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Elliot Smith lyrics - From A Basement On The Hill

King's Crossing

Original and similar lyrics
The King's Crossing was the main attraction Dominoes falling in a chain reaction The scraping subject ruled by fear he told me Whiskey works better than beer The judge is on vinyl, decisions are final And nobody gets a reprieve And every wave is tidal - if you hang around You're going to get wet I can't prepare for death any more than I already have All you can do now is watch the shells The game looks easy that's why it sells Frustrated fireworks inside your head Are going to stand and deliver talk instead The method acting that pays my bills Keeps the fat man feeding in beverly hills I got a heavy metal mouth that hurls obscenity And I get my check from the trash treasury Because I took my own insides out It don't matter cos I have no sex life All I want to do now is inject my ex wife I've seen the movie and I know what happens It's a Christmas time And the needles on the tree A skinny Santa is bringing something to me His voice is overwhelming, but his speech is slurred And I only understand every other word 'Open your parachute and grab your gun Falling down like an omen, a setting sun Read the part and we turn out fine It's a hell of a role if you can keep it alive But I don't care if I fuck up I'm going on a date with a rich white lady Ain't life great? Give me one good reason not to do do it This is a place where time reverses Dead men talk to all the pretty nurses Instruments shine on a silver tray Don't let me get carried away Don't let me get carried away Don't let me be carried away

Ma Ma Ma - (Featuring 112)

JOE BUDDEN "Joe Budden"
[112 + (Joe)] 112! (Jump off!) Aww yeah (Uhh, y'know) [Verse One: Joe Budden] You wanna get right, boo, headlights, blue Don't no other mami give me head like you I get you in the club, sit right in the Rover y Now you ain't gotta pretend like you like the promoter We could lamp in the 5 with my hand on yo' thigh You goin to sleep thinkin that this can't be life Don't mistake my talkin modest Still put you in the wi-ld bedroom with the walk-in closet Bay, riverboats, if you wanna see water Full length minks, get rid of that three-quarter Ex-man never had you feelin that fly Flat screens in the room with the ceiling that high When them other cats call you, you can turn your phone off New school your neck, take that herringbone off Stretch 'Vee playin Manhattan System old school, play 'em and had 'em We makin it happen, oh yeah [Chorus: 112] Turn this off for a minute We can do bigger things if you widdit We can be me and you, I know you feel it You can say, La la-la la, la la la la All you want, you can get it You can have all my time, let's spend it The way you do your thing, I can't forget it Got me screamin, Ma ma-ma ma, ma ma ma ma [Verse Two: Joe Budden] Look, I need a wife too, feed her ice, blue Got birds on the side, I don't treat 'em like you I don't let 'em play with the wheel and when the check come They already know they gotta pay for they meals Say I'm, comin at you with lines, think they lies Just because I don't match your compatible sign I'ma let the world see, other boos can't relate Let you walk in front, make the other dudes hate When I put it on you, you throw it right back (ha ha) Who else you know gon' poke it like that? And ma I'm gon' show you like that, you be hollerin La la-la la, la la la la - oh yeah, look Private party, it's just me, you and the new envy of ours, we won't be sorry Scoop it, we can do the all from Harley(?) Y'all ask me hardly nah, I'm up to par [Chorus] [Verse Three: Joe Budden] Look forget my miss, no let's remind miss And I never let a clown disrespect my miss I need dat in my life, a G might cry But you the only one that ever get to see that side Look, my lady fresh, we ain't gotta rush We can take baby steps, that may be the best Hate to repeat myself, I know I already told you But mom's sayin what's good I'm tryin to know you If you been for lookin for the right one, well here he is Ready to take things a little mo' serious Ain't nervous no more, you heard it all before Are you a Fifth Ave miss, but you workin that velour? Stop, I'm tired of trickin, I'm tired of pigeons Need a house with acres to put my wife and kids in Chefs are good when they gettin right in the kitchen Babygirl that's the life we'd be livin, overstand somethin [Interlude: 112] Baby let me be with you more, hold you more Let me get the chance, I can show you more Let me get to know you more, I'll be screamin out La la-la la, la la la la If I could, wife you out, ride this out You're the only one I wouldn't ride without I could show you what this life's about I be screamin out, Ma ma-ma ma, ma ma ma ma [Chorus - repeat 2X w/ Joe Budden ad libs] [Joe Budden] This is the type of shit right here, listen You gotta go to the car wash on this one Hehe, you can't ride around dirty and dusty and shit If it just went yesterday, when you wake up Take it to the car wash Don't just get the exterior joint neither We need the-the-the works, the thirty dollar joint And we need to get the little tree to put up in the rearview So it's smellin nice and SEXY like when they get inside Ha ha! Ayy..

A Woeful Summoning

Gaze into my broken eyes, where laughter and sorrow collide. Scattered are the pieces which time forgot. See the cracked mirror walls, emerald mist flowing down the halls. Shattered pieces of a forgotten puzzle. Feel the shaking of my room, welcome to my most humble tomb. Lay your head upon the crimson velvet pillow. Relax as I tell you a tale when lunacy reigned and madness prevailed. Long nailed fingers run through silken hair. Our poison tongues now dance, wet with entrancing liquors. We drown in burning ecstasy, but you seek something more than this. Tonight another looking glass will crack. My promises too broken, did you believe what I've spoken? The echoes shall splinter your mind like they did mine. Prepare my darling, for the nocturnal wedding. Gaze into my broken eyes, where a deranged love rises, to greet your lovelorn flesh. Hallucinating like undead shamans, You feel the rapturous sting of first death and collapse into lonely arms. Look now with night piercing eyes, not quite broken, but time shall remedy. Lick my blood-soaked lips once more, taste the stain of wondrous insanity. The constant shrieking in your mind drives you crazy. Yes, my darling, I can hear it too. The answers you seek lie in the reflection. Be still, allow the images to caress you, here everything is upside down. Cackling like undead hyenas, you feel the boggling slap of dementia and collapse into delighted arms. My little pet, how foolish you've become. Yesterday's sweet dedications of love are part of an infantile dream fading fast. You raise your vampyrie eyes to consume my heart. But since it's been viciously torn apart, you see, a time will fortunately come when you realize our kind cannot stomach 'togetherness', for love is but an arduous game mortals play. So from this day you are mine, to be my immortal concubine.


