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Eddi Reader lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Adam please don't blame yourself The gates of Eden are meant for someone else Adam my dear, no matter what they say or do I don't care as long as I can be here with you I took an apple down from the tree Now they wanna see the back of you and me Ah let them keep their paradise I wouldn't think about it twice Bless my soul oh can't they understand ? It's not so hard to leave the promised land I took an apple down from the tree Now they wanna see the back of you and me Ah let them keep their paradise I wouldn't think about it twice Adam baby don't you look so sad How we gonna miss what we never really had

If I Was Santa Claus

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Slug] If I was a rich man I'd buy you some shoes Tall boots for all the dirt you walk through What would that do? Enable you to deal Without schooling you on how to touch what's real And if I was a smart man I'd tell you everything that I knew And give it to you every time you need a talking to But what would that do? Teach you my guidelines So you can be a cheerleader at your game on the sidelines And if I was a driver I'd keep my headlights on To see the difference between right and wrong I'd wear my seatbelt even when I'm in park Cause I don't trust the other fools that cruise through these parts And if I was a better cook I'd hook up a feast Set a table full of food for the children to eat I encourage the nourishment so we can breathe With the knowledge that we got something accomplished [Chorus:] And if I was Santa Claus, I'd fight for the cause Wouldn't expect nothing in return I'd give you everything you want, I'd be everything you need So you can take my hand and I can take the lead And if I was an honest man I would stop writing songs I'd break for a nervous breakdown for breakfast Tell everyone I knew to stay away from making music It ain't nothing but a confusing mess (confusing mess) And if I was you, I wouldn't hear a word I said Wouldn't trust nothing to start it up inside my head I'd make a conscious effort to live instead Of trying to kill the monsters that reside underneath the bed And if I was a hurt man I'd find a way to put my faith Into a woman that could take me from today Maybe I need somebody that could save me From the parts of myself that keep making me crazy And if I was a wise man I'd climb to the top of the mountain peak To think about strength versus weakness I'd find a point that rests a couple of feet above your head And figure out how I could try to help you reach it (Ho ho ho) And if I did have a choice I'd never want to live forever Just let me have a voice so I can make my points I can't imagine running a race with no finish line Just let me keep my pace and make to most of my time I love giving but I'm bad at receiving The truth is, I'd prefer to be the one bleeding But I'm a paranoid that stays between play and work Cautious and aware, 'cause I'm afraid of being hurt Which brings me to the issue And that would be this: How often must I ask myself why I exist? I feel like a freak, this world is a circus Just trying to find myself as well as my purpose [Chorus:] And if I was Santa Claus, I'd fight for the cause Wouldn't expect nothing in return I'd give you everything you want, I'd be everything you need And you can take my hand and I can take the lead [2x] I got nothing but gifts Keep it up in my wits Got me drunk on the fifth And now we're stuck in a ditch And as dumb as it gets I'mma run you some fibs (?) I wanna touch your lips I wanna rub your hips Put a glove on the fist For the love that exists We'll keep bumping the hits To get my bucket of chips From the Bloods and the Crips To the skateboarding chicks Put the Atmosphere on your Christmas wishlist [2x] (Ho ho ho ho)

Paradise (Lost & Found)

JUST JACK "The Outer Marker"
Hangin about in the sun With prozac Annie and the schizo alcoholics The sharp edged shadows And these mad electronics The barbeque's burning With the moon-ray sensations I'm lying on my back And watching cloud formations Trying to see the beauty Minus the black inside She told me people came here To get drunk before they died Too many problems And not enough solutions Ms. Monroe is in the bathroom Taking care of her ablutions Hiding myself behind illusions Stand back and watch the evolution Of the secondhand lives your using So many fucked up souls In this locality I need the choice of some Relative banality The raw twistings of your mind spewing forth As you stare at me Is fucking scaring me [CHORUS] Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Paradise lost and paradise found And I'm just trying to get lost in my sound Paradise lost and paradise found I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground Storms rage across Metallic skies Reflecting in the multi faceted eyes Of lazy buzzing flies The heavens collide In primeval cacophonies I contemplate my demise And hope the gods are appeased A long distance love affair that's alive But barely breathing A thousand times I thought about leaving Giving all this up And put myself at your mercy But still scared to death About the fact you might hurt me Instead I came here And became an agony uncle And now I'm saddled with this Freaky carbuncle Who's stalking me forcefully And I'm begging her Please let me go about my business peacefully Let my days flow seamlessly Cos since you've been around Everything's got so messy You stress me God bless me and test me Daily [CHORUS] Well it's the original tales of the unexpected You thought I couldn't do it Now stand corrected Cos I'm connected To every nerve ending Cerebral cortex messages I'm sending There's two sides to every story Black and white The day and night Wrong and right And the paradise lost and found All inside this sound [CHORUS x2]

