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FIONA APPLE lyrics - Extraordinary Machine

Red Red Red

Original and similar lyrics
I don't understand about complementary colors And what they say Side by side they both get bright Together they both get gray But he's been pretty much yellow And I've been kinda blue But all I can see is Red, red, red, red, red now What am I gonna do I don't understand about Diamonds and why men buy them What's so impressive about a diamond Except the mining And it's dangerous work Trying to get to you too And I think if I didn't have to Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill myself doing it Maybe I wouldn't think so much of you I've been watching all the time And I still can't find the tack And I wanna know is it okay Is it just fine Or is it my fault Is it my lack I don't understand about The weather outside Or the harmony in a tune Or why somebody lied There's solace a bit for submitting To the fitfully cryptically true What's happened has happened What's coming is already on its way With a role for me to play I don't understand I'll never understand But I'll try to understand There's nothing else I can do

Pledge Allegiance

We're just the braces amidst These selfish trials and fits Not so safe or scared or dumb is the rest Our unravelling has just Enough of it here to be Drown propped up and watching You stare at us pull you down You read the news You take the vows You blame the costs We play the chords Now the only course That traces an end To the violence Has left us without any Chance to stand our ground ... Stand up and ... March Get back in line and Fight The time to start is Now Don't let yourself play the Fool There's no way out Placatingly wound we search Without purpose the game ends Promise me today So tomorrow's a new surprise All these sores lingering Shutdown and loving it The greedy hands will lie But we stand ready to strike Yours' is the blood Theirs' the first The speed the greed The machines and the paper dolls We didn't want this We didn't need this We couldn't see it coming But we're to blame for it ... Stand up and ... March Get back in line and Fight The time to start is Now Don't let yourself play the Fool There's no way out Watch us coming While you drop away Bow your fucking heads And pray for us Cause it's my time And it's our side You can't stop us any longer Bow your head Pray for us It's our time It's our side

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