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Dying Fetus lyrics

Kill Your Mother Rape Your Dog

Original and similar lyrics
KILL YOUR MOTHER AND RAPE YOUR DOG fuck these corporations and their fucking record stores I don't want my fucking paycheck feeding money whores these fuckers flood the market with their fabricated shit and laugh as this pathetic fucking music gets them rich stay the fuck right out of my life I don't need your fucking advice you don't know what our shit is all about so don't even try to figure it out fuck your Spice Girls and your fucking Pearl Jam it's all a bunch of shit, I say fuck it Fuck your Dave Matthews and your fucking REM you god-damned bitch, fucking clueless KILL YOUR MOTHER AND RAPE YOUR DOG

Action Silverado

[Intro:] That's right (sniff sniff) Bam Bam in the mother fucking building Queens New York Straight up Drop that shit It's me I built this shit Yeah [Verse:] Let me begin baby, my name is BronsoliƱo All I see is C-notes, silk shirts at the casino It's time to take those leather pants off, this ain't no dance off I know your hands soft, you're on the menu like the lamb broth This is a grown man's sport And, dog, I leave a motherfucker laid out on the handball court I never brag and boast, I'm fire out the dragon's nose My words pronounced just like a camel toe And every whip in the garage laced Keep that thing in the guitar case, bait the cops into a car chase Crash the mother fucking Jeep into the venue You better pray to God it's straight to Heaven where they send you Ah, why the fuck would I have a bodyguard If I look just like the mother fucking bodyguard Baby hair curls on my forehead, leave your whore dead Hop out that four times, four door and draw lead I'm underground and I need more bread And I need more head from some bitches straight from Morehead State your business cause I'm busy tanning naked My joint is shaking while I'm wearing bracelets Uh, your words are tasteless, your taste is basic My taste in Asics will lead your fucking spaceship into Matrix This place I made is quite spacious And dog I'm not the one to fucking play with Hear me?

Ready Set Go

[Chorus:] Hut one, Hut two two Ready set go Make these niggas get right Or get low Hut one, hut two two Ready set go Make these niggas get right Or get low Get low, get low or get right right Holla kill kill for da nigga Big Mike Big Mike Get low get low or get right right Holla kill kill for da nigga Big Mike Big Mike [Verse 1: Killer Mike] I know these streets bout tired of this weak shit, ya style been ran thru like a freak bitch. Da pussy club got ya angered with ya frequent. Ed hard hard ass nigga and ya sequence, might as well shop at victoria secret have em gift warp you some "I love Pink" shit. Rap due and ya'll niggas deliquent, ya better find anotha nigga to link with, cause da nigga you link with is a lie fool, I used to bully dat monkey nigga in high school. Sit at da lunch table, steal and eat his damn food. da pretty girls, dey say, Michael a damn fool. I get my work on, and get my flirt on. I say fuck em he a pussy put a skirt on em. I said fuck em he a pussy put a skirt on em. [Chorus] [Verse 2: Killer Mike] I'm da prada, of da age of narcotta, da kings on dope like da pill you swallow. Down by law I lead don't follow. Grind time, grand hustilin for gualla. I remain in the game to break lames off, some of dem sensitive and some too soft. Da hood been forced to fuck with ya'll by default. But now da truth here da bullshit cuts off. This is real homie, no fake, no filler, 100 percent grade A killer. Somethin like da bitch that I keep in Villa Rica, but I'm a be quiet cause dey might Mike Vick ya, might catch Mike with a light Mike Vicka. Some purple kush that'll get me high like a missle. Smokin one deep cause I don't fuck with cha, sincerely from da hustle and grind time official. [T.I.:] Let's go let's go Grand hustle Money on our mind and we ain't goin down sucka. And Grind time, Hut two and Grand Hustle, send em here got em here look at da king bankhead sucka. [Chorus] [T.I.:] Zone 1 thru zone 4, nigga zone 6 as well homeboy you know what's happenin. Yeah, yeah da niggas who been 'posed to been runnin dis shit done started runnin da shit. Patna, ya understand? Muh fucka ain't nothin you gone do about it homes. Ya betta muh fuckin keep ya lunch money in ya got damn wastebasket nigga.

