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Doug Stone lyrics

Make Up In Love

Original and similar lyrics
Bobby was a beautiful girl From a small town in a great big world Her daddy owned the corner store Off of 7th Ave. Danny-Jo just turned 19 Cigeretts rolled under his sleeve Leather jacket and his faded jeans And a bad attitude But it's hard to be tough When you're falling in love (chorus) He said: I know I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one your only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that I don't have that much But for whatever I don't have I'll make up in love Her daddy was a simple man Raised Bobby with a real stern hand Said he never could understand Just what she saw in him After workin' at the store all day Bringin' in an honest day's pay Man you shoulda seen his face When Danny-Jo walked in Saynin' please understand With a ring in his hand (chorus) He said: I know I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one her only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that I don't have that much But for whatever we don't have We'll make up in love (Bridge) Now he lookes back and smiles At how they walked down the isle 20 years have gone bye And he remembers it still How she bid his will With a look in her eye Now he knows she was right (chorus) When she said: Daddy, I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one his only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that we won't have that much But for whatever we don't have We'll make up in love And for whatever they dan't have They make up in love

Brand New Man

BROOKS & DUNN "Brand New Man"
Chorus: I saw the light I've been baptised By the fire in your touch And the flame in your eyes I'm born to love again I'm a brand new man Well the whole town's talking 'Bout the line I'm walking That leads right to your door Oh how I used to roam I was a rolling stone I used to have a wild side They say a country-mile-wide I'd burn those beer joints down That's all changed now You turned my life around Repeat Chorus I used to love 'em and leave 'em I'd brag about my freedom How no one could tie me down Then I met you Now my heart beats true Baby you and me together Feels more like forever Than anything I've ever known We're right on track I ain't looking back Repeat Chorus 3 times I'm born to love again I'm a brand new man

When I Found You, I Found Love

Kevin Ray "Kevin Ray"
My little boy came home from school Said Daddy some bully picked a fight today He pused me down on the playground Kicked me in the stomach, and spit in my face I took one look at his little black eye And I felt my temper like a tempest rise I asked him did he stand his ground Did he get back up and knock him down Did he make his daddy proud Did he make him pay And he said Chorus: Daddy I tried to be a man today And they all laughted and called me chicken When I turned and walked away I wanted so bad to hit him But in my mind I heard you say What would love do (What would love do) What would love say He said Daddy are you disappointed And it took what little breath I had left To tell him he was just the son I wanted And it takes a big man to forgive and forget I looked into my little angel's face And I felt the power of amazing grace Lord, help me practice what I preach Teach me to turn the other cheek Though my spirit's willing, still my flesh is weak But I heard You when he said Chorus: Daddy I tried to be a man today And they all laughed and called me chicken When I tured and walked away I wanted so bad to him him But in my mind I heard you say What would love do (What would love do) What would love say What would love do What would love say

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
Chorus: Anything goes when it comes to hoes, they go: Pimpin' ain't easy (Pimpin' ain't eeeeeee-zyyyyyy) 6x [Greg Nice] One-two-three-four, to five-six-seven eight, nine-ten, then ya got eleven Twelve, thirteen, start your age; fourteen-fifteen-sixteen, the pubic stage Like an apple, like a cherry, like a peach, like a plum better get off the virgin before I cuuuuum! Pick up my pants and thump and thump I think I'll call up Tootie, she'll give me some Watch out, watch out I'm drippin' live scum I say damn, I love the way I make my posse roll-a 'Specially if the hoochie's on birht control-a Lift her up just like a pick up truck then I sat her down and we started to fuck Made whoopie, made whoopie, made whoopie, YO-O-O-O-O! I hope this time I don't make a cookie Brothers everywhere be callin' me a rookie Two from the Greg Nice from the o-o-old schoooooool but bullshit, I ain't no fool, cuz Chorus [Big Daddy Kane] Well, I say...Extra! Extra! Here is a bachelor comin' straight at ya I see trim and bag it, take it home and rag it the Big Daddy law is anti-faggot That means no homosexuality; what's in my pants'll make you see reality And if you wanna see a smooth black Casanova -- BEND OVAH! Cuz I don't half-step when it comes to broads The K-A-N-E 'll go the whole nine yards There's no time for coversation my dear [MOAN!] is all I wanna hear So let's make a move, as I get smooth cuz the purpose I serve is to soothe I'm tall, dark and handsome and all that junk Even white girls be sayin' Ooh, Kane's a hunk! Even Puerto Rican girls be callin' me papi Some try to copy, but they look sloppy So imitators who wanna step to a brother like me, lick my manure! Chorus [Smooth B] I'm just goin' and I'm flowin' like a gigolo and when I used to be with Scott, I was a Super-Hoe But now I'm coolin' with Kane and Greg N-I-C-E and if the girlies want my tip they gotta pay a fee I love bonin', and all my friends they will agree that when it comes to pimpin' ain't easy First name: Smooth. Last name: B WHen I'm bonin' a girl, I make her feel heavenly I like to make 'em wait, and then make 'em beg and when I take off my clothes, the I form a third leg They rub it with oils and suck it with ice Now I'm mind is in paradise... Chorus [Scoob Lover] Tip-tip-toein', Scoob Lover's out hoein' Braggin' to the fellas how my flattop was growin' buyin' drinks for the ladies, money I was blowin' right in front of me...mmm...not even knowin' A brown-skinned cutie; big, plump booty Nametag earrings readin' off Tootie Bullseye, bing, the girl of my dreams; from my eyesight that was what it seemed I said, uh, Come a little bit closer To Scoob that night, choice guy, she said Hi Hi...hi, I've really been wantin' to meet you I just got paid and I'll be very glad to treat you How 'bout dinner, a Salisbury steak I said, Sorry Honey-Dip, but I already ate So I nudged the other girlies off my shoulder went for Tootie cuz the girl was much older East to the Benz, I slowly walked; clearing out my throat so I cold start my smooth talk Sex in my mind, I was sure of it... I wanted to tax that ass like the government! Chorus [Ant Live] Well, it's Friday night, ain't a damn thing funny -- Bitch better have my money

