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Eddi Reader lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
You sent a pretty postcard From a far and lonely sea A dancer and a mandolin They looked like you and me I've been awake for hours and hours I should be fast asleep I lost the place and out it fell Your postcard from the beach Sometimes when I'm talking to myself I'll swear it's all a dream November babies and northern winds The scars you said I'd keep But if you'd never come here You'd never have had to leave And all the bones upon the beach They all sung out to me Grab it into your hands, don't let go and grab it But look the way it curls out of your fingers I used to wish I was the cigarette inside your mouth You'd roll me up and breathe me in But then you'd blow me out And I would float and curl my way A vapour trail the end of me All that's left a place that's kept Your postcard from the sea

Bell Boy

THE WHO "Quadrophenia"
[Keith's theme] The beach is a place where a man can feel He's the only soul in the world that's real, Well I see a face coming through the haze, I remember him from those crazy days. Ain't you the guy who used to set the paces Riding up in front of a hundred faces, I don't suppose you would remember me, But I used to follow you back in '63. I've got a good job And I'm newly born. You should see me dressed up in my uniform. I work in hotel, all gilt and flash. Remember the place where the doors were smashed Bell Boy! I got to keep running now. Bell Boy! Keep my lip buttoned down. Bell Boy! Carry this baggage out. Bell Boy! Always running at someone's heel. You know how I feel, always running at someone's heel. Some nights I still sleep on the beach. Remember when stars were in reach. Then I wander in early to work, Spend the day licking boots for my perks. A beach is a place where a man can feel [etc.] People often change But when I look in your eyes, You could learn a lot from A job like mine. The secret to me Isn't flown like a flag I carry it behind This little badge What says... Bell Boy!

Making Waves

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah I was the cool kid in my crowd of misfits Malcolm in the Middle, couldn't spin the disk quick And now I'm fly like a diskcus, eye on the biscuit Sin City, I couldn't resist it But if you miss it, they be saying you a wise man While we trying to get the green like Iceland I just pull the tags off everything is priceless If you after the cake I'm cool with the icing Out my mind, there ain't time to sit pretty Text say "I'ma meet him in the city" And Johnny got the keys said we in a sick new studio And I'm coming over, it's no Rick Rubio No big movie role, not until whe make it 'Til I'm getting degrees like bacon And you've been on your knees like Meagan Meet your way into the stars Knowing very well, you ain't going far [Hook:] They say "do not go splashing" And I never behave And I don't know my place I'll be making my waves now I know you like it I can tell by your face So come off with the chase But I'll be making my waves now No swine flu, we really sick this time And woman never let us leave, District 9 I grab bag'em, hoped you picked this rhyme As the best thing you heard since Christmas time You missed us right? Well no we're back at it It's getting harder to breathe I'm like an asthmatic You don't gotta ask, I'ma let your ass have it Cause everybody else sounding like they half-assed it I spit acid to burn the mic down And I'm coming for 2000 and right now We ain't seeing what you wrote like white-out Grab the cash register and then scream I'm out Of place, but it's not my face though Cause I don't wanna have to preach like I'm Mase yo All I want, a girl that is tasteful, money by the waistload And celebrate with drinks by the case load [Hook] They trying to keep us down like the undertoe And they tellin' all they friends that we wonderful I'm just trying to keep my head above the water flow Fuck it, we can stagedive, I ain't even learn to float Now the big wigs love us and we know this And they thinkin' we some kids, goldfish I could play that game too, we I go rich You ain't in my zone, why you throwing me the low pitch? But I own this, homerun, broke the bat Y'all some small fries but we welcome fat Young now but the knowledge of an older cat Got a hill to climb, we'll get over that They thought it's a stage, he'll get over that Fuck that thinkin', what up to the doughboys Y'all get Lincoln, I get Franklins And time is ticking This Titanic not sinking [Hook] And I never behave I can tell by your face [2x] Cause I'll be making my waves now

The Don's Cheek

[Verse 1:] Catch me on Venice Beach working on my base, no blonde streak Swimming trunk, 30K in arm's reach I'm on the boat, in the water like a swan's feet To show respect you kiss both sides of the Don's cheek 360 on the Seadoo in a tux Call my homie, tell him meet me down in Lido Beach for lunch Placido Polanco Crib, his bitch was black She started purring, I kissed the cat Aristocrat, wrist dancing like a disco bass In the holster, same shit color as Sisqo's hair 635 slam like a suplex Cheat off a Chinese kid just like a school test I'm on the hunt for loot, jump out the chunky coupe Hold on, wait till it thunder, here's the gun to shoot Beige leather to the calf, where my math at? You gonna babysit my joint? Then pussy pass that [Hook:] I'm getting paper regardless, I'm never facing no charges I got your honor under the armpit The gavel slam and I walk Hammer dances on the porch, downtown gallivanting with a horse Two different drugs to choose, I need the third thing Oriental style shirt Flapping in the wind like a bird's wing I need that good green, ugh, motherfucker need that good green [Verse 2:] I got the face like a grown lion, my people hold iron Predict the weather by the wind like an old Mayan Hold my son up, show him to the kingdom While all his blood brothers became drug runners in England Made in Queens, Handball courts and 40s Shorties smoking blunts, spades in the corner We moving white like David Spade in the sauna All the money chronological, it look like callaloo Provide the crew designer suits, exotic food Erotic nude and polished shoes, impala smooth Roll up, looking like Sinbad with the earring Lightskin sucking my penis while I'm steering I'm pro [Hook]

