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Eddy Arnold lyrics - Portrait of My Woman

Forty Shades Of Green

Original and similar lyrics
(Johnny Cash) I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea From the fishing boats at Dingle to the shores of Dunardee I miss the river Shannon and the folks at Skibbereen The moorlands and the midlands with their forty shades of green. But most of all I miss a girl in Tipperary town And most of all I miss her lips as soft as eiderdown Again I want to see and do the things we've done and seen Where the breeze as sweet as Shalimar there's forty shades of green. --- Instrumental --- I wish that I could spend an hour at Dublin's churning surf I'd love to watch the farmers drain the bogs and spade the turf To see again the thatching of the straw the women glean I'd walk from Cork to Larne to see the forty shades of green. But most of all I miss a girl in Tipperary town And most of all I miss her lips as soft as eiderdown Again I want to see and do the things we've done and seen Where the breeze as sweet as Shalimar there's forty shades of green...

Havent Gone Away

Econoline Crush
i was born of misintention and my future isn't fait i was born to struggle in vain girl you've seen the palace put your lips on the gate wished for more from the heavens above love me now sweet taste of cold revenge sweet taste of desire take me down to the water where it's warm and deep take me down so i can feel peace i am you, you did invent me gave me promise and a name played us all like we were fools girl you've been indentured put your lips on his ring got alot but never enough hate me more i haven't gone away

Summer Flings

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[John Cena] Yeah we doin things now man It's just another day in the life y'know Always tryin to do some big bid'ness Sometimes when we havin fun Some shit goes down y'know, you ain't expectin nothin Then, somethin come out of nothin It was just another typical day in the summer Me, Trademarc, Crouch and my little brother We put the whips out, we cruise up to the strip man Three wheel motion killin fools like a hit man We on some chill shit, vibin out But we still in the mix, fuck hidin out On the corner of L Street, I locked eyes with her I ain't steppin man this bitch had guys with her She came through the crowd and walked over to me Catchin P off guard, she actin like she knew me Her name was Shannon, she was canon She's hangin with Melissa, this big booty chick you couldn't miss her This chick was like a fitted cap, all over my dome Said she wanna be down, but I ain't takin her home That's when she said she live right down the street She love white chocolate, well I got somethin sweet [Chorus 2X: female singer] Saw you walkin down the street and I heard you say you had somethin sweet for me Lover.. (somethin sweet) lover.. somethin sweet [Tha Trademarc] We run game, fill the blanks in, what's your hon's name I can take an Eva hot bitch like bum change Playin hard to get when I step, I'm afraid I can treat a chick like cheap gas and upgrade Whatever you need, whatever you want With Trademarc on your arm, girl what more could you flaunt There's just something about us, summer fling got you wondering where I'll be in spring, but that's another thing I'll be out girl, quicker than tans If you want somethin stick hurr, stick wit'cha man I ain't lookin for a lover girl, I'm lookin for sex I can tell you I got money or I'm pushin a Lex Whatever gets you hot, that's what I say next Gettin passed through the crew girl that's a safe bet I think it's funny how it doesn't take a whole lot Trademarc's like an open flame, getting girls hot [Chorus] [John Cena] Yo... with these sweet flows, the streets knows whether we pimped out in streets clothes, we the bomb like deep throws My speech grows to reach hoes - all over the globe I got class like a Ric Flair robe [Tha Trademarc] Man I'm in and out quick like Jordan in the zone D takin out a bitch like a pass from Shaq to Kobe You know me with a extra set of hands a bitch couldn't hold me man I leave 'em lonely [John Cena] If I catch a glimpse of your chick when she smile and fine I make sure she lose your number, she'd be dialin mine I ain't about a wife even if she won this right I'll fuck for seven days but stand for one night [Tha Trademarc] Man we decked out John, the strict gutter I'll have a girl repeatin my name in sex like the bitch stutter I got moves lookin butter with a tight fade Forever dipped fresh man like Minot Gray [Chorus]

