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ERICK SERMON lyrics - React

Love Iz - Al Green

Original and similar lyrics
Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Al Green * Album: React Song: Love Iz * all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples People in the house - Slick Rick (Welll...) [E-Dub] Sermon - aiight (Aww yeahhh...) As we proceed.. [E-Dub] Holla at ya boy - People in the house [E-Dub] Scream at me - aiight [Verse One] (Love is) - Yeah, music that you feel good Neighborhood hood, gully Roll through cause it's cool to boost the spirit For the folks young and old and infants can hear it (Love is) - Knowin the rap game is not the same And still I came Whoever killed 'Pac and Smalls, they're lame Erick Sermon, learn my name (Love is) - When I come through your spot With no security guards, just me and the Squad, uhh I got love, a cat got checked by a fan Holdin me down, I got street respect (Love is) - When true fans who don't believe in rumors Real consumers, who love what I'm doin That's why I.. PROCEED! Superman, the E don't bleed [Chorus] (Love is) - Yeah, never hatin Everybody's out there is (people) Yeah, why you wanna take my car, so we can be (Walkin together) (Love is) - Def Squad, Keith Murray Redman, that's my (people) Conversate with the next man, so we can be (Talkin together) [Erick Sermon] (Love is) - When the planes hit And the world got together like baseballs and mitts New York's Finest, so I represent my home Hold weight on this microphone (Love is) - When I pray for my enemies If drama cats get smoked like chimneys I'm not dyin for a fake thug who need a hug Not E-Dub - I'm focused man {Jay-Z} (Love is) - When your man got your back And, hold you down when no one's around, and Bless that, and get that money And then pass it around so nobody's hungry (Love is) - I do what I do When I can do it like no other to help my brother And, I hope racism as a whole don't walk through life, with a blindfold [Chorus] (Love is) - Showin love to those who paved the way, that's my (people) Politic with Al Green, and now we're (Singin together) (Love is) - Yeah doin it for black and white That's my (people) Get tight altogether, so we can be (Livin together) [Erick Sermon] (Love is) - Yeah, to be able to live With a, beautiful chick and a couple of kids Uhh, with foreign cars, a house on land I'm blessed no doubt y'all - Check this out (Love is) - When your man can't pay the bills And you loaned him a couple of bills, uh Now that's real, I come from the heart told ya Erick Sermon, the underground soldier (Love is) - Yeah, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye And that's what I rock every day And take what they say, and then relay When I R-A-P for y'all to play (Love is) - Yeah, God Almighty The Alpha Omega, there's no one greater Then comes your moms, your fam is second And love is, the name of this record [Chorus] (Love is) - Yeah, rockin the house for hip-hop underground (people) Yeah it's only one God, whatever you call him we still (Prayin together) (Love is) - Yeah, for all my true dawgs out there Y'all my (people) I'm in the house, cold lampin, and we're (Livin together) (Singin together.. what it is) (Love is.. love is..)

A Different Man

Jeremy Jordan "Try My Love"
Come on baby, hey... oh yeah.. baby, I need your lovin' baby.. hey.. oh yeah... Now that I'm all alone, No one to turn to, No one to call my own, Suddenly I realized, That your love you have for me was so sincere.. *I took advantage of your love girl, and I don't even know what I was thinking of baby, But now I feel so empty inside, and I need your loving back, 'Cause this feeling I can't hide... CHORUS: Come back home to me, you will see a different man.. Come back home to me, Girl I didn't understand, why you took your love for me.. Oh so many broken promises, I always seem to let you down.. and no wonder that you cared for me, 'Cause when you needed me, I was never around. They say the love is give and take.. too much misfortune I could never give.. I took for granted that you'd be back, Give me one more chance I have love you girl.. Repeat CHORUS *

Make Me Love You

There's moonlight on the trees paintin' silver on the leaves it's so beautiful out here I just had to stop and stare that's unusual for me I had a happy heart of stone no voice to answer but my own now I want more from the night since you waltzed into my life you couldn't leave well enough alone (chorus 1) Why out of all the people in this world why did you set your sights and single out this girl oh...why did you have to go and make me love you why'd you have to go and make me why'd you have to go and make me love you In an instant sweet and strange everything about me changed whether I want to or not I come to you with all I've got and I'll never be the same (chorus 2) Why out of all the people in this world why did you set your sights and single out this girl oh..why did you have to go and make me love you why'd you have to go and make me why'd you have to go and make me love you tell me why why'd you have to go and make me why'd you have to go and make me love you Maybe this is just a dream or maybe this was meant to be I just pinch myself and wonder why (repeat chorus 2 )

Two People

Two people Like two children We're holding back We're holding on Two children Frightened of new places Of getting lost Of being found Running, hiding Somehow afraid of love Playing in the sunlight And shade of love Games we play too well Like two children Isn't it time Time we throw all our toys away So that our love can grow Day by day We're two people trying to leave What belongs to some far-off past Ready to find the love that will last Are you the one who can free The child in me...

