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Elend lyrics

Sopor Aeternus

Original and similar lyrics
O mortis secretum, ubi finis nervorum? O funeris algor, ubi sonus somniorum? The insane wine of the night misled my soul At the confluence of dream and of pain... We dance under the closed eyes of paradise, And our eyes tear the insane space of the light. Saltemus sub oculis coniventibus paradisi! The voilence of the winter moon spreads a mantle Of cold icy pain over my petrified landscape. Seized by the freezing frosts of the diabolic winter, Our hearts breathe the winds of sadness. Saliamus, saliamus aeterno, Saltemus, saltatum mortis! Saliamus, saliamus! But what is in my heart can only be read by the winds That gathered my words of pain. The veil of the nigth falls at your feet Revealing the views of the fiery sky. Kyrie eleison. The gentle sapphirian night wrapped me in its maternal warmth And her hair, studded with stars, had a scent of sensuality As I lay embraced in her sweet caress. How tender is the nigth in her amorous delights. Where are the flowers I gave you, my love? The amaranth, the rose and the lily. Buried within the glacial vault of my thoughts, Take from me this fading breath, Enfold me in your veil of darkness To celebrate the reign of black eternal night. And in the snows, glittering in the cold fragile moonlight, Appeared the incandescent flowers... The blood of angels, Said one of our round. Our blood . We dance... ...and the blowing of the winds is our only music, We dance.

A Murder Of Ravens In Fugue

Now haranguing grey skies With revenge upon life Gnathic and Sapphic Needs begged gendercide Delusions of Grandier denounced the revolt Of descrying cursed glass, disenchanted in vaults Encircled by glyphs midst Her sin-sistered cult With hangman's abandon She plied spiritworlds To Archangels in bondage From light to night hurled Cast down to the earth where torment would unfurl....... But soon, Her tarot proved Hybrid rumours spread like tumours Would accrue And blight Her stars To better bitter truths Of cold bloodbaths As bodies rose In rigid droves To haunt Her from their Shallow burials imposed When wolves exhumed Their carthen wombs Where heavy frosts had laboured long To bare their wounds To the depths of Her soul they pursued Wielding their poison they flew Like a murder of ravens in fugue And knowing their raptures Would shatter Her dreams She clawed blackened books for damnation's reprieve Baneful cawed canons on amassed enemies So Hallow's Eve As She received Like Bellona to the ball Those enemies Fell-sisters heaved Her torturies Cross stained flagstones To Her carriage reined to flee But She knew She must brave the night through Though fear crept a deathshead o'er the moon Like a murder of ravens in Fugue For each masked, jewelled gaze held dread purpose Horror froze painted eyes to cold stares And even Her dance In the vast mirrors cast Looked the ill of Her future If fate feasted there....

Summer Song

Slug: [Verse 1] She came back to visit, she says 'Cause in some ways, Minneapolis is more real than L.A. But I won't go to the triple-rock on a tuesday Too many people pop out of they pimples and play And at night, we can watch these people in these bars They're all insane, they all know my name Who won the game? no one's in pain But either way girl, i'm glad you came And if the elements and irrelevance I strain Hair's wet, who cares if it's sweat or rain As long as it doesn't leave a permanent stain It's all in vain if there's nothing left to gain And somethin's in the way she looks at her prey There's no way she'll allow you to live Swallow the fight, inhale the night There's not much else left for you to give Who's leaving (who's leaving) ? there she goes Who's leaving (who's leaving) ? Who's breathing (who's breathing) as opposed to who's bleeding (who's bleeding) Carress the rooftop and stare at the space For the flesh that you gave just to get a taste It goes... nothing comes close Scream of the smile and choke boy choke Passion come death, and death bring power At the top of the hour we sing for the monster And here she goes, with that look in her eyes The souls of those that got took by surprise Crooked little smile that clings to her lips On a night like this I sing for the bitch (Chorus) Just a lonely summer Slowly dying I was smiling hard But I was lying [Verse 2] So what's the time? it's almost time for her to go to work The sun is shining but I'm the shadow of my smirk I keep my breathin under my breath Tucked within the untrimmed bushes next to her front steps And when she leaves to make treck towards the bus stop My love erupts (POPS) a thousand tiny blood clots Damn I wish that she was mine but time and time over the discretion On my right shoulder whispers to my ear Advising me to admire from way over here, play the rear And struggle for the view to clear It's been 2 years and quite a few beers Too many loose tears and a few souveniers And if she only knew, how long I've waited for her How her smiles enough to make my winter warmer If she knew the way she walks could take away my storm She'd probably call the cops and get a restraining order As much as I hate myself, I hate you more But I still smile when you come through that door And as much as I hate my life, I hate yours too Just can't seem to teach myself to ignore you This is for the ladies, not every lady Just the ones that drive me crazy, the ones that scream SAVE ME I wanna thank y'all for everything you gave me Now lean in and taste me (kiss) (Chorus 2x) Right up to your face and kiss you!

