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Dynamite Boy lyrics - Dynamite Boy

Suspended Animation

Original and similar lyrics
I smash my hands against the wall You're surprised it doesn't fall I can't believe i trusted you True colors shining through But the times I guess they're changing And I'll know you weren't my friend No laughter the fay after Suspended Animation And I'm better; Regretter Suspended Animation Don't bend the truth a thousand ways I was the one who was betrayed You tell yourself we should be fine You want a piece of what is mine

Sorry To A Friend

EDWIN MCCAIN "Honor Among Thieves"
Sittin' on the edge Looking for songs in a bottle Talking with strangers who don't know my pain Blurry eyed and burned out Choking on more than I can swallow Crack in a little voice called out my name She said ~ Whatever happened to you, It's been two years where have you been. And I guess all my fears were true The words were all gone the time's been too long. But I deserve to know what happened to my friend Staring in her face, I see a past that still haunts me The road where we split up is paved with the things I didn't say We had wonderful times, but terrible timing Now just leave her alone, I'll just be in the way She said whatever happened to you You took the coward's way out again And I guess all my fears were true The words are all gone, the time's been too long But it's not too late to say I'm sorry to a friend I'm sorry to a friend. Sorry to a friend Like a stone in a stream Life smoothes all our edges 'Til we barely make a ripple any more But those times in my life will live with me forever But we're not the same people that we were before And I'm sorry for the smiles we missed and the times that I blew it I've got so much to tell you I don't know where to start Maybe I'll find a way maybe you'll help me do it 'Cause friends like us should not be apart And I'm sorry to a friend Well now I'm sorry


Billy Dean
Another day dawns grey, it's enough to make me spit But we go on our way, just putting up with it And when I try to make my feelings known to you You sound like you have changed from red to blue You're a father now, you see things in different ways For every parent will gain perspective on their wilder days But that alone does not explain the change I see in you The way you've drifted off from red to blue Sometimes I think to myself Should I vote red for my class or green for our children? But whatever choice I make I will not foresake So you bought it all, the best your money could buy And I watched you sell your soul for their bright shining lie Where are the principles of the friend I thought I knew? I guess you let them fade from red to blue I hate the compromises that life forces us to make We must all bend a little if we are not to break But the ideals you opted out of, I still hold them to be true I guess they weren't so firmly held by you

Living Legends

WAYLON JENNINGS "It's Only Rock And Roll"
Was it bitter then with our backs against the wall We were better men than we'd ever been before Say if she came again today would you still answer to the call Tell the truth my friend don't it matter anymore. We were simple men by her side when she was born It was simple then like the freedom when you fall And we were smaller then you see but soon we gathered like a storm They don't understand what that thunder meant at all. Was he crucified was he done in by the law-men Are you satisfied that he'll never ride again Some people say he got away they say he never died at all If that story's true does it bother you my friend...

Nothing New

Give me time to watch this go I will pack all of my dreams and I'll go home Once again I'm nothing new Quick to speak slow to listen and quick to lose I'm fine Just lies to keep you from the truth Fit in, belong, what's wrong? Is there something I can do? There is, my friend, please help me see this through I still don't how You forgive I guess there's hope, the reason I still live And when they hear this song, they'll write it off because of faith Not because of things I do or say I'm fine Just lies to keep you from the truth Fit in, belong, what's wrong? Is there something I can do? There is my friend, these words will stick like glue Lord, take my life, 'cause it's better off with you I slip, I fall, by now it's nothing new Lord help me see, 'cause you've got a better view Take what's left and make it something new Make it something new Just because we never learned to give up Challenge my beliefs I'll choose to stand up Overcoming fears, compromising never Till the very end we'll be together Repeat 3x

Sad But True

EN VOGUE "Masterpiece Theatre"
it's a winter day five years too late i'm feelin' cold inside holdin' on to what i don't know no more reasons no more wise just my life and my love i worked so hard to keep oooh sad but true sad but true it will be a very different world without him so i just can't up and let him go what would my children say mad just a little sad just a little had just a little had just a little time for me not good you see i need just a little more just a little life just a little had just a little fun you see there's more to me when you're creepin' out at night always tried to cry myself to sleep sad but true it won't work no more i must tell him so goodbye is so hard to say so sad but true so sad but oh so true a world of make believe it's a place i've lived joyous all the time never knew my world could cave in fall in right before my eyes i was blind i would only see the signs i wanted to see ooh ooh ooh sad but true sad but true and it will you must take the time to deal with it before you fall too deep in it can't find your way back home ooh can't change his ways won't change my ways if things stay the same no one wins the game i deserve better he needs it better i'm not so happy he can't be happy oh oh and i feel it in my soul our love has come to an end sad but true it's not love no more i must tell him so goodbye is so hard to say so sad but true so sad but oh so true

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