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Gits lyrics

Slaughter Of Bruce

Original and similar lyrics
I was working in a shithole one day some fool came up to me and said you'd make a star with that band, I said, it's not why we're doing this, why can't you fucking get it? 'Cause all I've got to do is release through these obstacles I've got to beat Release from the man who manipulates me by the breaking of my back, with nothing left worth saving All I gotta do is release through the obstacles I've yet to beat Take us to a sturdy ship where we raise our glasses No pints too dodgy here We don't need our problems here Away from all these people, they're posing about, waiting for the next scheme to tip them off and leave them drowning in what they think is real All that's ever been and all that's been said it's not to my regret, you gotta face the edge of yourself And they say if you got humor through it all you'll find the will to survive what seems like hell Take me to the water, launch me out to bloody sea 'Cause all you gotta do is release through these obstacles you've got to beat Take us to the water Launch us out to sea And may the drunken mad ones follow me

The Bomb

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
It's like a holocaust to the boss when I toss Too much knowledge kicked then you're lost In a shuffle of feet, Jinx the fiddler And I control your mind like Hitler You bow and vow to authority See now, a sucker with a style just boring me So I show K.N.O.W. L.E.D.G.E. it might trouble you Then I transform like a Decepticon With a mic as a bomb In my right palm But I don't stay calm So panic Others can't flow so they go schizophrenic You thought I dropped a dud in your face Until you taste the blood of the bass Then you faint, or better yet pass out When I'm on the mic, believe it's ass out You think you're raw so you draw You lose, you're hung, you bite your tongue The whole town saw in awe as you strangle A noose on your neck, and you dangle From side to side in the blazing heat You're beat, you're dead, the fools fell off You feel you're turning red, it's said That your head burst And this is only the first verse Of the bomb [Break] Don't break up the fight let them rumble Over the years I've watched some go super-bad quick Now the smell of the pen has got them sick to the stomach Now ask yourself, who's stupid I take funky funky beats and I loop it And pimp slap you in the face with the bass And the boom from the bomb that I drop Stop You have a flat top as a fashion I love Black women with a passion But when they gotta go and show their ass in I gotta clown the hoes, yeah You gotta watch the ones with the big derrieres They'll steer you wrong Ice Cube's got it going on, hit me For the gangster boogie two times for the gangster rhyme The system ain't wholesome They want to put a young brother in Folsom And others see me on lockdown But I come up foul then they get knocked out, word To the brother that rolls the herb Everybody getting knocked to the curb like that Jinx got the gat, and it's a fact He'll kick a funky beat to peel your cap Now who's the mack Who's the hoe Who's the trick I got many, many styles won't you take a pick But don't be alarmed When I trip and stumble and fumble And drop the (rewind) Drop the bomb [Break] I'm solo, you ask how I'm living Still dropping more shit than a pigeon With the L, the E, the N, the C, the H, The M, the O, the B, the great Lyrics that make the beat swing and I gotcha It's the hip-hopper that don't like coppers And if you try to upset the pot son You get kicked in the chest like a shotgun I make the beats, I make the breaks I make the rhymes that make you shake Make you find Ice Cube never caught in the middle I make shit to kick you in the ass a little And still never hesitate to stutter step Or bust a repitition on the mic Still dissing all the hype From left to right How many left to fight So what that Lench Mob like

No Deeper Meaning

Culture Beat
Too tough to be denied got to keep my stride As I take you for a ride The rhythm and the beat and the rhyme must coincide Be rehearsed and tired Can't come off soft I gotta come off I like the spotlight like a moth Enjoy being seen but I have to stay correct To be the man that you select The one you choose when the blues begins to confuse All your dent's and do's I make the rules and I am setting the path Stating my case while I move the place Gonna win the race and I'll tell you face to face The J is the ace Possessing all the elements that are needed And you can't beat it No no no I don't want a deeper meaning In any song I'm dancing to No no no I don't want a deeper meaning All I want to do is dance with you Let's take a stroll get on a roll What I'm taling about is to fold body and soul I gotta grip so grab a hold If you think that I can fit the mold Never ending no pretending or descending We're gonna rock from the beginning Party full speed ahead Wake the dead You gotta dish those lead Feet that make you walk like a person that stutters talk You gotta be swift like the hawk Forever on the dancefloor drenched in sweat Cause I'm the man the set The stage threw you into a rage Took you out your cage and out you into a daze Now you're out there dipping not slipping And I'm through hipping

