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Half Hearted Handgun lyrics

Machinegun Kelly

Original and similar lyrics
These daughters lend the tongue its sword sliced through unmeasured suits giving more barrels to heat speaches mean nothing to a cord oh oh oh yeah these streets lay dead and bloodied let us use the tongue as a handsaw buildings broken on top of heroes faint teaching of neoclasical let us use the tongue as a handsaw with as much modesty the scenes we've read from this bench before the moth has signed his throat lies/where/it/falls the cyclopse hammers fall on the top of flaming beds destroying the author of affection in a definate affectionate slaughter yeah she's seen in lovely dresses much like a whore......... unpack my heart with words as deep as the lungs... ....''''///// quarentine X communication is bleak dance in circles saturate metaphorical force tread upon the heels that fall ten timeserk if this shoud fail if this should fail new world destruction HAS MADE US BLACK


Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[announcer] Mr. Len, a.k.a. Space Ghost, please commence intro Company Flow, perform, J-Treds, prepare El-P, prepare, you have approximately five minutes Fuck the bullshit, Time/Warner will fall Record labels will fall, the Earth will crumble Begin [El Producto] Enter the all city access and encounter the likes of these Regionally no one relaxes, actual No wonder I'ma type to crush contenders with pure chewing satisfaction Pervade your ultraharmonic with the back of your whole mediocre faction Sonic boom head zoom contact off antaxion Elbowed with a vacumn pure death MC's with closed captions Wind up in the willows, catch the whirling dervish Or the dead and dumb millenium is at your service Flow the plaque, instigate lyrics then backfile another MC who thought cause he was dipped in powder blue that he could rock past-el Got your hip-hop essence out of the Cross Colours catalog with analog technology Ask L. Ron Hubbard to break down my Scientology Fuckin up to the chest I bust insidious, Bad Touchin Boogie to break to bumrushin Fresh start taming biofeed this track achieves pain penicilin crack and AZT couldn't relieve Being Sizzlean I will trim the fat like Susan Powders Disrespectin burners like cap, lickin off shots from clocktowers Play ring around the dead nation The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation MC's are helpless like Gadzook keep faggot like RuPaul troop to the new sensation fuck that whole wannabe gangster fascination The illusion is broke, or cock albums mispoke And got the El P rookie cards stuck in they bicycle spoke For those VH-1 crystalized pseudo rip flows Let the liquid talon soak into the seam of your coat Meet the professional dead or alive politrick technician Straight neck capital P for the deep throat dickin I was that first monkey to touch the Monolith, delinquent Up in that crack like white squaw for the weekend and I sunk your Battleship Parked in a hot zone, live to the E. Bola Manifest brain tumors through the phone as you roam in your Motorolas [J-Treds] All hail, J and El the fans rise, we got the grand prize Foes fantasize runner up, the closest they can see it because skills so lenient I've been boastin with half a flow They can't handle the whole weight son, diagnosis, bullemic believe it My best line, too advanced for Pop Warner you got cornered scouting report, can't scramble in the clutch But when I get down, it's third and inches threatenin to score How you gonna tackle the topic when you suck at two-hand touch We're too damn much for your defense break you down, zone weakens Words bring embarassment, Captains look like third string in comparison to this too well known to kick fat flow And beat suckers straight up and down, Tic-Tac-Toe Game over when I blow your mind, but then I aimed over explosive cuts Verbal flamethrower, serving roasted nuts as after battle snacks you wish you wore a cup in your panties So all you pussies in this rap game, time to up the ante What's your fancy Big time skills or small penny Dead to latter my varsity letter, fatter than your JV Only play with the big boys, toys bringin that weak shit Before the battle I hit em off with fat, ladies latest release on cassette They were done from the start Ran for the finish got detoured from the fast route by another One spot holder hold ground for our town, N.Y. For those who don't acknowledge they get left ass out plumbers [announcer] Congratulations Len, you have made it halfway They are falling, their armies are retreating The job is not over, you must continue, please move forward El P, bring out tactic evasion, start, summation equals now Do not fail us, we're counting on you [El Producto] For thoughts I see hot like three males with a cot included Where the Sidewalk Ends and all your linear math gets diluted Infant when he Star Spangled, packed a brand circular medicine and deject wreck-the-tangle Fuck Time/Warner and it's affiliates, for runnin that wannabe Big Willie shit Leave those fancy clothes up to the Pope List all personal posessions in your liner note While I connect wreck genuinely cuttin through these red ropes Son grip the love spigot, yeah that's the ticket This platoon pop 99 Luftballons While the one hit blunder rushes exhaust like city buses I bond, like resin cause for the sake of skill, lost and found Found by DNA patterns to wish you could climb Just a little girl around the way of my set, that's the time Enter the evil opus, focus on rap scrambling Record labels to expect not reaction is bad gambling I know a few true that make we, collusion El P and J-Treds pentrate cranial intrusion [J-Treds] We do this one time so catch it, two of the illest and unsigned Lethal seperate but combined, friction created a frontline a rhyming Got you steppin, tryin to evade us bustin caps in your thoughts But now crossfire catching's added to your job skills top of your resume Submitted applyin, for lyric positions that we occupied yesterday but got the pink slip, labels on some not think shit Requiring, brain absence lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access Havin half words recyclin tracks like plastic, please forfeit Flippin the same script, I hope it has reinforcements, or else it's torn to pieces while our thesis is untouched Saved on my PC under the filename of Funcrush Megabytes bumrush, by one punch, upon my keyboard My data's the top secret that mad suckers will fiend for Come from the last to be cut from Dream Team Three We be the ones who shine, prepare for butt, kickin Rarely benchwarmin throwin down, all too often While others barely touch rim and that's when they're butt licking [announcer] Done, job well done They know who we are, they know we know who they are They will fall, they are going to have to repeat Understand, they will no longer monopolize Time/Warner will fall, I'm proud of you, come home

