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ELTON JOHN lyrics - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Original and similar lyrics
Captain Fantastic raised and regimented, hardly a hero Just someone his mother might know Very clearly a case for corn flakes and classics 'Two teas both with sugar please' In the back of an alley While little Dirt Cowboys turned brown in their saddles Sweet chocolate biscuits and red rosy apples in summer For it's hay make and 'Hey mom, do the papers say anything good. Are there chances in life for little Dirt Cowboys Should I make my way out of my home in the woods' Brown Dirt Cowboy, still green and growing City slick Captain Fantastic the feedback The honey the hive could be holding For there's weak winged young sparrows that starve in the winter Broken young children on the wheels of the winners And the sixty-eight summer festival wallflowers are thinning For cheap easy meals and hardly a home on the range Too hot for the band with a desperate desire for change We've thrown in the towel too many times Out for the count and when we're down Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy From the end of the world to your town And all this talk of Jesus coming back to see us Couldn't fool us For we were spinning out our lines walking on the wire Hand in hand went music and the rhyme The Captain and the Kid stepping in the ring From here on sonny sonny sonny, it's a long and lonely climb

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

BOB DYLAN "Bringing All Back Home"
I was riding on the Mayflower When I thought I spied some land I yelled for Captain Arab I have yuh understand Who came running to the deck Said, 'Boys, forget the whale Look on over yonder Cut the engines Change the sail Haul on the bowline' We sang that melody Like all tough sailors do When they are far away at sea. 'I think I'll call it America' I said as we hit the land I took a deep breath I fell down, I could not stand Captain Arab he started Writing up some deeds He said, 'Let's set up a fort And start buying the place with beads' Just then this cop comes down the street Crazy as a loon He throw us all in jail For carryin' harpoons. Ah me I busted out Don't even ask me how I went to get some help I walked by a Guernsey cow Who directed me down To the Bowery slums Where people carried signs around Saying, 'Ban the bums' I jumped right into line Sayin' 'I hope that I'm not late' When I realized I hadn't eaten For five days straight. I went into a restaurant Lookin' for the cook I told him I was the editor Of a famous etiquette book The waitress he was handsome He wore a powder blue cape I ordered some suzette, I said 'Could you please make that crepe' Just then the whole kitchen exploded From boillin' fat Food was flying anywhere And I left without my had. Now, I didn't mean to be nosy But I went into a bank To get some bail for Arab And all the boys back in the tank They asked me for some collateral And I pulled down my pants They threw me in the alley When up comes this girl from France Who invited me to her house I went, but she had a friend Who knocked me out And robbed my boots And I was on the street again. Well, I rapped upon a house With the US flag upon display I said, 'Could you help me out I got some friends down the way ' The man says, 'Get out of here I'll tear you limp from limb' I said, 'You know they refused Jesus, too' He said, 'You're not Him Get out of here before I break your bones I ain't your pop' I decided to have him arrested And I went lookin for a cop. I ran right outside And I hopped inside a cab I went out the other door This Englishman said, 'Fab' As he saw me leap a hot dog stand And a chariot that stood Parked across from a building Advertising brotherhood I ran right through the front door Like a hobo sailor does But it was just a funeral parlor And the man asked me who I was. I repeated that my friends Where all in jail, with a sigh He gave me his card He said, 'Call me if they die' I shook his hand and said goodbye Ran out to the street When a bowling ball came down the road And knocked me off my feet A pay phone was ringing It just about blew my mind When I picked it up and said hello This foot came through the line. Well, by this time I was feed up At tryin'g to make a stab At bringin' back any help For my friends and captain Arab I decided to flip a coin Like either heads or tails Would let me know if I should go Back to the ship or back to jail So I hooked my sailor suit And I got a coin to flip It came up tails It rhymed with sails So I made it back to the ship. Well, I got back and took The parkin' ticket off the mast I was ripping it to shreds When this coastguard boat went past They asked me my name And I said, 'Captain Kidd' They believed me but They wanted to know What exactly that I did I said for the Pope of Eruke I was employed They let me go right away They were very paranoid. Well, the last I heard of Arab He was stuck on a whale That was married to the deputy Sheriff of the jail But the funniest thing was When I was leavin' the bay I saw three ships a-sailin' There were all heading my way I asked the captain what his name was And how come he didn't drive a truck He said his name was Columbus I just said, 'Good luck'.

