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FRANZ FERDINAND lyrics - Franz Ferdinand


Original and similar lyrics
Jacqueline was seventeen, working on a desk When Ivor peered above her spectacle Forgot that he had wrecked a girl Sometime these eyes forget the face they're peering from When the face they peer upon Well you know that face as I do And how in the return of the gaze She can return you the face that you're staring from It's always better on holiday So much better on holiday That's why we only work when we need the money It's always better on holiday So much better on holiday That's why we only work when we need the money Gregor was down again Said, 'Come on, kick me again' Said, 'I'm so drunk I don't mind if you kill me' Come on you gutless Yeah, I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive and how I know it But for chips, and for freedom I could die It's always better on holiday So much better on holiday That's why we only work when we need the money It's always better on holiday So much better on holiday That's why we only work when we need the money It's always better on holiday So much better on holiday That's why we only work when we need the money


JME "Integrity>"
[Intro:] Hard work pays off If you want something, work towards it Work hard, the harder you work the faster you'll get what you wanna get [Verse 1:] The only time you've got TT is if you drink Typhoo and Tetley My flow's so sick it will uppercut Kimbo Slice, Jackie Chan and Jet Li You people are gonna respect me, bet I'll make you respect me This flow's deadly, it will resurrect Bruce Lee to be the famous Deadly The only day that I don't put in work is the 30th of February Do not fuck with my money, it can be ten bags or 10p I used to live off my overdraft but now my account is never empty All my supporters rep me and half of them ain't even met me [Hook:] Gotta put in that work Cause I'm putting in work You gotta put in that Work Man are putting in work You gotta put in that work Cause I'm putting In work You gotta put in that work Man are putting in work [Verse 2:] I wear snowboarding boots to festivals, you can't tell me about style You're drinking your lager out on the field... but your name ain't Karl All the shit you do I've done but I ain't touched alcohol in a while I used to blaze, I turned 21 then I dropped the munk out just like Jahmaal (what) I moved on and I dropped smokey out, just like Jamal I'm the eighth wonder of the world so come see me not the Taj Mahal You want that Beemer you want that Merc, money, cars, clothes Those are the perks but to get there you gotta put in that work [Hook] [Verse 3:] To those who don't know me, hello You think you control me? N O I'm one of the best artists in the world and I leave other MCs below If you ain't heard of me, hello Keep up, stop moving S-low Boy wanna know what Boy Better Know means, for you to find out and for me to know If you know my face salute, parlais vous fran├žais, salut Je m'appelle JME, let me show you 'round this jungle like Baloo When you next see my face salute, if not here's some air for you If it kicks off then jump in first, don't care if it hurts, man put in that work [Hook]

Nobody Do It Better Than Us

[Lil' Kim] (Puffy) (Yeah) This is it, this is the one (That's what I'm talkin' about right here) Aye yo Puff I don't think they ready for this one (They ain't ready baby) You ready? (No doubt) Yeah me too (Let's do it) [Lil' Kim] If gettin' money is a crime, then I confess It ain't about money, I could care less I used to be a B now I'm a C breast I get em hard, you handle the rest My music like heartburn, burn your chest Like a nigga stick the ax inside your backs You be like, What the fuck was that shit?! Gimme some more I love my fans, gotta make 'em dance Would I ever make a whack joint? (Not a chance) All my male friends call me M M Cause my pussy melt in your mouth and not in your hands I'm just a bad girl always rockin' thongs With the see-who's-stockin' skaters with the Lizzy's Purpose with the deadbeats Usually spotted by my Goldilocks While birds movin' flocks, I'm movin' drops Cop the Ferrari when I'm roomin' the range Two of the same, it ain't a thang, pocket the change Now I'm just doin' my thing enjoyin' the fame Why not ain't no other bitches hot in the game 1 - [T-Boz] Nobody do it better than us Nobody do it better than us Nobody do it better than us Nobody do it better than us Nobody do it better than us Nobody do it better than us [Lil' Kim] Lil' Kim, yeah everybody knows me In a class by myself, never where the ho's be I just avoid where all my foes be Cause God damn muthafuckas is nosey Wanna know what I'm wearing? What I'm drivin'? What I'm doin'? Where I hang out at? Who the fuck I'm screwin' Damn I move way out to the boondocks So I can have a little bit of privacy You bought a tiny ass condo Way across the water with a telescope So you can spy on me You clowns belong in the circus Steady tryin' to hurt us Tell me what's the purpose They say I'm prejudice, the only presidents that I fuck with Is the ones that's dead, like the big heads Never stingy with my Benji's Got enough dough to buy the West Indies Invest in Fendi's, own Laurendi's Start my own doll like Mark Mindy's Free all my niggas from the penitentiary And keep puttin' out records till the turn of the century Repeat 1 [Lil' Kim] Uh uh, hold up, wait, hold up, wait a minute You got a 5 and I got a 6 Back it up! What's wrong with this picture? Nigga pack it up! I need a 6 figga nigga (uh huh) Yours is big but mines is bigger Cause the Benji's is what it's all about Do my ladies know what I'm talkin' about If my shoes cost more than your car Hah, don't expect to get far You the kinda nigga that like to plot Call your friends, tell 'em that you hit the jackpot I keep razors in my box for all you womanizers That's how much I despise it's up I don't get it I ain't wit it Can't see how other woman did it Niggas screamin' gimme, can't get a penny Yeah I got plenty But you ain't got any? Now picture me takin' my hard earned money Throwin' it away by spendin' it on a dummy All he gon' do is spend it on another honey I say let the nigga stay bummy I don't need a nigga I jerks it out Take it old school and smurf it out Give me a beat and I'll murk it out Niggas know QB gon' work it out! Repeat 1 [T-Boz] Nobody do it to you better than us Nobody do it to you better than us Nobody do it to you better than us Nobody do it to you better than us [Puffy] (T-Boz) (Can't nobody do it to you better than us) Nobody As we proceed to give you what you need (Can't nobody do it to you better than us) In 2000 baby (Can't nobody do it to you better than us) And we rock on and on All hail the Queen (Can't nobody do it to you better than us) All hail the King B.I.G forever and we won't stop Roc-A-Fella Undeas Lil' Ceasar Brizz, Lil' C-Gutta, Money L Trife, nigga Blake C

