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Earthling lyrics - Radar

Infinite M'

Original and similar lyrics
You said that it's fantastic being telepathic You said you read my mind You said that things are drastic I was looking for a shrine Whilst you were looking for a rock And we were living on the same block With that hip-hop You're a little reptile Only no-foot high You've got those four strong legs and the pretty purple eye You hypmotise me with your hypmotising ways So much that i forgot to say Sorry about the day than Ananda hurt you in the hand - ah You had so much detail, he could not understand ya MAU listen to it sing He said it's dread as he held you by the hand I couldn't hear a song I could only hear a scream Slow down little reptile I dont know what you mean Maybe she meant she was in pain Maybe I'm an earthling doesn't mean I'm insane When i'm playing them games with little spiders Sometimes I'm spraying the trains with the dope outsiders These days I'm hiding in my crazy lies These days I'm searching for my reptile She said promise you won't tell But I had already told About the girl on my road who gives pure gold They said like where does she live? It's like she lives where she's at They said like where can that be? Your black I can't tell you that So what can we do? Well you can do what you will What do we usually do when you've got time to kill? It's like these things they be sounds And them sounds they be big And we go walking around the boundary taking little swigs When we were out there On the perpendicullar We wasn't really looking for anything in particular Tell me, was it the way that you were handled? We know Ananda, he held you at those angles It's like he wasn't exactly in control of his actions Neither of us were we were just Panning for distractions The radio would talk and I would stare at its mouth I prayed it wouldn't stop as it just let it out You said it's easier to tell your secrets to someone that you can't see So why you telling this to me? (repeat) See like with Emma, she sent me a letter Written on a shark I went to open it up He tried to bite my fingers off I wonder what it said See, I ain't got around to read it Threw it in my neighbours pond Yesterday I saw him feed it Believe that No one of your predictions has come true I thought it was your thing to get me through Opposite over hypotenuse I'm hanging at a tangent Concept-less, I digress on a random My force ain't balanced my means of beams See nothing's as it seems in a Mongianic dream You said it's easier to someone that you can't see So why you tell this to me?

The World Stopped Turning

Lillian Axe
I watched you bathing in the moonlight I heard you crying in the wind Oh, every day is just another symphony Of angels singing praises in your name Look up can't you hear them calling It wasn't very long ago That you and I believed in the same things And now it seems you've put our love behind you And turned away before you understood You can run but you can't hide Chorus: Can't you see I'm falling down Thanks to things I never knew Don't you know I'm tryin' hard To take this love from you Oh, the skies are falling And the seas are drying Oh, oh, can it be? The world stopped turning on me Well, I see you still but that's just fantasy I hear you call to someone else Oh, gazing at a distant cold reflection And crystal lakes of tears I cried for you Trying to keep this hope alive Chorus Solo Chorus (Repeat)

Meanest Man

Billy Bragg "Mermaid Avenue-Vol II"
If the folks next door to me wasn't so good I'd do all the mean things anybody could I'd drink and I'd gamble and I'd louse around I'd be the meanest man in this whole town If I hadn't seen the light in that old lady's eyes I'd try to be a man that you would hate and despise I'd rave and I'd rant and I'd scream and yell And I'd chase all my neighbours from here to hell If I hadn't heard those kids laugh playing games I'd have nervous fits and I'd go insane I'd turpentine cats and tin can dogs And I'd smother people to death inside of holler logs If the people around me wasn't so nice I'd freeze my heart into a cake of ice I'd steal money from soldiers and working folks too I'd lend you a dollar and take back two If my wife didn't kiss me the way she does I'd carry four or five daggers and three or four guns I'd shoot craps and ramble and hang out late And I'd steal baby buggies and Cadillac Eights If my friends didn't write me those letters I get I'd get to be a dictator and be the worse one yet I'd be the only smart bird and you'd all be fools All I'd send you all away to war and I'd set home and rule If it wasn't for them songs I hear all of you sing I'd put a crown on my dome and I'd say I'm your king I'd kidnap some and blackmail others I'd peddle black market stuff and rob sisters and brothers If it wasn't for your talking I hear along the street I'd be the oneriest man that you ever did meet I'd preach the gospel of hate and I'd drink your blood But I can't be this bad because my folks are too good WORDS: Woody Guthrie (1945) - MUSIC: Billy Bragg (1997)

