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Everlast lyrics - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues

Death Comes Callin'

Original and similar lyrics
A yes yes y'all It's too fresh y'all A little b-boy blue You know it's too beucou I've been from New York to Cali Spent two days in the valley And I think I'm 'bout to lose my mind And if I think 'bout it one more time I'm a blow my stack See ya out the back Give me some room that I can breathe in Now I'm a start weavin' spells like a wizard King of the lizard My mojo's risin' like my nature should Not everybody can relate to hood But I used to roll with high frequency Had a habit of juvenile delinquency If y'all could see all the things I did When I was a kid Ya might flip ya lid 'Cause... When I was the age of one My father gave me my very first gun When I was the age of two I was pullin' out records with the SD Crew And when I was the age of three I had all the maddest fishes swimmin' after me And when I was the age of four I was bustin' out shows with the rhymes galore See... CHORUS (X2) Day to the night Night to the day Up around where I stay We do things this way You got to watch how you act And watch what you say 'Cause their ain't no stallin' When the death come callin' CHORUS II (X2) The man that lives by the pistol Dies by the smokin' gun (gun) I think I hear a steam whistle Lord, when my train gonna come Yo, all you duns packin' guns Fightin' for ones It's time to get these hons Start raisin' some sons Plant your seed in some fertile soil And watch me start bubblin' Like I'm 'bout to boil Like Olive Oil love Popeye Just won't stoppa I got to keep rockin' Ticks keep tockin' Time keeps slippin' My mind keeps trippin' I'm in the road less traveled Sure got lotta stones CHORUS (X2) I say day to the night Night to the day Up around where I stay We do things this way You got to watch how you act And watch what you say 'Cause their ain't no stallin' When the death come callin' When the death come callin' (X2) Watch me break it down There's a red house yonder Just over the hill With my name carved into the window sill I think I'm gonna burn it down Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down That's what me and my old woman used to say We used to lie in bed and make love all day Now I think I'm gonna burn it down Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down to the ground CHORUS II (X2) The man that lives by the pistol Dies by the smokin' gun I think I hear a steam whistle Lord, when my train gonna come

Garbage Man

G. Love And Special Sauce "G Love And Special Sauce"
I'm your garbage man Coming down the street Kick your can, kick your can Better get your butt down on the curb And say hey to me I'm by the liquor store Giving you the eye When you walk by I'm on the subway line I'm in the coffee shop Eating toast and eggs chorus: I never beg baby I never get down on my knees I'm gonna get you just the same Girl you had me gone long gone Lost in your eyes Cost in my pride Now I got you calling me speaking me seeking me sexing me What happened to my freedom You need me like the air You drink me like the water Sort of funny I'm your daddy You ain't my daughter First you said you needed sapce Then please leave my place Every other day or so Just get from my face A taste of wet I got and got I'll bet that woman tried to play me The girl had much game I can't get with that She paid her price to play But Imma freak one moves With a sure aim I'll get you just the same chorus I'm gonna get you undressed Your mind ain't gonna rest I'm the best I'm the best Forget about that man I'm your one Son of none Imma move you Imma bruise you Gonna make you love me Then Imma lose you chorus You'll be mine You'll be mine You'll be mine


TQ "Second Coming"
Every long time ago From my brother Nal Brawl came lifting your paper Got to go I think about it every nite After the shows over Situation for those who don't know I met her at the superbowl Had to snatch her off one of the broncos He won the game but he lost his breeze Cos here me she me thing In my bed while she freakin its been 2 years since I met her since we been together we made a lot of chedder picture some shit had no drama didn't have no shit or stick when I was broke my baby help me get rich (Chorus) Superbitches I like Superbitches All about they man And procting they riches And if u take me downtown Ill be counting my chickens It ain't nothing missing Like it then don't listen Cos its just Superbitches They looking at me funny But I know your paying attention Every word that they saying you better belive it And if you don't shell be sitting in the kitchen waiting to hitchen Tell you bout my superbitch Give me the point to assure That she gonna keep my shit Lock down nigga Ain't nobody every Fit better Around this little niggas digga So I figure Be a super trick On my superbitch Got them blam blames on her wrist And as long as she fucking with this Im am gonna lace her with the stuff that make your eyes squint For my bitch Nigga like super quick Won't think shit Met her kids buying hundreds of gifts That she blessing me with The way I walked her out nigga Its with her Don't even think another nigga could get her She gonna role with me as I get bigga And for hating she a killer nigga That's my superbitch (Chorus) I can always tell a superbitch She love her kicks Only wear the flyist shit All she get she work for it Dirt for it Flirt for it Baby what u working with Get your arse dream about her Get home in your bed Won't sleep without her Say it louder nigga And it taste good when you licker And bust quick when u sticker Boy I like a superbitch So when u see me in my rover that's who im with She probably driving it Getting high in it And if the boys pull her over she hiding the shit And bind with it That's my baby and she down with this gansta shit And good at it That my superbitch And when im done with this im going home to my superbitch (Chorus)

