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Half Hearted Handgun lyrics

Oh What Have You Done Miss Rooth?

Original and similar lyrics
BURN THE CHILD BURN THE CHILD BURN THE CHILD BURN THE CHIL, BURN THE CHILD DANCE/THROUGH/THE/NIGHT BREAK/IN/MY/SHOES i wanna sing you a fucking love song SWIMMING WITH THE MACHINES we'll send a chainsaw in the mail hang bloody curtains in your house we'll send a chainsaw in the mail hang bloody curtains in your house send a chainsaw in the mail hang bloddy curtains in/your/house interrogate the man with the velvet jacket combed perfect hair and a machete for... combed perfect hair and she's semi-automatic red. (and I'm singing in the shower) BURN THE CHILD.... DANCE THROUGH.... BREAK IN.... there's a killer in the swamps THERE'S A KILLER IN THE SWAMPSSSS YEAH OH.H.H MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? AND WHEN YOUR SKIN BEGINS TO TASTE LIKE WINE slowitdown,slowitown AND WHEN YOUR SKIN BEGINS TO TASTE LIKE WINE BURN THE CHILD... TURN THE DIAL TO LOVE,FLIP THE SWITCH, NOW CUT IT.

Zero House

JOHN HIATT "Warming Up To The Ice Age"
You took my pride and I want it back No more loving on the torture rack No more running when you call my name The things we've done, baby make me feel ashamed Minus me, minus you, Smoke out, ghost lovers, burn down the zero house Seven rooms for seven long years Till only dead people livin' here Maybe I should mutter this under my breath But honey I think love scared us to death Opposites subtract Smoke out, ghost lovers, burn down the zero house We're so stupid that it makes me want to scream Baby I think dogs have better dreams Would you look at what we try to live up to Baby I don't want this memory of you Bad boy, bad girl Smoke out, ghost lovers, burn down the zero house We both came here perfectly tempted And now we're leaving it perfectly empty Nobody lived here, no woman, no man Just a couple of flies circling a garbage can Think about it, buzz a while Smoke out, ghost lovers, burn down the zero house Burn it down Burn down the zero house Burn, Burn

Dangerous Mouths

(feat. Redman) [Missy] Uhh, 3000 baby, uh huh, ooh, raunchy, raunchy [Redman] Good riddance, to niggas and bitches bullshittin I house MC's like baths and full kitchens, ready or not Doc,hood lynchin, icey flows, I wrtie with wool mittens Its two not one, Missy dot dot com, come once in the blue like free hot lunch So once its on, turn it up, chickens flockin in Shoppin at birds are us, murderous, don't blame me, blame the music I write with napalms in my hands, flame the fuses, like ca psss, off you go I'm nice battin, I practice when the park is closed I'm that man who squats out of jeeps and vans Jump to roof to roof on the TV cam, I fuck a model I go out with the cheapest tramps, pussy have me trippin Like Kima, Keisha and Pam, I remain cool like, like open hous on a school night Animal House gettin thrown out for food fights, PPP strictly don't give a fuck An Brick City niggas strictly don't give a fuck [Missy] Let me intervene, come between, like dick through your jeans Hang down to your knees, its mwa the don-wan, carry on, D.A.N to the danger Y'all MC's in a whole lot of danger, change up all your rhymes you need beats My beats you see completely unique, forgive thee See its the shots of Henessey thats in me, Reggie Noble through after me [Redman] It takes two to tingle, and two to fuck I done fucked in Range Roves to Isuzu trucks,used to move weight Now you makin moves to duck, built solid without bolts, screws and nuts Pussy tight jiffy lube it up, Doc came up, hoes use to hang up Now my arm close hang up, my crew is deeper than Karl Kani pockets We don't buy bullets, we ask what size rockets, for thee occasion One shot will have you ravin', like Symone when the four four is blown Two minutes later I'll make it hotter, snap you from the vine To my um blada a boom glada [Missy and Redman] So what you wanna do, what you wanna do [Redman] Yo I got the chicken, the brew taken next, an much room Def Squad in the house Drop you drawers, tell your boyfriend ease up, and park his car [Missy] I'm from the south you better watch your mouth, Its the M.I The S.I, if you try then you die, I don't take no mercy on you suckers so Would you still be in love baby, if I cut your throat, cut the jokes I ain't got no love for yo, no friends with those, who imitate me ya bold My style I own, I'ma have to steal your flow, you know me Joe I gotta say no more, BITCH! Thats right nigga, Its Misdemeanor here, Redman, Timbaland uhh Muthafucka! 3 triple zero, the Matrix baby, uhh, I'm out

