C--So who will love this lie on legs who can't change skin and is not yet dead? The universal foreigner The homeless, greyhair son Scrambles blind up muddy slope then silent shakes before rusty gates--C There's a house, its roof caved in A rusty wreck of car / A lightning-blasted tree and a man who says, So here you are--the boy who broke the plough, who struck his father down, who told us to be damned and betrayed us to the Englishman! Who will love this lie on legs? On paving-stones I've made my bed Not a living soul now speaks my name but here at least I have my shame I thought to come and taste once more what the priestly fables all ignore: the un-eternal consequence, says the greyhair son Greyhair fool / Shoes undone / He'll top at dawn / Now hews his plough Wind blows on / The soil is poison / He sets to work / He and his plough Final union / He and his plough / Plough


Your touch is electric I felt it the first time you held me The way we connected So easily I've tried to define it Searched for the perfect phrase I've tried to describe it In a million different ways (Chorus) It's joy, it's ecstasy, it's truth it's destiny And even love is not enough To tell you how you make me feel There's only one word for this I've got to admit it You took my heart by surprise Don't know how you did it But baby, I've never felt so alive I already know what the future holds As long as you are here with me It's joy, it's ecstasy, it's truth, it's destiny To tell you how you make me feel It's faith, it's honesty, it's life, it's everything To say “I love you' is not enough To tell you how you make me feel… It's in your smile, it's in your kiss It's the reason I exist There's only one word for this It's bliss

Cats Van Bags

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
[Intro] I can't scratch, cause I'm drunk I got bad teeth and my gums are bleeding Come and fucking get me, motherfucker Yeah, break, start the song now, fucker [Verse 1] [Slug] We travelin the missle, weavin' through your cornfields Leavin behind a trail of amature porn and orange peels Navagatin through this basement, the masquerades As our nation, practicin' my acid take, masturbation Watchin the expressions on the faces Of the ones designated to be the queens, kings, and aces How many miles can you put on one soul Before the smile starts to blend into one big bullet hole [Brother Ali] Shoot through it as a union, with the best of my crew Bumpin melodies and memories too, my heads killin me, ohh Stomach empty, my bladder is full Two years old son on Jay Birds phone Cryin, ya missin me And I'm stallin', I'll bite ya arm off Sabertooth Tiger, run the night with the sharp claws In ya backyard just to fuck with ya guard dog Throw a brick through your shit and cut the alarm off Bitch [Slug] Fuck yes, I do my best to take advantage in bouts With one hand over the mouth, still managin' to shout Theres more said, then in the lines in your forehead Then could ever try to find print on the inside of that warhead Cross country, like a little lost junky Make them hot and jumpy, trying to get that God money Stearin the van through the blizzards, the fanfare Pivit when we visit, spit victim if you stand there [Brother Ali] Take a map of this picture, throw a dart at it, thats where We took a room back full the kids and threw a heart at it Angry like a hostage, Kickin like a little bitch in one of Dibs's mosh pits Shifitin through your city limits tryin to find the raw shit Thread and needle wit it, and weave a world of hate together, till we get 'em car sick Face full of war paint, strapped ready for action Battle cracks headin, trying to seek the satisfaction of the captain [Slug] Climbed over the side, closed his eyes Took a dive into his fame, inspiration for stayin alive Swam to the shore, stepped upon land Walked up to a whore, grabbed her by the hand And said [Chorus] [Slug & Brother Ali] Let the wheels spin, let the road shake Let the speakers blow Let the line in, let the kids play Let the people know Let the roof burn, let the girls love Let the heat flow Let the world turn, let the curtains up Cats Van Bags, Yo [Verse 2] [Brother Ali] Lock eyes, with a thousand people at the same time They minds, believin this, my style of graffiti is Squeezin this, the mid west, sweat out of my shirt And leavin with my life essence embedded in ya dirt [Slug] We work, move, and hustle with the rest of the Gypsies Spoon feed these issues to a new school of Fishes Swimmin through a hazy shade of passion Here they come, the Hazleton has-been, and his chaplin [Brother Ali] Thats them, the migrants, seasonal workers The finest imperial wordsmiths on the circuit Two Million smiles and runnin, stompin', trying to flee the heat Turn around, shootin at the monster till his knees are weak [Slug] They call me Jesus Freak, I came to listen Then I save you, then I make you, my favorite position Chasin' this pigeon down the street towards the banks Just in case, my traffic receives jeeps and tanks [Bridge] [Slug] And we wonder through the snow(?), so let it be known Mama I don't know if I'ma ever be home The revolution wont have any distribution I love my son and my music so I gotta keep it movin' Like [Chorus] [Slug & Brother Ali] Let the wheels spin, let the road shake Let the speakers blow Let the line in, let the kids play Let the people know Let the roof burn, let the girls love Let the heat flow Let the world turn, let the curtains up Cats Van Bags, Yo

