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Everlast lyrics - Forever Everlasting

I Got The Knack

Original and similar lyrics
You got it (13x) Get up everybody and listen to this rhyme My name is Everlast and yo I'm always on time I got what it takes to make this groove complete When my DJ cuts he's never missin' a beat I'm down with the Syndicate and they're down with me I'm also down with Divine, Bilal and Quincy D Terry B., DJ Lethal and my brother Kool Nick Kid Jazz, Scratch, Bangle and Cut Master Quick I worked hard and long to master this traight And to quote my other song, yo I'm just out to get paid So sleep on me now, For my time will come Everlast lasts forever That's why I'm number one I got the knack (7x) Everlast is in effect, gettin' full respect I collect big checks, 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, a 100 G's I'm pullin' honey's left and right, day and night You gotta see it to believe it, it's quite a sight There all on my tip to get a sip of this poetic performer I can get whipped but I'm out to get paid, not to get laid All across the country my records gettin' played The radio stations, clubs and renkores All the shows I play I make them do encores So sleep on me now, For my time will come Everlast lasts forever That's why I'm number one I got the knack (5x) (Ah, yah, hit me, alright, check this out) Step up place your bet and I'll serve your fortune But first I must issue just one word of caution Dope lyric presentations are my soul notiriety Everlast is on the rise movin' through society My voice is moist resighting choice vocals Respected world wide and feared by locals Poppin' junk out your punk mouth Makin' bets it's too late for regrets It's time to pay your debts, E-v-e-r-l-a-s-t It's the name that I fed a poetic demigod with skin that is fare I got the knack (10x) Now there are too many people in this world tryin' to play me Like I'm some kind of sucker constantly they disobey me Tellin' me what's sellin', what kinda records be charted Sound like him, sound like her but they all sound retarded Takin' very little time to write down a rhyme It's confusing to see so many people so fly Some think that it's a sell out rhymin' to this beat But Everlast takes any groove and makes it sound complete I got the knack!

The Boogie Blues

Kurtis Blow "Tough"
I was walkin' down the avenue the other day When I heard this crazy sound It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums But he was really gettin' down He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack When I got a pair of sticks in hand I got savior faire on the bass and snare And I'm here to take my stand I got juice The next to show was a guy named Joe Came in from Kalamazoo Had a Kango cap with a real smooth rap And he knew just what to do He was an outta work bricklayer,part-time conga player Brought along a set of LP's Don't do a lot of talkin',let my fingers do the walkin' And I play just as pretty as you please I got juice There was a guy with a bass,had a handsome face And designer clothes all around He said I'm into threads,don't wear Pro Keds But I can make that funky sound I play Fender Jazz,I got razz-ma-tazz I got style from head to toe It's a funky sound that I learned uptown And I'm here to let you know I got juice About a minute went by when another guy Showed up with an old guitar Well it hard to be from World War III Or run over by a car It don't look like much,but it's sweet to touch They don't make'em like this today It's been around,but check the sound Then see what you say I got juice There was a dude with a bongo,came from the Congo Had a rough beat of his own He dressed real strangle,wore beads and chains But he could rock you all alone He said call me Chief and I've got relief For those weary dancin' blues I got jungle heat from a primative beat And I know I'll move your shoes,HUH-HUH I got juice The next to show was Kurtis Blow With timbales in his hands Well I'm known for rap and I play with snap And I think you'll understand Now I was taught to play in a different way By a dude known as Delgado He said listen to me and you soon will be A timbale desparato I got juice What do you say when you're bustin' loose JUICE,JUICE It's good for the gander and chilly for the goose JUICE,JUICE Breakin' out from that weekday noose JUICE,JUICE Gettin' down on the one and up on the deuce JUICE.JUICE