Burn All The Letters

INDIGO GIRLS "Shaming Of The Sun"
I am sorry that I set my sights on the things I read Something meant for your husband maybe you left them under the bed Once upon a love those words blew free and secret the pages lay around Drifted to the hands of the publisher and all the greedy generations on down Burn all the letters (someone is always watching) Government's on the phone (whether openly or secretly) Burn all the letters (now breathe life into your story) Send them on to safer homes (burn them to secrecy) Burn all the letters Brand them in you before you go Soldiers are coming to plunder But there are some things they will never know We made our love out of dignity dug our nails in the dirt Hung our towel soaked souls out on the line we loved so hard that it hurt To ease the pain I took a pen and paper and incarnate came the bleeding Send them back before the public eye perverts it in the reading Yeah yeah Burn all the letters (someone is alway watching) Government's on the phone (whether openly or secretly) Burn all the letters (now breathe life into your story) Send them on to safer homes (burn it to secrecy) Burn all the letters Brand them in you before you go Soldiers are coming to plunder But there are some things they will never know Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey ya hey... Burn all the letters Government's on the phone (on the phone) Burn all the letters Send them all to safer homes Burn all the letters To you and you to me They're gonna take what they can But they cannot read What they cannot see

Dear Old House That I Grew Up In

Dear old house that i grew up in I know they're gonna leave you any day dear old house that i grew up in can't you find a way to make them stay and while the girls i went to school with went downtown with all the cool kids I was staked out in your cellar making friends with dead umbrellas and the creeks of every floorboard tell the story of the girl i stuck inside and if they move away I'll have no place to hide dear old house that i grew up in i have never really been in love you took my heart when i was a child and your noises wrapped around my little body like a winterglove you're just a random set of objects in a town that's full of sadness in the armpit of the world your cut downtrees and lousy soil and if i wanted to i'd keep you and i'd fill you up and heat you with the market how it is, Amanda well you know the price of oil goodnight stairs and goodnight stars on painted bedroom walls attic door and banister i'll miss you most of all I was s'posed to keep you safe this wasn't supposed to end does it sound ridiculous to call you my best friend dear old house that i grew up in I know i haven't visited that much but every lifeless hotel and appartment i walk into just reminds me of the doorknobs that i want to touch and i won't miss you when they sell you to some evil yuppie couple with a child who'll put Miley Cyrus posters in my bedroom I am a native of the globe I am a rockstar on the road I am now centrally located anywhere that i am known but it doesn't feel like anywhere when you can't go back home dear old house i grew up in I know it's not your fault that this went down please don't take it personally love, Amanda ps tell the evil yuppie couple when i'm rich, i'll buy them out

Fete Champetre

Burns Robert
FETE CHAMPETRE (Robert Burns) O, wha will to Saint Stephen's House, To do our errands there, man? O, wha will to Saint Stephen's House O, th' merry lads of Ayr, man? Or will ye send a man-o-law? Or will ye send a sodger? Or him wha led o'er Scotland a' The meikle Ursa-Major? Come, will ye court a noble lord, Or buy a score o' lairds, man? For Worth and Honour pawn their word. Their vote shall be Glencaird's, man. Ane gies them coin, ane gies them wine, Anither gies them clatter; Anbank, wha guess'd the ladies' taste, He gies a Fete Champetre. When Love and Beauty heard the news The gay green-woods amang, man, Where, gathering flowers, and busking bowers, They heard the blackbird's sang, man: A vow, they seal'd it with a kiss, Sir Polities to fetter: As their alone, the patent bliss, To hold a Fete Champetre. Then mounted Mirth on gleesome wing, O'er hill and dale she flew, man; Ilk wimpling burn, ilk crystal spring, Ilk glen and shaw she knew, man She summon'd every social sprite, That sports by wood or water, On th' bonie banks of Ayr to meet, And keep this Fete Champetre. Cauld Boreas, wi his boisterous crew Were bound to stakes like kye, man; And Cynthia's ear, o silver fu, Clamb up the starry sky, man: Reflected beams dwell in the streams, Or down the current shatter; The western breeze steals through the trees To view this Fete Champetre. How many a robe sae gaily floats, What sparkling jewels glance, man, To harmony's enchanting notes, As moves the mazy dance, man! The echoing wood, the winding flood, Like Paradise did glitter, When angels met at Adam's yett To hold their Fete Champetre. When Politics came there, to mix And make his ether-stane, man, He circled round the magic ground, But entrance found he nane, man: He blush'd for shame, he quat his name, Forswore it, every letter, Wi humble prayer to join and share This festive Fete Champetre. tune:Killicrankie (313) filename[FCHMPTRE play.exe FCHMPTRE ARB ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===

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