Truth Be Told

AUDIO PUSH "Truth Be Told"
This is what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and Just tell the truth to. So truth be told. I'm from this team named BOW. You prolly heard about. You most likely said Some hateful words about. And that's cool, But we bout to make it gruesome. Cuz these legends keep on dying, I think we gon be the new ones. So yeah, You bout to hate us. I swear you bout to hate us, Cuz every girl you checking for Is always tryna date us. And no, we're not the New Boyz, Please do not mistake us. And nah, that ain't a dis, But I mean listen, They just ain't us. This one for my phone, That I constantly be on. Telling my girl that don't Believe me until she see me on TV, Or hear these songs. And yes, she was wrong, Cuz this is what I love to do. Look at me girl, We ON!! I swear I told you. I told you, I told you. And if you ever hated boy, I promise I don't know you. And if I ever knew you, That would never mean I owe you. I told you we the niggas, And I promise Imma show you. I'm not a rookie, Not interested in freshment. I'm doing what I want, Got 'em second guessing they dressing. And Cash try and talk to me, Try and give me some gestures. But I know I got a gift, And it's time I show you my presence. So this This is for all them bomb Whoas That be at all them Kendrick and Them dime shows. That's prolly here now, Rocking wit me. Never liked me. Now they love me, And they think my smile pretty. I promise to god, It's all a facade To you popping. Boyfriends hate you Cuz they know They girl watching. But in this club a million times When everybody was. But nobody cares, Until everybody does. So now that you you do, I pray you listen forever. You arrived a Lil late, But better late than never Listen, Love it. You feel it? You see it? That's why I never say I'm really real, I just be it. I appreciate y'all coming to make history tonight And the next nigga you about To hear up on this mic Is the only other nigga That can give it this nice I know him as Larry Jackson But y'all can call him Price One time look Real rap I'm giving y'all real raps I made it out the hood and Still a nigga feel trapped All I hear is lies, Show me where the real at I just tell the truth And all the real niggas feel that Man I can feel the pressure moving in Now I'm at the top and they like "Price, what you doing here?" Don't be stressed, Baby, Don't be losing hair. Just live your life, Cuz it's too many nigga's losing theirs.. And since when did a hustler ever sleep in? And since when did Snitching become a street trend? And since when did Doing a dance make you Ineligible to rap? Man I'm killing it, Till the beat ends. Better yet, Imma give y'all dudes a beat. Seeking until I'm sleeping Y'all sleeping, But I ain't weeping. I'm creeping, To the top I'm reaching. Y'all speaking, But y'all ain't decent. Y'all better run to y'all deacon, Once them blood suckers leeching! Imma tell 'em 'fall back' Ain't no love for ya Oh, you a fan of us, Baby? I got a hug for ya. And to my brothers Watching Crips Shed blood for ya If I got it, it's yours, I give my last dove for ya. I.E. yeah we looking the best. This world is just a class, You being put to the test. In these streets, I got stripes and I ain't hugging a ref And to my brother double I Boy, I love you to death. For real. I'm having a moment, A nigga is on it. And yes, I shatter opponents, As soon as I go in. I'm blessed. And you ain't touching my team Homie, so why try? B.O. Dubb, We out here head first, Skydive. Raise your glass, man I'm giving a toast. You always got that one Ex That you're missing the most. But I ain't tripping, I'm chasing that Mike Jackson 'Beat It' dough. With that I.E. Toe Bend see the flo Shout out to my son I teach him Never to comp the haters I got my family counting on me like a calculator. But the pressure is cool, Cuz I'm going far. Just pour the brown and Then I sit in my car. Cuz this what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And your Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and You tell the truth to. So truth be Told....


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] Check it, More questions, more answers More ci smoke and more cancer More arguing, more resistance Its seems like the closer we get, its more distance More angles, a million different looks Was on the same page, just in different books there's so much i want to say but i got no ground cause we ain’t break up, more like broke down now that’s pain and torture add that with restraining orders then add the soul of my slain daughter none of this is how we planned it to be one big insanity plea shit could never end amicably I miss you trying you probably think don’t think I try too when you stubborn and prideful not much is insightful but God was trying to show me something He ain't think that I knew sometimes shit that doesn’t breathe can die too [Hook: Emanny] Were we just dreamerz? Waiting for our shot to shoot to the moon Were we just dreamerz? Spending our lives trying to see this thing through Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away waiting to fly away [Verse 2: Joe Budden] How we go from thoughts of marriage Thoughts of me copping carrots Talks of what we’d name her while shopping for a carriage But when the dream stopped, who knew you’d see me like a savage That you dreamt of vacations, but only woke up with baggage All you ever did was love me, and look at where it got you And when you wanted more, all I did was say I’m not you I’m selfish not selfless, and I say that with love so in essence you’re asking for what I’m incapable of so now I find I’m going over choices I ain’t even made yet were we clouded by good times of great sex? running fast towards an unknown fate that altered when I introduced you to my unknown traits in your dreams, seems you had me pegged as another man but in mine, only you would understand in our minds we were perfect we witnessed our dream get murdered now reality is on trial and we both awaiting the verdict [Bridge 1: Joe Budden] But you’ll always be close to me though you said this ain’t how it’s supposed to be what we had was so real but you said I don’t care never thought this day would come you said you gave your all and was left with none but we can both be spared but you don’t think that's fair, that's fair [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] You can’t see how you ever began to like a liar you lost track of all the little things that I admired but when the peace left, I knew we might retire thinking man, I live upstairs, I’m something like somaya got memories, but at what point are they lost you say we could work through it, at what point is it forced? we shoulda never rushed cause it’s like now we at a point where you won’t never trust and for me I can't believe that's all we ever was the high’s gone, need a better buzz Cause we sleep in the same bed, but we never touch my solution to every beef is to revisit though we’ll have the same emotions we won’t be so livid won’t be so vivid I think your girl secretly applauded our drama we don’t need those critics we owe it to go over our foundation with a keen eye sad part to say you never have the same dream twice [Bridge 2: Emanny] We let love and all its possibility take us from reality made it hard to see that we were bound together just to cover up the pain I'm wishing the skies were rain and wipe all my thoughts away cause I'm tired of dreaming

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