On The Strength

WU-TANG CLAN "The Swarm"
[Intro:] Okay God it's like this If we don't manifest our power to the fullest Man, you know what I'm saying Nothing will become of everything that we plan Understand and understood God See we goin' show them the strength in what we doing Cause this is for he babies (indeed) That's why it's on the strength Everything is on the strength [Verse 1:] Simultaneous anger to this life I'm no stranger Galaxy mission to attack in the track black Diplomats in the world called rapture Death was a concept I didn't want to capture The laughter singing over mantress d Street colleagues slow up, Their man got tow up Guts be throw up sipping on rum We sing from the creed of a begger's last son Cash fast fun, no life undone Take what you need son cause you daddy made mo' than one And it was fun 'till reality formed screaming >From a palace where the weather's warm Yo you have to be the father and the lord of the score Used to hover here now it's cutting your vocal cord No mo' speaking the lies to the weak 'Cause I'm about killing these guys with my feet Today it's a stage maybe later it's a cosmic course The general I be rocking on the horse On the strength of course don't let it be in vain Cause it's time for The Beggaz to reign, remain [Verse 2:] A vision my facility a death world trilogy (you see that shit) Now fictional plots speak out through gunshots Battles won and lost at the of heaven's throne The sky rains blood drowning the earth with red mud I be sitting on the edge of Mars counting stars Finding me a place in space unchaseable No mortal can't fulfill such skill they incapable Of keeping all the planets in-line with one mind Make the sun and moon both shine at one time I orchestrate the guns that air for God's sake Precipitate make rain, hail, snow and earthquake Levitate the gravitational pull of Haleys comet Shake the chords of earth make a euro-volacanic vomit Ebonic with sonic waves that blaze the human flesh It flames extra-terrestrial it's time to reap professional Feel the untestable force burning your course Hints of visible thoughts be the source of Begga sorcery ....Begga sorcery [Chorus] ON THE STRENGTH Time is money and gain ON THE STRENGTH Math is one and the same ON THE STRENGTH Whining is something for pain ON THE STRENGTH Beggaz for ever remain [Repeat] [Verse 3:] Buddah Hava who lives the ways by nature Escape on a galactic space caper To the nexus, transportation a glass Lexus Forever present is Wu Chi in the essence Of life is immortal we travel through portals thats phenomenon, paragon through the octagon My Chi gong is calm, express through Alvatron Love hell alright is the day destroys the night Knife divides today feathers are harmonious And universal ways to escapades We take what we need to survive and stay alive Draw more sometimes as we break through the other side [Verse 4:] The Knoliton master law and order Astrolgoic civilize the human family throughout the populous Live forever like metabolics Everything I speak has logic Estimated all partsman of the chief king fistboxin' Inscribe within the Begga doctrine Manual infold I roll protect my physic from elements of the globe We communicate like space probe, Remainder of the square frag the author of the final chapter seven star grandmaster Pugilist John Trappa M.D. Go-go thirteen professional MC I bomb squads like Hank Sharpley Expose a fraud like hardcopy I know click and shoot like paparazzi With the never conclusive euro language of usage Street persona, my thought is blacker than the pre-madonna Far and beyond, If lickin' who warfare like Sadam Invade everyone like Ghangis Khan Forever will remain And the Beggaz will continue go on....... [Chorus] mixing then fade away......

Make it Funky

ICE-T "Rhyme Pays"
(Make it funky) So the people can get down to the funky sound Cause my crew don't mess around (Make it funky) So the girls can get busy,dog the dance floor Make the guys get dizzy (Make it funky) Totally def as Evil E guts the records and the beat is kept (Make it funky) Stupid fly,it's got to the F-U-N-K why So that you can get loose as I produce sounds hard as the deuce Manipulate the bass gain give the level's a boost The lyric layer rhyme sayer,born to be player If politics were my kick then I'd be your mayor Governator,Senator,I'm your mentor Rap rhythm is erratic,time is four, four I'm the microphone scholar,clockin' long dollars Here to make the place funky while the fly girls holler Genius vocalist,rhyme style priceless Pound of gold around my neck,mic in my first The microphone virtuoso crazy insane I'm loco With the speed to exceed,make other MC's look slow mo Un-lease release words mean as a beast I eat MC's for lunch and dinner,I can serve for a feast Their rhymes are elementary,mine deserve a PH D This beat is F-U-N-Key my name is Ice T Make it funky Undoubtedly you recognize this jam is the ultimate cut Uncontrollably you motivate and move your butt It's rough the beat is gangsterous,call it tough If you're diss'n stop frontin',come on whats up Complicated voice gymnastics are all in your face Vegas got my highs,E.V's got control my bass My break is comin' get busy no time ta waste Now's the time do body work here's the place Make it funky Make it funky enough so the tracks lay tough 'Cause I'm tossin' it up and the Ice don't bluff The girl charmer toy Harmer,juice strong as armor When I stand upon the stage you could call it melodrama Intense suspense my voice emcee I wouldn't have you come and see me under false pretense The girlies do be wild'n'as I'm profilin' Limos lined around the block for about a mile'n'a half Autographs the list goes on If you forgot it 'make it funky' is the name of this song Stupid dope and you know it,it rates a ten You pray my DJ cuts the records so it starts again 'Cause I can keep the mic cookin' for an entire month My rhymes are always hard hittin' I don't know how to bunt My DJ cuts like a laser E-V-I-L-E Put your finger on the records Make it,Make it funky Make it funky

