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Guy Lombardo lyrics

Well Meet Again

Original and similar lyrics
WE JUST COULDN'T SAY GOODBYE Guy Lombardo We thought that love was over, That we were really through, I said I didn't love her, That we'd begin anew And you can all believe me, We sure intended to, But we just couldn't say goodbye. The chair and then the sofa, They broke right down and cried, The curtains started wavin' For me to come inside. I tell you confidentially, The tears were hard to hide, And we just couldn't say goodbye. The clock was striking twelve o'clock It smiled on us below, With folded hands it seemed to say, We'll miss you if you go. So I went back and kissed her, And when I looked around, The room was singin' love songs, And dancing up and down. And now we're both so happy, Because at last we've found. That we just couldn't say goodbye.

Looking For Life

Sure you had something to hide I took your bag and looked inside I was looking for life Nothing inside but memories the same as those I keep with me I'm still looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life There's more to love than holding hands but I think that we both understand it's part of looking for life I thought so long I couldn't think but thought was what was hindering me and now I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life I'm looking for life I'm looking for life.

Don't Give Up On Love

Tommy Page "Paintings In My Mind"
You told me you loved me just yesterday Now you tell me you're leaving I beg you to stay Our love started growing when I looked in your eyes And now I feel like dying 'Cause we're saying goodbye Hold on, hold on We can make it happen if we try Chorus: Don't give up on love this time Don't give up on us 'Cause true love is so hard to find Let's remember how it always was A one in a million gift from above Don't give up on love When I look at your picture hanging on my wall The memories start flashing And tears start to fall 'Cause deep down inside I've been trying to hide This smile on my face Is just a disguise

The Long Good-bye

BROOKS & DUNN "Steers And Stripes"
I know they say if you love somebody You should set them free But it sure is hard to do It sure is hard to do I know they say if you don't come back again Then it's meant to be (so they say) Those words don't pull me through Cause I'm still in love with you I spend each day here waiting for a miracle But it's just you and me goin' through the mill climbin' up a hill CHORUS This is the long goodbye Somebody tell me why Two lovers in love can't make it Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart No matter how hard I try I always make you cry Come on, baby, it's over¡­let's face it All that's happening here is a long goodbye Sometimes I ask my heart did we really Give our love a chance (just one more chance) But I know without a doubt We turned it inside out And if we walked away It would make more sense But it tears me up inside Just to think we could still try How long must we keep running on a carousel Goin' round and round and never getting anywhere On a wing and prayer CHORUS Long goodbye Long goodbye

The Last Thing I Planned To Do Today Was Cheat

Gene Watson
I fed an old stray dog this mornin' 'cause he looked hungry I gave an old wino a dollar 'Cause he was beggin' on the street Because you're what you are to me I sent the roses Oh, the last thing I planned to do today was cheat I had some time to kill and felt a little thirsty I went inside the local bar And in the corner took a seat Had my first cool sip then noticed she was cryin' Oh, the last thing I planned to do today was cheat But you know I've always been so tender hearted I just couldn't stand to watch her hurt that way And when she said how much she wanted me to hold her I just didn't have the heart to turn away (spoken) Well, I'm feelin' guilty now, but I sure found it hard to leave her. 'Cause there she lay, sleepin' all alone between the sheets (sing) I thought of your sweet love and all my good intentions Oh, the last thing I planned to do today was cheat Oh, the last thing I planned to do today was cheat

Part 2

JON B "Stronger Everyday"
[Jon B.:] Johnny "J", 2Pac, Jon B. [2Pac:] Part 2 This is for all the homeboys who couldn't get their happy home As long as one of us got it some of us got it Stay down for me, hold on [Verse 1:] Sometimes you made me feel like I wasn't good enough for you So I punished us both and didn't stay true So much pain I know I've caused you Truly I'm sorry every day that I'm away girl Things went down that just don't make sense Time and place is all now irrevelant Cause I'm still thinking about the love that's gone Morning, cooking breakfast back at home [Chorus:] I never meant for this to end But we couldn't just let it go again We broke up, it's been years and we can't turn back But I still remember my happy home, home, home [2Pac:] Goin' through hard times, ghetto child of mine I wonder if you have to suffer for your father's crimes To be honest, it's a hard role just to keep up your faith in God Knowing you'll get scared though Look at him walking and talking, a little child with my eyes and mouth Father watch over little seeds, help me guide them out Had to change my whole lifestyle Married my baby's momma, made her my wife now I'm tryin' hard y'all, maybe in time I'll be a better man Watching older couples, handle it like veterans Show me the meaning of forever and together we rise If it'll help our child grow then together we die Why question my love, it's so easy to see Without my family all I'm left with is a shadow of me After all the arguments and the nights alone Now it's time to live the good life [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I wonder what you must feel like now you know That I'm having a seed with someone else I didn't plan it to be this way But things happen with time And you know, time don't wait for nobody baby Oh, now I gotta handle my responsibility Even though you still mean so much to me Baby I can't say enough that I'm sorry Oh, I never meant [Chorus]

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