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FIELD MOB lyrics - 613: Ashy To Classy


Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] You are not alone 'cause I'm going through this thing with you You don't have to cry no more If we make it through this pain, promise I'm gon' keep it real with you You don't have to cry no more [Boondox] I remember bein broke with no record deal [Kalage] Broke with no job [B] Too broke to smoke dope [K] Man, times so hard I wanna take my own life [B] That's what pain do to you [K] But I'm too broke to even die [B] I couldn't afford a funeral [K] I'm too broke to spend time [B] Y'all don't know how it feel I could've been a metal welder [K] 'Cause I know how to steel (steal) [B] Naw, I ain't braggin, I'm just keepin it real I was so broke my wet dream was 'bout eatin a meal [K] Man I been homeless [B] You ever spent the night in the grass [K] With ants and mesquitos [B] While they bitin ya ass [K] My best friend got shot nine times for nothin He was all I had, we used to lie and say we was cousins [B] Even momma turned her back on me, wouldn't look me in my face I'm a disgrace to my folks... [K] 'Cause I ain't graduate [B] I ain't have nobody [K] Man, I wish I was dead [B] I was alone so I turned to God and he said [Chorus] [Boondox] As far as I remember, I been in high school ever since elementary Since the fifth I been twistin spliffs and hittin the weed My eyes went through menestration every day in the summer At age six, my piss could crank up a Hummer Had a hooker mom, like Alfred she Hitchcock Bumped dad, 'cause when he visit it was like a pit stop I lived knock hard, like Jay-Z, boy ya won Things got harder, at age eighteen, I bought a gun A three-eighty caliber, for street crazy scavengers Tryna take my , I'll turn your hat lavender Sacks of herb in my pocket I smoke eventually Supposed to be sellin 'em, but it's hard to give 'em away Livin the day for tomorrow, so on the down-low I used beats and rhymes, why not, look at me now From flippin dimes, playin get like me to get a dollar To ridin on my own twenties in my Impala, I ain't cryin [Chorus] [Kalage] Well, I been hearin a lotta people say that blood's thicker than water Well answer this then, which would you swallow I said that to say, it don't matter, friend or kin Shawn ain't my cousin but he here through thick and thin [B] OK, I came up but all the faith folks came down [K] The script flip flopped [B] Now the game changed round Everybody wanna chill now, in my grill now Now my smile ice cold, white gold like whooooooaaaa! [Chorus 4x]

The Way We Live

[Noreaga] *DeBarge sings in background* Y'know what I mean This for the woman, y'know what'm sayin Coming up, just trying to get a nut. Y'all really understand what we doing. Ya know Y'all understand that we hurting y'all, y'all come attatched. It's all good. This one for y'all, y'know what I mean Yo, ya know Its crazy. We all together. [Noreaga] I used to cut pies, in front of my girl, now I apologized The reason why: (My fault) she seen the red in my eyes When I was cuttin it, feelin like the archives Choppin it down, thinkin I'm, choosing my prize Never hit the street with out my heat, boo, told me not to Said, Paps, we know the jake 'ill try to knock you You do your thing, boo, I'll still be there, don't mean to knock you I know its hard fuckin with a thug nigga like me Thinkin would I get locked Come home tonight or not Black Princess, kiss you when I see you White women suntan and try to be you The Mellanin in your skin, make it all see-through Sometimes he hurt y'all, not understanding what we doing Sweatin at the foul line like Pat Ewing Yo from all the brothers I dedicate to the mothers My mother, grandmother of the Earth If it wasn't for women, then it wouldn't be birth What, its all real Chorus [Chico DeBarge] We're just some thug people (That's what we are) That's what we are, trying hard to change the way we live (Change the way we live) But we can't take back, cause thats what we are Trying hard to change the way life we live [Noreaga] Yo, yo, aiyyo, you got chronic You got yours, I got mines Lets get real high, light it all at the same time Stop holdin, (hold it up) babe its your turn to roll it I used to spend time outside with my dime She be, rocking my chain, thinkin she shine Straight beautiful, yo, I'm really glad that she mine Kiss you on the forehead, cause yo, boo This one for you The stupid shit I did in the past, I didn't mean it You know a nigga skinny, cause a nigga 'nemic But when you cook, the way that it smell, the way that it look Cause chef, plus you look good, that's off the hook You go to school to Sit back, or respect dude Work you part-time, spendin your time around mine I'm lovin you, thats why I wrote this rhyme Flying in to Bell Harbor, when we need to shop It's Cartier, Gucci, Gaultier, shit won't stop! Chorus [Noreaga] Yo, its all good, I'm likin that two-hundred stand me It even flipped, when I was down in Miami Called me on my cell phone, Jones like I'm still home Tell me what your wearing girl, or what you look at pillin girl Step into my life now, share my world Thats what I like about you, you got faith in me Be shining by yourself, with little lace with me The only thing I love more, gotta be the kids You got the real hair, while other chicks rock wigs I can remember back then, quite distinctively When you friends kept saying not to get with me But you couldn't help it, I know the both of us felt it The both us melt it, the both of us dealt with The rumors and the lies, your eyes on dies Is enough for a brother to cut off ties To any other chick I used to mess with Keepin it real, cause you the real one, that I wanna step with Chorus - in background This song right here, is dedicated to all of y'all, y'know what I mean Cause, we know how we are, we know how we make y'all feel sometimes. Knowing that we ain't doing it purposely. We're just being the person that we are. Hanging with the fellas, gettin jealous, y'know what I meanYou know what it is. This one's for y'all. Word up. I want y'all to tell all y'all girlfriends about this one Chorus

