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Edge Of Sanity lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
(Epidemic Reign Part 3) Bleeding tears, crying blood a human (being) emotionally odd, hear the sight, feel the sound, spirits call from all aro- und, as I wander closer to what I'll never be a distant light approaches to prove (my) insanity, the shadow pointed its fin- ger, lies caresses my face it tells me it's the bringer of what shall, what shall end the phase. Chorus: Everlasting, unapproachable, neverending, the immortal one always casting shadows on the gro- und. A blackened heart that won't stop to pound. Everlasting, everlasting pane. Reach the point of of no return as our pla- net slowly burns. Cracking ground's wat- chinme as I walk through river hades, and soon my heart is frozen it'll never stop to beat, nothing in this dimension can bring me my defeat, the secrets in your arteries will forever remain unsaid, our sun is slowly dying, never, never to burn red. (repeat chorus) you were meant to be another one, time has come, frozen earth, the stillness, the world will come and go, (repeat chorus) (to be continued...)

Top Of The World

LEA SALONGA "Little Ms.Lea Salonga: Tomorrow"
(R Carpenter/J. Bettis) Such a feeling's coming over me There is wonder in most everything I see Not a cloud in the sky Got the sun in my eyes And I won't be surprised if it's a dream Ev'rything I want the world to be Is now coming true especially for me And the reason is clear It's because you are here You're the nearest thing To heaven that I've seen Chorus: I'm on the top of the world lookin' Down on creation and the only explanation I can find Is the love that I've found Ever since you've been around Your love's put me at the top of the world Something in the wind has learned my name And it's tellin' me that things are not the same In the leaves on the trees And the touch of the breeze There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me There is only one wish on my mind When this day is through I hope that I will find That tomorrow will be Just the same for you and me All I need will be mine if you are here (Repeat Chorus 2x)

The Edge Of Forever

RICHARD MARX "Days In Avalon"
Written by Richard Marx and Chely Wright No one can decide When lightning will strike And everything falls into place But lately it seems When you're in my dreams I find that I don't want to wake I wanna slowly Unlock the mystery I wanna make love I wanna make history Chorus With you I see a lifetime with you And if one thing is true It's that God knew someday I'd be standing On the edge of forever with you I'm ready to fall To give you my all Cause you're everything I'll ever want It's amazing to me How far we can see Our horizon goes on and on I wanna slowly Unlock the mystery I wanna make love I wanna make history Chorus And when I'm shivering Your body will be my blanket And then I'm drifting, baby You'll be my anchor Chorus

Fly With The Angels

Al Denson
It's yours if you believe When your life escapes you like a runaway train And the place you come from is a state of pain They can lift your spirits high above the pouring rain the truth lies waiting in the skye above You can sail forever in the presence of Way up here you'll meet a greater kind of love Chorus: You'll go fly with the angels Go fly with angels Go fly On the wings of heaven you will carry love's flame Like a voice of mercy you will hear your name When the stones of life rock your world Just say his name Chorus There's peace up here in the open sky Chorus

The Way She Loves Me

When I hear my baby calling A simple motion, a look in her eyes And I'm helplessly falling I'd give all of somebody else For any piece of her heart that's left She knows me better than I know myself Chorus Let me tell you 'bout the way she loves me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show I'm crazy about the way she loves me Ooh, I want the world to know Yeah, yeah, yeah Came close to letting this train pass me by Just like a fool, second guessing I could've spent my life wondering why I didn't cherish the blessing But I know, she'd come my way Lonely nights would have been okay I have her promise that she's gonna stay Repeat Chorus Nobody else could do me so right A breath of Heaven in my darkest night I'm gonna hold on with all of my might Repeat Chorus

Games People Play

Georgia Satellites "In The Land of Salvation and Sin"
Games People Play (written by: Joe South sung by: Rick Price) oh the games people play now every night and every day now never meaning what they say now and never saying what they mean while they walk away the hours in their ivory towers we threw a couple of flowers in the back of a black limousine la da la da da da da, la da da da da de, I'm a talkin' about you and me and the games people play You know we make one another cry we break our hearts and we say goodbye we cross our hearts and we hope to die that the other was to blame we need a woman that will give in so we gaze at an 8X10 wanderin' about the things that might have been and it's a dirty rotten shame (repeat chorus) now wait a minute they come walkin' up to ya singing glory haleuajah let me try to sock it to ya in the name of the Lord they only show ya how to meditate and to read your horoscope cheat your fate furthermore to hell with hate c'mon and get on board (repeat chorus) look around baby what'd you see what's been happening to you and me God granted it's serenity just to remember who I am cause you've given up your sanity your pride and your bounty you turn your back on humanity and you don't give a (repeat chourus X2)

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