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Dr Dre lyrics - The Aftermath


Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Dr. Dre Ai Aiyo Butter is, uhh, Hands-On in the house Well check it out, put some shit on for em Let's get it on, kick it Ha yeah, hell yeah Yeah that shit sounds dope Aiyo Kim, what you got to say Verse 1: Kim of Hands-On Well boy you're movin me There's somethin physical about it The way you're makin me feel The way you're touching me, can't explain Oh, I just can't keep still When you're kissing me it gives me what I need Hold on tight and baby do it all night (Check it) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on I wonder how boy, you make me over Chorus: Hands-On Now tell me away, cos I can't stop from how you mean The things you do to me Has got my body wanting you more and more Oh baby, it's got it bad Your love has got me open Bridge: Dre Yeah No question, kick back, watch my dope eye rise Still an everyday brother with my eyes on the prize Take my time analysing every song that dies Flossin the fliest rides from hits you memorise Been doin this since days of N.W.A. Took it to the next level when I use to DJ Got family and fans from New York to L.A. They keep it real cos they know that Dre come with Bombay G's up, ain't nuttin changed, yo freeze up! When I come thru, player haters, women one-two The dotted Maxwell from only a minimum of set sales Clutch your tails for honeys waitin to exhale Keep writin til the next millenium Tape one hit when I serve these fiends, stuff mo' potent than Bolivian Welcome to the Aftermath Aiyo Crystal, what you got to say? Verse 2: Crystal of Hands-On It's like I'm glowing about the animal attraction That grows between us And then my friends ask me just where the hell I've been They think I'm crazy, they don't understand When you're next to me, I'm lost in ecstasy Don't let go cos I'm about to explode (Aftermath!) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on Baby please don't make me over Chorus Interlude: Hands-On You touch me at the spot Ooh boy, you got me high (that's right) And when you're loving me down, I never want you to stop Just take it easy (say what?) Baby boy, you babe, you touch the spot I swear you got me open Chorus to fade ¡¡

The Truth

JONNY LANG "Fight For My Soul"
You're a disease I love the way you smile Every breath that I breathe Like I breath you into me I can't escape You are the drug I need Hopelessly chained and I cannot be released I'm a prisoner here baby I don't want to leave None of this is really real, I know it's all make believe [Chorus:] But I don't want to know the truth, I'd rather just believe the lie Tell me this is who we are, even if it's just a lie Don't tell me when the morning comes You can keep the secret if you try, if you ever loved me baby, then keep it for the rest of your life, cause I don't want to know the truth I take the stage but I don't want to be there when you pulling the strings make them dance, make them sing So long with the show Yeah we know how the story ends The curtain goes up oooh I took the stage and I'll pretend That this ain't my life and this ain't by heart and you're not the one tearing it apart [Chorus] Can we make a vow We'll never confess Could never get out Be better if we let it rain [Chorus]

Whatever You Wanna Do

Come on man, give me something I can move to Give me some of that funk Yeah Yeah Wooo Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Pulled up, at the red light Cutie popped up on my left side Window down, waiting for my reply Not a word, I saw it in his eyes Tell me something good baby He said whatever you wanna do He pulled to the curb, cops flash by I got out with catwalk shy Short skirt, golden brown thighs Gucci heels, four inch high Baby touch my face My man said whatever you wanna do Now I, I said I usually need some time to get inside So I don't know why you and me feel so right Baby we need tonight We sippin', music all loud Conversation, your lollypop mouth You open up, sweet things come out Whisper to me, what you talkin' 'bout I said I think you know He said whatever you wanna do You stand up, taking my breath It's your song so you do it two steps I turned away, moved my hips slow Your thoughts, fully exposed Now we better stop playing I said what are you gonna do Now I, I usually take my time to get inside So I don't know why you and me feel so right You and I need tonight Whatever you want (hey, hey) It's all good Now I normally take my time to get inside So I, I don't know why it feels so right So maybe we need tonight Baby, we need (hey, yeah) Whatever you want (hey, hey)

