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Fernando Ortega lyrics - Home

This Good Day

Original and similar lyrics
Morning sun, morning glories Pouring down the hill, Through my window I can feel the ocean breeze. Noisy sparrows fill the oak trees, Swallows can't stay still. And in the glad commotion, Lord, You speak to me. Chorus: If rain clouds come Or the cold winds blow, You're the One who goes before me And in my heart I know That this good day, It is a gift from You. The world is turning in its place Because You made it to. I lift my voice To sing a song of praise On this good day. I will walk to Woodman's Cove, Fishing boats are leaving, Seagulls follow just above the water. I will wait until the sunset Brings them home again, Rigging lines and anchors in the harbor. Chorus (2x)

Heaven's Just A Whisper Away

DONNA SUMMER "Mistaken Identity"
Watching raindrops, slowly falling painting pictures on the window pane feelings my heart cannot explain oh the silence, sounds like music seems like I can hear a melody baby that's what you do to me (Chorus): One thing I'm sure of whether it's wrong or it's right I only want to be with you, tonight and if you want me to baby ask me to stay heaven's just a whisper away Feel the magic, taking over please don't stop before we lose control baby just let your feeling go soft and tender, like the morning we get closer than we've ever been we're almost to the rainbow's end (Chorus): I heard the winds of forever calling out my name it's paradise, when I'm with you I will never be the same Please don't wake me if I'm dreaming 'cause this time, this one is coming true so glad to share my dreams with you (Chorus

Someone Like Me

You are the morning coming out everyday You're the sunshine and the wind, and rain You're like the song stuck in my head That will never go away You're the river running wild, never stay You're the bird who's singing on my window sill You're the light shining down You're the mansion on the hill You've got it all figured out You've got it all But the only thing You need is me You need someone like me You're the finder of the straight and the lost You're the value, You're the worth, You're the cost You're the Savior and the faith Coming down from the cross You're the power that I hold in my hand You're the water coming up through the sand You're the one who makes me wanna be Just the way I am You've got it all figured out You've got it all But the only thing You need is me You need someone like me You might just walk right by me You might not see That the only thing You need is me You need someone like me Someone like me Someone like me Someone like me Someone like me

You Will Never Walk Alone

Along life's road There will be sunshine and rain Roses and thorns, laughter and pain And 'cross the miles You will face mountains so steep Deserts so long and valleys so deep Sometimes the Journey's gentle Sometimes the cold winds blow But I want you to remember I want you to know (Chorus) You will never walk alone As long as you have faith Jesus will be right beside you all the way You may feel you're far from home But home is where He is And he'll be there down every road You will never walk alone The path will wind And you will find wonders and fears Labors of love and a few falling tears Across the years There will be some twists and turns Mistakes to make and lessons to learn Sometimes the journey's gentle Sometimes the cold winds blow But I want you to remember where ever you may (Repeat Chorus) Jesus knows your joy, Jesus knows your need He will go the distance with you faithfully (Repeat Chorus)

Method Of Love

Aztec Camera "Frestonia"
Words and music by Roddy Frame The sun that drowns everything in gold Feeling it taking hold, holding her hand The hue of her hair, colouring every care Willing to share, who'd understand? As faith breaks down In the shadow of a cold cathedral Chorus: Make a wish for the one you love As the storm sets the leaves in motion Let it blow on the breeze of a deep blue ocean Love's a bird in the human hand Feel it breathe as your fingers open Would it stay here and sing If its wings were broken? That's the method of love By chance she calls Shatters the mood I'm in Letting the light shine in Bathe me in grace The trials of time Course though this heart of mine Feel her erase Every trace And stand by me In the deluge of the slings and arrows Chorus

A Girl Named Sandoz

Animals "Best Of 1966-68"
Somehow I turn around and see My nerves break down inside Maybe you might know much more than me So tell me what is right to say Down the weakness of my soul Lie the secrets, and I know There's something pushing back Wish my hands could turn to gold And my heart would break the cold To give my thoughts some sense The turn is close, new century Still people think they're kings Now you've got your voice, Your own speech Don't wait 'till someone else agrees Swimming naked of beliefs And responsibilities Just feel the sea of bliss Mother nature brings to me In fantastic purity Everything I need Like a teenager discovery What's more delightful than this? Try to remember how good it was Feeling the life as it is To believe! New world was born out of man's dreams Now we walk on our own The angels cried, you've heard them weep But now it's time to make them sing!

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