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Grandmaster Flash lyrics - Da Bop Boom Bang


Original and similar lyrics
Words: G.Williams, L.Dukes, N.Glover Music: L.Smith, G.Vaughn, G.Williams Arranged by: L.Smith, J.Saddler - 1987 From the Album Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang Well you got a hot date and you wanna be fly Throw on a Gucci blazer and a Gucci tie Not a hair out of place,a freshly-shaved face You think you're walkin' out the house with style and grace (Don't you) You pick up your girl and take her to dinner 'Cause when the night is over you think you're gonna win her Then you move real close using all your charm And then your girl says Baby guess that (I smell your underarms) That odor,it's ringin' out loud and clear as a bell You can't hear it because you're immune to the smell I describe your aroma as foul and pathetic And they can use your odor as the latest anesthetic Now I know that it's stone cold funk,I can tell 'Cause it's written all over by the way you smell That funk the aroma,that smell,that scent You'll be arrested for malicious body odor intent Your odor going 'round,doin' people bodily harm And then somebody turned around and said (I smell your underarms) You woke up late for work usin' the same old line Don't think I'm gonna wash my underarms this time The more you ignore,the worse the smell grows And you pick out all clothes by using your nose It was the rush hour when I was on the train And the smell of underarms was drivin' me insane It was a sure-fire way of bringing me to my death I couldn't hold a conversation,I was holding my breath And you cold see the funk just like a cloud in the air Was homeboy sittin' next to me,I swear! And when I saw the direction this girl was leaning You could hear homebody's underarms just screaming (ugh.....) (I smell your underarms) Hanging at a party one night,all alone Sippin' on a bottle of Dom Perignon The crowd was on the floor,rocking the beat Smelling like thay ain't bathed since last week The smell was all through the house,cold rockin' the place The funk fill the air like a fresh can of Mace When you raised your hands I had to sound tha alarm A girl said Look,there's Monster growin under his arm We were so shocked we couldn't even run (uhgh) And they declared his arm public enemy number one Now throw your hands in the air,if you want to party hard Now put your hands back down,everybody's,'cause You didn't use Right Guard (I smell your underarms)


SALT 'N' PEPA "Blacks' Magic"
When duty call, the leader Pep come hard Try to dis my girl Salt, up goes my guard Still feminine, feminine still, yes But then next pump a hundred weight bench press So what it mean, Pep I'm not impressed Cuz I wear the pants, and you wear the dress Punk, you're lovin' stunk, you're not a hunk This is independent funk And I'm gettin' ready for the year 2000 Independent - yes, I'm housin' Independent - yeah, now watch me Independent - no one can stop me Woman and I am independent I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it Cuz you need me, and I don't need you So listen close, boy, to my independent funk Yeah, can you feel it Yes, it's my, it's my independent funk (Yawn) You're sleepy, go to bed Wanna step Go ahead and jet Now wake up from your dreamin' cuz you're dealin' with the Pep Like Oakley from the Knicks, yes, I'm havin' a ball You think because you're leaving that I'm gonna take a fall It was small thing, oooo, it was really too small Livin' large, boy, standing ten feet tall Now my heart won't dent, keep the money I lent And don't forget I pay the rent, this is my apartment I'm independent I am independent That's right I said it, and be damn sure I meant it Cuz a girl like me can have anybody So give my love, boy, to my independent funk Hey... Salty the V.I.P., you should have stuck with me What are you stupid Huh, my pockets run deep So flex the Rolex and the sex that I gave ya In jail with no bail and now nothin' can save ya You want me to visit I ain't with it lizard We had magic now ya lost without the love wizard Ya had to cross me, and now you lost me Get off me softy, I'm the boss, see You can't disguise the lies in your eyes - you're not a heartbreaker You're a fraud, and I'm bored - you're a fake faker It's too late to debate with the moneymaker After while, crackhead - see ya later, gator Woman and I am independent I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it Cuz you need me, and I don't need you So listen close, boy, to my independent funk Yeah, so funky, so funky No, no, no more nookie for you cuz I gave ya the boot Go ahead and go in your Yugo, gonna miss the Benz Coupe, hometroop Who's supportin' ya now Got a job or do ya rob I heard you're sellin' drugs - wow Big man, huh But just understand Uncle Sam know the scam You'll end up in the can Singin' a sad song cuz you did me wrong Couldn't fool me for long, I got it goin' on I'm independent Yes, I am independent That's right I said it, and be damn sure I meant it Cuz a girl like me can have anybody So give my love, boy, to my independent funk Hey independent funk It's just an independent funk Get with this independent funk You're a baby so maybe you just needed a babysitter Bitter I figure I'm rid of a piece of litter Tiger, tigger, I bounce back, and you're a quitter Your girl is gone for good so just forget her You're blind, you'll never find another better Your mind stays on a behind in a tight sweater Burned your flowers and your love letters Never a tear will I shed I'm independent Yes, I am independent I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it Cuz you need me, and I don't need you So listen close, boy, to my independent funk Yeah...

