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Girls Against Boys lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
You may be a loser you may be a cruiser You know I'm on your side You can show me the smile But the vibe is better in exile Hit me Yeah you see what you want But you can't go inside Know what you want But you can't go inside GTive me what you wgive to no one I can't go inside Do that dance for no one Song: Cowboy's Orbit The love is good If the loop is good All styles + East coasting West coasting Don't ya forget No regrets just get ya ass in orbit Love is good (I've got time to talk in and crush your mind) Freakonica Come freak me out Dreamonica Snoozonica Freakonica The love is good - can ya sell me that The symptoms are systematic The symptoms are rinematic Come dream me out come freak In a world of reaction Evergy + affection You affect me in do all styles east coasting west coasting get ya ass in orbit Nine tenths of any battle is the love you have for what you're doing.

Like Smoke

AMY WINEHOUSE "Lioness: Hidden Treasures"
[Chorus: Amy Winehouse] I never wanted you to be my man I just need your company Don't want to get dependent on Your time or who you spend it on Or lose the way you love me Like smoke I hung around And be your balance [Verse Rap 1: Nas] It's not a movie This is not script to proof read I spit some untruths to dumb fools and groupies Tryna punctuate pronounciate the funds I make amounts I take Put in your face oh, my mistake you're not a floozy? Then excuse me before I talk my style Introduce me get your name and phone number like one two three Y'all know the story y'all know the commentary I kick the narrative this is legendary The good Samaritan good thespian like a polygamist With a twist will I marry again? maybe I guess I hold a lady interest I just met the love scholar She the teacher's pet Every other eve we'd meet and make each other sweat I feel triumph with no strings just a fling to have fun with I be out in London, Camden Hunting for the answers why did God take away the homie I can't stand it I'm a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity Just hope the big man show me some courtesy Why? сuz I'm deemed a heartbreaker Like smoke girls linger round a player yeah-yuh [Chorus: Amy Winehouse] [Verse Rap 2: Nas] Yo, This recession is a test, It's affecting my complexion, Miss-directing my affection My concerns of bill collections The facts is the taxes they're after me chapter 3, My property my handlers they dealt with me improperly I say some things I should probably keep privately Evaluate the World Bank trust like I'm IEG, This fly sweet bourgeoisie, Tall freak she wouldn't protest with me at Wall Street She's says no you so deep I said no let's go thru it Historically so Ruthless feds came for Joe Lewis She said my man u needs to laugh sometime Classifies me as a bore I told her have some wine You colder than penguin pussy at her dismay She's thinking that's just so silly to say But if you really think about it hussy See a penguin he drags his ass on the ground all day And it's a drag And it's a bust and you're in tune with just lust I'm thru with you after I crush So is that humorous enough The smoke I puff Tell a car to go to Aura, Funky Buddah, Whiskey Mist on Mayfair I hope I meet some Monie Loves so she can show me love NYC to UK I might stay there, Everybody in the club tonight say yeah, You know how me and Amy are straight players [Chorus: Amy Winehouse]

Maybe I Missed The Point

JEFF BRIDGES "Jeff Bridges"
I know somebody whose life is tough. I help a little, but it isn't enough Cuz I go an' spend money on stupid stuff When I know he's strugglin' to stay above. An' I have so many chances to be The hero I believe's inside of me But I get busy and I get distracted And I do nothin' when I could've acted I laid low when I could've stood high. I said nothin' when I should've asked why. I saw somethin' that I might've done and I didn't, A chance to speak my truth and I hid it. Inside, I'd like to believe I'm cool, Easy to love and hard to fool, But I know there's more I could've enjoyed. Sometimes I find myself thinkin' Maybe I missed the point. So many times I turned down love, Stayed in the dark when I could've lit it up, But every time I did take a chance Makes me happy when I'm lookin' back I'm not sayin' my whole life feels like a joke But I've been a master of mirrors and smoke And I don't wanna live No mo' without you.

Good To Be Alive

DJ Rap "Learning Curve"
Don't crucify if I feel alive It's a natural high and I'm satisfied Absolved from sin I called the devil from within He told me live my life Don't let them criticise It's good to be alive Sometimes I wonder how I survived And in my minds eye When you're low no-one seems to know A fallen angel tonight I feel no shame when I'm high It feels so good must be right It feels so good inside Inside I'd love to love you but I'm too impure an angel X3 I'd love to love you Don't compromise You don't live my life 'Cos l don't judge you When i look in your eyes lt's good to be alive Sometimes I wonder how I survived And in my mind‘s eye When you're low no-one seems to know A fallen angel tonight I feel no shame when I'm high lt feels so good must be right It feels so good inside Inside I'd love to love you..

Thick Skin

Joydrop "Viberate"
You love, you trust, you're good, you'll do what you're told You want to and you will, I know you well But you fight it, it wears you down, it's bigger than you It's bad for the soul but it's so good for the moment But I think I can keep it together Yeah I think I can weather it all 'Cause the sky never falls And the world never ends And for all the things that I can't control I have thick skin It smashes, it crashes, it treads so lightly Gets in your head, you shut your eyes and ears so tight, see There's no coincidence, it's all in your mind There are no accidents, it's all by design You may be strong, you may be brave You may be lost and you may be saved You may not know and you might think you know But everywhere you go it will follow You love, you trust, you're good, you'll do what you're told

Baby's House

(Steve Miller and Nicky Hopkins) Inside her silver house, alone She sings a song Of water turned to sand She waits, her time is her own Inside her looking glass Black is the color she sees While waiting for the sun She lives, so patiently Young man travelling along Passes by a window Singing a song Feel the wind blow As my blood flows Through the shadows Of my soul, today See the rainbows As my love grows My heart knows What my mind won't say The living is easy I'm born to be free The living is easy There's no reason to explain Sitting in her sitting room, patiently She waits for a change, suddenly Oh, the changes come Hearing a song, her blood begins to flow She no longer is alone Lying in her sitting room, silently He touches her hand, joyfully And so love has begun With joy in her heart She receives his flowing soul And love grows And it grows And it grows Inside her purple house Oh Lord, filled by her man A child begins to grow Oh Lord, who can understand

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