Visitation At Fort Horn

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Greetings from Asbury Park"
Behind the walls, where heat lightning falls On five-starred map-faced princes The buffalo man shoots at tin cans Turns and shouts 'Children, blow your bridges' In death row halls, where dust men stall For time's an enemy and a friend At night, jackals crawl from the cracks in the walls The salvation is never spoken Morning sickness breaks the garrison gates The cavalry cries for treason The soldier strokes his pony And goes to shine the Captain's sword In this young boy's eyes lie reason But then the Sergeant burst in, says 'Captain, I caught a prisoner, Captain. A prisoner, what ho? The Captain looks up and says, 'Let her go.' 'But Captain, she commands the lightships that patrol the sea around the rainbow tips Whose bagpipes wail unbroken She haunts the night and the dawn and the light On her sounds and words, your cavalry's choking' The Captain says, 'Have no fear, boys, for what you hear Because danger can't be spoken' The war wind crackles and I hear the rustle of shackles From the stockade door bursts Merlin His eyes red and swollen, like they've been pushed into the sun His robe's aflame and burning He jumps a horse, tries to get away, but gets caught in his irons, Tangled in his irons, and he falls to the ground, his neck was broken His spirit rises high into the western sky The magician lies an empty token The sergeant walks over and kicks his body and says 'Captain, he's dead, uh, I think he's dead, uh, what should we do with him?' The Captain says, 'Hang him.' For those live moments on this earth are well-spent And I can see his body sure well-bent It's his magic that must be broken And now night cradles low The penniless weed plays raw filth in the Captain's corner With anvils spread wide, the Captain glides Each blow to scare her, not hurt her She spits with truth at the Captain's boots But he holds his rage suspended The Sergeant comes stinking of soldiers' gin And cries 'Captain, the storm, she blows unending' Whoa, and the lightning cracked And the sky was hacked by dagger rain It was torn, and the yard was charged into a raging sea And the Captain ran crazily For the first time in his life, in the Captain's heart, fear was born So the Captain storms out on the stoop Panics when he sees Merlin's hung body stretched by the neck Silhouetted on his door The sergeant screams 'Captain, look high, look to the sky Some whirling, swirling emission' The Captain falls to his knees, crying silent pleas Because he knows, he knows, And he thinks to himself, 'A magician'

Old Doc Brown

JOHNNY CASH "Ride This Train"
He was just an old country doctor in a little country town Fame and fortune had passed him by though we never saw him frown As day by day in his kindly way he'd serve us one and all Many a patient forgot to pay although Doc's fees were small Though he needed his dimes and there were times that he'd receive a fee He'd pass it onto some poor soul that needed it worse than he He had to sell his furniture couldn't pay his office rent So to a dusty room over a livery stable Doc Brown and his satchel went And on the hitchin' post at the kerb below to advertise his wares He nailed a little sign that read Doc Brown has moved upstairs There he kept on helping folks get well,for his heart was jus'pure gold, But anyone with eyes could see that Doc was gettin' old. Then one day he didn't answer when they knocked upon his door Old Doc Brown was layin' down but his soul was no more They found him there in that old black suit on his face was a smile of content But all the money they could find on him was a quarter and a copper cent So they opened up his ledger and what they saw gave their hearts a pull Beside each debtor's name old Doc had write these words Paid In Full Old Doc should had a funeral fine enough for a king It's a ghastly joke our town was broke and no one could give a thing 'Cept Jones an undertaker he did mighty well Donatin' an old iron casket he had never been able to sell And the funeral procession it wasn't much for grace and pomp and the style But those wagon loads of mourners they stretched out for more than a mile We wanted to give him a monument we kinda figured we owed him one Cause he made our town a better place for all the good he'd done We pulled up that old hitchin' post where Doc had nailed a sign We'd painted it white and to all of us it certainly did look fine Now the rains and the snows have washed away our white trimmin's of paint There ain't nothin' left but Doc's own sign and that's gettin' pretty faint But you can still see that old hitchin' post as if in answer to our prayers Mutely tellin' the whole wide world Doc Brown has moved upstairs

Broken Silence - Intro

FOXY BROWN "Broken Silence"
[News Reporters Speaking] 'Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested today in Raleigh, North Carolina on misdemeaner charges for an alledged altercation with a hotel employee. She was arrested and released on a thousand dollar bond but if found guilty of the charge, she could face up to sixty days in prison.' 'Gun fire erupted today outside a Greenwich Village radio station. The gunplay allegedly stems from an ungoing feud... both artists claim no involvement in the incident. No arrests have yet been made in connection with the shooting.' 'In other news, rap artist Foxy Brown was hospitalized yesterday after an apparent overdose on a common prescription drug. While the overdose was allegedly an atempt at her own life, no one from the hospital nor Foxy's family were available for comment. Stay tuned for more news' 'Inga Marchand, also known as rapper Foxy Brown, was taken to a local hospital today, when the Range Rover she was driving spun out of control at a Brooklyn sidestreet. Although she was not seriously injured, Marchand was later arrested for driving with a suspended liscense. This is just another in a long list of offences that have plagued this Brooklyn rap star.' [Foxy Brown] Yeah, you know its been a long time since y'all heard my voice Maybe what, 2, 3, years or somethin Up and down been high and low Even been at the point of no return, no hope Just wanna let my fans know that I'm still here Y'all holla back The sound was broken, too many years being political Its kinda hard to do when everything your seeing is critical Is all my fault what they said in the news But its funny how the public seems to get it confused They act like they aint got nothin better to do All they want is a statement, the hattin is blatin But we never paid attention to those who hate us Til my face was on the cover of all the local papers But still un-phased, I kept my cool Plottin, carefully, every step I choose And my, Cool-whit poin, and my write finery Everybody wanna know my side of the story Well here it is, the whole truth, plain and simple This'll finally explain all the pain I've been through And in no way shape or form of my provoken violence Please try to understand my 'Broken Silence'

A Salty Dog

Gary Brooker
(Brooker / Reid) 'All hands on deck, we've run afloat!' I heard the captain cry 'Explore the ship, replace the cook: let no one leave alive!' Across the straits, around the Horn: how far can sailors fly? A twisted path, our tortured course, and no one left alive We sailed for parts unknown to man, where ships come home to die No lofty peak, nor fortress bold, could match our captain's eye Upon the seventh seasick day we made our port of call A sand so white, and sea so blue, no mortal place at all We fired the gun, and burnt the mast, and rowed from ship to shore The captain cried, we sailors wept: our tears were tears of joy Now many moons and many Junes have passed since we made land A salty dog, this seaman's log: your witness my own hand

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