Cold World

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
(Damn! Rapid Firing Squad) Back at your ass again nigga (First Family) World's Famous. (Firing Squad) Look here. Chorus: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) Its a (cold world) show nuf Its on its a (cold world)so bitch nigga dress warm Slum ass wanna be hard ass nigga Coldball butter soft lard ass nigga *repeat* Verse One: Billy Danze Niggaz waitin for my shit to drop Because I show love to the true thugs on the back lot Post up at the biggest crack spots Raised around killers so eventually I popped shots (Make em feel your real) Niggaz stop playin on the real Fuck around you get your death wish from Bill(D-yea) This cat sucker got the wrong idea (He came a long damn way) How the hell you think I got here? I learned to survive with illegal guns that know how to hide Homicide ties, baby, yea, I dominates what you tryin to do I wear my hat broke down and play the war when I'm sliding through I gotta crew (Original Hilfiger) Plus triggers and some of Brooklyn's illest niggers (Damn) I'm so deep in the game I keep in touch with myself so I can feel the real niggaz pain (I've been ya) Quick, I think there's gonna be conflict If I figure ya freakin the flip (Ya punk bitch!) Leavin ya blind, thugs of my kind Will dismantle your mind and shatter your damn spine It's a... Chorus Verse 2: Lil' Fame (Time flies) Slugs fly, people die (Damn) Guerilla warfare all across the land If they break the code of silence (leave em all dead) And fools take a fall when I call (code red) More people travellin, like immigrants But on the low with the most dominant (most infinite) Lost in your track so I act innocent But on the low, I can act real motherfucking ignorant Raised by an army of THUGS who done it all from the smartest to the dumbest And I, happen to be the youngest Twenty-two years of being brave as a lion And that's, with or without the iron Fools wanna (STRESS YA), then they wanna (TEST YA) Then you gotta get your steel (Deal with the pressure) I ain't gotta teach a fucking family to bury me You think your bullshit worry me? Aiyo, I move quickly, but come across so humble Fools be on point when its time for the rumble W-O-M-A-C-K, (hit ya) With the game plan that will twist ya, (mista) Chorus Verse 3 Billy Danze: We gonna put this bullshit to a cease Hollering about peace; you in the belly of the fucking beast I figured it out from the start And since I laid my mother to rest I been blessed with these cold heart (If it ain't our beef) Don't touch (If he's against us) Fuck him, (If he ain't with us) Fuck him (We be aight, nigga) That's right, nigga (We tight, nigga) What's more (When we don't like niggaz) We'll invite niggaz to war Lil' Fame: And believe we've got lead to give em Thugs that perform massacres, like nazism This living mechanism, study living to the end Discombobulation, then I'm Gone With the Wind (begin) My men been, through hard times That's what you find when you don't do my family all kind (Make moves) I'ma play the background when its gat time I'ma hit you with the flatline Chorus *spoken over Fame yelling:* Yeah, I'm done. You motherfuckers said you wanted to see me, right? See me now, motherfuckers. See me now! I told you right? Bow! Bow! Motherfuckers. I told you cold world motherfucker. Bow, motherfucker! What you gotta say now, motherfucker? You a bad motherfucker? Yeah, Hell yeah. Here I am now. Here I am! Oh, you wanna run? Bow, motherfucker! I'll see you at your funeral motherfucker You better have your black suit on. Yeah (First Fam, nigga, for life) Motherfucker. Aiyo, come on son. *talkin fades*