Every Little Girl

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
(feat. The Product G&B) [Big Pun] Yo yo Angie, come downstairs, the pub is open Hurry up ma! Put your socks, put your slippers on! C'mon ma hurry! (Alright then, I got it) [The Product G&B] Oooohhh Angie.. Ooo-whoaaaa, yeahhh.. Oooh yeah hooooo whoahhhh, ohhh-ye ohhhhh-yeah [Angie Martinez] Uh, yeah (ooh ooh ooh ooh) Uh (ooh ooh ooh ooh) Uh-uh-uh uh-ah uh-ah-uh-ah I started in Brooklyn, comin up in the game Everybody has a story mine wasn't the same Angela, delinquent, I thought I was grown I went through a lot things way before I was known See my moms, she never knew I would make it all start She was through with the bad grades, the late nights in the park Causin my mom pain, my life was in the dirt I played hooky all day while she was hard at work Sorry ma, know it was hard and my pops was a jerk She packed her shit and got us out of there before it got worse Moved the fam to Miami in hopes of changin my ways A big portion of my mind still remained in a daze It wasn't 'til we came back my life matured Success would be the only thing that I was fightin for I was determined to get there, and keep it hot Since that day my only goal was to reach the top [Chorus: The Product G&B] To every little girl, on every block That's comin of age tryin to reach the top I said no matter who you are, you can reach the stars But never forget, how fragile you are, cause a girl is fragile [Angela Martinez] It's crazy, when I think back, sometimes I have to cry Cause when you young, you don't see how life can pass you by You don't even really care if you gon' starve or not This go back to ninety-three when I got the job at Hot I used to answer the phones for Flex, do overnight spurts Back then, I was like, 'Hey who knows It might work' I wasn't satisfied, but it would just begin Cause in ninety-five, I was every day, six to ten I put in a lot of work so I could bring in my listeners I secured a fanbase, although some of them dissed us I was new at my thang, but I was doin my thang And I would never let nobody try to ruin my thang But of course, there were people couldn't stand where I was Cause although know I'm in, I wasn't made what I was Through the heat, kept it movin, throw the haters a smile What would they do if they knew her heart was fragile [Chorus] [The Product G&B] Angela.. (uh-huh) Angela.. (hahahah) Angela.. (wooh!) Angela.. (uhh, uhh) [Angie Martinez] Overall, it's a rough business, it could stop even you There's people that's gonna say things that's not even true Like the one about me not bein down for my women And I hated the lesbian rumors that went around for a minute How bout the one that goes, 'Yeah, she goes with him. He bought her the car, the ice, the clothes and rims.' And I'm sure you all heard she caught one dead in the face It'd been different if she said what she said to my face As for men, who knows where my story will start I went through a relationship that nearly tore me apart So I'm chillin for now, it's all about me for the moment cause there's things that I wouldn't allow But I'ma be aight though, keep comin with tight flow Try to stay on the low while I'm watchin your hype grow Playin the role like nobody can cramp your style But I know, like you know, that you're fragile [Chorus] [The Product G&B ad lib to the end]

Little Bombardier

DAVID BOWIE "David Bowie"
War made him a soldier Little Frankie Mear Peace left him a loser The little bombardier Lines of worry appeared with age Unskilled hands that knew no trade Spent his time in the picture house The little bombardier Frankie drank his money The little that he made Told his woes to no man Friendless, lonely days Then one day, in the ABC Four bright eyes gazed longingly At the ice-cream in the hand of The little bombardier Sunshine entered our Frankie's days Gone his worries, his hopeless maze His life was fun and his heart was full of joy Two young children had changed his aims He gave them toffees and played their games He brought them presents with every coin he made Then two gentlemen called on him Asked him for his name Why was he friends with the children Were they just a game? Leave them alone or we'll get sore We've had blokes like you in the station before The hand of authority said no more To the little bombardier Packed his bags, his heart in pain Wiped a tear and caught a train Not to be seen in the town again The little bombardier

Beautiful In Blue

Silence screams, "you're just so beautiful in blue" Breathless stares escape your undying eyes Are you blind to my sorrow and sympathy? A piece of me will die with your last breath... This will all be over soon for you are so lost inside Glazed eyes long for the waves' embrace Drawn to an end so near... Far away are days when you smiled just to hear my voice Why are you trying to run away? My love, I can't find the words to tell you... Drown all of your fantasies Silent angel crashes through the sky With your final broken promise Having lost sight of the stars Regail me with your tales of lonely, bittersweet loss Giving up comes too easy when hope is gone I'll walk away so you can choke on your dying breath But if you side against me, to hell with you... Far away are days when you smiled just to hear my voice Why are you trying to run away? My love, I can't find the words to tell you... The fear has stolen her heart as she wakes from her dream Treacherous ink finds her lungs, seizing her screams Numb hands now reach too late to take back the light Far away are days when you smiled just to hear my voice Why are you trying to run away? My love, I can't find the words to tell you... Far away are days when you smiled... Seas cry out butchering this tragic soul without hope Their frailty is broken and now fades into the blue...

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