Jungle Gym Feat. King Jacob & The Professor

[Intro/Chorus] Yo, turn the club 'to a jungle gym Matter fact girl get all under him If you know any freaks act like one of them Get crunk again, have fun again, dirty Err'body leave ya guns in the cars And err'body run right to the bar Get ya something staright or the bubbly We ain't Bubba but it's finna get ugly [Verse: King Jacob] Yo, Vokal is so extreme Strut up in the club wit the rest of the team Thinking 'bout my dubs the compress is so mean Got on blue and gray today, so fresh, so clean Had to hide my eyes from the Disco beam Just enough sight to find a Disco Queen Just enough light to fire up this mo heat Got just enough ice to not be low key Look, I'm King Jacob you ain't gotta know me But ya, you so real so you gotta know me Addictive type and my baby moma OD Descriptive writing made a million dollars for me I'm just a Young Dude, young and doing young Pursuing like them one dudes from St. Louis Murph, come on dirty, where P, let's represent the turf (Youth City) If you change in the game represent what we worth [Chorus] [Verse: Murphy Lee] Hey yo I'm Murphy Lee the trouble maker I'm in the club with my house shoes on Don't like being in the house too long Having dreams about buying the bar out I don't own a dog so sometimes I got to let my cars out Hit the lawn on my humble abode My car dusty but it rassle the road See I used to have 'freetime' Now my life like a 'Nextel' and it's not 'free OP' time I'm three times, four minutes away Peace to printed shirts for the LA in the ashtray I ain't been in this car for a month So I think I'm a call this a throwback blunt Hit the corner bumping Old School, ready to drink Cause my stomach full of Barbeque Tofu I knew two people at the door So I EIP, parked it and ordered some more [Chorus] [Verse: The Professor] Hey wait, hey hey, hold up, is it my turn yet? I been waiting the many let me introduce you to 'prentice Plot - me in the club and it's 3 AM With Murph and Jake so drunk I had to lean on them Disgusted, I snapped myself up, this ain't no fun I took a girl by the fat girl and smoke my one High as can be, back on the scene, what do I see? Dance flo' hiding her plan, they taking off things Daisy Duke shorts unzipped with the thong inbetween Girl, you got the fattest ass I ever seen I give you, what you need dick, weed, but you gotta be clean A fat ass ain't err'thing except if burning up slings King I stumbled in to him, he still wanna drink A thick chick took him away and gave gim head on the scene Blinking, looked over my shoulder and tried to spot Murph Spotted three dimes that swooped him up, Menage time [Chorus]