The Damm

GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
Yeah, it's Fulton County In the Woods, where niggaz got bounties hangin over they heads We done went back down the street And stayed from the concrete treads Chorus: Let's hit the damm, where all the beavers go chill If you trill you betta not squeal Cause if you squeal, you will disappear Now that's for trill Chorus Verse One: Cool Breeze Ay, ay, I used to kick the back do' down with the chrome Now when they see me, you oughta hear em, it's like the leash still on (FREEZE!) I hit the stage, grab the mic, they gets crunk when I speak Get my money, then I'm out, back at the Embassy Suites I got some cut with a switch you can't do nothin but admit I'm East Pointe's greatest hit, she all on my stick On the strength she be steamin, she come through for any reason She work at the Parisian, and this is Polo season Bam, with them Calhouns, high-tops for my feet Outfit ain't missin nuttin like Brandy, peep That's how us Headland hustlers ball Next stop gonna be Greenbriar Mall Chorus Verse 2: Gipp Stay in the streets like a Herby Curby Some that didn't make it through the rain wasn't worthy 96 stamp dirty, flip wide wheels, watch for oil spills What it is, what it ain't, in the paint, some slow by the dank I think, make you go blank, lookin for work left you where you started shinin shins, under them skirts at the airport, Gipp cruise the hood like a snake up in the woods lookin for a cut party Chorus Verse 3: Khujo You know we don't use the Goodie name to pack they function at the last minute, request for, guest appearances, denied Time is money, on the wood, many bed no good Ain't nothin here for you freak, off-brand frapp, really need to learn how to pick up an Alexander Graham Bell, for she get gripped get some nights on beaver, made her way through the damm Down stream, two crabs, a set of twins, three fins One main pain was for soldiers to feel Warriors don't take orders, ain't no serial killers in Georgia The culprit is blue words in pink skin, so listen our daughters Daddy's little girl, dialling 1-800-Earl cause she want to do what men do Chorus Verse 4: T-Mo, Cee-Lo How I wish, you was the last fish, I would have to catch It was a mess, how the last one, jumped back in the sea of Goddesses, from the SWAT it is A poor playa with skills to build nations of people not giving a fuck bout no color, we all brothers that ball While others get manipulated and fall Nose wide open to that beast, like it was yo' first to cash in your V-club, is it really love that you feel for her, you a betta man than me To think I can't keep a girl that I like around me And so there's many that await, stay after plate my stomach full after I take a pull Yeah, uh-huh, many gon' come, many gon' go some thinkin, I'ma overwhelm, fuck the foes Some wanna little time, wanna conversate Some too impatient to wait so we can fully relate Some Bouvier, and you bout fall clean through thin ice tryin to skate Your girl and I all playin the game, y'all just don't play the same Don't give a fuck and brush up off me, tick, tick, shawty Lo be At a piece of being broken for emotion at F-O-E's So she know it's gon' be a strike three But you gotta strike two, huh But at the damn I could find another just like you At The Damm I could find another just like you Huh, goodnight Boo