The Smog

No, you ain't getting none, bitch. This shit costs money. Oh, hey. Hey, kiddies. How are you like the ride thus far? Blah. Excellent. This next one is about that shit that comes out of the sewers and pipes and chokes your neck. It's called the Smog. Ahahahaha! The smog is coming... Aw shit, here it comes, creeping through the cracks The nooks, the crannies, hittin' smack It's filling up my head, I gotta get it out I got me a plan to get the shit out Pulled out an ice pick to pick the bitch up Smackin it, pushin it in my ear, fuck Lord, oh please, what's happenin' to me? It's the poisonous air from the smoke stacks, G Seaping in my head, fuckin' up my brain Driving me crazy, nuts, insane Sewer slut, G, greasy slime I'm always bucking with father time Cuz he's my motherfucking enemy number one Try to potcher up my life by fillin up my lungs The shit you call air, but I call it death Cuz it makes me choke and lose my breath My toes begin to curl, my fingers start to fold Got drool on my lips and my body's gettin' cold Don't know what to do, so now I start to panic But it's too late, I'm dead, the smog got me, fuck it The smog is coming... Another cloudy, it's raining, but not water It's raining oil out the sky, I think I outta Make a run but I slipped on an oil slick I can't move, I think I broke my fuckin' neck It's no surprise, I'm laying there paralyzed Looking up into the sky helped me realize About us, the clouds form a devil's face It must be a mirror image of the human race Oh shit, here it comes, the deadly smog I can tell by the howl of the stray dog The air is calm, the streets are so still When the smog creeps out the pipes for a kill Broken neck, I'm chilling cuz I'm a goner I can see the smog creepin around the corner I lay still and hope it doesn't notice me Oh shit shit, fuck fuck, shit, G Looking up, just to see it's deadly jaws I think I, I think I, I think I shit my drawers But it's okay, the smog left me alone So I lay and watch the clouds turn into stone They come crashing down over Del Ray One even landed on your homeboy Violent J And I'm dead, crushed me in a split second So if I'm dead, what the fuck am I doing on this record? The smog is here The smog is coming... Thoughts in my head (of a clown)... Thoughts in my head A dead body laying in his house For three weeks Until his neighbors Complain about the smell Didn't he have anybody To know he was dead A serial killer Decided to kill himself Before he actually killed someone else Was that good? Thoughts in my head An ocean of blood And with the bombs dropping It causes tidal waves Tidal waves that paint the town red Red Everybody's dead Thoughts in my head Of mothers and fathers Look at me And I can feel the hatred in their eyes And it's cold Their children Are nothing but them in the future Except it Thoughts in my head When sitting on her porch Bald headed From a disease she fought from the air The air that we breathe The air we breathe is fucked up It's fucked up Thoughts in my head All people wanna kill me But you can't kill me Cuz if you kill me I'll be back to kill you I will do it again Thoughts in my head A sixteen year-old little fuckin punk Sitting in his classroom Drawing a gang sign on a folder He lives in Birmingham Hills What the fuck do you know about love? Thoughts in my head People despise me and hate me And they don't know me I hate you too So it's all good It's all good Thoughts in my head This society That is so fucked up That is so evil That if somebody prays They get made fun of They get laughed at But it's not gonna be funny They won't be laughing When the bombs drop And the town is red Thoughts in my head...

