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Eloy lyrics

Follow The Light

Original and similar lyrics
a glow on the horizon so near and yet so far rich and vivid sunsets the marker of our time see the light feel its warmth see the glow which fills the sky a light with magic powers which penetrates my heart a light which wakes my senses that sets my thoughts aflame see the light, feel it's warmth touch the glow, that fills the mind is this the twilight of lifetimes gone, before or is the night now over bringing forth, the dawn...dawn...dawn...dawn...dawn. as in a raging tempest we hear the thunder cry we see the trees fall victim see spears of lightning fly HEAR ME dream or reality? HEAR ME is someone calling me? end your bondage new and throw away your chains no more hesitation, now's the time to change leave the road you're on for there's a better way be just what you are and let your spirit free ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the questions without answers are written on the wall the please of spray can poets who heeds them when they call? HEAR ME dream or reality HEAR ME is someone calling me? end your bondage now and throw away your chains no more hesitation, now's the time to change leave the road you're on for there's a better way be just what you are and let your spirit free follow the light have no fear you won't burn your eyes follow the light feel it's never ending warmth, it can heal the blind follow the light have no fear you won't burn your eyes follow the light it's your future you will realize follow the light feel it's power feel it in your soul follow the light it is here, it is there, it is everywhere, everywhere you go

She'll Hear You

BEN JELEN "Give It All Away"
The years flash by, today melts to yesterdays memories, Time's holding us tight I'm looking back to remember the days we said we'd never say goodbye. And now you're gone, my hands melt to yesterday's melodies Time's pushing along, Still looking back to hold on to the days we said we'd never say goodbye. Sometimes I feel like we've been running too far from the truth You know I'm tired of hearing 'another day another time' All this senseless waiting won't fill these dark empty rooms, Why won't you come home? I wish, I feel, I can't believe I've seen these nights Pass by, those hands, what happened to those eyes, my Eyes seduced by that smile that crumbles away, washes Away those tears, let tears roll by, she'll hear you Cry, yeah she'll hear you. Sometimes I feel... You know I hate to say it, but since you've gone I know that Even though I'm feeling low, I guess I'm feeling free. We can live our own existence 'cause I know these Dreams will bring you back to me. I'm dreaming a world with you, I wish the night was longer I'm chasing the way we were, I wish that I could catch us. I'm feeling your hand in mine, I wish I'd held it closer I know that I will soon find, I know that she can hear me say She'll hear you, these dreams will bring you back to me.

The Brunt

Ambrosia "Somewhere I've Never Travelled"
(Pack - Puerta - North - Drummond) Leaping quick on leopard's back I face the brunt of his attack In the land of nod I'm king Until the alarm clock rings Stepping out from safety's door I hear the rushing traffic roar Smiling to myself I say, ...Hooray its a brand new day Slashing my way through vine I'll kill if I have to I'll be there on time Clawed through the freeway jam I curse at the guy who passed me Last time 'round In my office settled back Drink a cup of coffee (black) Stretch my mind and try'n erase The thought of the day to face Life is like the leopard's den And once you find you've fallen in A safari of the heart Surely comes to an end Madness is our damnation Strange is the situation we're all in To one man it matters nothing Others it shatters something; no one wins I could not see it myself (Though I'd read about it) I could not hear it myself (Though I'd heard about it) I could not feel it myself (Though I knew that it was real) I could not hear it myself (Don't you lie about it) I could not feel it myself (But don't you cry about it) For there's an animal in us all The brunt of which you'll see