Another Statistic

ACE HOOD "Trials & Tribulations"
[Verse 1: Ace Hood] Another statistic, nah I just wanna live in Gods cubicle, far away from Lucifer Not a slave, gold chains compliment the mula' much Rather see me crucified, police are the crucifiers Shoot us up and dig a ditch, this ain't nothin' new to us Murders happen every day, kids on their merry way Dyin' before they're 21, bullets never had a name God bless Trayvon Martin I'm in my hoodie Another innocent young brother who met a bully Man this poor world is fucked up Hard times, tough luck Section 80, food stamps, jobs never hired us I'm just tryna' fulfill my wishlist Don't wanna be another statistic [Hook: Ace Hood] Don't wanna be another statistic Don't wanna be another statistic Another statistic [Interlude:] No matter what obstacles come our way No matter how much they're trying to keep us down Nothing should stop us from being victorious We shall fight We will never give up We will never give in We shall take it to the mountain top Nobody could hold us down, I say nobody [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Martin Luther King had a dream and my niggas do too While Emmett Till beat and killed and gouged like a fruit Reason why them youngin's untamable as a youth And fuck the government cause' they trying to disguise truth I send my prayers out to mankind Not enough graduations but too many crimes Pay attention as a parent gotta peep the signs Feeling like a book is corny so they keep a nine Lord bless em' got me stressin' while I'm raising mine See in the hood people think you won't amount to nothing Funny, I made a million out of 10 cents Don't wanna be another statistic (preach) [Hook: Ace Hood] [Interlude:] We refuse to be apart of divine violence We refuse to be stepped on We gotta stand for something We don't fall for anything, stand up What's all the pain you been through? It's time, It's time to stand as one Stand up for one another We will not lose [Verse 3: Ace Hood] Niggas getting murdered with burners few in the sternum Jot it in my journal why killers are so determined I keep on preachin' defeat the demons in every sermon Just watch the people that meet and greet ya' Some aren't worthy Some friends aren't friends, they dirty need some detergent So many tragedies around the world, I'm praying urgent I'm just trying to become a blessing and serve a purpose Nobody's perfect, I'm still sinning just have mercy While we killing our own people Boston Massachusetts bombed by some thrill seekers It's just so tragic, many perished I could barely witness Don't wanna be another statistic (pray) [Hook: Ace Hood]


ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
I highly doubt that y'all think about sex Anywhere near as often as I think about death Go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs But don't wake the baby up, we got a lot to get done That little light indicates a connection And if it's all the same I'd like to make a suggestion See, if everybody on this comet agreed We could set the clock to whenever we want it to be I just might just modify the mileage I don't know much, but I'm confident the fight's fixed So high that I feel like a pilot Falling out the sky full of brilliant brightness Hurry up, stir me up You gotta learn the words before the whole Earth burning, but We wouldn't even need to recognize your birthday If you were the center of the universe in the first place If I had feathers I would fly away If I felt fresher in fur I would hibernate If I ever figured out how to communicate Maybe then we could accumulate For now face the wall, I ain't the same as y'all A real friend wouldn't make you take the fall Sometimes life'll try to break your balls With the long list of missed wakeup calls You know I wanna feel special Walk around the festival carrying a big stuffed animal I try not to make a mess though Gotta stay sensible, ain't nobody coming with the antidote I wanna watch you grow And I wanna leave the planet better off than it was handed to me And I don't know, there's possibility So I settle for selling my soul to the slaves of the land of the free I don't wanna leave my family tree behind I don't anyone to miss me like I miss you But I don't wanna take up too much time I'm not trying to run away from the line we drew The sunshine seems to feel so seamless The soldier is a dreamer and a realist And history sealed this Thought me that a hero ain't nothing but a field trip Nah, I know you're down to do something profound Put a stick in the ground to prove you was around No amount of time will ever be considered enough I'm trying to tether it up and live forever through love We're not lucky, but we're fortunate I'm pretty sure of it And all the life we wasted trying to make some bread Might've been better spent trying to raise the dead

Walk The Line

IGGY AZALEA "The New Classic"
[Intro:] Yeah we don't wanna do anything to scare your children That's the last thing we wanna do We don't wanna scare anybody [Verse 1:] Never said it was fair, but still I never knew fear Not in a million years could you tell me that I'd be here I just hopped off that lear, my life on another tier Lifting glasses for cheers, keep that hating out my ear From country living to county skipping, this would drive you crazy Check the rate that they pay me a giant could never slay me Money never a maybe but never forgot my roots I heard that the top is lonely I wonder if it's the truth So I'm just climbing, paid off rhyming, now I'm shining could be blinding Ain't too much real left but right here is where you could find it This that new... classic, ain't this what you needed? I'm what amazing look like, you'll recognize it when you see it [Hook:] Not where I wanna be but I'm far from home Just tryna' make it on my own And unless destiny calls I don't answer phones This is the line that I walk alone Ain't no going back now Don't know where I'm at now Ain't no going back now This is the line that I walk alone [Verse 2:] I've been counted out, I've been stepped on I was wide awake and got slept on I had everything and then lost it Worked my ass off, I'm exhausted All this talking about me, just talk about me I'm here now, they can't walk around me I'm dedicated, flow elevated Tell every hater hope you never play it, said I'll never make it I'm celebrating, and I'm never quitting, no resignation Took desperate measures out of desperation I'm a fresh face with no expiration I know pressure make diamonds so I threw 'em off in this chain When it's all on the line I'm who you want in the game Cause I'm gonna get it and that's fo sure Can't be like y'all, that's no go International, and y'all local, got this locked up just like po-po Every beat get ate, that's ocho Won't lose oh no that's Yoko. Been up down like low lows Still make my own on my solo. Had to be here to believe it Think like winners to perceive it Here to let 'cha know that I mean it If I speak it, And say keep it This flow, that's genius Just think about it, would I think about it? If I didn't live it, won't ink about it Married to the money, put a ring around it, what? [Hook] [Bridge:] And everything ain't the way I planned it But when the smoke clears I'm the last standing This lifestyle can be so demanding But I take off like a plane that ain't ever landing [Hook] [Outro:] Ain't no going back now Ain't no going back now This is the line and I walk alone

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