She Don't Have To Know

JOHN LEGEND "Get Lifted"
Oohhhhhhh stealing moments just to be with you Though its wrong its hard to tell the truth But she don't have to know She don't have to know When I meet cha I got my shades on to cover up my eyes I'm hoping that nobody sees me passing by Through my disguise I still know you recognize But you I know you got a lil secret of your own Sneaking out with me while your mans at home You know your wrong But its so strong still carrying on I go To the other side of town so I Will never risk the chance of catching her eye Cause she don't have to know She don't have to know Ooohhhh Girl I know your doing the same thing too But I wont tell your man the things we do oh no Cause he don't have to know He don't have to know Someone's watching We got to be careful next time or we're through (creeping creeping) Damn it's so stressful doing the dirt we do So sad but true And I know one day I'm going to pay Then you ask me To sneak out of town for just a day or three (1,2,3) Go to dc and hold hands publicly All through the streets Cause they don't know you and they don't know me Ohhhhhh Ill feel sorry for mistake we've made But there's no reason that we should tell her today Ohhhhh Though you give a lot of love to me Girl I know I'm not the only one you see But he don't have to know He don't have to know Ohm its getting crazy I don't want to hurt my baby And I know its supposed to be the last time for you and I But let's not end this way Wait another day.

Tales Of Coming News

I'm so tired of hearing tales of coming news Telling tales of a changing sky It's just a shame I didn't notice you Till someone I loved had to die What made us think that this was so different Who is driving behind those things you say Why do you insult me and my friends Who are my friends anyway I've spent my life lying now I pay the price Are these really words of a young man or a worthless human life I don't mean to scare you with the things I say I take it back, yes it's a beautiful day I watched you from the beach when your ship sailed You made it clear that nothing stays the same It's getting darker I wonder if you can tell I wonder when all that changed You never used to let me go un--- I was so distracted I never saw the rain You promised you meant every word you said I wonder when all that changed It hurts so bad to hear such pretty words coming from somebody like you I've been looking for so long that I've lost touch With what's the best something to do I've got a friend who makes good choices Everybody likes the way that he sees things I've got a problem and it walks me daily Can't you see no one is proud of me It's a long road alone and I'm not proving Anything going by myself When your love life is all that's really moving Oh sugar girl I really appreciate the help I had my time with money gold and diamonds Both went sour before they got to me I'll be waiting girl but don't be counting hours I'm not waiting for any other three I was just a peasant from the highlands She said don't you call me your mountain girl I said don't bother me I'm trying to write and don't worry you ain't my mountain girl I can call you but I'd probably make you cry These days it's what you often times do Call the preacher then go call your father Tell them that the wedding plans have moved I send a message saying I'll be gone forever The letter of reply never came She said that she'd be true but I wouldn't let her I wonder when all that changed Hell has no fury like a woman Happy scorned or otherwise You can do what you want to with your name But you can bet I'm changing mine Well I'd give a $100 to get a letter If at the bottom it said I miss you bad See but the truth of the matter is that back home no one really misses me See how I talk when I'm sad Since I was young I've known a lot of women... [fades]

Ballad Of Barbara

JOHNNY CASH "The Last Gunfighter Ballad"
In a southern town where I was born That's where I got my education I worked in the fields and I walked in the woods And I wondered at creation. I recall the sun in a sky of blue And the smell of green things growin' And the seasons chang'd and I lived each day Just the way the wind was blowin'. Then I heard of a cultured city life Breath takin' lofty steeples And the day I called myself a man I left my land and my people. And I rambled north and I rambled east And I tested and I tasted And a girl or two, took me round and round But they always left me wasted. In a world that's all concrete and steel With nothin' green ever growin' Where the buildings hide the risin' sun And they blocked the free winds from blowin. Where you sleep all day and you wake all night To a world of drink and laughter I met that girl that I was sure would be The one that I was after. In a soft blue gown and formal tux Beneath that lofty steeple He said, "Do you Barbara, take this man, Will you be one of his people?" And she said, "I will." and she said, "I do." And the world looked mighty pretty And we lived in a fancy downtown flat 'Cause she loved the noisy city. But the days grew cold beneath a yellow sky And I longed for green things growin' And the thoughts of home and the people there But she'd not agreed to goin'. Then her hazel eyes turned away from me With a look that wasn't pretty And she turned into concrete and steel And she said, "I'll take the city." Now the cars go by on the interstate And my pack is on my shoulder But I'm goin' home, where I belong Much wiser now and older.

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