End Of An Era

Pinkerton Thugs
Well some kid got the lock down 'Cause he got flip with an officer No you don't do that in this town Unless you can bail yourself out Some kids got the kick down Fightin' straights from Fenway Park But who was in the right now And who still feels the scars? Whoah, pick yourself up now, lets go Now when we come to your town Ain't no one gonna be a thug But we're gonna have a lot of words now So ya tough hoods listen up I seen ya drinkin' down the river I seen ya fightin' at the shows I seen em crawl from every niche around And then I've seen em go These are the times And I don't care how it happens Things just gotta change Are you in it for a lifetime Are you giving back what you take Is what I'm saying sinking in Or is it just another wasted day Theres one thing that they got that we ain't got Its the long arm of the law When the mace came out I clutched the ground Then they kicked me up some more Pick it up punk In the bear white walls of the fish factory I worked all day just to make ends meet Cut and gut and pack it up That will never get you far They got me workin' all day I spent two years in a factory With fumes so thick it hurt to breathe Destroyed my throat broke my back I ain't never going back They got me workin' all day They get you in when you're down and out Your blood and sweat is running out One things for sure its plain to see I don't wanna work in a factory They got me workin' all day You'll hear the blood hounds bark And they'll lay me stiff and stark I'm gagged and bound six foot in the ground With a bullet in my heart But never say die though they'll try to destroy you They can strangle hope with the hangman's rope But we feel no stranglehold And never forget they hanged Captain John Brown Though we lost a man we came back again With a force one hundred fold Let me tell you 'bout police They want a piece of me Their hate is a beast that lives and breathes And fed by the bourgeoisie But never say die though they try to destroy you They can strangle hope with a hangman's rope But we feel no stranglehold And never forget our brothers in Braintree Though we lost a man we came back again With a force one hundred fold And never forget out Haymarket martyrs Though we lost out men we came back again With a force one hundred fold Theres something in your blood for revolution But I think that your blood is running cold Will time really tell When theres no hope left to sell Or will despair take its toll You bet your ass the lambs will keep on crying If the the wolf is still circling the fence You think you've seen the way, but by the light of day You've only reached another dead end Has your dream slipped through your fingers Or maybe it wasn't really there Or maybe part of growing up Is losing touch with you've loved And finding a new reason to care This story starts out spray painted on a wall Its been there for decades As the cigarette burns the world still turns While the vodka numbs the pain And everyone's got a sob story And the sigh is always the same When you turn out the pockets of your dirty jeans And find two bucks to your name And everyone's got somewhere to go And got somethin' to do I watch you millin' around all over this town While i kick a stone or two These six strings can be bullets if ya got something to say And if ya make a living off of telling them off Then I'd say you won the game Well just about four years ago there was no one to be found Now theres anger in four hundred eyes and fresh boots on the ground Now this story ends spray painted on a wall Its still there to this day You pass it on your way to work As the paint it starts to fade No one is givin' nothin' there ain't one damn thing for free So spring to life like a switchblade knife, its time they started to bleed Another story, out with the old, in with the new, hope and glory You and me we always hit it off well Always had that gleam in our eyes the days were ours to sell You'd hit me up for a buck but we never had a dime So we jumped the subway in town on the Red Line I remember We were never off our feet kickin' stones down on the street We got arrested more than once before we hit the age eighteen My folks untied the knot, your old man got a job in New York You picked up habbits, I picked up the guitar We used to steal a lot Then catch a show off the Kenmore stop But I felt I robbed the most When that poison hit your heart Should have never seen you off Should have been right there when you nodded off But you told me you weren't doing nothing hard I remember seeing you two weeks before you died I swear to christ you had that gleam still in your eye And now I'm runnin' But I'm runnin' all alone When I'm done runnin' I'll burn out and fade away with you For a wage of copper they'll make you rich in gold And thats what you got if you got control But if you got nothin' you ain't got no hope 'Cause everybody knows where the money goes A mans gotta work if he wants to live But is a life of labor for the highest bid A life worth livin' oh tell me if it is Cause I wanna know when to cash in They don't know your fury, can't hear you shout No matter how loud you holler, they'll drown you out No fist of ours has any clout If a fist of theirs can knock you out Oswald is in the library But he's got the face of an 'injun' cheif Buying Manhattan for twenty six beads I was lookin' at my watch just the other day It said doomsday is just a couple years away That ain't much time to halt the crime of whores Theres no more heroes, theres no more justice White collar crime from the office In my state you make sixteen grand To even camp in poverty land What if you're only makin' twelve Then where you gonna dwell They made me buy my food with stamps Meanwhile reservations die Capital don't care if your skin is red or white We got crooks in power in the USA Modern day whiskey, green paper cocaine The pied piper had a parade Led the founders to their grave All thats left is a land soaked with guilt and blood I ain't never been out there But I bet its the same as here Hope got cancelled years ago For the Ronald Reagan show They're the real mohegan clan Not us spikes in whitey land They were first to live without the law There ain't no reason anymore There ain't no spirit anymore There ain't no hope anymore There ain't no glory anymore Goldman, Debs, and Parsons Must be rolling in their graves The way this movement behaves So if you believe in freedom, well I believed in you That together we would see a brighter day There ain't no turning back no more There ain't nowhere to hide no more There ain't no heroes anymore There ain't no justice anymore They think they know whats best for you But have they walked a mile in your boots This scene is me this scene is you We're the wheels that make it turn Went down to Kenmore the other day Where us punks used to hand The Rats boarded up, its been bought out Theres not a whisper where we used to shout We're all in this Together We may never get anywhere Yeah somedays I don't wanna care But once your eyes are open they can't be shut At least we're tryin' thats goof enough I haven't lost my edge I haven't lost my faith We still need to overthrow this state I still hate the rich I still hate the cops I still hate the clubs that rip us off Theres a sun settin' on the horizon And we're running full speed with guns Some make it and others get burnt up So we're gonna make sure we're the ones With the one way ticket outta here 'Cause we been twenty years down We want guitars not a suit or shovel To get out of vampire town Don't tread on me 'Cause we're sick and we're tired And we're running out of fuel So take this song as a so long 'Cause you need us we don't need you We ain't gonna work for you, no You're gonna get nothin' done now Sittin' front a TV screen So don't complain when we march through your town If you miss the train when it leaves Get out anyway that you can now Burn the pavement under your feet Come out of hiding the dust is clearing Ain't no one singing defeat The agony of youth no it never did me good 'Cause all the glory never had the meaning that it should Never again will I see through those eyes Never again will I have you by my side Never Again I wanna call you a brother we'll be there for each other And call it all out own, we'll call it all our own Well one thing thats for certain They'll draw the final curtain But you'll never fight alone You'll never fight alone Well it's 1997, just about a quarter past eleven Nobody sits at home cause the rocks about to roll The Citgo sign with it's neon fire is fryin' all the suits While they're snortin' business up their nose, we're scuffin up our boots The downtown beat pours onto the street of the ground level Skeleton nation, but the high brow cannot hear it cause they ain't turned into the station All the common kids down on Comm. Ave have quite a lot to say But there ain't an ear to listen 'cause their turn is so far away Another kid with a broken heart An old beat up six string guitar Last train stop better get off At the end of an era Ghetto blast goes 1-2-3-4 If you're sick of being poor And the rebel beat beats on At the end of an era The elder ghosts are in the square As johnny fresh cut chops off his hair Butchy's black dreads flow all over town As black souls jive to the reggae sound When black and white dance together all night It ain't gonna make the papers When red blood fell from black and white lips They pinned it ghetto hatred The Mission Hill kids have got a mission It's called stayin' alive Its the calm before the storm In an ethnic jail tonight All right ready to prowl? Hey I seen it man They come from every walk of life From every edge of town They got gasoline in their veins Best walk on the other side of the street man They got venom eyes The Mission Hill kids, the Savin Hill pack The Cambridge campers, the Sommerville house The Charlestown town boys, suburban youth They're idlin' high They're blendin' in with the bricks I know you seen us before I've seen you ignore us But we don't forget a face man And we don't soon forgive...