Hard Life

TQ "Second Coming"
Introducing the hard life As if you all ain't know about it Just another one of them ghetto things Hard life living in the diningroom (Chorus) When I think about the days go by All the times You wish that you could fly away Into the clear bleu skies Just to live the hard life And when I think about the times we had I remember good as well as the bad I can hear sounds of laughter When the lays sweet cries In the hard life Dear mister president I was watching the news the other day You talked about a whole lot of issues But something about the neighberhood you never did I tooke it for myself to change the channel Figured out I was better of watching videos Now you trying to get a litlle fool for my soul. Late at night when they play to old tune (Bridge) I can't get no satisfaction another live lost on quick reaction Only time I think about calm and relaxing is when I write a new song (Chorus) Just a little some for my neigberhood Holla if you hear me Tough time in summertime feeling good Remenise about my partners who past away Just like little ronnie me and him and melinda Just wanna be somebody But to go now Asked me how I feel about Well I thank the lord who blessed him So I sang about it (Bridge) (Chorus) (Rap by E-40) (Chorus - 3x)

Simple Days

I was born on the north side of a Midwestern town There were nine of us living in a three bedroom house Didn't have much money But we made due 'Cause Momma worked all day long And Daddy did too Did all they could Made sure we had clothes and food Went to public schools and we Followed public rules We used second hand books, but oh I didn't mind the books Momma taught us early in life Everybody's gotta struggle sometime Bring back those simple times of yesterday When a man was a man And a friend was a friend Bring back those simple times of yesterday When you said what you meant And you meant what you said Had a friend named Bobby Who always kept his word We went through schoolyard fights Had a thing for pretty girls Didn't cost much money to See the picture show So we hopped the bus into town That's where all the girlies used to go Fifty cents would buy us popcorn for two 'Cause Bobby's girl, she worked there And sometimes she'd break the rules Picnics in the summer Wouldn't wake up 'till noon And even though Bobby's gone now I can still hear him laugh In the middle of June [HOOK] Sometimes I sit, I wonder I reminisce, I think of all the good times That we had in our lives Sometimes I can't get over How wonderful those days were Back in our lives Simple days for simple times [HOOK]

Shamrock Diaries

CHRIS REA "Shamrock Diaries"
In waves of people you can lose your feet You've got to stay hard, to the ground It gets so easy now to lose your way When you're ever outward bound A church bell ringing in the fading light Stops you dead like a cold steel wall The ghost of yesteryears is toughing you And as sure as God you'll fall And I see me and I see you I see it all just like it used to be And all the reasons why it started out Hit you hard with every bell The choir practice in the empty hall Is a sound that you know so well Like something lost inside your overcoat You find it later, by mistake You lost it all a thousand years ago And you pray it's not too late And I see me and I see you I see it all just like it used to be And I see me and I see you I see it all just like a diary Now I remember everything Yea I remember how it used to be With every note that choirboy sings And I see me and I see you I see it all just like it used to be