Back Stabbers

Grand Puba "2000"
[Puba] Yeah.. aight.. 2000 representatives comin to ya Yeah, here to talk about a situation you know that makes the world go round, check it It's on that love and hate tape, yaknahmsayin Be damned if you do, damned if you don't But I'ma rap on it a taste, yaknahmsayin I'ma let honey take it away, check it [Valdes] It's a thin line.. between love and hate It's a thin line (yeah) it's a thin line (uhh) If you feel the vibe.. Yeah.. no doubt It's time to set em straight [Puba] [Valdes] No doubt, check it Well it's four o'clock, in the mornin Just gettin in, baby love's askin Baby where you been Tryin to get mine But I've been sittin waitin all this time I got to grab this cream, while I got the chance Romance, without finance -- you know the rest, baby It's just a nuisance I'm sayin, act like you know Nuttin can't grow if the dough don't flow But I'm just tryin to get a-wit you Baby I ain't tryin to bullshit you Why we gotta beef on the same old shit Because your friends you'd rather be with But when I'm with my friends, I don't go through that So you can pack your bags They already packed Well you ain't really my skin And your friends ain't really your friends Chorus: repeat 2X They smile, in your face All the time, they wanna take your place The back-stabbers Pocket-grabbers [Puba] I told my man that I gave my girl the outs Crib to the head, king size bed That love shit is dead, so let's call some chickenheads Tell em do the spread while we bein handfed We had it goin for the first two weeks I bumped into my ex, and she asked, could we speak I told her made it quick, and this is what she kicked Dig it [Valdes] Hey baby how you doin Fine I heard that you and your friends be havin good times No doubt, he come through in the clutch That nigga ain't really your friend What I wish you wouldn't trust him so much You got a problem I think you really trust him too much Cause he's the best friend, I got No he's not! The last time you went out of town Yeah Guess who came creepin around Yeah.. Whatchu sayin He started sayin that you're no good for me But all that drama wasn't tryin to see Talkin bout all the other girls you got Oh the nigga went out like that Oh shit! Steppin to me, tryin to blow up the spot Tell me boy, is that your friend Nooooo, nooooooo, noooooo Damn It's a thin line, between love and hate Love and hate, love and hate If you feel the vibe boy, it's time to set him straight Oh I'ma set that nigga straight It's a thin line boy, between love and hate If you take your time, it'll be worth your wait [Puba] Boy I tell you these days You don't even know who to trust, yaknahmsayin That's how love do, that's how hate do, knahmsayin It's all connected It's all injected, knahmsayin

Say What You Mean

MOODY BLUES "Keys Of The Kingdom"
Say what you mean Mean what you say Say what you mean Mean what you say Think about the words That you're using Speak for yourself Say what's on your mind Think about the life That you're choosing Whenever you need somebody Whenever you're looking For somebody who knows When trouble won't leave you alone. Say what you mean Mean what you say Look into the world of tomorrow Say what you want Want what is true Check out of the room Full of sorrow I'm ready to take you with me I'm ready to be the one Who's there by your side When you've just got Nowhere to hide. And oh, The angels will walk with you Whenever you need them Yeah, the glory that comes with love Yeah, yeah, yeah And oh, The treasure that waits for us Whenever we need it Now, I just can't hold it back Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The work and the pain The thunder and the rain The word of the earth has been spoken The bird on the wing Free as the wind Knowing that the spell Has been broken Now you can laugh with meaning Now you can throw away The cloak of disguise As you turn your face To the sky The blue of the night The secrets of the light The touch of the hand That can lead you I known you recognize The shiver of surprise Then you realize That he's seen you Into the strange unknown of love Standing before me How your nakedness shows Now I just can't leave you alone Ah oh, I'm ready to take you now Whenever you want to go Yeah, my heart is there for you Yeah, yeah, yeah And oh, The glory that comes with love For always and ever, now Now you can feel me love Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Say what you mean, mean what you say Tell me about the love that you're feeling Say what you mean what you say

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