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ELVIS COSTELLO lyrics - This Year's Model

Pump It Up

Original and similar lyrics
I've been on tenterhooks ending in dirty looks, list'ning to the Muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that. She said that's that. I don't wanna chitter-chat. Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat. Pump it up when you don't really need it. Pump it up until you can feel it. Down in the pleasure centre, hell bent or heaven sent, listen to the propaganda, listen to the latest slander. There's nothing underhand that she wouldn't understand. Pump it up until you can feel it. Pump it up when you don't really need it. She's been a bad girl. She's like a chemical. Though you try to stop it, she's like a narcotic. You wanna torture her. You wanna talk to her. All the things you bought for her, putting up your temp'rature. Pump it up until you can feel it. Pump it up when you don't really need it. Out in the fashion show, down in the bargain bin, you put your passion out under the pressure pin. Fall into submission, hit-and-run transmission. No use wishing now for any other sin. Pump it up until you can feel it. Pump it up when you don't really need it.


The name of this motherfucker is called Questions Rough Draft (ha ha, tell em) QDIII did the beat (all day all night) Whassup to everybody out there in L.A. What you really doin hoe? Why do I do the things I do? Why so many questions? What am I doing? I talk to myself... when there's no-one to talk to I wanna ask me a question: When am I gonna make it up out of a hellish and devilish way? When are you gonna make mill-ions with the dividends; when are you gonna make ends generate bread? Who in the hell, left the gate open? Do you wanna sell? Is everybody on wavelength like us? Why do I rip it in half, doobie kick ass with backwards attach isssh like ?hap ut eallavik? Can you wait a minute? Can you slow it up a little bit Nina so I can get up in it? But did you really wanna dabble in fanatical supernatural lyrically radical milli minutes, I'm about to begin it Can I get some, can I spit some, which one? When am I gonna get off this trip? Can I take another peel, why do I feel like I'm a sick individual in the room, poppin off at the lip? Do you, feel me? Do you do voodoo really? Did you get it? Did you want a real epidemic? Will you let me run up in it? What's the word; is it absurd? What is that isssh you heard? Was it real, is it real, was it really real? Tech9ne in it to win it besides QDThird occurred Who's the worst, who's rastafari? You never livin never sure it's Selassie I the First brother on the planet Earth, who? Do you wanna flow; what you wanna do? How can I be in the zone like this, gone like this? How can I break the obsession? In the middle of it all, when I snap back, step back and ask myself; what, why do you ask so many questions? Chorus: repeat 2X (chorus is best guess) Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Do I wanna stick em with another hit up after this? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I'm at the pinnacle when I'm up in em I'ma kill em in this Do you understand.. whatcha gonna do when Nina hit you with the critical homidical lyrical killer flippin leavin you with boo-boo underpants? How does it feel? Do you wanna come up and chill - with an assassin? Can you feel it inside, what? The feeling of a commotion of two titans clashing Why me, who are you, what I am supposed to do - what a nigga here fo'? Who do you fear mo'? Is it the Nine, with a brand new joint? Like to hear it, here go What are you lookin at, when am I gonna get a dose of thorazine? Can you give me a little something to ease the pain? Ease the mayn, who's the mayn? Tech-a-Nina with the Road Dawgs and the Midwest Side Crew's to blame Can I get a little back with attack issh? What do you accomplish, ever can't you diss, diss pitless bottom of a, in you toss thou nigga ass, Babe mish Hate a playa percenter a-hundred that is Side West, Mid, down ever who off, what? Hack it, did you know Tech9ne hot like a dragon? Did you feel it baby? Can you give me a double dose of whatever the feeling I'm gettin is really pain Kobain, for anybody want a piece of this, sickness Is it a cinch to get with hot? Who, when, where what why? I'm at the pinnacle with a killer eye, do I wanna die no I just wanna dose of the most inner syringe up in my thigh, bonzai!! Chorus 2X Now do you know what the real is? Does everybody think I'm twisted? Non-realistic or do you think that I'm gifted, I'ma live freer Can you help me? Am I lookin at you can I be peepin you from afar, please, remain calm Could you be the reason I'm a bomb straight out of Vietnam, ready to explode on Sa-tan? Tell me what the problem is, I'ma write what the bottom is Do you know what a empty column is? Am I your worst nightmare? I feel sick right there Should I blow it out, can I do without, do I need help? Am I living within a pen of demons? I'm stressing, can I get a blessing (from who?) The one who cursed me with all these Questions Some say I'm psychotic but if I have to label it, it would be -- confusion It's like I gotta write shit like this to keep my head from exploding, yaknowhatI'msayin? So many questions Chorus 2X

I Dont Wanna Know

Human Radio
(R. Rice) you could give me lots of reasons to walk right out of here or you could beg me to stay but i know you're gonna disappear you could smile and say nothing enjoy the challenge of your secrecy coz you can have another lover baby just don't let it get back to me coz when i can't feel a thing i feel alright n when i don't like what i see i turn out the light coz i don't wanna know last night i walked right by a homeless man my eyes stared into space coz even if i gave him everything i had i couldn't make his world a better place this great green world where there's enough for all don't tell me starvation is too much to handle they tell me reach out and change the world and i reach out i reach out and change the channel coz when i can't feel a thing i feel alright n when i don't like what i see i turn out the light coz i don't wanna know what's going on