I'm twice born, once and seven something Once is the resurrection of honorable function Been shoveling a coal as the engine's doctor Long enough to see my silhouette acquire a permanent kink in a posture The metenance of icicle spirit by the warmth of true endearment Was, is, and forever will be a luxury I'm a soubrette columnist fathering doom document Cursed version of a certain Virgin Mary womb occupant [Verse One] I know swamp rats who never suckled oxygen purification Sure it's blurry may have had them speeennnd breeezzzzze Stuck until my friend leaves puppet for the plummet committee Sputtering bum numb enough to stomach the city Who's that hugging a silhouette of willows with a hill's crest pan out? On the candy coated crab apples, sugar dipped deadpan outs I got a plan, I'll turnaquet my quest Defeat a needle into battling to mute the mess With patience galas with absentee balance I shove in the button Strutting to exhibit mankind's hostility function With a, ppppppppp paling in comparison a methias Goliath Live to riggedy frame in a wicked silence I top and ate my nameless square then I bumped eyelids With a Christ we saw the same thing through a second What's that? The grand mosaic depicting historical glory in a legend Nurse me through the time stick and stone mixes hex my fertile crescent Now all's well, I'm laughing on the inside I swear Just trying to keep my head above red tide despair My imperfections pair off with buddy system symmetrics morbidly So every second the discontent's locked accordingly Let's turn mummy's shut up affection a berserk glory condition And pray for the day a star child tugs the ribbon Meddle in a two-hand grip when that spoon full of sugar medical chaser Credible crasser antidote's terrible taste the Water with a stolen soul pen left picture mad rhythm pinned Never set a grin and fly health Consider me a mobile advertisement for that hybrid plan of fabrics I deemed practical, now is you is or is you ain't compatible I feel a wind in my opinions plus hyper clutch Crush one's ginger bread tenement awful, It's like the date of Grado Methasawmill A lifeline of spectacular expansion leaves the reaper At the hand of what man's hand jokes My friend's got a book about dreams, I look and laugh I dream a book about my friends and still can't decipher the half Ch-chatter boooox, now let a soothe sayer major Cater to a king green battered on the brink of disease I am, skin and bones, I am, sin and poems, I am, tin and chrome You grin and groans fuck it I'm tinted when accrete zone Blow the pedals off a dandelion trying to make my little gypsy blush And felt as if I'd actually accomplish something Fortify the bullies of the jokes soaking in treatment Sit and watch the percentages teeter on the evening On a ghost up in a fuse a lot second before the cock dropped In the Styx and stared him down until he fixed it Fashion, it's cool and all but what about God? [Oh God, well he's the man, but what about reading?] What, like novels, man that don't hold my attention, what about television? [Television hurts my brain, how about walking in the rain?] I hate walking, it's boring, how about some old fashioned gone fishin' [Yeah, fishing's great but I can't stand hooking the bait, lets dance] I've got too left feet plus motion sickness, how about breakfast? [Man, I'm hungry, but that means I'mma have to borrow some money] Let's fly a kite [Let's burn the generals] Let's sell lemonade [Let's drink] Let's poke a hole inside the tugboat, ease on back and watch it sink [Naw, lets scare a pupil once a year just to shake the academy] Casually note the blossom of phantom alignment strategy [Verse Two] I'll make the waterfall out of order in autumn saw the quarter When the gods mimic the vintage knuckle drag sacked in a coffin I affiliate my rag dummy appearance with a most cohesive spirit Clattering the yesterday ain't shed a tear since Hear me, wrote the Old Yeller community cartoon The carousel balloon extravagant aware, inviting it I'm swore to Adam and matter and saddling Warhead thorax and abdomen to primitive horse back galloping My index fingers rest in my talisman branded up in the jackals skin One must pardon yee old common street detour Weaving graceful through the prom directed column Greater virus retreats to a lot in Valom Bean stalk where the fiend walk and my name is mud But that's got a ring to it so my swill welcomes the flood I walk through God's practical joke on man practically broke And if they raise my rent again I'll spend my nights practically soaked Who spits silk dimensions with a noose looped by the raft? After lack of reasoning jedi 3, 2, 1, Oooh I'm hung, I've clung to hope but see you in hell I'll be that clear blue icicle that simply refused to melt Sturdy eye krulin, tin can skeleton, Skull of a thousand dilapidated dream remnants Here to convict based on a tin bucket of evidence I steer where the heaven's merely a legend so the peasants dream well

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