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Eddi Reader lyrics

Kiteflyer's Hill

Original and similar lyrics
Do you remember when we used to go up to Kiteflyer's hill ? Those summer nights so still With all of the city beneath us And all of our lives ahead Before cruel and foolish words Were cruelly and foolishly said Sometimes I think of you and then I go up to Kiteflyer's hill Wrapped up against the winter chill And somewhere in the city beneath me You lie asleep in your bed And I wonder if ever just briefly Do I creep in your dreams now and then ? Where are you now ? My wild summer love Where are you now ? Do you think of me sometimes And do you ever make that climb up to kiteflyer's hill ? I pray one day you will We won't say a word, we won't need them Sometimes silence is best We'll just stand in the still of the evening And whisper farewell to lonlieness Where are you now ? My wild summer love Where are you now ? Do you think of me sometimes ? Have the years been kind ? And do you think of me sometimes ? Where are you now ? My wild summer love Where are you now ? Do you think of me sometimes And do you ever make that climb up to kiteflyer's hill ? Kiteflyer's.....

Summer Wit' Miami

JIM JONES "Harlem: Diary Of A Summer"
[Jim Jones Talking] See rap music is subliminal But the music for us is like our own diary Something like a confession They tell me 'life is a bitch' She's something like the seasons, just like mother nature She comes and goes as she please That's why they get their period once a month I say that to say this If you think that bitch Summer is yours She could be cheating on you Ya heard [Verse 1 (Jim Jones)] Got me feeling like opium I'm tryna dance with the loaded M Open a bottle and it goes around I'm leaving drunk by 4 am And watch me jump in a dolce benz Top down with the pokey rims And now i'm swerving so you know i'm bent I lost count so who knows what I spent I recall nine {?} Bitches stepping on my nice sneakers with One hand in the sky and the other hand was on her Thigh I was grinding to the beat with my hammer on my side Now the g's only as we speed to the rolex And three or four g's is what we sneeze on the rolex Playing some cards it's about 6 am You think the is over but if just begin They say clubs pacing like bad boys 2 You can see the snow bunnies doing what bad girls do That's esctasy weed that had girl to Scoop the bitch that had ki's selling fast off blue Now i'm speeding to the telly got the porshe behind Trying to get in her belly the only thought on my mind Like damn; not trying to be pushy or nothing but Since the strip joint girl I should have been fucking [Chorus (Trey Songz)] Spending the summer with the top dropped low Throwing my hundreds at the top notch hoes Smoking on the top notch dro... That's a summer with Miami Bottle in the air I'm living without a care Shorty beside me The wind blowing threw her hair That's a summer with Miami [Verse 2 (Jim Jones)] I can't keep it low anymore I'll be with my girl when it starts snow and get bored When you love three women It's hard to keep up with the lies You see spring my first love I started creeping with July Used to say I had some shows Catch a plane to M-I then I started tricking dough and bought a range for july But i said I'm love sick over this hot ass hoochie and First seen her when I told NAS I'd Slap off his Koofi We don't play disrespect but that was the day we met Summer jam o-2 I hit the stage with my set but her man Was from brooklyn she still slipped me the number She said he's on vacation she get with me this summer Then i been flirting over the past two years now she Hates seeing me in the winter Ain't gonna last through the years Now i'm looking at winter like life's an adventure And then when june comes i'll be gone till september Now would you hate me for that I know your heart's cold could you wait till i'm back I'm just a sucker for love But a nigga hold me down if you wanna fuck with a thug [Chorus (2x)] Spending the summer with the top dropped low Throwing my hundreds at the top notch hoes Smoking on the top notch dro That's a summer wit Miami Bottle in the air I'm living without a care Shorty beside me The wind blowing threw her hair That's a summer with Miami