Do What Ya Feel

REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
Intro: Redman Hahahahahaaa follow... just do what ya feel and I'ma follow I'ma follow... Just do what ya feel and we gon follow Just do what ya feel and I'ma follow (2X) Haha, Meth-Tical Verse One: Method Man, Redman Who wanna flip with the acrobatic From ground zero all the way to attic, what we be smokin, Tical The resevoir is now open I swim the English Channel backstrokin, you don't know me or my style We hold court and blow trial You catch 'cal when you browse through my X-Files, who be next now Man's down, hands down Foreground by your side when it go down, I dedicate this next dart to my fucking heart Little Meth he the best part, now walk with that one, word Time Time 4 Sum Aksion Dreamin bout Toni Braxton, blowin her back out like Bob Baglin I'm throwin wrestling holds Tag team with Funk Doc, we in funk mode, take yo' best shot If it don't hip it don't hop If it don't quit it don't stop, that's the life I be the super-lyrical individual I be splittin through that Teflon material to knock Big Ben off of schedule Better move with a set of tools I be doin it to mics when I'm a, heterosexual I load the mic then cock, drop it like three-quarters when I slaughter don't get caught in the water Cause the Brick's got it's own World Order Leave your bitch in shock like the third rail caught her Styles stay deeper than orca, I float the seven seas with ease Did more drugs than pharmacies So call me that lyrical Genovese, you can't compare Get you steppin like stairs, frats, sororities Don't make me bring it on back I fuck up the majority of niggaz lookin hard at me, I Port em like Authority And when my nigga Meth shine out the inner How High mobile rollin three dimes at a time [Erick Sermon] Redman and Method Man still... (hiiiigh hiiiiiiiiigh) It's that Jersey representer Get hit from the bottom to your head when you enter Word... Just do what ya feel and I'ma follow (3X) Funk Doc break it down Verse Two: Redman, Method Man Yo, suck my dick out of animosity The velocity will fly that head and freeze your camps like pottery to give lobotomies to all you rap colonies And shunt your million dollar investment, to economy Impossibly might be the one in black leather Name tag sayin 'caution when wet by the track wetter' The hash spreader, I love the grimy shit Even my girl did grimy shit to me and I went back with her Three years for carrying a loaded handgun But it's forever when a nigga [chik-chik BLAAAOW] and he lands one to your cranium That red dot on your forehead it's not cause you Arabian (Yo watch you say to him!) You caught up in a tight situation I should start erasin your whole organization for makin wack tunes while my whole platoon rock the basement You couldn't come close if I gave you my bookin agent Or producer, royalty points twelve shot loaded Luger Even a crowd to get you souped up, you're still wack I peel caps, on the regular Destroy MC's et cetera, creep like The Predator Fuck you, your label moms and your editor Give you two to the jugular, blood be spreadin all on my shirt, the king of the flirt shittin Bitches hit me off more than New Edition (tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet) I make them pigs heart skip a beat from the steel physique So Iron Lung [born to wonder] Get on the mic and break em off a sumthin sumthin We moonshine and grow crops Purchasin the handhelds with the sure shots, it got me spittin these slugs at my competition, in rap sessions U-A-P ain't got no weapon, you lip professin Next in, line, parental discretion advised these explicit, street linguistics Better than yo' momma biscuits, we bomb shellin I might know but ain't tellin, too bad you missed it Johnny, Dangerously Blaze another enemy made another due paid Color-safe bleach so I don't fade Scar your mental with my double edged blade, razor sharp get yo' bandaids hold that Like E said, Get the Bozack, show them wack niggaz where the do's at On the case like I'm Kojak Kissin the grits on that Flo bitch, flip scripts take LOOONG shits Raider Ruckus One, I come with premeditated redrum Gingivitis to your filthy ass gums Bottom line either get down or get done Motherfucker.

Going Down

I Voted For Kodos "Close Enough For Ska"
They always told me you shouldn't play with gasoline all it takes is just one spark and you'll start a fire but I said fuck it and I doused myself and lit a match and now I'm burning up, now I'm going down and.... I feel it, it's coming, it's draping over me Blocking out all of the light, touching everything that I see I used to dream about you, now I can't dream without you But I find that day by day, it goes away On the second day, God divided the light One to rule the day, and one to rule the night And when I look at her, I see her shining down, I think out loud Now I'm going down, now I'm going down and.... It's not the path that I choose, it's just my destiny If you'd bring it back to me, if you'd listen to what I say, girl Wreak everything he gave you, shun from the light that saves you Still I find that day by day, it goes away Every time, every time I'm walking home Every single time, I walk alone See her standing, see her sitting, see her laying, see her go Now I'm moving on, now I'm going down and.... I draw the shadows around me, I push the sun light away And it affects the way I feel, and that's the way I feel today I used to dream about you, girl I can't dream with out you now Yeah everyday, it never goes away


RUSH "All The World's A Stage"
Sunlight dances through the leaves Soft winds stir the sighing trees Lying in the warm grass Feel the sun upon your face Eleven songs and endless nights Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights Time will never touch you Here in this enchanted place Chorus You feel there's something calling you You're wanting to return To where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn A place you can escape the world Where the dark lord cannot go Peace of mind and sanctuary by loud water's flow I've traveled now for many miles It feels so good to see the smiles of Friends who never left your mind When you were far away From the golden light of coming dawn Till the twilight where the sun is gone We treasure every season And every passing day We feel the coming of a new day Darkness gives way to light a new way Stop here for a while until the world, The world calls you away Yet you know I've had the feeling Standing with my senses reeling This is the place to grow old 'til I reach my final day. Chorus

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