The Hop

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Beats Rhymes Life"
(Q-Tip) Yea, move your body, decide to party 'Bout to bring it to you kid like we never ever did My nigga Al G in it, my nigga Shaheed in it We got the girl Kristine in it, got my man Big G in it Hey, yo, inside the ghetto or in a sunny meadow I'ma make you move whether woman or fellow Yo, I got the medals in the warfield of respect Like an ill porno make ya body get wet Just a ghetto child trying to live a straight and narrow Hoping that my shit will pierce your dome like an arrow I'm sure it will, especially if it's God's will MC's you ready to die cuz I'ma kill All you negative feelings standing on two feet While I make the hotties move to the hip-hop beat You know what's really killer, realer than you can imagine Using every source of pain in my range to make it happen If I make it happen, that means I'm making motion And I'm doing my thing causing an ill commotion Everybody do the hop, niggaz soothe like lotion I lay up in the piece or an incognotion You gotta do the hop then move to the beat, you don't stop Now everybody here, you do the hop You going up to cop, a town full of brick, don't stop You gotta come back and do the hop Yo, fuck the cop, you gotta come back and do the hop Move till your body won't stop You gotta do the hop, nonstop motion, nonstop You gotta come back and do the, do the (Phife) You see you, your career is done like Johnny Carson's Get me vexed, I do like Left Eye, I'll start an arson Now that I got that out my system Watch me stab up the track as if my name was OJ Simpson I packs it in like Van Halen I work for mine, you, you're freeloading like Kato Kaelin I'm representing wit my crew Mess around, bite my rhymes, I beat that ass wit my shoes C'mon, you know I'm crazy nice (nice, nice) Brothers can't deal wit this shorty named Phife You must be mad in the head I bust his ass and leave 'em bloodclot for dead Niggaz sound like Das EFX If it ain't Das EFX, then they sounding like Meth You might as well do Megadeth Yo, punk MC's better save your freaking breath You'se a corny muthafucka You must be high smoking dust wit Chris Tucker You f-----asses don't want this I pull more beeps than the beep at the premier of Pocohantas Word is born, I am the baddest And all you honies out there, word is born, you know my status So come and pull your panties down This ain't no Barnum and Bailey show, I don't get down wit the clowns So why don't you and your friends, get wit me and my friends But don't bring your ass buying you ain't got no ends Word is born, it don't stop(stop,stop,stop...) Just ease your mind, come along and do the hop (Q-Tip) You gotta do the hop, you move to the beat, you don't stop Come on everybody, do the hop Even if you a cop, you gotta come back and do the hop You move to the beat, you don't stop You smoking jub rocks, you gotta just stop and do the hop Then you come back and do the hop You know we don't stop, we on the ghetto, rise on the top You know we come back and do the hop Shorties in the place, all the shorty rocks, do the hop You gotta come back and do the hop We never go on pop, you know we come back, we do the hop This is how it is, we do the hop You move to the beat, then come on everybody, don't st....

In The House

RUN DMC "Down With The King"
[Run] Back, back, back with the boom, so give a nigga room Came with the fame with my name came a tune The King of Rock, there is none higher God with Madonna not melodic like Mariah, Carey, when Larry put me in his Caddy I made my album I rock the funky beat like Marky Mark be rockin Calvin, Klein's, no friend of mine, I told you Pryor, Richard, switch it all around now you admire 'My Adidas' was a hit in eighty-six it made me dollars Stompin straight through Compton niggaz there was screamin, 'HOLLIS!' Back to the top, you're bout to get dropped Go for what you know or ride the bo' and get stopped My man Darryl Mack, dressed in all black I pass the mic to D (and D.M.C.'ll pass it back) Rappers won't be dissin after this rap song Cause they sing like Rodney King, 'Can't we all just get along' [Chorus] [D.M.C.] From a harder core, I'm kickin the raw I wreck it on tour, I'm breakin your jaw This is what Run-D.M.C.'ll be about y'all I make the party people want to scream and shout y'all I'm just a b-boy, so watch me destroy You best believe in you're receivin D.M.C. boy I used to explode, I never let go I let the tec go back because I said so Yeah I'm a hoodlum, but I'm a good one So punks gunnin for my run I wish they would come So back up, Mr. Softy cause you're not hard You're never comin off because I got God Just and get a beat down Never weak kid, I come up with more street sounds Rhymes galore and soarin 'cross the floor an' some more is pourin, knockin down your door an' [Chorus] [Run] C'mon and jump to the rhythm I give em is what I give em when I get em I just hit em and split em and when I split em lit em up like a bulb in the dark I made you blink you figure out, cause I know you're the mark I gotta lotta what I gotta, that'll be what I got So step to me or D.M.C and it'll be in your heart Now ease up back off the bo-zack, you know that you bite You think you're doin me or D Nigga please.. (what) [Chorus]

I Could Beat Myself

oooh ahh, I'm hurting, bad oooh ahh I'm hurting bad! I did not see what I was supposed to see taking it easy when a friend told me I was in danger, so much danger. Underestimating my woman, not taking her out, working too hard and now she's gone off with a stranger, someone I don't even know. I should have taken her out, every once and a while, taken her to dinner on the finer side, shown her a life that was all worth while, now I guese I gotta walk an extra mile! I could beat myself! Ahh yeah. Now I'm gonna feel funny out there in the crowd when my friends all ask me, where is your woman? long time I don't see. Now I've got to think fast gotta use my head, give a good story and make sure they buy my version of the situation. All the while I wouldn't lie I'm gonna do this once see my reputation sinking in the distance, if they knew the truth that really existed...then my little sanity would be wasted! I could beat myself ahh yes..I could beat myself!!! Ohh lord lord. oooh ooh I'm hurting, hurting inside oooh ooh I'm hurting Now I really want to hear a little news now and then, this is not what I expect to hear from my friend I'm dissapointed. He should realize that its gonna destroy my position (remember I'm a name brand) now I've gotta see....I should have held her tight every once and a while, gotten it together on the finer style shown her a life that was all worth while, now it seems I gotta walk an extra mile....I could beat myself..ahh yes, I could beat myself ooh lord... ooh I'm hurting... ooooh I'm hurting,hurting inside I don't know what I wanna tell you but I wanna tell you something real, real good yes someting to make you wanna shiver........

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