My Time

EARSHOT "Letting Go"
I struggled with this pain inside, but it was too strong you looked so catatonic, ya knew it was wrong destructive, tainted, heated words scraped off your tongue singing wholly sinful song If you feel the same way, and you want to go to heaven for the first time... one more time [repeat] You wanna know the reason why I am the way I am you wanna hear the truth the love the way that only I can tell you wanna hear a song that moves and hangs inside of you you wanna feel and see the magic that only I can sell I'm gonna plug it in, turn it up, settle in and turn the self indulgent matrons over belly up I'm gonna find a way to touch you... and blow away the hate for you to hear this fallen angel's song [chorus] My dear friends out there, standing atop the mountain did you find your faith in God when you found that you were buried at the bottom? [chorus]


[Rap verse 1] Hey girl remember me I met you backing 93 Even then, I liked your style And you got a little thicker now See my name is montelly-yo From the Westside of cally-yo But you can call me big daddy though Now peep game as I start to flow [Verse 1] Baby girl let me talk to you That's all that I wanna do I can tell your jeans are new Just right And I like What you do to me Everything that my body needs So holla back, cause I feel the need To turn you on tonight [Chorus] You got what I need I can see you in them right blue jeans I been known to make a honey wanna scream if you feel me, come holler @ me aight you got what I need I see you looking so fresh, so clean I been known to make a nigga wanna fiend If you feel me, come holla @me Aigh [Repeat 2X] [Rap verse 2] What you know about the dirty south Late nights at the waffle house Bad girls that like to bounce Atl, yeah That's what I am talking about Bankhead and krispy kremes Cadillac's on 23's Iced-grill that'll make you freeze Damn, you know what I mean [Verse 2] Let me kick this one more time Look straight into my eyes When you touch me I cant deny I get so excited So, what's it gonna be You wanna burn some calories We'll hit the Swiss on Peachtree You re gonna wake up next to me [Repeat chorus] [Rap verse 3 (Bonz Rap)] M.J lets ride on this one Doin 105 up 85 What you talking about The dirty south, and you just entered the prise' You gotta special way of making me rise They playing your song you are turning me on Showing the thong, dance wrong When we are up in the club I gotta dub and I am ready to cut From S.C. to cali Keep turning it up (it aint no game) what She love the dubs on my truck, uh, uhmmm Let me clear my throat Keeping it country like chicken and dumpling Rather have you humping on top of me Helping Mr. Jordan keep the party jumping And y'all know, I cant stop till be bottle empty So turn it all around From the back girl break it down Your looking scrumptious now Gotta hit it get it wow [Repeat chorus 2x]

I've Got To Have It

[JD (Monica)] Uh-huh, oh (Oh) Uh-huh, oh So So Def (I've got to have it) See this is what it's all about right her Understand me see my life's real I don't know about yours Everything I do is an event (I've got to have it) Nas, Monica, and me (I've got to have it) When it comes to my honeys in the strip club (oh) Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block Like what? (What?) [Nas (Monica)] When you see me with the crispy fade Icing it out, glowing with the lights is out (hmm) Yo say my name! (Ooh) When you see a Bentley or Ferrari, a Mazuradi It's probably me (ooh, oh) Say my name! When your hear this song bump in the club When you're chillin' on the corner with your thugs Say my name! I make it hot and take your block Who they wanna be and hate they not Yo say my name! When your girl don't call you when you beep her And you hit it and her thing feel deeper Say my name! Pull on her hair, spankin' her rear While I'm in 'em bitches all I wanna hear is you say my name Squeeze my gats beef is done Police come you know the game Don't say my name Dipped out crazy, Timbs chicken and gravy Q.B., Dupri baby [1 - JD (Monica)] When it comes to the clubs packed, Cristal flowin' (I've got to have it) When it comes to homes plushed out chrome stuck out in traffic (I've got to have it) When it comes to a neck full of glow And a check full of O's, you know (I've got to have it) When it comes to my honeys in the strip club Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block Like what? Say my name! (I've got to have it) [Monica] Gotta have my tied up Iceberg Gucci Rolley Bezzled up, bezzled up Gotta have me a double O With a six in the front And a bump-bump in the truck Gotta have me an escalade My house is laid A man that keeps my bills paid My records play every day What can I say? I've got to have it [Repeat 1] [JD] When you see a black do-rag through the tint Of a black Bent going too fast Say my name When you talk about longevity And niggas who know how to keep gettin' that cash Say my name When you're sick of your songs Sittin' on the right And wanna know what the top feel like Say my name If you wanna know what being hot feel like And shuttin' down the spot feel like Say my name! JD from the home where the bowls get thrown And the dough get gone real quick like Keep niggas sick like 40 karats and a chain Foolish ain't it? Say my name! Everything you did I've done did double If you hate to see flash then your ass is in trouble Scram now and don't look back Cause until I die it's like that [Repeat 1] [Monica] I've got to have it..

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