No Mask On

Nickerson Gardens, take one Carnivore, who wanna war, I'll wrestle with a dinosaur Find a whore, have her on the corner fuckin you and yours Off tour, steel packed, yeah I got the steel pack Wish a nigga would yeah, shoot him till his grill snaps Barbecue a rapper like we barbecue on labor day, Yeah you got them chains and things but you ain't got no paper mang Still be catchin vapors mang, hotboxin in a donk In a south beach, M-I-A, higher than a paper plane Waivin at my fans, I'm the man, what you tellin god I don't rap in booths, I rap in synagogues I'm the fuckin truth you mothafuckas been frauds Like stolen mastercards, I out mastered ya'll I bring disaster to your leaders and your tag alongs I tell em gimme the whole rack leave them tags alone I'd rather pop em myself like henny quarts 2 week cruise as I pass 4 ports Like a chain smoker in a hotel resort If I resort to violence, it's for the blood sport Watch a blood drop, watch a blood pour Yeah the shells hot steam comin out your pours It's a sauna in my glock who wanna open up the door It's hot up in my block and it ain't neva snowed before Unless I had the rock setup shop my own store I dribbled with the rock the fiends shot so I scored Kick game even gave em field goals they want more So I took em out the park like a ford vehicle movin forward That's crazy ain't it? I take it overboard I make a rapper walk the plank whenever I record I make them bitches give me brain like a motherboard Me and my niggas run trains when your mother bored I know what you thinkin, I'm a reckless boy, I take the necklace off your neck leave ya headless boy Wait a minute drama, catch my breath Take 2, Sleepy hollows with them hollows I be ridin you just follow I'm original you borrowed your style, I'm wild Like gorillas in the congo bring gorillas to your condo Let em run bitch through your goodies for a while Desperado with a magnum in a tahoe and a magnum on my dick yeah Fuckin on these models in a motel 6 yeah Wait, that was 06′ now I'm pimpin at the W Penthouse, balcony throwin up W's The crowd at the lower level like, "we lovin you" In the words of nipsey hu$$le, "I fucks with you" This uncomfortable If you a new artist, that ain't your album droppin That's a floppin target You niggas shop at target I'm at the swap meet, coppin a fresh white tee Cause my hood buzz the largest Put prices on your head, niggas built for bargains Make you run your jewels, you was built for talkin Now nigga anny up, before a load this cannon up And can your candy ass no homo pull your panties up Pssst, jay rock obama could bring drama to a horror film As I clipped the cigar and tilt the brim No mask on

