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Boys On The Dock

Original and similar lyrics
- Lyrics: Casey, Music: Barton - Dedicated to the memory of John Kelly” Chorus: Say hey johnny boy, the battle call United we stand, divided we fall Together we are what we can't be alone We came to this country you made it our home This man so humble, this man so brave A legend to many, he fought to his grave Saved family and friends from the hardship and horror In a land of depression he gave hope for tomorrow Say johnny boy this ones for you With the strength of many and the courage of few To what do we owe this man who's fight Was for the masses, he gave his life (chorus) A friend to the locals who dabbled in crime He'd give you a job and he'd give you his time He wasn't a crook but he couldn't be conned John knew the difference between right and wrong Say johnny me boy, you live hear no longer Others forgotten, your memories stronger Lets drink to the causes in your life Your family, your friends, the union, your wife (chorus) And the boys on the docks needed john for sure When they came to this country he opened the door He said men I'll tell ya they don't like our kind Though it starts with a fist it must end with your mind (chorus)


DAN HILL "Dan Hill"
Now there are people That fall - into my life Each one can change my world So slightly And everyone so different Yet so much the same Each and everyone so deep Inside me Chorus: I love I hate I live I die For every single day That passes me by But for all the pain That meets my eyes I still believe in people Now I've been called naive Just a reckless dreamer Destined to drown In all my feelings Yet I keep on smiling through my tears Juggling wonderment with tear Just trying to find some meaning Repeat Chorus There are times when I feel Like giving it all up I'll look into myself and see a stranger Oh and nothing can seem stranger But I know I'll come around And like the fool I am I'll see this world so much stronger Cause that's the way my life lights spins Until the day it dims Until my life will be no longer Repeat Chorus

Act Of Contrition

Dark Angel
The psychological impact of a film that we all love, It's negative imagery that preys upon our young, *How could we be so blind?* Now we step incide conceptually a different view, And uncover the horror that we're injecting into *All our children's minds.* Born into a peasant monarchy, A life of inherited luxury. This newborn Prince with his silver spoon, His life unfolds and will change soon. His father, the King, is not ever around, Never deigning to walk on his own son's ground. A tragic young life spent in a broken home, Looking forward to years of life alone. *Chorus*: Leading the life of hell, His story, you know it well. In death he'd finally be free, Could this be what it seems to be? As this Prince enters his first few years, A menagerie known as his friends appears, *Misfits one and all.* One, who lives to create turbulence, Another, who straddles an androgynous fence, *And we're not sure where he'll fall.* Minute is his contact with the outside world, Unhardened to the likely peril it holds. Until one day, with his mother, the Queen, He's thrust into a ghastly scene. Like animals, with weapons they're pursued, By men with butcherous attitudes. His mother, the victem of the Thrill Of The Chase , With a bullet, she loses the deathrace. *Chorus* Then his woman is forced into A precarious position and looks doomed. Assaulted and raped by more than one Members of a gang that are on the hunt. Add to this the destructiveness Of the fire that rages without rest, Decimating his neighborhood, Torching his land where his home once stood. Brutal cinematic display, upon our children's minds it preys. A subtle induction into horror, with implications we can't ignore. Malevolence hidden behind doe-eyes, how many see through its disguise? Burning itself into the minds it haunts, Is this really what we want? *Chorus*

Chemistry Class

She throws back her hair [hands] and she shows you her mouth The breath that I waste trying to ruin your life Beauty's on a budget but you take it on the chin 'Cause you have to do your duty taking orders from the kingpin You've got a chemistry class I want a piece of your mind You don't know what you started when you mixed it up with mine Are you ready for the final solution? Oh. Oh. [They] chopped you up in butcher's school Threw you out of the academy of garbage You'll be a joker all your life A student at the comedy college People pleasing people pleasing people like you You've been around so long but you still don't know what to do (Chorus) Sparks are flying from electrical pylons Snakes and ladders running up and down her nylons Ready to experiment, you're ready to be burned If it wasn't for some accidents then some would never ever learn (Chorus)

Unsung Hero

Area 7
No one told me life could be like this. Now I know that Hell on Earth exists. You'll never know what I've been through, This living nightmare would destroy you too. And if I had a choice I know where I would be. This world of suffering is not the place for me. Chorus: I never asked to be an unsung hero, I never wanted to be a part of history. I never asked to have my life turned into chaos, I never wanted this to happen to me. Why have they done this to my life? Sent to death without committing a crime. Another friend lost every day, The cost is growing but there's no one left to pay. And if I had the chance I'd try to save them all, But all that I can do is try to win this war. Chorus Years have passed but I'm still around. I've defied the odds and the body count. The end can't be too far away. We're getting closer day by day by day. And if I had a choice I'd end it right away, The sense of futility is getting worse every day Chorus x 2

I Get The Job Done

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
[Kane] Hey yo Teddy [Riley] Yo [Kane] I ran into a young lady Maliya last night [Riley] Word [Kane] Must have been her husband's payday [Riley] Heheh [Kane] because she bought me this here brand new diamond link that you see me with on [Riley] Mmm [Kane] Smooth, you knowhatI'msayin You know why [Riley] Why Kane [Kane] Cause I get the job done Chorus: repeat 2X I work (3X) I work.. baby! [Big Daddy Kane] The question at hand, is how do I love thee I count the ways but girls don't shove me One by one you can come and caress me Undress and molest me but you can't posess me Because I love a young lady that's beautiful but one that's smart for me, is more suitable In other words, to make it simple and plain You gotta have a brain in order to be Ms. Kane But in the case of not becomin my lady I take em eight to eighty, dumb crippled and crazy Crisp and clean with no caffeine and a pair of spandex or either tight jeans Couldn't believe the ones with the Chinese cunt but I'll take em with the weave hangin down to they butts And if you step up in a large sum Like Martin Luther King, I Shall Overcome I get the job done Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) [Big Daddy Kane] Some of you ladies make moves too quick And settle down, without havin a large pick Rushin to becomin some pooh-butt's wife and no longer do you enjoy, the married life Well, I let you know this is a brand new year so never fear, the Big Daddy is here To do things in places your husband wouldn't And do certain things he probably just couldn't Let me sneak into your life, like a thief in the night Lick your body all over and squeeze you real tight Nibble all over your ear and give your back a massage You'll say, Oooh I like it just like DeBarge (how large) Smooth and mild I'll make you smile Honey child and if you like then get buckwild And when I turn her back on, you'll have to say like Calgon, please take me away So when your main course is doin nothin for ya Just look at me as a tasty side order that came into your life and brought a thrill Cause any husband won't, I'm a neighbor who will, get the job done.. Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) [Kane] T.R., take it to the bridge, uhh! [Big Daddy Kane] Here's a perfect description of me Six foot one, and dark and lovely And if they're sayin black is beautiful, it's true not phony I'm Brown-er than Bobby so won't you be my +Tenderoni+ And get a whiff of this nymphomaniac and uhh, the date mack is ready to attack and prove that I'm a pro and far from a rookie Ain't no hair on my chest, but I'm one tough cookie Whoever said you had to be one-hundred percent masculine in order to be in I'd rather be more subtle and smooth and SOOTH Girl, you won't disapprove And I promise that you'll never forget Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now what's a title to fit me A champ like Tyson, a Captain like Kirk, no Employee of the Month, cause yo, I do work The K-A-N-E is on the J-O-B An expert, cause I get it D-O-N-E So lights, camera, action - all hail the one! That gets the job done Chorus (+ Kane says I get the job done! every two lines) Chorus * repeat to the end *

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