Nothing But Sunshine

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Slug] (Mixed vocals) Whatta you mean what was my childhood like? What difference does that make? Yo, my childhood was messed up, so what? Everybody's childhood was messed up. This is the 90's, find me one person who had it right. What's that got to do with me rhyming? What's left? [Slug] Now when my mother died I had to take it in stride There ain't no room for pride in watching your father cry And dad made it until maybe a year later When they found his suicide inside of a grain elevator Got over it, I had no other offers or options Thought about whether or not mom and pop was watching Never bothered with caution, no time for fear Saw my folks carry fear for most my early years And I learned from it, turned numb and ignored the storm A burning sun waiting for the world to plummet Finished growing up under my uncle's roof He taught me how to count all the way up to 100 proof From watching him I learned how to gather nourishment Living off the different women that he had to nurture him And on the surface I became a normal pre-teen More afraid of nuclear war than snake bites and bee stings My best friend was my TV Game shows and cartoons substituted for puppies, rainbows, and balloons Now here I am, the shy type, and I think I'm doing alright Considering what it was like living my life Chorus (repeated) It's nothing but sunshine It's all sunshine It's nothing but sunshine [Slug] Now it's been 17 summers since I've seen my mother But every night I see her smile inside my dreams When I was younger I didn't actually see the accident happen But every night I see her smile as it shatters against the screams I can only imagine Dad's internal reaction Strain, inferno burning, bound in his brain What's it take to make a man who owns acres of land Abandon the family plan and drown himself in his grains I'm glad I left that farm in Northern Minnesota Where the time moves slower and the winters are colder Became a city boy, where everybody acts like they older Where they stick to themselves and keep a chip on they shoulder 26 years of age, no longer full of rage I think it's safe to say I've turned a page on my childhood days Ay yo look Ma, I'm a productive member of society When I'm drunk I make noise, but otherwise I live quietly And on the weekend I go back up north to reminisce Remember what it was like pretending to be a kid Late at night I walked the fields and lurk in the shadows Getting even with life by murdering cattle Cow Skit Chorus (repeated) It's all sunshine It's nothing but sunshine It's all sunshine (And I'm gonna be alright, and you gonna be alright, You ain't gotta hold my hand, just walk with me tonight) Fade out (What it is, it ain't, and what it ain't it is, is a theme of a Virgo)

I Wanna Know Her Name

[Chorus (Russell Lee): repeat 2X] She dance the salsa She dance the Cumbia She dance merangue I wanna know her name [First Verse (Baby Beesh):] Now every time I see her, I wanna meet her Go up and greet her, treat her like my Mamacita Go home and freak her Half boriqua, half mexicana Shakin' her knocker like an epanada I think I wanna be your baby father Como te llamas Me llamo Baby Beesh Seen you at the club, shakin' that I love the way you dance, Salsa, Merangue, and Cumbia With a touch of hip-hop and bounce man, and ooh la la Didn't even know she got a man, she gone keep him in check She wanna jet with a vet, and it's just like that Cuz we go hard from the jump, she far from a punk At the bar gettin' drunk, turnin' cigars into blunts My bonita, the one I kill sippin' margarita I wanna see her, come a little closer Mama mira Ven aqui How cool would it be If you and me had some ecstasy, sippin' on some hennessey [Chorus] [Second Verse (SPM):] It seems like every club I go to I see you dancin' off the hook, I wanna know you Body lookin' like you raised up on soul food You kinda young and I'm a nigga from the old school I hope you diggin' my style though I drink and smoke hydro I'm not that nigga in the gym doin' tae-bo I hate the five oh, I swam across the bayou A mojado, I only shop at the rocado A soldado, I hit the Hen straight from the bottle But I can teach you how to sing or even be a model Follow my lead, down this yellow brick road I'ma buy you a benz, and dip your rims in gold A house with a heated pool so you can swim in the cold Trust funds in your bank for when your kids get old Sippin' remy in the bentley, kissin' you gently Fillin' up the gas tank whenever it's empty, Man! [Chorus] [Third Verse (Low-G):] Who is the girl in that tight red dress Shakin' that ass to the right and left The chick's boriqua, or maybe mexicana I see Mami, con gana, con gana (Yo Low-G, what about them knockers) Oh, that's my girlfriend Esmeralda I remember sneakin' in her ventana Plus don't say nothin' cuz it's right next to her hermana Que pena, I had to leave Eselena Or run the porno I rented to Elena Chino desmito e prima o se fina If you can't take the heat, get your ass out the cocina Mi esposa es latina, mi sancha la china Y lolita la deje' solita Letters in the mail for my girl named Raquel A cheap hotel and after that Taco Bell Oh well I'm on to Orlando Go to chica bailando el mambo Manalo, manalo, manalo, manalo [Chorus (5x)]

Golden Age Of Leather

Raise your can of beer on high And seal your fate forever Our best years have past us by The golden age of leather This was the night not long to come In the year of our Lord A.D. Where in a desert way-house poised on the brink of eternity Four and ninety studded horsemen closed the knot of honor As only drunken soldiers can And passed from man to man A wanton child to dead to care That each would find his pleasure as he might For this fantastic night was billed As nothing less than the end of an age A last crusade A final outrage In this day of flaccid plumage And there was worn no cloth but leather Made supple by years of stinging cinders And here were seen the scars of age For age had been the common call for one last night together Dawn colored the sky......The ritual ceased Some had died.............They were buried with their bikes Each grabbed a rag........From a man with a sack Torn strips of color......The red and the black I cam here willingly And I will go down valiantly We made a vow To give it all we had to give We made a vow To die as we had lived They flew the colors they began to fight They flailed at each other like bugs at a light Bodies and bikes beyond repair Smell of oil and gas in the air Then the wind whipped the desert with a giant hand And the humans and the Harleys caught the shifting sand The old ranger weathered the storm And he topped the rise by the middle of morn He saw rippled dunes Calm and surreal And a glint of a solitary shaft of chromium steel Golden age...

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