End Up Like This

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
Yeah Hey, yo, We used to be young, dumb, full o' cum, Bubble Yum bubble gum, with no funds, But we still had fun. Don't worry, be happy, that's what we was. We was family, caring for loved ones, Blood relatives; first and second cousins. Brothers all from the same mother. Now we act like we don't know each other. We used to play with toy guns, Now we bust real ones. Shoot 'em up Kill Bill style and fashion. Hey, yo, what happened? Hey, yo, what happened? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Hey, yo, The vision that I'm seein' ain't the same no more. We used to tell the girls we love 'em, Now we calling 'em whores Summers of the past was a blast when we cooked out But now we grab the phone, sit alone, and order take out Kids playin' outside, yellin' out names, Now the fun and excitement's in the video games Brothers used to speak "What's up," "How you" Now it's "Homie," "Who the heck" and "Why he lookin' at you?" It really blows my mind how we changed our direction As the years go by, I gotta ask this question: Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? We-a dire need, but what the empire need When you lyin' to me, it seems so fine to me I got a glass eye that reflects the fast fly Then my acne ?? the latchkey cool I used to want to hit the streets to hide my fault The life at the ??, or the pain I've caused The damage I laid was covered up with praise Cause, Momma, did you know that I had changed my ways? But don't judge me, harass my clique, We only doin' this, cause the neighboorhood permits. So try to explain, just one thing: What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Yeah, I'm runnin' muddy and graffiti understudy To switchin' to musician and children across the country Trips to Cuba and tours with Santana Help me not to flip this statement and endure these bad manners, man They ain't chasin' but came to main cause inducing caine is a beast To sustain your brain pressure Tryin not to see the fact that you da man, leave the plan, ?? Cause your choices affect your band members in the air, shit Later for business, what happened to friendship? The rest is just nonsense My natural response is to just to roll up our fists and ask: What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Na na na na na na na na What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this? Da da da da da da da da What if we end up like this?


JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] I look over my shoulder not knowing where it's coming from But knowing that it's coming, I was bugging as a youngin' Now I'm runnin from, somethin' that'll even out my dumb decisions The night I shot and had him bleedin' out his lungs and spittin' Do any sins go unforgiven? I hope not Cause most of mine were hunger driven, nothing in my mother's kitchen, Stomach sounds like the clouds ignited and the thunder hitting So the well-schooled kid ended up with more than a couple missin' So not a chef but the cocaine forever cookin' I love kids but now I' selling to a pregnant woman Stumbling through the projects in the AM with a cup in my hand, Gun on my waist and, "I don't give a fuck" is my plan You'll never understand my palm sweat Followed by shortness of breath then my heart jets and I ain't find a calm yet Go on let shorty sin Cause ain't no way in hell this ain't Joell, that's brave enough to tell you everything [Hook:] I got some skeletons locked in the closet (yeah, yeah) And I've been dyin', dyin' just to find an outlet And I'm hoping that no one finds out about it (yeah, yeah) Wishing maybe it'll disappear but I doubt it I doubt it [Verse 2: Crooked I] Fuck all that rapping, I'm a let the conversation rock I got skeletons in my closet The living dead live in a nigga head, behind a combination lock When will the occupation stop it? Make it a vacant lot The black mamba when I crack vodka, I'm a take a shot And Hope the stowaways go away before the anchor drop Yeah thanks a lot, I'm a bottle drinkin' nutcase Cover of XXL behind Em, I had the drunk face I steadily dream about cleanin' these demons out In order to clean them out, you gotta scream and shout All of your secrets out loud It started as a kid at my school desk Aced every quiz but I wanted to pass the cool test Ain't nothing cool about school shopping at the thrift store And living in an abandoned station wagon cause you was piss poor So I started stealing all of the clothes that the other kids wore That's when the skeletons moved into my mind on the sixth floor And more came through Crooked I's youth I slowly started moving them out the closet to this mic booth For real, bro [Hook] [Bridge:] I thought I had it all locked away till forever But no memories fade away, They seem to stay Comfortable in my conscience you live in my dreams They say time heals it all then whys the pain still with me? [Verse 3: Joe Budden] See the problem is, I know it all Or maybe the problem is that I just show it all Maybe they that thinking I should be ashamed of my actions but really there's no remorse Maybe the lord will decide that I suffered enough and let me live with no withdrawals Then again all it would mean is he deemed I'm much too important to focus all We could talk about pain 24/7 dog, that's my department Intercity blues cruise and I'm blasting that Marvin Skeletons ain't in my closet, that's my apartment And they like to hide behind thousand dollar fabrics and garments It's all bleak to me Tell my Pop I ain't bothered when he don't speak to me, I love you but it's weak to me On one hand life is short and there's no excuse to do it But you was missing half my life dog, I'm kind of used to it Modern day Son of Sam, judge but you don't understand Me against the world, I plan on winning, knowing I'm undermanned Want to see through the eyes of a monster? Look through my glasses tint My roommates can stay here, just take care of half the rent [Hook]