All For The Money

MC Eiht "Death Threatz"
One more nigga on the run I just can't handle this, born in the land of the scandalous Thirteen years of age at the time Moms is kicking me, I gots to get mine I load up my strap, map out my plan Choose my victim, then motherfucker stick him One more point that got scored for the... Up to no damn good, understood Steps is getting low so I gots to get some more Loads up the K, breaks out the back door You know the routine, so run fool, here we go Say back channel, keep your motherfucking hands up on the dash And gives up the cash One time is making a move on my ass But I ain't sweating it cause ain't shit funny Because it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 2x) Just call me the come up kid Hard times kicking it in the CPT So that means I gotta do what I gotta do And if you ain't down with the Hype, fuck you You're coming up short when I slang So when I hit your corner, you're gonna be a goner Nigga duck when my nine starts to buck In it for the snaps so I'm crazy as fuck I should be laying low cause one time is real hot Need to make a nine so I rush your spot And it's like that when I got the philly If you don't care someone else does the killing So when you hit the end of the road ain't no turning back I done signed a hood lifetime contract Jacking and packing cause ain't shit funny Because it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 2x) Uh oh, there goes another beep on the beeper One time sleep on the fucking night creeper Trying to show stop on the sales Pull fake braids but I still gets paid Just say no? Fuck the TV Trying to push the shit cause the weight is exceed See me for the blast, Five-oh fly in fast Mad cause I'm making more cash than they ass Now I lay low in the cut Label me the nigga with the fucking gangsta strut Every hooptie got gold license plates my birds fly out throughout the fucking states Now my other half is telling me I'd better quit But I ain't through in this shit, so I guess this is it I'll be dead before I go out like a dummy (Why's that, G?) Cause it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 6x)

I Wanna Kill Sam

ICE CUBE "Death Certificate"
'The army is the only way out for a young black teenager. We'll provide you with housing. We'll provide you with education. We'll provide you with everything you need to survive in life. We'll help you to be the best soldier in the U.S. of A.' 'Because we do more before 7 A.M. than most niggers do in their whole lifetime.' [Cube] Huh-huh, huh-HAH.. 'I'm comin!' [repeat 3X] [Cube] I'm comin! [Verse One] I wanna kill him, cause he tried to play me like the trick but you see, I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with I got the A to the motherfuckin K, and it's ready to rip Slapped in my banana clip And I'm lookin.. (lookin..) Is he in Watts, Oakland, Philly or Brooklyn It seems like he got the whole country behind him so it's sort of hard to find him But when I do, gotta put my gat in his mouth Pump seventeen rounds make his brains hang out Cause the shit he did was uncalled for tried to fuck a brother up the ass like a small whore And that shit ain't fly So now I'm settin up, the ultimate drive-by And when you hear this shit, it make the world say 'DAMN! .. I wanna kill Sam.' 'Do the niggaz run this moth-er-fuck-er' [repeat 2X] [door knocking] 'Momma!! Some man at the front do'!' 'Sit yo' ass down.' 'Uhh hi.. I have reason to believe that someone in this household has just turned eighteen, am I correct' [Verse Two] Here's why I wanna kill the punk cause he tried to take a motherfuckin chunk of the funk He came to my house, I let 'em bail in cause he said he was down with the L.M. He gave up a little dap then turned around, and pulled out a gat I knew it was a caper I said, 'Please don't kill my mother,' so he raped her Tied me up, took me outside and I was thrown in a big truck And it was packed like sardines Full of niggaz, who fell for the same scheme Took us to a place and made us work all day and we couldn't have shit to say Broke up the families forever and to this day black folks can't stick together And it's odd.. Broke us down, made us pray - to his God And when I think about it, it make me say 'DAMN! .. I wanna kill Sam.' 'I'm comin!' [repeat 3X] [Verse Three] Now in ninety-one, he wanna tax me I remember, the son of a bitch used to axe me and hang me by a rope til my neck snapped Now the sneaky motherfucker wanna ban rap and put me under dirt or concrete But God, can see through a white sheet Cause you the devil in drag You can burn your cross well I'll burn your flag Try to give me the H-I-V so I can stop makin babies like me And you're givin dope to my people chump Just wait til we get over that hump Cause yo' ass is grass cause I'ma blast Can't bury rap, like you buried jazz Cause we stopped bein whores, stop doin floors So bitch you can fight your own wars So if you see a man in red white and blue gettin janked by the Lench Mob crew It's a man who deserves to buckle I wanna kill Sam cause he ain't my motherfuckin Uncle! 'We've gone nowhere in 200 years' 'That's correct.' 'We-we-we've gone nowhere in 200 years' 'That's correct.' 'We-we-we've gone nowhere in 200 years' 'That's correct.'

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