Incubus (Brazil) "Beyond The Unknown"
[Lyrics: Francis, Moyses/Music:Francis] Alone in their destination Wandering thru this violent life A part of all misconseption from their past And now thrown out to the street to rot Painful screams never heard Hung on the wings of death Germs are what they seem For the rich they have no need Left in the cold in crucial places Feeling the horrors of real life Places to places, no where to go Agonizing pain and no one seems to care Trying to revive'em for a higher place But no one seems to give any support They hear their torment call Disarmen from an endless war Aimed by all kinds of poverty Vagabonds you will find in all types of societies Resting in thew underground of this materialistic inferno [Chorus:] Mortify In hostility of human injustice They are living in a world of darkness In which the light seems far away [Lead] No justice Blamed for someone else's deeds Humiliation Because they are poor Treated harshly [Lead] Is this what they call the advancement of mankind Why men want to rule the space While they can't even solve the problems of the earth So much said, but so little done Blinded and devoured by our greed Facing all the worries of our minds We can't feel what is happening in the world around us Turbulence is the reasons which we all must face Crossing the line of stupidity and discrimination Is one of the reasons which makes us ignore The actual state of the moribund Breaking down their hope to pieces Destitution increases infront of their own miserable lives [Repeat chorus] [Lead] Days passed Injured ones dying fast Marsh temperatures The whips of cold winds Are frosting their bodies on the attack Feeling the rigor mortis stage alive Reaching to the ultimate muscular paralysis [Lead]

Don't Tell Anyone

I wrote this lyric for you All by myself What makes you think I need you Or anybody else But when you see me walking Just staring at my feet Cause I'm not all about you I'm already complete Hope this doesn't make you cry But I don't wanna make you mine I told you for the millionth time That I don't need you in my life But you can see through me (yeah) How you get to me You know I'm just a fraud I'm just afraid I feel the same But don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone I wake up thinking of you And that weirds me out I try hard not to call you But I can't do without Hearing your voice tell me That I am on your mind It wouldn't work to rush this I'll come around in time I hope that you can understand right now I don't know where I stand I'd rather hide behind these walls Pretending I don't care at all But you can see through me (yeah) How you get to me You know I'm just a fraud I'm just afraid I feel the same But don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone Life keeps going on The world keep spinning round Can't we stop going in circles Am I afraid of what they'll say Or too confused to see You and me But you can see through me (yeah) How you get to me You know I'm just a fraud (I'm just afraid) I'm just afraid I feel the same But don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone But you can see through me (You can see through me) How you get to me (How you get to me) You know I'm just a fraud I'm just afraid I feel the same But don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone

In My Own World (Check The Method)

Common Sense "Resurrection"
( Yeah yeah, now check the method - Extra P from ATCQ's _Keep It Rollin_) * cut and scratched 4X by Mista Sinister Verse One: No I.D. No time to get all excited, just write it from the inside let the pen slide, and spread the ink on the papyrus, come understand this (what) Paint the canvas, givin you my vision To mold you, compose you Get a picture of the scene, then get an exposure Words out my cipher, the life of my circle Train tracks aside of me, Cabrini to Idabi, don't lie to me You want me in your needle Squirt me in your vein, maintain on the couch I excite your brain till I'm out of your system Be digger not a nigger or a niggerole I figure you're the winner of the bread, precede your thoughts 'fore they come into your head (yo kid kinda nice!) From the word, I speak, unique, clear and concise Heads I'm boring, soaring to a new height of flight And then fight the night With a light to gain sight make your competition say AIGHT No I.D. from the city with a bridge on thirty-first Makin all butt crews disperse Chorus: repeat 4X [No I.D.] I'm in my own world ( Yeah yeah, now check the method ) Verse Two: Common [No I.D.] ( Check the method ) I'm in my own world I say pay attention boy, I say UHH looka here I want you to see me when you do you look and fear I dilate pupils it's cornea than a retina My Book of Life you felt it, because of the texture When I'm bubbly I call the ex ta, see if she still love me I'm advanced like a copy studs be on my sac to dub me CHEAP ASS NIGGAZ! Go and purchase it I ain't do all this work for shit my style's my child I gave birth to it Like an immaculate conception, clean I came Went through label pains, didn't give shorty a name I put, bros before hoes that's the way love and life goes It's a Jungle out there but I'm never Fever-in for them white hoes I love black thighs, you sisters better realize The real hair and real eyes get real guys So before you makeup your face, you better make up your mind I hope you wake up in time for the revolution, or you gon be like I can't believe it! I got shot! Bowe/bo so I lick one, not for Riddick But I got the Rid, for my dick And the crab MC's that be all over it Huh, what good is the Rid without the comb I'm the street pick peace to Nick, Tim, Mark and Sekendall I remember me and Deion tried to get into Mendal I didn't have No I.D., they wouldn't let me in Now them same gumps be askin me to get them in I be like, You don't know me... fool And color it purple, cause he ain't in my circle Now I'm talkin square biz to you and I'm out I'm in my own world

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