Sheffield: Sex City

PULP "Intro"
Intake Manor Park The Wicker Norton Freshville Hackenthorpe Shalesmoor Wombwell Catcliffe Brincliffe Attercliffe Ecclesall Woodhouse Wybourn [At this point, Candida starts talking...] Pitsmoor Badger Wincobank Crookes Walkley Broomhill Oh! [Candida, quoting from some book] 'I was only about eleven when this happened. We were living in a big block of flats with a central courtyard. All the bedroom windows opened onto this court, and sometimes in the middle of the night, in that building it sounded like a mass orgy. I may have only been eleven, but no-one had to tell me what all that moaning and yelling was about. I'd lie there mesmerised, listening to the first couple. Invariably, they'd wake up other couples, and like some kind of chain reaction, within minutes the whole building was fucking. I mean, have you ever heard other people fucking, and really enjoying it It's a marvellous sound. Not like in the movies, but when it's real. It's such a happy, exciting sound.' The city is a woman Bigger than any other Oh, sophisticated lady Yeah, I wanna be your lover (not your brother, not your mother, yeah) The sun rose from behind the gasometers at six-thirty a.m. Crept through the gap in your curtains And caressed your bare feet poking from beneath the floral sheets. I watched it flaking bits of varnish from your nails Trying to work it's way up under the sheets. Jesus! Even the sun's on heat today; the whole city getting stiff in the building heat. I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do Ow Now I'm trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She is somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid, doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment Ten o' clock on Tuesday evening The world is going on outside, the night is gaping open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers are telling her to go outdoors He should have been here by this time, he said that he'd be here by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes, I don't know why you bother, really. Oh babe oh I'm sorry But I had to make love to every crack in the pavement and the shop doorways And the puddles of rain that reflected your face in my eyes. The day didn't go too well. Too many chocolates and cigarettes. I kept thinking of you and almost walking into lamp-posts. Why's it so hot (Peace garden!) The air coming up to the boil; rubbing up against walls and lamp-posts trying to get rid of it. Old women clack their tongues in the shade of crumbling concrete bus shelters. Dogs doing it in central reservations and causing multiple pile-ups in the centre of town. I didn't want to come here in the first place But I've been sentenced to three years in the Housing Benefit waiting room. I must have lost your number in the all-night garage And now I'm wandering up and down your street, calling you name, in the rain Whilst my shoes turn to sodden cardboard. Where are you [Candida:] (I'm here!) [Jarvis:] Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you That's all I wanna do. I'm still trying hard to meet you, but it doesn't look like happening 'cos the city's out to get me if I won't sleep with her this evening Though her buildings are impressive and her cul-de-sacs amazing She's had too many lovers and I know you're out there waiting And now she's getting into bed he's had his chance now it's too late The carpet's screaming for her soul, the darkness wants to eat her whole Tonight must be the night it ends Tomorrow she will call her friends and go out on her own somewhere Who needs this shit anyway And listen I wandered the streets the whole night crying, trying to pick up your scent Writing messages on walls and the puddles of rain reflected your face in my eyes. We finally made it on a hill-top at four a.m. The whole city is your jewellery-box; a million twinkling yellow street lights. Reach out and take what you want; you can have it all. Gee it's so hot tonight! I didn't think we were gonna make it. It was so bad during the day, but now I'm snug and warm under an eiderdown sky. All the things we saw: everyone on Park Hill came in unison at four-thirteen a.m. and the whole block fell down. The tobacconist caught fire, and everyone in the street died of lung cancer. The grunts from the T-reg Chevette; you bet, you bet, yeah you bet. Mmmmm. Yeah. All I wanna do is make contact with you. Tomorrow, are we gonna That's all I wanna do... I was trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She was somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment ten o'clock on Tuesday evening The world was going on outside The night was waiting open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers were telling her to go outdoors He should have been there by that time, he said that he'd be there by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes Yeah Jesus! Oh baby babe I wanna I wanted to tell you that there's nothing There's nothing to worry about because we can we can we can we can get it together oh yeah Oh we got it together tonight yeah we made it.

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