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H lyrics

Really Like

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If I knew If I knew what you are really like Would I burn the same Would I yearn at the merest mention of your name If I knew If I knew what you are really like Would I ache Would I think about you every second just the same Or would I write it off as something of a terrible mistake... Could you really be As perfect as you are to me Could you really be As perfect as you are to me Would I be scared, Would I be in awe If I could know What goes on in that little mind of yours When I doubt you Why is it I'm expected to feel so ashamed Is it a garden full of flowers Or a jungle full of scorpions and snakes A cellar full of demons A heaven full of angels You hatchin in that bosom A wide open horizon or a desert plain A box of nice surprises Or a cauldron full of pain If I strip away that outer skin Find a way to get you drunk What kind of picture would you paint me Michelangelo or Munch ? Could you really be As perfect as you are to me Could you really be Perfect as you seem to be I really like you.. But I wonder what you're really like Would I dedicate my life Or would I take a hike If I knew what you are really like


I MOTHER EARTH "Scenery And Fish"
Held in hands, a warm cup Of skin always taken in by peers And friends and the heightened fears Over the years Now I know I'm not like everyone In this head I see the ground You came from, unknown, undug From where you were staying in A backyard bed until We came together Raspberry, in my hand You feel alright but I don't Know if I am I can't change What I am right now, but I'll be fine in the next life I know I can say, I'm honest With myself and with My red tasty gem And sure they will try, but They can't take away My secret loving friend And on a good day, my mind Is like the wide open A breath of zen that's nice On the eyes, lonely, without a prayer Take the trip that I have I am at risk But I guess you know... Explosions From the goldfish bowl Visions Of blue girls crying stars The more the garden sings The harder it gets to stay in There are a lot of choices So many voices ruling me So many of them at once Yelling, 'Everything's a mess'...I know

Face To Face

Michael Franks
I've been waiting to meet you I know you're out there somewhere Are you waiting to meet me too? Every morning I start out Maybe today Every night turn my heart out Maybe tomorrow When I wander in dreamtime I feel you come closer Tell me is it the same with you? You stand on a cliff overlooking the ocean Below on the beach I am caught in slow motion And there we're face to face Together again for the first time Face to face You're the one I can love for a lifetime Face to face I can see that it might take a while Face to face To escape from the curve of your smile All alone in a desert I follow some footprints Only hoping they lead to you Always slightly behind you Just out of frame In a hurry to find you Before the dream ends There's confusion and hardship But it never matters 'Cause I'm doing it all for you And I know as I search these wide open spaces You wait under a palm tree At the oasis Cancel loneliness Capture happiness Let that heartache and pain go Love feels awful good Like I knew it would All superlatives true Never better now It's forever now Finally over the rainbow I was blind I see Fate was kind to me When it cast me with you

Still Thirsty

Falling Sickness
and if this life's your canvas don't hesitate to paint you purpose over walls that paint your direction shout the thoughts your world is too scared to mention or have you been shackled to the sitcoms or have you been guided by the tabloids or are you just a mass consumer of popular opinion we've been organized to think and feel a lie and if you're thirsty for some truth there's a fucking fountain inside of you overflowing by the seconds to flood you're empty life sharpen out the dullness you've been programmed to deny you look to groups and movements and counter culture sects to justify yourself as being intelligent buckled tightly to a scene, safely pinned to a philosophy doesn't make you radical or even significant as you parade through the glitz nose high in the air you swear you're painting your own picture but it's a shame that you can't do it

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