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Eddi Reader lyrics

Follow My Tears

Original and similar lyrics
I was born in the shadow of the factory I'd be working For me and my brother, there was nowhere else to go I married a local boy in 1947 His hands were rough but his eyes were kind And I knew our love would grow From my eyes to the river From the river to the sea From the sea to the drkening clouds From the sky back down to me Follow my tears.... We sailed for New Zealand, I was carrying our second daughter And there on the dockside, I never knew they were last goodbyes The first time I saw Wellington my heart would not stop racing We had come halfway round the world to start our new lives Now John was an engineer, he worked until the day he died He left me wanting nothing, for thirty years this was our home I am by myself now, the children call me now and then His hands were rough but his eyes were kind And I knew our love would grow From my eyes to the river From the river to the sea From the sea to the drkening clouds From the sky back down to me Follow my tears.... Follow my tears

How Can You Do It Alone

THE WHO "Face Dances"
Saw a man about fifty or so He looked lonely but his eyes were bright He was walking up the Holland Park Road And I stopped him to ask for a light He practacally froze when I spoke But eased when he saw my cigarette Then I saw as he lit up my smoke Beneath his coat he was naked and wet With eyes full of shame For he knew that I knew He slumped to the wall with a moan I said 'I know there's no name For what you go through But how can you do it alone.' I crossed the street to the local newstore Flicked through some cheap magazines Beside me some schoolkid I saw Push some girlie mags down into his jeans The shop girl was watching amazed Asked me to call for the police. She screamed at his blushing young face And he escaped into the streets. With eyes full of shame [etc.] Do it alone, how can you do it alone, I need your help, so I can do it by myself. Do it alone, don't have to breathe down a phone I ain't got a clue, 'bout the things that you do But how...can you do it alone. How can you do it. Back at the flat my girl sat in the shower And wasn't too keen on me sharing She came out well after an hour And by that time I was past caring Some women it seems have the knack Of attaining that stars in their dreams They simply relax and lay back While people like us scratch our jeans. With eyes full of shame And I know it must show I slump - and I fall and I groan Will somebody explain What I need to know How can you do it alone. How can you do it. How can you do it without any help How can you do it all by yourself.

Scream Like A Baby

DAVID BOWIE "Scary Monsters"
Well I wouldn't buy no merchandise And I wouldn't go to war And I mixed with other colours But the nurse doesn't care And I hide under blankets Or did I run away I really can't remember Last time I saw the light of day But I remember Sam 'cause he was like me [CHORUS] Scream like a baby Sam was a gun And I never knew his last name And we never had no fun Well they came down hard on the faggots And they came down hard on the street They came down harder on Sam And they all knew he was beat He was thrown into the wagon Blindfolded, chains, and they stomped on us And took away our clothes and things And pumped us full of strange drugs And oh I saw Sam falling Spitting in their eyes But now I lay me down to sleep And now I close my eyes Now I'm learning to be a part of soc-society [CHORUS] No athletic program, no discipline, no book He just sat in the backseat swearing he'd seek revenge But he jumped into the furnace Singing old songs we loved [CHORUS (twice)]

Sleeping Beauty

Beborn Beton
Give me a reason why I should give in I've got nothing more to conceal Call me ignoring or intolerant It's just in the way that you see it Then I recall days gone by And images I left behind No acting for purpose that has to be served No smile on my face When there's nothing but hate in my mind For the tears in your eyes I will no longer try To hold on to the past And there´s nowhere to hide From that smile on your face From the tears in your eyes When I'm alone I keep asking myself Am I right? – could it be that I'm wrong? Far too much seen and too many things done And too many hopes that have gone So it may be true what they're telling me now That the old times were simply the best But there is nothing I have to regret And I couldn't tell what I like more When it comes to the test Women surround me and neon-lights shine I am trapped but I feel that I'm high Beautiful lady is smiling at me And she gives me a blink of an eye Waking from dreams and reality brings Me back home to a warm fire place Where my beauty lies sleeping and I hold her tight In my arms and the smile on her face Is the smile of a bride

Me & Ms Pain

AB-SOUL "Long Term"
[Chorus:] The Pain Is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates but my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] A minute ago, I was riding bicycles And I can buy you Now & Laters with 5 nickels When it was washing dishes and homework, cable and bullshit I hit the block and never left It was exciting watching life bring light to what I'm writing about like A lamp in a cave, while I'm trapped in this maze But Frankie Beverly wouldn't walk in my all-stars for a day I watched kids play and think ignorance is bliss Then I watched Kid-N-Play on House Party And wished I was them See you can say I'm brainwashed Cause I came from an era where niggas don't care about nothing And you're judged by how much your J's cost But me being the rebel I am, I never gave a damn Leave it to Beaver and the rest of you suckas I'm complex like the magazine say I'm abstract Like a trigonometry quiz and science lab rats If I wasn't odd, you could see the pain in my eyes I watched brothers kill brothers over system of legal tender Deteriorating my loins with liquor looking for joy I put my soul on a platter of joy I do this for the regular people who out the ink route Make it popular to be unpopular Because if we all came together, ain't no stopping us And it hurts me so, to think how they divided us Like an island in the road Just take control if you ain't know And yo Lock my body can't trap my mind I got two decades of experience on my resume Say I don't qualify and I'll call you a lie I'm on a whole another plateau, you still tryna be fly And that goes for the narrow minded who's ancestor was the pharaoh He went from Number 1 to Zero Let's Take it back [Chorus:] The Pain is gone! [Punch:] Nah she still on me She stalking my innermost thoughts, I guess she want me Because he primary fear is to die lonely I got, no disdain for Ms. Pain She leaves me love letters sealed with a kiss Lipstick stains on the mirror She helps me see things a little clearer Couldn't experience joy if she wasn't near us I remember throwing shots back til' I collapsed Waking up hung over in the effort to give her the cold shoulder It never worked As soon as I sobered up, I couldn't avoid her tender touch Like when Izakaya died I couldn't look his mama in the eyes Feeling like I contributed to his demise Guilt stricken, heart victimized Postpartum Syndrome, I'm blacking out She's wishing it was me, she cried Each tear was like a symphony orchestra Beethoven over the organs, she snapping a tremendous proportion Take this recording as the truth distorted Through the eyes of a man who reaped the fruits of her courtship And no fortune could ever overturn the misfortunes I absorbed in The pain made me impure like foreskin, more that I can bargain Fool, still I love her forever more [Chorus:] The Pain is Gone! [Hook: Ab-Soul] Nah that bitch never leaves Got me waking up in cold sweats, so I never sleep Properly, I'm no Socrates, But my philosophy is She gone follow me as long as I live [Ab-Soul:] And even when I die, she's going to follow my kids


Cadaverous Condition "In Melancholy"
'this is my heaven and this is my hell' where are the depths that make me fall into where is the walk that me me fall with you where are the depths, at them I stare where is the walk that made me dare where are those impressions that I knew now all I have are memories of you where are those eyes, so near where is sometime ago I crucify my sadness but just like Jesus it remains I bury my tears but I know the seeds are fertile passion isn't everlasting thoughts rise anyway I set my memories on fire will -o'- the wisps never guide a way fifty five years ago a god departed today another life for me has started I drown in my own sorrow, revel in my mind I let my tears rain down on me and say it's beautiful the eyes, here and now and I die filled with tears born in your eyes, I don't cry delirium, on your side, pass away oh please don't take it all away

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