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Flick lyrics

High On You

Original and similar lyrics
sunshine slipping through your fingers i have not seen nothing i don't like this feeling i think i better fly i, i get by on you i get by on you i get high on you do you find it hard to face it or do you just erase it tell me how it feels now what do you got to say i, i get by on you i get by on you i get high on you i, i get by on you i get by on you i get high on you i, i get by on you i get by on you i get high on you sunshine slipping through your fingers tracked at Ardent overdubbed at Treasure Isle mixed at Vital Recordings musicians: Adam McGrath - drums Eve Hill - bass Oran Thornton - guitars Trevor Thornton - vocals and Irish bazooki additional musicians: John Catchings - cello Anthony La Marchina - cello Kristin Wilkinson - viola Antoine Silverman - violin David Davidson - violin Jennifer Kummer - French horn Barry Greene - trombone Jeff Coffin - sax Mike Haynes - trumpet bpm = 116 key = G flat

Paradise Lost

SWOLLEN MEMBERS "Monsters In The Closet"
(feat. Brady, Tony Da Skitzo) [Brady] scared i'm gonna trip my fingers these fingers stuck in your third eye as i gotcha paralyzed your heart venture bad tidings residing in liberal until nightfall i might crawl outta the shadows in your sleep cuz my wristbone's connected to the hand bone's connected to the jizz nasty i can never let it walk on by why do i feel so high when it strikes mid-knight in shining armor cybernetic snake charmer all you can get your sweat glands and pores in your skin release spores from within leviathan can't hang unless you swing by the neck untempered instrumentals got you smooth as thinking continental cruise your core bruise until your spine and press rewind too many times and catch several shurikens to your mind and soul as i swallow it whole i see you grippin on cybertron optimist call me crypticon synchro on quartz tryin to thwart the uppending doom croonin like coyotes at the moon when its almost high noon niggaz swoon like ninjas unite west coast avengers drift fine swollen member [Madchild] sparkling crackling tackling stacked assailants medievel magicians practice under heavy surveillance the ultimate quartet indestructable unpredictable symbolic sorcerers collaborate with one trick to pull the trick is to focus make millions from swollen billions seek the weak and destroy soldiers controlling civilians deploy the daredevil dimension competition cringes they couldn't get open if they came equipped with hinges addicted to dope injected by swollen syringes this flame thrower singes and burns you to a crisp of ashes i'm ill suffer from constant hot flashes bad rock annihlates violator retaliates vertibreaker will mutilate ghost causing sirens hands of hostility strangling evil tyrants who worship the power plant i've seen many strange things protect the sacred circle and beware of the changelings [Tony Da Skitzo] move the masses changing your acetone mono we're high tech phonos slash labyrinth spreading chaotic activity wide open door frivolling away like cumulus clouds your a black rose lost in my black flag motel strange corridors with the only sensor receptacles receiving technical difficulties mics philiac no gimmicks a patch over your left eye while the venomous serum leaks in your heart print indent a paragraph and the message is sent transparent sentiments that are radioactive and leave a fritz like apocalypse leaving the former attempt your consciousness like triplets back to back to back like in a foreign country we still excavate doves isolate you to a torture merchants in my village remains of no life just cold breezes and past souls mistaking fake saviors blessed in his own castle now its just relics left back and the color is tinted [Prevail] enter the uncensored sensor of lord magenta a member of mensa doctor mind bender middle earth fabric tearer like my crushed velvet cape drags through the quicksand and long last and scribe masters with poisonous penmanship summer equinoxes and winter solstices shift liquid land i lift my crooked hands and orchestrate the blatent containment of force so florescent youre surely asking for your melting pot to be a meeting spot for contaminate contestants even nostradamus couldn't predict these Nosferatus with advanced sharpened lance and pierce you

Sour Whiskey

DAN HILL "Dan Hill"
Hand me down another whiskey sour I'm a willing victim to its spell And I just can't rebel I'm far too thirsty and too tired Hold me like you'd hold a broken soldier Who's forgotten the meaning of war Please don't' close that door I'm about as pure as a children's choir Chorus: Sunshine Can you spread your warmth over me Chase the clouds from the sky casually Make me feel like a child Once again Sunshine How does it feel lost in the sky Is it dizzy looking down from that high Well you know You've always got a friend One more drink and this day'll be over I can already feel the cold My jacket I sold For fifteen dollars worth of booze One more drink and I'll be off on some Rainbow Looking down at this world below I'm so high that I'm low But this is the only life I'd choose

Sunshine On My Shoulders

JOHN DENVER "Poems, Prayers And Promises"
This song appears on twenty-one albums, and was first released on the Poems, Prayers and Promises album. This version has also been released on The Very Best of John Denver (Double CD), This Is John Denver, Reflections: Songs of Love and Life, The Country Roads Collection and The Rocky Mountain Collection albums. It has been rerecorded on the Greatest Hits Vol 1, Take Me Home Country Roads Other Hits, Favourites, Voice of America, John Denver (Italian) and Country Classics. It has been rerecorded again on the Earth Songs, The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD), The John Denver Collection - Sunshine On My Shoulder and A Portrait albums, and again on the Love Again and A Celebration of Life albums. Live versions also appear on the Live In London, The Wildlife Concert and The Best of John Denver Live albums. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry Sunshine on the water looks so lovely Sunshine almost always makes me high If I had a day that I could give you I'd give to you a day just like today If I had a song that I could sing for you I'd sing a song to make you feel this way Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry Sunshine on the water looks so lovely Sunshine almost always makes me high If I had a tale that I could tell you I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile If I had a wish that I could wish for you I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry Sunshine on the water looks so lovely Sunshine almost always makes me high Sunshine almost all the time makes me high Sunshine almost always Words by John Denver, Music by John Denver, Dick Kniss and Mike Taylor


JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
[Ja Rule] Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh, uhh, you don't want it You one of them jokers there Split it in half nigga Gimme that vodka water too.. yeah.. World get on one, if you not afraid to fly You need to get on a flight and fly tonight Run up in the hottest clubs so high That tonight for these hoes is nuttin but love I'm feelin extra extraordinary freaky And I know you hoes wanna roll with me I shoot by the bar - place my order Big baller orderin all that damn water I head up to VIP thug-style like WOW; nobody sippin on cristal They all got a Evian or OJ And shorty that I just met name was Candy Said she let this true candy to bring it up I said that's cool with me as ya ass I touch She said rule you scandalous lick the lips Popped another one and grabbed my nuts I said i fuck so fabulous on ex' all night Nothin but sweat and rough sex Now ya know what's next We up to high noonin Schlep Yed and girls its so good [Hook] I don't wanna control ya Just wanna make ya mine And when your life's outta order Just have a good time [Chorus] And ex-ta-sy I wanna fly And bring ya sex-in me I feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm whirrin high When ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm gonna fly And when ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm flyin high And when ya sex-in me its so right Yea yea bitch c'mon We fly high baby Just you and I baby Gotta flight that leaves At a quarter to nine Anybody boardin c'mon then We ballin WOW and full of 'ribean Hard to keep my balance So when I'm in mo all of you hoes got the talent High feelin like its all love and no valin Full of sweat, bloodshot eyes, and large pupils, X-men This is some shit that i could get used to I usually blow weed with intentions to OD Drink 'evian' slowly when I'm on E And only those who feel me Are gonna hear me Especially hoes -n- extasy We got the murder man that's the spot to chill Got bitches pop the pill feelin hot for real Take that shirt off take that skirt off Cuz my dick is hard and your ass is soft Now that's a freaky combination And freaky conversations Lead into freaky situations Like me tastin your sexuality Sexy you ever took extasy And have you wildin in a club Smilin at a thug Express your hugs With one fuckin all of us That's right we freakin off for life Pass the OJ we gettin high tonight, On [Chorus] Deutsche Deutsche Before i start the Porsche I keep them pumpin off the Calvin Kleins, Boodo's And the Nike swoosh And party saggin like two loose socks Invest the money in stocks We gettin the orange juice crops We ready to get outta hear Disappear The bitch get like David Copperfield When she pop a pill Wanna do it in the high heels On top of a high hill Cause my nigga ain't tryin to run up then i will Hit it from behind that's how i polly wit mines Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign Yea got smacked up Everytime she backed up Didn't know there was room in the back Of the lack truck I pass her the job then he Passed it back Hope my girl to find a magnum raps You need a shoe shine job The way you polish a knob Backstage panties down eat dick Good-bye Biotch!! [Hook] [Chorus] Yea bitch c'mon!!

High Rollers

ICE-T "Power"
Speed of life,fast,it's like walkin' barefoot over broken glass It's like,jumpin' rope on a razor blade All lightning quick decisions are made Lifestyle plush,females rush This high profile personality,who earns his pay illegally Professional liar,schoolboys admire Young girls desire,very few live to retire Cash flow extreme,dress code supreme,vocabulary obscene Definition-street player,you know what I mean The high rollers [x2] People of the city,stop foolin' yourself Crime rules the streets,who the hell else All the police have gone out to play Because for enough cold cash they'll look the other way Just look at the cars as they go by Benz,Ferraris,trucks up high Beepers connecting players to big-time deals With all of this technology who needs to steal Just live a life of leisure every night and day And you're livin' proof that crime does pay Your life is dangerous and reckless You eat fly guys and girls for breakfast You're a titan of the nuclear age Your muscles flex with a Uzi or 12 gauge And you love the game,that's why you boast Because you're high priced,high speed.high post You're a high roller High rollers When I say high rollers,I mean the best Forget the half-steppers,eject the rest Because these high ranked officials of our city streets Make millions all triggered by electric beeps They dress in diamonds and rope chains They got the blood of SCARFACE runnin' through their veins Silk shirts,leather suits,hair always fresh Eelskin boots,large hearts,though their sizes vary Bankrolls that take 2 pockets to carry Cruisin' in their 500 Benz Sedan With their systems peaked out rockin' PUSHER MAM Yes,their fashion's high and hard to beat They buy their GUCCI from GUCCI'S not the swapmeet Eat very weel,much clientele And whatever you need,they probably sell The high rollers [x2] Oh yes,I'm here to tell you females also roll Drive the same cars,somethimes wear more gold Cold as an igloo,or hot as a flame They'll shake ya,break ya and you won't know their name Gangsters to the max,all marks will be taxed These girls drive FERRARIS not CADILLACS Respect is demanded,most men don't understand it Till they peep the huge bank that these girls have landed They're junkies for fun,love life on the run And if things get hot,they will pull a gun Prey on the lame,no shame to the game And they all seek POWER,fuck the fame The high rollers [x2] Now radio stations probably won't play This record because of the things I say They'll say I'm glamorizing the hustlin' hood And a record like this can do no good But I'm not here to tell ya right or wrong I don't know which side of the law you belong Yes,the game has flash,but sometimes hurts Behind any mistake,hard times lurks And jail's not your only problem,though it may seem You just may die by a barrage from an M-16 But to each his own,choose the mobile phone The tailored suit,the luxury home You'll never get caught,'cause you got nerves of ice And you're much smarter than those crooks on Miami Vice Right You wanta be a high roller High roller

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