Uncut, Pure (Original And Remix)

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
See the crowd in an uproar acting unstable Here comes Dark Gable raps remarkable Mic ripper, cash flipper, Cristal sipper Derrie're batalliere that's French for ass whipper Long time putting work in this, to be tremendous If I'm not the best then I'm a damn striking resemblance I roll the dice on the streets that be cold as ice And cause great disturbance just like a poltergeist I come attacking this enrage to disengage the missing page To the newest in age that's hitting stage For I be one that knows the art To get you up and out your seat, if you was Rosa Parks Tell me how much can you take from me the man to make Rhymes that's so butter my breath smell like land o lakes You know the lick, seen me hit em like a brick Plus my posse run thick, not that click from Mario flick Beware of one of the best they be You wanna test the God I hope you mean a SAT Because your poetasterous style it plain bore me Pardon the vainglory, but here's the Kane story Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo hands up to the sky Verse 2 Fuck the chorus And let the lyrics sit up in the track like rigamortis I spit a few to listen to when this I do it's as if as you Was invisible it'll make your life miserable Hip-hop icon, keep a grip like a python I be that wrong one to get fly on Boy you got to get that playa hatin' out you That's the other side of the game and I ain't Erykah Badu Black Caesar, don't you even reach my way You'd sooner find a vital point that's on Priest Pai Mae I heat it up to where I pasteurize half the guys A fast demise disaster lies as he dies Confront one of the best at rhyming What I write it be so rough that my ink pen need alignment The untouchable, don't want to tempt me I come kicking through your door, unlawful entry It be me, even though none of y'all want to see me For real, damn I know how Jehovah's witness feel I remember how I formed it up Cause I took what was raw and then I warmed it up Turned the fire down to simmer as I calmed it up But take a look I think the Kane about to overcook Come and get it, but you better come with paramedics Cause you couldn't bring it to me if you worked for Fed Ex I come cutting through split his gut in two I touch em what em do you know the style ain't nothing new Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo' hands up to the sky, high Get on down baby we keep it live Repeat Verse 3 A good game it lets the plot thicken, but the thing that just ain't clickin' Is the way y'all legalize trickin' You talk about your ride and you don't even got one But I can pull a hot one, when inside of a Datsun The wicked in the bed, plus the wicked in the head When I shoot the game, it's like my tongue got infra red Let the Messiah take you higher as I supply ya' what you require Desire and admire it entire Sudden impact as I'm guttin' em black Closest thing to me would be; nothin' in fact I come with more in skill, to always score and kill Females adore and thrill, sweeter thang than Lauryn Hill As I return with a vengeance, here comes the day of independence Approach them all with some bad intentions In other words I'm making them resign, diminish mine Runnin' through them like a finish line Chorus

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