Wanne Be There

AZ "Aziatic"
Yeah, you see, some men see things the way they are, and say, why? I see things that never was and say, why not? Just wanna be there, you know? y'all realize, I hold this down East New York, Eighty-two, First pumas navy blue First wife Kiesha Wilson with love, she was my baby boo Crazy crew, paying dues, few of us made it thru Front window, Ms. Glady's, that was my favorite view Hated school, never went, hookie was better spend Right around the time the god rocks smoking dead presidents Devilish ever since, seeking for hope, needing some form of nourishment It's eighty-eight skin starting to radiate Hit on my baby-face mama bear could see that I'm there She finally gave me space change of pace moving quicker Consuming liquor, humping on some chicks pussy Trying to undo her zipper Gucci slippers who can diss us? 40 deuce movie pictures What other way but poetically can I prove we scriptures? Drugs sold 'em, cars rode 'em, guns near my scrotum, Got locked, got right out, gave what I owed 'em Five when they buried Will killed 'Po killed Phil Murdered Donald Jones, shot clip hit Bill Prince in prison, damn, Yam still living I can see him up in heaven my nigga dance to the rhythm God, show me a better way, give me another day Open the lane up so I can make these fuckers pay Fo sho, I just wanna be there, you know? Realize what I'm worth, the work I put in And I brought to the table through the years I ain't the average, ya heard? Respect my gangsta, it's all hustle Steal it on 'em, you know? Loving da game you gave me, loving my name is AZ Never sold millions, but fuck it I'm here to save the babies Look how a lady raised me, so would say he crazy I'm just a nigga from Brooklyn repping the streets that made me Rapping for quite a while, all around, tighter style One of the flyest with the brightest smile, try me how? Save all the aggra-zations, keep all the confrontations I'm sitting contemplating trying to crack the combination Move mystique mostly months that I keep cozy At time I creeped only this is what the East showed me More on to music making trying to renew relations Ducking the dudes that's hatin', please don't make me lose my patience I put it down for y'all my face surrounds Allah My catalogue consists of a hundred thousand bars The god, please respect me, ya heard

Risin To The Top (No Stoppin Us)

[Mr. Cheeks] You know the lifestyle, plain and simple, out to get it It's ghetto game us niggas play no doubt we stay commited And capable to bring the hot shit, no matter what And where we aim, we do our thing to bring the fatter cut See my succession based on strugglin and hard times And boulevard dimes been with boulevard crimes It kept me on my feet, and cuz these playa haters hate us Off and on and on the court, because we make threes and twos You bound to dues, once she fuck around with raw shit No bullshittin still hittin you with more shit My yellowness don't mean a nigga when I broadcast Yo you don't want my skills to get in your ass I've seen alot come and go but I'mma stay here I get my heat up in the street cuz they don't play fair I'm tryin to keep it level headed but it's really hard When niggas tryin to take what I be gettin, feel me god? Chorus 2X LB Fam bring the shit that's hot Besides that we risin to the top There's no way to stoppin us [Mr. Cheeks] Time to make cakes, no time for the bullshit Watch how a nigga pull shit From underneath the spleef, black bandana, Yankee fitted For those that wanna nigga, come and get it A rap skills official, bring my ghetto mix to any session Straight finessin tracks, no question Gotta feel good, risin to the top, started from the bottom Like revenge, gettin niggas when you spot em Got my shit ready, niggas gettin gased like Getty It's time to send a message hold em steady Chicks and niggas get the meanin My chain and my ring gleamin Only hot rocks a nigga steamin Yo it's LB to the death throw em up Pass the weed, more liquor in my cup Bottom line, we gonna shine, cuz the year '99 You goes for yours, I go for mine Chorus 2X [Mr. Hezekiah] I wanna know, do you understand, about the LB Fam About the LB Fam We about to put our foot up in To put our foot up in your ass!! [Mr. Cheeks] Hennecy, done moneys on the table Should make you kill a man, I'm willin and I'm able I stay with hot whips, hot jewels and hot chicks Which nigga said he need a ring, a cousin got nicks But on the low we got the twenty sacks and hydro Increase my pay from the way that I flow Aiyo my chicks and my niggas know how I go Late night creepin plus we keepin eyes low Aiyo again, it's in between the lap, I kick the rap On the highway, bouncin if it's Friday My g sleen back, represent the backstreets Besides that, we got the tight rap and phat beats Aiyo my man Sexxx, plug me in it's on again Head south, reach Cali right it's on again It's LB Fam, understand, right or wrong my friend? We gotta keep it strong, don't know when it's all or end It's all or end yo Chorus 2X

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