Payin' Dues

Big Moe "City of Syrup"
Verse 1 [Big Moe] Motorola big face folder bumping grinding just to get it 3rd Ward, Texas block I bled it to rescore thats where I'm head it The streets is watching I'm not stopping cause my bills gone keep on stacking My ears in love from singing and rapping I love the game But want to know whats is my change So change the ballin I'm not stallin I rip down everybody Chorus state to state these hoes adore us Give us your fedi to divide among us The shop is wrecking count your blessing if you plexing you believe in Another family bill of bleeding So you better ride out [Chorus] Big Moe 1x Dedicated to the music trying to make some cash Motherfuckers in the street gon feel my rhythem Feeling like I hit the top at last I'm still on my p's and q's Should of known better than to let me shine Boss hawging in the game for nothing but good rhythem I stayed down with it now the cash is mine But I have to pay my dues Verse 2 [D-wreck] {Big Moe} Yep and nope an drank and smokin thats when the plan was put together Lets wreck the streets and the storm will weather Our platinum plaques gon make us feel better With so much money so much money {feel so good getting paid} So much money so much money{try to fuck over me you get sprayed} So much money so much money{you don't really wan't to fuck around} So much money so much money{i can pay to have living under ground} [Chorus]1x Verse 3 Big Moe {D-wreck} No longer local worldwide vocals I'm trying hard to make it gravy Customized have you seen it lately around these parts they call me drank baby Said I O.D. they don't know me we gon still smoking and leaning Hustling hustling juggling creamin living my life as if I dreaming {Please dont wake me Please don't wake} Lord please let me sip until I drown {Cause in reality life might break me} So when its small world lord can I ball hey Everyday I want fresh off the lot Cause yours Big Moe just sign on the dot Pull it out to get my screens install Dedicated to the game i'ma shot call (Chorus)2x

Some Kind Of Wonderful

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
What's next These chicken neck MCs get me vexed My rhymes be blowin' up chat rooms all over the internet And causin' collisions on the highway of information And then I head back to my prior engagement In the nation of Brooklyn Land of Trinis, Haitians, Jamaicans and Bejans It's amazin' how lickin' shots is the proper representation Soon they gonna need wack MC reservations Cause I endanger the motherfuckers, they needin' preservation Carry 'em home on the top of a truck like a trophy Niggas still sleepin' like I'm Jay Z in the video for Hawaiian Sophie It's cool I stay low key, keep a low pro Come out crushin' shit just for fun like Co Flow Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo here we go Ridin' on the sound waves out your stereo In the procession to your burial Callin' Hi Tek little Leon the professional I got the special flow listenin' to estero Puffin' vegetables and now I'm red to go The illest rhyme animal like Chuck Burn leech niggas like salt when i lay in the cut Think you about to blow when you continue to suck The shit I've been through Make me run up in your venue like What! I snatch the mic and ask the crowd what are y'all waitin' for They say nothin' but that fat shit I got you, say no more i laid the law and all them Crab rappers played the floor I called them out A couple of them steeped up and I ate 'em raw Some more wack niggas tried to spray the door but had no aim Later for them corn balls On the way out smacked them in they face with a methaphor For better or for worse you better call the nurse Before I send a cleaner and he get to your hospital room first (Chorus) What you wanna do I'm runnin' through your front line Your whole plan is catcha tan in my sunshine One time 'cause it's some kinda wonderful Don't stand there lookin' stupid, what you wanna do (repeat) I'll take your style and embarras it with Words beautifully written like Arabic Got niggas on the run 'cause the fire like chariot Introduce pen skills to ill deliveries and married it Put it in your face like big gats and carried it like Harriet Various crews tried to bury us But we shut 'em down like Sagiterious with That wack shit money you can't be serious You niggas is hilarious actresses Runnin around the club pissy like ghetto matresses That's why I smack these kids back to reality And how it be in actuality With ready to battle MCs who skip the fuckin' formailties We spark it in any club or meat market Sweet artists don't come on the block they become street targets If you want it I got it, come get it I'm with it Your career will be shorter than a midget And the world will know who did it I smack up these ho ass MCs like a gorilla pimp You comin' out the box like a gimp, money you still a wimp My shit blow out filaments and light fixtures With the right mixture of words used as colors To paint the right picture Graphic masterpieces your whole shit is smashed to pieces Make you look at your man who rhyme and be like, you not nasty like he is Believe this when you see this, and don't fuck with Me either, 'cuz you'll be down where my feet is Curled up in the fetus Cryin' from the kicks, watch when I flip People gonna be buyin' my shit like fiends dyin' for a hit, so... (Chorus)

Big Fat Zero

Graham Parker "Another Grey Area"
Intro D A E D A E A Better listen to me, You better stay blind and you better not see D A E A You think it feels alright but you don't have to lie awake all night CHORUS D D A Fumble with the money and fumble with the keys D D A Somebody has to end up on his knees D D A Go to a funeral dressed in pink D E Stop to love and not stop to think D A E Big fat zero (3 times) They all lose their cool They all see the money and they start to drool They all shuffle their feet They shuffle their cards and they turn up the heat They tell you CHORUS BRIDGE (MUSICAL with solo) (then) Big fat zero (x5) REPEATS AND FADES

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