Young Hearts

Here, in the summer when the sun leaves later we sat under the plum tree hearing the hum of the cicadas We become free fireflies, lantern The fields of our youth ever feel the sky's amber Dust, brings a calming glow Like a brush we can kiss and my mom won't know and I promise tonight to be honest my pot grows cold Don't tell us that we're too young and the blinds won't hold But I feel like this is for real life Forever I'm squeezing your hand in a trance that's so clever Dandelions explode The wind blows tender Will I still be outside of your window in September? Who knows when the days are like years and my big little heart says "Stay the night here" Knowin' I can't and I won't but I want to Suddenly I'm brave enough to tell you that I love you In the summer when the sun stays longer and everyday is Sunday There's no place to complain Two hearts unchained, kids fallin' fast bear for thunderwaves we're fallin' in the grass Left it spillin' like water from a bucket Life was so luscious now we're both thrushes[?] How much is a popsicle cause I'm treatin' we leave the red stains on our faces while we eat 'em on the swings like the wings of a lovebird children upping forts in the passion of the suburb We plan for the next minute we abandon our plan and the very second we're in it Cause these are like the days to be timid an its ink will confess the note I will ask you but please, certain yes Maybe all I can remember are the fun parts or have we just grown too old for our young hearts? In the summer when the sun starts humming something beautiful Before we ever saw our first funeral Before we ever cried over love and its little quirks we just like the way it felt not knowing if it will hurt one day I used to scribble[?] your name on my arm now I'm looking at your text not knowing what to respond All the poetry escapes me I wonder how we've forgotten the bliss in waitin' an eternity for a kiss an eternal leave we'll miss the days your parents thought we were cute now I'm no longer welcome in your home No shelter from the storm back then the clouds all seemed pretty We learned later how it felt to be alone stomp every mountain in the cold young love is like icecream I'm the Cancer and you're the Pisces why do we grow like a cancer? I'm lookin' for that old answer to the question "Do you like me?"

Panic Attack (The P.A.)

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
Little momma got a little pill to swallow A little water to follow it down the tunnel Gotta lotta walls but the house is hollow Got a lot of holes, never found the shovel Panic attack, so what's the plan of attack? You had to be had. You cut in half. You had to react You battle with your shadow from front to back Stack up the stats. Handle the math, and that'll be that Hold your head up. I know your fed up But don't let it get up to the top of them steps love Instead of playin' with the pieces that got messed up get dressed up, we goin' out to catch the best buzz Self-medicated, spirit on elevated Help take the self-made self-hate and celebrate it And I could tell you hated it when you felt naked but the poison tastes great, wanna know how the hell they made it? And if the dizzy don't kill you, the city will Simply for the thrill of wiping up a sticky spill Little tricky get busy of a fifty bill So take the little pill straight to your pretty grill [Chorus] Here it comes, there it goes again. Panic attack. [x8] So what you drinking? So what you popping? So what you eating? So what you dropping? So what you smoking? So what you sniffing? So how you coping? So what's the difference? Contagious, it runs like the paint does Sedate the sober and over anxious The pages of pain that make the songs on the playlist The renegade rain that jumped just to flood the bassment Look honey everbody needs a help-up buddy No body's drug-free, the streets would be hella bloody Do you call yourself a patient of a junky? The only thing that separates is who takes your money All smile like we're gonna go buck wild Order up a shot, prescription filled up now Pop another (what?) distracted by the rush while we fight all night about what to name the love child I'm on that go nuts life that got that gold touch Fresh fly wild bold what like the cold crush No luck, don't hold much, just an old flush made up of hearts Queen high off the faux-blush Freak outs, leak out, and bleed out, and speak out and reroute and seak out the weak crowd And we doubt, but when I see it keep out the beast I'll believe for now, it's all "peace, I gotta be out." [Chorus] Here it comes, there it goes again. Panic attack. [x8] [Sound clips of advertisements and quotes over beat to create nervous, panicky feeling]

Amongst Butterflies

PAUL WELLER "Paul Weller"
The sunny sand we ran along, every day began upon The summer's kiss of love and adventure And every dune that we fell into left a mark upon us too Etched forever as a moment we'd remember, oh and we'd remember The empty woods where we played, every hour of every day The holidays went on forever And in the woods was a soldier's tomb, the ghost of which looked over you And God was there amongst the trees, we felt his whisper as the summer's breeze And every night and every day I learned to love it in a special way As I remember, what it's like to walk amongst butterflies

Call Of The Canyon

Glenn Miller
Blueberry Hill Glenn Miller (#1 1940) - words and music by Al Lewis, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose - as recorded by Louis Armstrong with Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra and Choir in New York City September 6, 1949 I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill On Blueberry Hill when I found you The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill And lingered until my dreams came true (The wind in the willow played Love's sweet melody But all of those vows we made Were never to be) Though we're apart, you're part of me still For you were my thrill on Blueberry Hill (I found my thrill) Come climb the hill with me, baby (on Blueberry Hill) We'll see what we shall see (on Blueberry Hill) I'll bring my horn with me (when I found you) I'll be wit' you where berries are blue (the moon stood still) Each afternoon we'll go (on Blueberry Hill) Higher than the moon we'll go (and lingered until) Then, to a weddin' in June we'll go (my dreams came true) Ba-ba-da-de-buzz-buzz va-de-n-da-day The wind in the willow played (do you really love me) Love's sweet melody (as I love you?) But all of those vows we made (will you still remember) Were never to be (when the night is through?) Though we're apart, you're part of me still For you were my thrill on Blueberry Hill

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