Beach House On The Moon

JIMMY BUFFETT "Beach House On The Moon"
Cameron's getting logical, A Vulcan in disguise, The mysteries of the night are Putting sparkles in his eyes. He's looking for sound reasoning, But the best that I can do, Is this transcendental story, That I'll pass along to you. Past the falls they call Victoria, Down the river named the Nile, Drifts a tiny little handmade boat, It's shaped just like a smile. And steered by a magician, With the knowledge that he needs, To keep him on his destined course, Past the crocodiles and reeds. He's the Admiral of the ocean, The Lone Eagle in the sky, He gave me my first sextant, And he taught me how to fly. It's been quite a lengthy passage, From the dawn of time till now, He has weathered the infernal storms In his trusty petite dow. He has soared about colossal waves, Sailed the endless sea. Sometimes he resembles you, Sometimes he looks like me. I saw him through my telescope, On a cloudless night in June, As he rested between voyages At his beach house on the moon. There are windows to the galaxies And hallways to the past. There are trapdoors to the future And a splintered ancient mast. There are relics from Apollo trips, When the earthmen came to play, And a hammock from a distant star, Out in the Milky Way. He's the Admiral of the ocean The Lone Eagle in the sky. He game me my first sextant And he taught me how to fly. I saw him through my telescope On a cloudless night in June As he rested between voyages At his beach house on the moon. A stripped bass breaks the surface As the sunset fades away And our journey from the Sea of Storms Takes us home beside the bay. We go fishing in the ocean We go traveling back in time Like the song says 'teach your children' To go fishing with their minds. Cameron's contemplating I'm not sure just what he thinks 'Is my dad some kind of lunatic With his stories and high hi-jinks'. Then he says when I get old and gray And feel like I'm marooned, He will take me in his rocket ship To that beach house on the moon.

No Exit

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
I wanna get out this relationship But I'm scared that my man will flip He always swears how he's gonna kill me And fill me with the bullets from his clip [Verse 1] I met her in Queens her personality was erotic She asked me where I come from, and I just replied The projects Love at first sight as she was staring Checking me up and down, yeah, at the gear that I was wearing I had an office jacket, Polo shirt, diamond on my hand Stonewashed pants ticked inside of some Timberlands Her eyes just stayed on my face She threw her hand on my hip and felt the four-fifths on my waist Yo, my name is Ak the hard rock shit that shot a cop with a glock Cause he tried to make the money STOP She didn't speak, she didn't START, she didn't TALK All of the sudden let's take a WALK through the PARK But it was dark, she didn't bother She probably thought I was trying to play her out Like a Central Park jogger But that's not my style that's what I'm telling ya Give me your number and I'll probably call you up on my cellular At night we spoke for hours and hours and hours and hours Hot convo turned into cold showers Monogamy, yo, increased to pornography Miss Astrologist because she looked like a star to me But I be dressing sharper than those brothers with Farrakahan Throwing a lucky charm without a leprachaun's arm Out on the streets dealing and sticking up I try to make her look appealing I went out and started tricking bucks I got her all dressed up, she used to look messed up Now all of her friends can't wait to be next up I need to get her thoughts fixed up She fell into a blender, she got the stuff all mixed up She caught me talking about a quits But that's that old bullshit It's ain't over til I say it's over, miss So if you wanna catch a fit, you catch a melon split Once you in there ain't no exit Chorus [Verse 2] I talk a good game of pain Put it in your ear and let it rain Benadryl can't stop the migrane Once my voice touch your brain So you can talk that fast slang dialect But I got a tec to keep you in check Other words make you come correct Think that to stop giving the loving You must be smoking pestacide because you're damn sure bugging After one hit you're ready to split What, are you test crashing cars? That's that ol' dum dum shit You don't flatter me tring to sign off You best to take the batteries out your watch if you want some time off I write my name on your street curb So you can scratchmy letetrs girl if you wanna mark my words I got the Calimyne BESIDE ME In case you wanna TRY ME And break out on my ass like poison IVY You better take it or ease, roll up you sleeves And prepare to go all out like New Year's Eve Trying to take my dough like a Swaggart Girl, I have to bag ya and fall on your head like Niagra Shit, you're bound to catch it, once I start flexing Ayo bum bitch there ain't no exit Chorus

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