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Factory 81 lyrics - Mankind

Rotten Strawberries

Original and similar lyrics
He ran fast with every ounce of he had as the girl made her way into the street. All at once images flashed through his mind. The day that he crumbled his clothes tattered strained. The day he saw the apocalypse, he knew the world was going to end; when how. He recalled the sacrifices. Everything he had, he gave away. Everything he had done was for everyone who crossed his path. The only thing he had ever known was to help others, but not himself. He remembered her face as he had seen it many times before all the moments, she her friends laughed teased him. Now homeless and youthless, they never knew what he truly was for they could only see him as the butt of their jokes a source of cruel entertainment. Now that will change he will now know it will change, for the one thing he never learned was self love respect. As he pushed her with all of the life left in him, thrashing her against the ground she tumbled towards the curb looking back in anger to see what did this to her. She heard the screech of tires ring out as his body was slammed against a speeding BMW. He died never knowing a kind word, or a friendly face. Hating himself as he thought others did, (and some did), he did all within his simple mind power to earn their love or at least a smile. He died never knowing either one.


SONATA ARCTICA "Winterheart's Guild"
I was raised from a broken seed, I grew up to be an unwanted weed. Ever faster the time exceeds me, Little harder again to remember... you. Held a torch for you when lightning stroke me, Once again hope I died for the last time. Only one I have a thing greater than you, Little light on the sky every night. Morning dew on the field where I met you, I was frozen a year couldn't get through. Got a sign not a scar on my shoulder, I am not quite the man you take me for. Fell in love with the weakness within me, Tried to force me the Ring and own me. Guess you found what you'd think would oblige me, Little version of me to consume you. I'd give my everything to you, Follow you through the garden of oblivion. If only I could tell you everything, The little things you'll never dare to ask me. Do you really know me?... I might be a God. Show me that you care and have a cry. How do you see me? ... As the one? Can you see my blood when I'm bleeding? How can you love this exile? And how could I desire you, When my pain is my pain, And yours is too? On this deadwinter's night. Darkness becomes this child. Bless this night with a tear. For I have none I fear... Seven lifes of a man passed before me, Seven graves one for every love I've had. Only once I have broken my so called heart, Only one made me see why they cry. Will I learn how to be one of you someday? Will I still feel the eyes that behold me? Will I hear what you think when you see me? Will it tear me apart if you feel for me? I'd give my everything to you... Do you really know me?... How can you love this exile?... On this deadwinter's night... Little broken always been, A part of you belongs to me. You were never mine to love, But this all has made it easy for me... Burning feathers not an angel. Heaven's closed Hell's sold out. So I walk on Earth behind the curtains, Hidden from everyone until I find a new life to ruin again. On this deadwinter's night...

Lightning's Hand

KANSAS "Point Of Know Return"
On a winter's nigt, stars are cold and bright in the sky, The slumber of the earth is pure and deep From a distant wood, drifts the echo of a beast The old man stirs and wakens in the night He stands before his window gazing at the grave Forgotten dreams are flashing through his weary mind And though his life is empty, he pretends that she's still there With hunger in his soul, he yearns for love and life gone by, With memories his one and only joy All he has to give, he would give to bring back the life, And raise the one who lies beneath the snow He lights a lamp and looks at pictures of the past The faces of their youth still glow with new-found love, But the picture's faded, and time has stolen youth away With a spoken word that he thought he heard from her lips, He felt another presence in the room, He was filled with fear but filled with joy he arose And turned to face the image that he knew She stood before him and her hand reached out for his A peaceful light shone in her eyes She said she'd come to soothe him, and someday they'd be as one She began to fade and her image disappeared, So he was left alone to face the night, Never in his life, had he been so held in awe, As he faced the apparition of his wife He stood before the window gazing at the grave, And with a lightened heart he saw the first of dawn, He knew that she was waiting, that someday they'd be as one


you were full and fully capable you were self sufficient and needless your house was fully decorated in that sense you were taken with me to a point a case of careful what you wish for but what you knew was enough to begin and so you called and courted fiercely so you reached out, entirely fearless and yet you knew of reservation and how it serves and I salute you for your courage and I applaud your perseverance and I embrace you for your faith in the face of adversarial forces that I represent so you were in but not entirely you were up for this but not totally you knew how arms length-ing can maintain doubt and so you fell and you're intact so you dove in and you're still breathing so you jumped and you're still flying if not shocked and I support you in your trusting and I commend you for your wisdom and I'm amazed by your surrender in the face of threatening forces that I represent you found creative ways to distance you hid away from much through humor your choice of armor was your intellect and so you felt and you're still here and so you died and you're still standing and so you softened and you're still safely in command self protection was in times of true danger your best defense to mistrust and be wary surrendering a feat of unequalled measure and I'm thrilled to let you in overjoyed to be let in in kind

The Remnant

JOSH RITTER "So Runs The World Away"
I know who you are old man keep running I caught your trail as you left the pines Out into the fields where you couldn't hide nowhere Just a thin stitch up against the rising line And up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling Up through the blue I knew the star were tumbling I know who you are old man keep running I tracked you down by the look in the eyes Of a thousand gone faces pressed against their windows Horses hiding in the willows 'til the storm passed by And a fine gray dust seemed to settle on the future A fine gray dust seemed to settle in between Your hat and the dapple of my appaloosa The only living things that I could see And up through the blue I knew that stars were tumbling Up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling I know who you are old man keep running I walked across the bottom of the lake below Your boat and did you know that when you landed I was watching As the sky turned dark as the eyes of a foal And I'll know you by the shift of the wind in the cobwebs The sawdust swirls in the fins of the bullheads The craters that you made when you lay down dreaming Strange constellations that you gave new meaning By the teeth marks you made on bones from the ice age Then smell of the cinder burning slow in your rib cage Listen in the distance and you'll hear my shadow Footsteps soft as the tread of an echo And up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling Up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling And the ground will open out into a mouth below us And the mouth will open out into the empty sky And the whistle as we hurtle through the halls of onyx The only sound around us as we go by And I'll follow you out through the wells of charcoal Moonlit stones around the cones of a black hole Through the fields where grow the ever and forever The tessellated blooms with the voids at their centers Through the million rooms in a bead of luminescence The filaments on the looms of dimension The pillars of creation where they make the planets The billion tiny teeth that tear the charge from your atoms In a trillion tiny bites they'll eat the meat from the pearl And throw your soul away a cold grey little world And nothing that is hidden will be revealed And nothing that is hidden will be revealed And nothing that is hidden will be revealed

Stephanie's Room

JOAN BAEZ "Gulf Winds"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) You've loved me exquisitely. I tried to. Can we be best of friends now? I never lied to you. And can I love you forever? Sure, she said and smiled But will you? I wish there was some new way To sing about a full moon Poured down on us like a thousand rivers In Stephanie's room And you said you'd remember always The shadows on the hills below us But will you? You never once tried to sell me A bill of goods I wouldn't buy But I'm seasoned and I know a pirate By the devil in his eye And the only thing you ever stole from me Was laughter and some love I made To fill you White snow in the morning Kind of frightened me But you'd go sailing anyway Things are different at sea You know I'll never try and change your habit As sure as you know if your ship sinks It'll kill you And all the lovely ladies who came before me Are very much the same As the others soon to follow In your merry little game I guess I just want to be remembered Especially and frequently Like Stephanie Five red tail hawks are circling Above us in the sky You said they'd bring good luck And then you said goodbye You smiled and said, I'll see you Sooner than you think. But will you? Â 1976, 1977 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

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