Lie Down

P.O.D. "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown"
I lie down, I sleep, when I wake, sustain me Outkast blast through deception, the tension, your mind collapse Relapse, the stress of matter, when I shatter like glass The never seen, the never heard style we bring forth Can't ignore, the Four, ripp'n straight when I take your Title, self, X it out like homicidal it's vital, to make my flesh be suicidal We tribal, sing with the Saints, let our spirits fly Hold down the string with the poser Jah has given I Break back the chains, release the squeeze off my veins Empty box, hollow rocks, I knock you out your frame Shallow grave marks the date, Oh' Babylon the Great Evil virus, be like Cyrus, trample down your gates We're the ones, the chosen sons Come out of dark into light, rather fight than run We came to die for the reasons you put us down Don't know when, could have then, what's the time, the time is now I lie down, I sleep, when I wake, sustain me Ready, attack, bout' to break you down fast like collision Religion, take you from vision to flashback In an instant, calculate precise precision It's vivid, turn your intimidation to timid I'm in it, count down to self-destruction That's word to my mother when you suffer the repercussions Clear the path, it's the wrath coming through You ain't got what it takes to make me break Because I'm harder than you I'm harder than you You ain't got what it takes

Why Not

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Intro: Juvenile + Skip] You can find me in the parking lot By the car lot-where we spark a lot Up in the hallway it be dark a lot We don't talk to cops cause we all be hot Homey you need to get you somethin new (why not) Shit I'm ridin somethin green, somethin blue (why not) They gon' respect it when a gangsta come through (why not) They doin numbers, we'll do somethin too (why not) [Juvenile] Is you doin ya dirt, they really know ya bout ya work if they scopin ya turf you goin out there head first do you know the rules when you got beef with a fool can you stick and move and do you sleep with the tool you in the camp you bout to make you an examp so when they see the stamp they gon'respect it like a champ you light in the ass but kind of heavy with the cash be rollin the grass you still totin the solider rag you been out there on the grind spendin most of ya time in a section full of nobody's so you gotta shine will you bust a head, know how to do it-how to play it bet a hundred in the field and parlay can you flip a Z, go back and get a Quater ki when you rid of that call Rico up and order three put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus: Juvenile + Skip] Homey you need to get you somethin new (why not) Shit I'm ridin somethin green, somethin blue (why not) They gon' respect it when a gangsta come through (why not) They doin numbers, we'll do somethin too (why not) You can find me in the parking lot By the car lot-where we spark a lot Up in the hallway it be dark a lot We don't talk to cops cause we all be hot [Juvenile] You like states with pretty hoes in ya face you hate checks, you just come home on a case can you make a name-will you be patient in the game can you state ya claim, and reputation stay the same will you hold it down when ya lil'homies ain't around will you hold ya ground like you the only one in town is you feelin this, you listen to it when you creep you real in the streets all in the hood with the heat you ain't tryna joke gotta be real for ya folks is ya people broke they aggrivate you on the porch do you sell weed and you don't never make a profit do you blow big until it hurt you in ya pocket you just scared to lose cause you a winner all the time you gotta lot to prove lil'sinner on the grind put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus] [Juvenile] Do you G's up when it's a dime in ya grill do you freeze up when it's that time for a kill if they pop at you is you gon'pop back at 'em you gon'stay away from niggaz if they rattin wanna ride swoll pull up on 24 flats can you get a hoe without you throwin her a stack is you callin shots can you stay away from the cops you know how to stop you be inside when it's hot you from the East, you from the West, you from the South you from the North, or the Midwest what you about can you twist a gar without you fuckin up the road did you get a car just to be stuntin for the hoes you been out here and it's ya time for a lick do you know this year as you aknowledgin the shit put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus]

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