Choppin Up That Paper

DO OR DIE "Headz Or Tailz (Explicit)"
Chorus: 1x (Val Young) Choppin up that paper(with you) I do it for you you know you got me lovin you Choppin up that paper(with you) I do you got me love-in youuuuuu Verse 1: (AK) Now first you gotta pimp wit me, but now you livin in that high-class luxury no matter me, I'm a trustin G says shell never see , shell never tweak, now do you really really wanna ride wit me? now happy here and there aint now love lost, fitty cars with these bumps but you others always want some and tell me true or false i know you got tight game, but your game been peeped too monkey see , monkey will do, feel me and I'll feel you we can ride in the backseat drunk type all night sun up til the moonlight, true dat(true dat), baby but you knew dat first you gotta understand(uh-huh) we makin pennys out of dollars and boys out of grown men, from Chi to Texas to Los Angeles smokin canibus puffin phillys after phillys I got my homies in Atlanta on a burner actin silly but lets pause back gettin back and when we call fax, I know you cant see it, but I'm all that you got the video of me and Twista ridin in the Benz/Lac but tell me can you fade back? still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L, double a-c always Chorus 1X Verse 2 (AK) Women love my philosophy, for spittin somethin in the poetry point the finger if you know its me, so flow when the lights on hittin notes in the mac song you can see me cause the mask gone dead wrong, if you think that I, am on the paper chase cause you seent that I kick it on the Sundays at a party watchin bodies sippin Hene spead your love and show love and not pro-long and for a minute I can get wit when I gone tax on your hips and thighs lips and I seems better when we put her down in my dime hat, layin cool and G stacks but remember when we packed, Tennessee dont need that but we back, nice hoe put her down exposed to, how many hoes you can go through I aint hatin cause she told you see I'm a boss player who can sit back and floss player, dime hat and a raw scale do you really wanna ride on the side and chop it up later, you can sit back and ride wit me, take a puff, get high wit me still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L double a-c always Chorus 1x Verse 3: (AK) Now identify who it was that labeled me, systamatic its a habit, situation when I'm such a real, bitch, a oozie, by jacouzie, puff a blunt I did, so why you actin (?) we gettin crunk and did, run around givin G shot, party til the beat stop, divin in the pool and the rules, oh they all dead, choppin up the paper so we all rich, and take a puff to the head til we all sick, but in the meanwhile, Chrystille, now you lady wanna do it again to an end, in a couple (?) less than Jeeps then Bentleys, VIP and the whole 9 we in the back of a caddy wit the cold rhyme, never slippin, just dippin still ridin in the c-a-d-i double L , double a-c always Chorus 2x fade out

There's Nothing Better Than Love

I fell asleep last night And I dreamed the night and almost half the day away I just got up so that I can hear her say She's still in love and no one can take her love away Ooo love wakes me up everyday And I thought no one would ever make me feel this way It feels me up everytime I hear her say She's still in love and no one will take her love away I wanna be love Chorus: There's nothing better than love What in the world could you ever be thinking of It's better by far So let yourself reach for that star And go no matter how far To the one you love To love And I mean all these words I said And you don't have to guess what's going on inside me head Just try to know All the things that our heart says Listen to love and always get love to lead the way Whenever you love Chorus: Bridge: You know for love I'd go anywhere I would go there For love to the end of nowhere And for your love (And for your love) I would, I would I would love To just spend all my time With a girl who makes me feel her love is mine Someone you see Who would only dream of me And she be in love just because she wanna be She wanna be loved Chorus to fade

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