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I Want You

Original and similar lyrics
Oh my baby baby I love you more than I can tell I don't think I can live without you And I know that I never will Oh my baby baby I want you so it scares me to death I can't say anymore than "I love you" Everything else is a waste of breath I want you You've had your fun you don't get well no more I want you Your fingernails go dragging down the wall Be careful darling you might fall I want you I woke up and one of us was crying I want you You said "Young girl I do believe you're dying" I want you If you need a second opinion as you seem to do these days I want you You can look in my eyes and you can count the ways I want you Did you mean to tell me but seem to forget I want you Since when were you so generous and inarticulate I want you It's the stupid details that my heart is breaking for It's the way your shoulders shake and what they're shaking for I want you It's knowing that she knows you now after only guessing I want you It's the thought of her undressing you or you undressing I want you she tossed some tatty compliment your way I want you And you were fool enough to love it when she said "I want you" I want you The truth can't hurt you it's just like the dark It scares you witless But in time you see things clear and stark I want you Go on and hurt me now then we'll let it drop I want you I'm afraid I won't know where to stop I want you I'm not ashamed to say I cried for you I want you I want to know the things you did that we do too I want you I want to hear she pleases you more than I do I want you I might as well be useless for all it means to you I want you Did you call her name out as she held you down I want you Oh no my darling not with that clown I want you, I do I want you You've had your fun you don't get well no more I want you No one who wants you, could want you more I want you I want you I want you Every night when I go off to bed and when I wake up I want you I'm going to say it once again 'til I instill it I know I'm going to feel this way until you kill it I want you I want you I want you


JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP "Nothin' Matters And What If It Did"
Well I get up in the morning Have a smoke, have a drink Then I get dressed I don't want to get to work too late 'Cause that bossman he's a real mean son-of-a-bitch Everything is so fast and so crazy But the day still slowly slips on by And when that five o'clock whistle starts to blow I'll be gone in a wink of an eye Chorus Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again And that long haired girl will be smiling When she sees me walkin' in Well all right, she looks so good That she just hasta be a sin Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again We'll walk over to the East Street Montgomery Pier She says she likes holding something dangerous She pulls me close and whispers in my ear She says, Come here little boy I'll put my pussy right on your face Because my fever is runnin' hot and high And you're the boy that makes me feel like I'm alive Chorus


Graham Parker "12 Haunted Episodes"
I can take those riff raff and get them out of your hair Clean up your doorstep and polish your chair I could move your house slightly to the left Squeeze you till you're breathless then breathe you full of breath I can give the Zulu's a point to their spears I can give the lechers a reason for their leers I can give the angels a need to be alive I can get the bees a buzzin' in their hive CHORUS I can get you flyin' baby higher than a kite you know I can Oh baby I can I would stop my cryin' if you'd only let me be your loverman The people that you hang with well you know they're not my style I'd like to sort of kill them at least for a short while They treat me like a lackey they call me a yob They made me build their outhouse though they know that ain't my job I know I seem edgy but that's because I'm sharp I know I could pluck you like the strings of a harp I know I seem jumpy but it's not amphetamine It's just that certain parts of me are gettin' out of line CHORUS I could press your buttons I can fly you like a kite You know I can, oh baby I can I could be a glutton for you if you let me be your loverman I know you don 't think much of me but these jerks you're attracted to I'll make 'em look like monkeys hangin' up in the zoo cos I could charm the birds right out of the sky at least if they were flightless and couldn't really fly Did I tell you I was lucky did I tell you I was charmed Did I tell you you'd look perfect hangin' on my arm Did I tell you I had money in a safe deposit Did I tell you last night I found Elvis hangin' up in my closet Well maybe I'm borin' you it looks like you're bored Well it hurts to be crucified but it's worse to be ignored Repeat 1st chorus

It's Over Now (Remix)

What is this? Numbers in your pocket I remember when you Used to throw those things away Why do you wanna keep in touch now? Who gave you a reason? To act so shady Baby you know You can call me anytime Anything you needed I would give it to you Ooh, that's how much I care for you You wanna act now Never call me back now Turning off your cell phone Girl you know that ain't cool Yes I don't understand baby [G-Dep] Ain't no scene my team can't slaughter Ain't no cuisine my queen can't order We can burn it up, do in on the camcorder Let me hit it from the front till the ** get short The Harlem hang glider, hot flow provider Home of the project whores and all nighters Niggas grab your lighters Bitches grab your privates We break night and take flight, I'm the pilot You look up into the sky, why am I so high It must be the Mo and ** mixed with Ty The new Tri State Gregg Ganor If u don't know, this will be a no-brainer Man I get fame like Dana Dame with frames, change up ** like I'm changing lanes In the high octane Range Rover Shorty got game - but game over 1 - [112] Baby it's a shame we gotta go through this We can't even talk Girl we don't even kiss I never would've thought We'd be breaking up like this But it's over now It's over now You think that I don't know what's going on Cause you're always home alone And I'm always out of town You need to stop trying to play me Cause you can't even fade me I know you're messing around baby Baby you know You can call me anytime Anything you needed I would give it to you That's how much I care for you baby You wanna act now Never call me back now Turning off your cell phone Girl you know that ain't cool Oh I don't understand baby Repeat 1 (2x) Baby it's a shame A shame that we go through The things that we go through When you're in love with me And I'm in love with you I think that we should talk about our problems Instead of running away Oh baby it's a shame We couldn't work it out Forgot what love was all about And the feelings we had from the start My heart will always be with you, oh Girl it's over [Shyne] Comin' straight outta Brooklyn Trailor ass nigga with tha Neco No top on that car, yeah that's me po' She know when she shut the door We gon crush on the floor and crush some more Quit the talking ma, this ain't to interview I'm trying to get into you, not into YOU Crush your spine, corrupt your mind, ** your mind Brooklyn girls come whine, whine All day, every day When I say my rod, all they do is pray Please help me God I need a broad who can take that charge Whip that car, flip that hard Stuff it all in the bra Go raw, runnin' from the law Fake face, rushin' cuts, put it in the jaw Snake Nine's and Anne Klein's Pedal to the floor Hear the engine raw And I'm under the governor Repeat 1 till end

