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Eternal Dirge lyrics

My Sweet Satan

Original and similar lyrics
Burn within me, pleasures Feed my empty mind Strengthen my desire My perfect queen of night And I'm receiving more Than I bargained for Dedication everymore To the order of the sore My own Satan Oh sweet Satan Say you love Satan My own sweet Satan Every man And every woman is a star [AL I, 3] Thou hast the right To do thy will None shall say nay [AL I, 42-3] Slaves shall serve Love is the law, love under will [AL I, 57] Thrown onto this world So unknown and unreal And no-one seems to share The emptiness I feel Deep within my heart The flame of prometheus burns And I will swim against the tide Until it turns! Jesus!! Thou shalt not lead my way of life Satan!!! Ride my soul onthrough the night

She Means Everything To Me

When the night comes she'll be here, Lying down in my bed, I have woken way before the dawn, With all the things that she said; On and on I hear gondoliers, Passing in the dark, It's another moment for the heart, 'Cos she means everything to me, She means everything to me, I know that I love her; When the day comes she'll be gone, From the one who will not see, He doesn't love her, he doesn't love her any more, But he will not set her free; So on and on we've been like aeroplanes, Passing in the night, But there's no more hiding it this time, That she means everything to me, She means everything to me, I know that I need her; There comes a time when we must be, With those we love, And she means everything to me, She means everything to me, She means everything to me, She is the one who gives me life, She will be here with me tonight...

The Man That Got Away

CHER "Bittersweet: The Love Songs Collection"
The night is bitter The stars have lost their glitter The wind blows colder And suddenly you're older And all because of the man that got away No more is he the cause The writings on the wall Oh but dreams, yeah dreams Have all gone astray The man that won you Has gone off and undone you The great beginning Has seen it's final ending Don't know what happened It's all a crazy game No more, no more of that ole time thrill Honey you been through the mill never will a new love will be the same Good riddance ah goodbye Every, every prickle is you own to But fools will be fools And where he goes to The road gets rougher It's lonelier and it's tougher We hope you run up Tomorrow, tomorrow may come up There's just no letter The live long night and day Ever since this world begun There ain't nothing sadder Than a one man woman Crying for the man that got away

In Shaire

MODERN TALKING "In The Middle Of Nowhere"
You're hunting me In the night in your fantasy It's the sign of the gypsy queen Endless dream You're hunting me I feel the need I've never felt love so deep Love is so dangerous, mysterious I try to win, baby Oh, in Shaire You won't have my love for free You are selling frozen tears A journey to my heart and fears, in Shaire In Shaire you will play a game with me You are stealing memories My heartbeat is a loving beat, in Shaire In Shaire you try To break the rules, make white doves cry In Shaire I know All your love will come and go When I say you will take all my feelings away In Shaire You're hunting me Winning games of the night, I see Loving you is such a thrill You make me feel You're hunting me You're holding me I'm lost in a lonely sea And behind your painted smile You're a child I try to win, baby

Stars And Stripes Of Corruption

DEAD KENNEDYS "Frankenchrist"
Finally got to Washington in the middle of the night I couldn't wait I headed straight for the Capitol Mall My heart began to pound Yahoo! It really exists The American International Pictures logo I looked up at that Capitol Building Couldn't help but wonder why I felt like saying 'Hello, old friend' Walked up the hill to touch it Then I unzipped my pants And pissed on it when nobody was looking Like a great eternal Klansman With his two flashing red eyes Turn around he's always watching The Washington monument pricks the sky With flags like pubic hair ringed 'round the bottom The symbols of our heritage Lit up proudly in the night Somehow fits to see the homeless people Passed out on the lawn So this is where it happens The power games and bribes All lobbying for a piece of ass Of the stars and stripes of corruption Makes me feel so ashamed To be an American When we're too stuck up to learn from our mistakes Trying to start another Viet Nam Whilke fiddling while Rome burns at home The Boss says, 'You're laid off. Blame the Japanese' 'America's back,' alright At the game it plays the worst Strip mining the world like a slave plantation No wonder others hate us And the Hitlers we handpick To bleed their people dry For our evil empire The drug we're fed To make us like it Is God and country with a band People we know who should know better Howl, 'America riles. Let's go to war!' Business scams are what's worth dying for Are the Soviets our worst enemy We're destroying ourselves instead Who cares about our civil rights As long as I get paid The blind Me-Generation Doesn't care if life's a lie so easily used, so proud to enforce The stars and stripes of corruption Let's bring it all down! Tell me who's the real patriots The Archie Bunker slobs waving flags Or the people with the guts to work For some real change Rednecks and bombs don't make us strong We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves Our real test of strength is caring Not the toys of war we sell the world Just carry on, thankful to be farmed like worms Old glory for a blanket As you suck on your thumbs Real freedom scares you 'Cos it means responsibility So you chicken out and threaten me Saying, 'Love it or leave it' I'll get beat up if I criticize it You say you'll fight to the death To save your worthless flag If you want a banana republic that bad Why don't you go move to one But what can just one of us do Against all that money and power Trying to crush us into roaches We don't destroy society in a day Until we change ourselves first From the inside out We can start by not lying so much And treating other people like dirt It's easy not to base our lives On how much we can scam And you know It feels good to lift that monkey off our backs I'm thankful I live in a place Where I can say the things I do Without being taken out and shot So I'm on guard against the goons Trying to take my rights away We've got to rise above the need for cops and laws Let kids learn communication Instead of schools pushing competition How about more art and theater instead of sports People will always do drugs Let's legalize them Crime drops when the mob can't price them Budget's in the red Let's tax religion No one will do it for us We'll just have to fix ourselves Honesty ain't all that hard Just put Rambo back inside your pants Causing trouble for the system is much more fun Thank you for the toilet paper But your flag is meaningless to me Look around, we're all people Who needs countries anyway Our land, I love it too I think I love it more than you I care enough to fight The stars and stripes of corruption Let's bring it all down! If we don't try If we just lie If we can't find A way to do it better than this Who will

No Question

ALLURE "Allure"
[LL Cool J] Concentrate, listen to me, while you do me Should I surrender when you pursue me You think a man don't have heart and soul When a hand's that good, anybody will fold It's like poetry in motion But the heart regulates the devotion Love is floatin' in a sky blue ocean Think about it Feel the motion, young queen It reminds me of a smoothed out movie scene Two bodies intertwined on the screen Everybody makes love in their dreams But this is real, know what I mean Passion is the way of the world Electricity when boy meets girl And making love is the key A burning flame that will last eternally You should know that I'm here for you As long as you see me through I would give all I have just to be with you Don't you see honey it could be me and you 1 - I really look forward to being with you When you're not around I don't know what to do You give me a feeling that I can't control You take my heart and soul 2 - Never question what I do Cause you need me baby and I need you So there's no need for ya to have no fears Without a doubt I will be here Now I know what I want to do Everything's all right as long as I'm with you Oh, don't you understand I don't want to be alone Baby don't you know Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (2x) Never question (You should never question) Cause you need me baby (Yeah boy) So there's no need for ya Without a doubt I will be here

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