Un A Montr

Je repense que cet été, il n'y a pas si longtemps de cela Telle une avalanche qui déferlait à quelques pas de moi Me poursuivant de trottoir en trottoir, pour s'agripper Jusqu'au dernier mètre carré d'un certain boulevard Une vague de chaleur humaine m'envahissait Un peu plus tard, je me tenais de même au métro Peel Rencardé sur une Lady Il du sex appeal Avec qui je poursuivais au coeur de la cité tranquille Carrefour et Capitale des plaisirs d'où je délecte de mon intellect Le jeu de la vie sans préavis Montréalité je vous convie, sur le funk Baby pour un été a Montréal *Je t'invite pour un été à Montréal Viens donc tu découvriras une ville aussi belle que sur une carte postale Lorsque la neige a fondu, les sourires confondus Laissent présager une aventure qui n'est encore qu'à son début Les arbres ont arboré leurs couleurs, et en choeur Des voix accompagnent les Tam-tams du Mont-Royal Un peu plus loin, des beautés bronzent en maillot de bain Dévoilant leurs attributs, quelle vue! Je n'en peux plus Mon cône me glisse d'entre les mains, je passe mon chemin Après la Pause-Poutine direction Sainte-Catherine Le soleil de plomb frappe, je débarque du bus Jam in te le Possee m'attendent depuis des lustres Suis le funk Baby, pour un été à Montréal Suis le funk Baby, pour t'arrêter à Montréal Baskets, casquette comme tu vois la rigueur du froid s'est faite oublier Pour illustrer le Jazz en fête, car j'ai toujours en tête L'historique Miles Davis, phicSymbols Nuit d'Afrique Vision d'Amérique Mates à même l'asphalte, un saxophoniste s'exerce dans son art et s'éclate Je ne peux rester indifférent de mes poches, une pièce je jette Et poursuis ma quête à la recherche du funk Je vous convie à passer un dimanche au parc Jeanne-Mance A errer dans cette ambiance où en plein air les gens se mélangent Et le Possee est assis sur le gazon, en train de Chiller L'atmosphère est aux festivités, revêtu de mon plus beau phrasé. Laissez-moi m'introduire au sein de la masse magmatique. D'un tour de passe-moi le mic Fracasser la glace et faire fondre les différentes classes L'agitation bat son plein, sur les visages la gaîté déteint La ville se réhoit de cette excitation, quand soudain, En chemin, fouillant mes poches des 2 mains J'extrais de ces dernières quelques pièces, un kleenex mais pas la bonne adresse J'erre à la recherche du fonk, la soirée dont j'ai rêvé Me file entre les doigts, quel comble d'infortune ! J'écume de rage mais me reprends comme un sage Tire un trait à cet effet en tournant la page Rien d'étonnant Soul est toujours dans la lune ! Lui qui sans relâche songe et s'amourache d'une plume. Prolifique à son heure, viendra bien le moment où le dormeur Pris de stupeur, s'éveillera en sursaut cédant sans cesse ses sens aux sensations du son Je marche d'un pas lent, sans destination, laissant la basse, le rythme, les aigus me guider Sur les sentiers du... funk Baby !

Streets Of Pain

She's still another party blonde who had it all her way, now, just another hanger on with a faded resume. He's gonna be a leading man in the Gary Cooper mold, now, working at a pretzel stand but it's him that's getting sold. Big dreamer gonna take the town but she's running out of time, still singing at a sleazy lounge to a house of drooling swine. Self satisfied narcissist with a body like a god, he's thinking that's all there is but I don't want that job . Streets of pain, they don't hear the crying... ...never felt the tears...they just keep on lying. Get it through your head 'cause some things never change. Won't it finally be obvious that there's very little chance? Can't they see it's a Greyhound bus and not their handsome prince? Isn't anybody satisfied with the average girl next door? Does she have to be glamorized so the world will love her more...? ...Sinking like a rock in a river...never felt so cold... ...Lower than a snake can slither, not to mention all the stories never told. Pretty girl becomes a socialite standing in somebody else's light. Anything can happen late at night, in the morning she'll be out of sight. Made a million on a lucky streak, threw it all away as foolishly, one of many comic tragedies, what else can there be? So you better get on the road to the desolation station, And you better bring all you own, it's a permanent vacation. We're waiting here with open arms but it isn't what it seems. Just looking for the boulevard on the trail of broken dreams...

Alternative Girl

Home Grown "That's Business"
Alternative Girl. I can't believe I just fell in love with you. Because you look so cool. Some say you're strange but to me you're just plain beautiful. You shop at the lab. Expensive clothing cause the style is just another fad. I love the way you dress. Baggy jeans and a T-shirt showing off your breasts. Alternative girl. You rock my world. Everytime I think about you , my head starts spinning around. With your colored hair, and you thrift store clothes. You're the most wonderful person that I've ever known. Alternative girl. I love the smell of your petrole oil. Yeah you smell so good. You smell like rotten food that's overdue. Alternative girl, I'm in love with you. Alternative girl, you rock my world.

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