Ain't Nobody Ft Treach

INTRO:(TREACH from NBN talking) Check it out.Yeah yeah yeah Naughty up in here(That's why I love you baby) Time to bring the ruckus with rap From the beginning till we're out(That's why I love you baby) Introducing Miss Thing Monica That's right representing ATL to Illtown(That's why I love you baby) Everybody get up out of your seats and fix your body For ain't nobody(That's why i love you baby) It goes like this! VERSE 1:(MONICA) You've been more than good to me Give me all that I could need There's a little thing you do,baby Never fight in front of your friends Take me ridin in your Benz Spending time,let me know that I'm on your mind,baby Because everytime I say 'I love you' it's with a pride And everytime I say 'I need you' it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby CHORUS Ain't nobody gonna love you like I do Ain't nobody gonna treat you the way I treat you(That's why I love you baby) Ain't nobody ever loved me like you do Ain't nobody to compare to you That's why I love you baby VERSE 2 (TREACH) You think your lucky caught a quicky in a nap A hicky on your lap That's the payback for the scratches you left on my back You wouldn't need a toy-friend with a boyfriend Or somethin proper if you slept under the thunder Keep my number I heard your next best is now ya next ex 'Cause in the middle what a best sex 'Hey yo Treach' An' I ain't mad at'cha yet What'cha pimp daddy don't know won't hurt him. Who loves ya best? (MONICA) Treat me like your young lady Special things you say to me Feels so good to be with you my baby Doesn't matter what they think 'Cause I'm gonna be here anyway There's no need to feel ashamed because you're on my mind And everytime I say 'I love you' it's with a pride And everytime i say 'I need you' it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby CHORUS x 2 That's why I love you baby VERSE 3:(TREACH) I kinda wanna turn ya Poverty to Paradise You say ya lonely,keep ya head up,honey where ya eyes? We can keep it on a low-down-down,I don't go down,I throw down He threw your clothes over the Rover,so where you gonna go now? Remember when I was like 'Who you?',now you my boo-boo He be braggin how he do you,so who you think he true to? Sue-Sue and you to,huh,Chi-Chi and Gigi Tellin' you he need you plus his baby momma need me But I'm gonna get betwenn the love of this,I'll let him my keys Cry in my arms so you cry no more at last Feed ya body,I'll drive ya rush Audi So trust me hottie like there ain't nobody (That's why I love you baby) CHORUS TO FADE

It's Ok

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer - It's OK Intro: Sincerely, I know she can hear me (I know she can) From my heart I'm saying I'm sorry my dear I'm sorry for all the wrong I've done and all the pain I caused But two hearts become one and thats a bond I need you in my life not as a memory I need you to be there to journey, needs like my love attorney, huh! Verse 1: My eyes can see more clear, as long as your standing there Seems like I'm in a dream, or things ain't the way they seem Sorry if I treat you bad, or if I ever make you sad I didn't mean to get so mad, you're the best thing I've ever had I don't know what to do, I'm so in love with you I hurt you yes it's true, but I got a few words for you Chorus: It's ok, its allright, I'm gonna make it on the morning flight I'm gonna do all the things you like, like, champagne and candlelight Verse 2: Touch your body when the mood is right (right) make you tingle with the light And later on in the night, were gonna make love till morning light Baby don't let love go mi seh let love stay I want us to be together till we old and gray Don't leave me in the sorrow or in dismay A reply from you would simply make my day I was a fool, to make she pack and go away Now lonely is the price that I got to pay I guess I gotta be the playa everybody want me to be (that you want me to be, be) And I couldn't get to see the things that you want me to see (that you want me to see, see) I want you in my life I don't want you as a memory (not as a memory) Well life wouldn't be complete, without this woman by my side I'm so obsolete, the stupid ways of mine I would a never repeat, if this world was mine I would a give you to keep, play a Gal yuh lovin nuh cheap, and mi nuh undastand How could I be such a creep? It cut me like a knife And now I'm hurting deep, many nights mi nuh sleep May I moan and weep, and mi heart skips a beat 3x Chorus

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